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Excellent storytelling


I hope my players are in for a treat with this adventure path. Twists and turns, but all very straightforward to understand, makes for an interesting storyline.

Omissions in my opinion are some of the basics - shops, inns etc. would make it a little easier to run - even the names would be good enough. I know these are covered in the Guide to Korvosa, but some hints if you can't stretch to buying this supplement would have been useful.

A previous reviewer suggested that it was a little linear, which is true, but if players are going to be part of a storyline, then they will have to play ball a bit! Still a bit of room for alternate paths would have been a positive.

I prefer this path to the ROTR 1st module and I love some of the accompanying lore, so full marks for this aspect.

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Refreshingly different to H1


One thing I have liked a lot about these "H" series of modules is the attention to detail - things that got forgotten largely in 3.5. Battles are fought in real rooms, with real chairs, tables and other obstacles or assets.

I won't cover H1 here, but it is a very good introductory module to 4th edition, albeit very challenging. H2 is starting to hint at some of the real benefits of 4th edition - how easy it is to create new adversaries and make them fun and interesting, how a gnoll plays differently to a hobgoblin plays differently to a duergar.

Also how the "boss" adversaries can have pretty much "any" power, not just something written in the spell list. "Bosses" are so much more awe inspiring too, even at Levels 4 to 6.

It's a wonderfully detailed module, albeit basically a very extensive dungeon adventure, but it has many creative twists in it, which players will enjoy a lot. The art is vastly nicer than H1 too, so full marks for this!

So, all in all a very good buy - better than H1 in my opinion and hopefully a taster of what is to come in the future. I do, however, look forward to a wilderness adventure, as I think it is here where 4th edition is at its best.


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Beautiful rulebooks


These are wonderful rulebooks and just the welcome and refreshing change that the market leader in roleplay should be making.

Wizards have struck gold with a wonderful new system which at last ties everything together and flags the start of the roleplay of the future. Beautiful art, creative and balanced character classes, a wonderful monster manual, with new treatments on all the old favourites.

The only disappointment is that favourite classes and races are missing - monks, druids and gnomes - but there are some new ones in their place, which I am sure will go down well.

It is a shame that many can't see past their own wallet with these new rules. This is not a rehash , this is the future of roleplay. Whilst some will harp on how wonderful 3.5 is or how they like the Pathfinder tweaks, others will move on to a much more enjoyable and broad-based game.


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Skills you never knew you had!


Basically the module is first rate. Giving 4 stars instead of five is for these reasons:

a) To me Egyptian mythos is not relevant to Golarion. It seems "out of sorts"

b) There were some important map omissions, which you can barely get by without. Sothis town is an example.

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Creative but a bit forced


Although beautifully produced, as usual, this module does seem to railroad the characters, as has already been mentioned.

In my opinion it also doesn't explain certain plot aspects very well, so be prepared to ad lib a bit, if you decide to run it.

Basically, the mystery needs more explanation of how it was achieved and the links with the objects, the notes of how to find them and the map are also a bit shortchanged.

Some lovely creative plot issues, with the good doctor and the Indiana Jones-style sheriff, but does seem a bit unfinished.

All in all worth $3.50 to complete your collection and I think my players enjoyed it, but read it through very carefully before you start, as it needs more thought than you would expect. If you can think of ways to avoid the railroad aspects too, then your players will enjoy it more.

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Once again exceptional


This is perhaps the most interesting module of the lot so far, with its Agatha Christie style plot and wonderful art.

I have no idea how it will play and it does seem rather dependent upon having the right number of players. It also seems incredibly hard, with all sorts of nasty denizens thrown at our measly Lvl 1 players. Mr Logue's bloodthirsty nature is still here, but it is certainly not gratuitous.

Despite my concerns/reservations, I am really looking forward to running it at some point soon and would certainly recommend its purchase to anyone. It stands out a long way ahead of U1 imho, although it is completely different.

It isn't really an urban adventure to be truthful, so once again Paizo set up a naming convention and then proceeds to develop modules which don't fit into any of them. Still, its uniqueness is its blessing and full marks for coming up with something "novel".

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Carnival of Tears


This is very creative and bloodthirsty module, which I am very much looking forward to trying out with my players as a follow on to D1 Crown of the Kobold King, when they make it back to Falcon's Hollow.

Because it is set in one location, it releases the GM to worry about the interactions more than where the players are going to next. I think it will play a little bit shorter than D1 (and D0), but I guess time will tell. EDIT: Having run it now, it has taken about 2/3 of the time of D1 Crown of the Kobold King.

A "must have" purchase imho, if you have some good roleplayers and problem solvers in your group, but warn them beforehand that it's not for the faint-hearted.