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[dice=Sir Ninn de Hawtey]1d20+3[/dice]

Roles at the Opera:

Leading Male (Sheng) There are two leading male roles for the performance, the General and the Monkey King.
The General wears a long beard and fights with a wooden sword (1d8 nonlethal) and armor (treat as splint mail).
The Monkey King wears an elaborate monkey mask. The Monkey King is portrayed as an acrobat and trickster and is permitted to cast spells.

Leading Females (Dan) There are two leading female roles, the Warrior Woman and the Wizened Crone.
The Warrior Woman wears full armor (treat as splint mail) and peacock feathers, and fights with a dulled, bladed polearm (1d8 nonlethal).
The Wizened Crone wears long robes and walks with a cane. She is permitted to cast spells.

Painted Faces (Jing) The Jing role represents a strong and forceful male. The two choices for this performance are the Noble Warrior and the Cruel Bandit.
Noble Warrior wears red face paint and full armor (treat as splint mail), and wields a large club (1d10 nonlethal).

The Cruel Bandit wears blue face paint and wields a long wooden knife (1d4 nonlethal), specially balanced to allow a capable individual to make nonlethal sneak attacks with it.

Clowns (Chou) (2) These humorous characters are allowed to speak with the audience in order to make jokes at their opponents’ expense. Chou are also permitted to cast spells. Male Chou identify their characters by painting wide white circles around their eyes. Female Chou paint their faces red with black circles about the eyes. Clown costumes do not include weapons; however, Chou can carry and wield a broom or stick (treat as an improvised weapon dealing 1d6 nonlethal damage), claiming it to be whatever weapon they desire for the sake of performance and comedic value.