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| Appraise +10, Know (all) +9, Ling +10, Perc +11, SpCft +13(15)


| Active Conditions: Mage Armor


Female NG Elf Arcanist (White Mage) 5 | HP: 47/47 | AC: 18 (15 FF, 13 Tch, 17 incorporeal touch) | CMB:+2, CMD:155 | F:/R/W:+3/5/5, +2 vs. encht | Init: +5 | Speed 30ft








Daikitsu, Lady of Foxes - Agriculture, craftsmanship, kitsune, rice / Animal, Artifice, Community, Plant, Weather


Common, Elven, Tian, Celestial, Sylvan, Draconian, Terran, Inguan


Scroll Crafter

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Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 21
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

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Submission for Mercenaries of Risal

Belle lived in a community of Kitsune lumberjacks. Her adopted people, in typical Tian Xia fashion, were all about loyalty and service, and art. In service to these she became a white mage arcanist. She heals when called upon and fashions scrolls of healing. Her passion, however, is art. She crafts scrolls of bright artistry, as much a work of art as an implement of healing. She finds beauty in almost everything and has lived a very sheltered life. She has a difficult time imagining a world where brutality and evil exists. The thought troubles her and even worse, artists of undeniable talent have often told her that for her art to improve she needs to experience more of life. That the pain of loss could lead to more 'dimension' to her art. That what she produces lacks a certain level of passion. It is for that reason that she is considering leaving her enclave, and studio, to participate in, well whatever it is they are talking about.

Main Stats:

Belle N/G Female Elf Arcanist(White Mage)/5

Str 8 -1 (10[race] -2[-2 points])
Dex 14 +2 (12[race] +2[2 points])
Con 12 +1 (8[race] +4[5 points])
Int 21 +5 (12[race] +6[10 points] +2[headband] +1[level 4])
Wis 10 +0 (10[race] +0[0 points])
Cha 14 +2 (10[race] +4[5 points])
Deity: Daikitsu, Lady of Foxes - Agriculture, craftsmanship, kitsune, rice / Animal, Artifice, Community, Plant, Weather

Init +5 (+3[dex] +2[fleet-footed])
Senses Low-Light Vision
Perception +10
Speed 30 ft.
Base Attack +3
CMB +2 (+3[BAB] -1[str]);
CMD 15 (10 +3[BAB] -1[str] +3[dex])
Languages Common, Elven, Tian, Celestial, Sylvan, Draconian, Terran, Inguan


AC 18, flat-footed 15, touch 13 (10 +3[dex] +4[mage armor] +1[AoNA])
HP 31 (+22[5d6] +5[con] +4[favored class])
Fort +3 (+1[con] +1[arcanist] +1[cloak])
Ref +5 (+3[dex] +1[arcanist] +1[cloak])
Will +5 (+0[wis] +4[arcanist] +1[cloak])
Special Saving Throw Bonuses:
  • Elven Immunities:
  • > Immune to Sleep
  • > +2 vs. Enchantment
  • Offense:

    Normal Attacks
  • +2/1d8-1 Masterwork Cold Iron Longsword [crit 19-20/x2; S) (+2[BAB]-1[str] +1[mwrk]/1d8 -1[str])

  • +2/1d8 Longspear [crit 19-20/x2; S) (+2[BAB]-1[str] +1[enh]/1d8 -1[str] +1[enh])


  • +4/1d6-1 Shortbow [rng: 50 ft;crit x3; P] (+2[BAB] +2[dex]/1d6 -1[str])
  • Spells:

    Special Modifiers
  • Concentration +10 (+5[level], +5[stat])
  • Greater Spell Focus conjuration, all spells get +2 DC if Conjuration
  • Elven Magic: +2 to overcome spell resistance
  • May spend an Arcane Reservoir to cast CLW or CMW instead of a prepared spell.

    Spells Available per day:

  • Level 0: inifinite
  • Level 1: 6 (4 +2[stat])
  • Level 2: 4 (3 +1[stat])

    Cantrips, 6 Prepared DC 15

  • Read Magic
  • Light
  • Dancing Lights
  • Detect Magic
  • Mage Hand
  • Open Slot

    Level 1, 4 Prepared DC 16

  • Burning Hands
  • Color Spray
  • Grease, +2 DC
  • Mage Armor
  • Magic Missile
  • Vanish

    Level 2, 1 Prepared DC 17

  • Burst of Radiance
  • False Life
  • Glitterdust, +2 DC
  • Summon Monster II
  • Web, +2 DC

  • Skills:
    Skill Ranks 45 = 9[2+5[int]+2[bckg]] * 5[arcanist]

    Acrobatics +1 (+0 ranks, +3[dex], -2[metc] -0[ACP])
    Appraise +10 (+2 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    Bluff +0 (+0 ranks, +2[cha], -2[metc])
    Climb +0 (+1 ranks, -1[str], -0[ACP])
    Craft (illustr) +13 (+5 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    Diplomacy +3 (+1 ranks, +2[cha])
    Disable Device N/A (+0 ranks, +3[dex], -0[ACP])
    Disguise +0 (+0 ranks, +2[cha], -2[metc])
    Escape Artist +0 (+0 ranks, +3[dex], -2[metc], -0[ACP])
    Fly +1 (+0 ranks, +3[dex], -2[metc], +3[class], -0[ACP])
    Handle Animal +4 (+2 ranks, +2[cha])
    Heal +5 (+5 ranks, +0[wis])
    Intimidate +0 (+0 ranks, +2[cha], -2[metc])
    - arcana +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    - dungeoneering +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    - engineering +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class], -2[metc])
    - geography +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    - history +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    - local +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    - nature +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    - nobility +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    - planes +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    - religion +9 (+1 ranks, +5[int], +3[class])
    Linguistics +10 (+2 ranks, +5[int], +3[class] - Terran, Inguan)
    Perception +11 (+5 ranks, +0[wis], +3[class], +1[sekr] +2[ksen])
    Ride +4 (+1 ranks, +3[dex], -0[ACP])
    Sense Motive +1 (+1 ranks, +0[wis])
    Sleight of Hand +4 (+1 ranks, +3[dex], -0[ACP])
    Spellcraft +13(15) (+5 ranks, +5[int], +3[class], (+2)[elmg])
    Stealth +4 (+1 ranks, +3[dex], -0[ACP])
    Survival +1 (+1 ranks, +0[wis])
    Swim +0 (+1 ranks, -1[str], -0[ACP])
    Use Magic Device +6 (+1 ranks, +2[cha], +3[class])


  • [sekr] Perception is a class skill and +1
  • [ksen] Keen Senses (elven trait): +2 Perception
  • [elmg] Elven Magic: +2 spellcraft to identify magic items
  • [metc] Meticulous: -2 if untrained

  • Gear:

    1 Armor: Haramaki
    1 Weapon: Masterwork Cold Iron Longsword
    1 Ranged: Shortbow
    20 cold iron arrows
    1 Cloak of Resistance +1
    1 Amulet of Natural Armor +1
    1 Potion Sponge Touch of the Sea
    1 potion of cure light wounds
    1 scroll of Monkey Fish, CL 1
    2 scroll of Color Spray, CL 1, DC 18*
    1 scroll of Liberating Command, CL 4
    2 scroll of Glitterdust, CL 4, DC 21*
    1 Spell component pouch
    3 Chalk
    1 Ink and pen
    10 Paper
    1 Backpack, masterwork
    1 Antiplague
    1 Air crystals
    1 Antitoxin
    1 Mirror
    1 Ioun Torch
    1 Art and scroll making goods (200 gp worth)
    *scrolls all prepared with 20 int, greater spell focus, potent magic if possible

    1 Mule carrying
    1 Explorer's Outfit (worn when it is cold)
    1 Bedroll
    1 Mess Kit
    1 Tent, small
    1 50 ft silk rope
    1 Grappling Hook
    2 Soap
    5 Trail Rations
    2 Water skin
    1 Survival kit, masterwork
    1 Antiplague
    1 Antitoxin
    1 Alchemical Solvent
    1 Alkali Flask
    1 Holy Water
    1 Vermin Repellen
    1 Smelling Salts
    1 alchemist fire

    8 1st level spells
    8 snd level spells

    Racial Traits, Traits, Class Abilities, and Feats:

    Elf Traits
  • Elven Immunities: Immune sleep, +2 ST enchantments
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Weapon Familiarities
  • Elven Magic: +2 vs. SR, +2 Spellcraft ID mgc items
  • Keen Senses: +2 Perception
  • Fleetfooted (from drawback), Run and +2 init

    Starting Traits

  • Seeker: Perception class skill and +1
  • Traded for fleetfooted elf advantage


  • Arcane Reservoir 6 (3 + 2[1/2 lvl] +1[Fav Cl]) start; 8 (3 + 5[lvl]) max
  • Use 1 point from reservoir for +1 CL or DC (+2 from potent magic)
  • Consume a spell to add 1 to reservoir per spell level.

    White Mage Archetype

  • Spontaneous Healing (Su): At 1st level, a white mage can expend 1 point from her Arcane Reservoir to use one of her spell slots to cast a cure spell (any spell with "cure" in its name) from the cleric spell list as if it were on her spell list and prepared. The spell must be of a level the arcanist can cast. At 10th level, the white mage can expend 5 points from her Arcane Reservoir and a spell slot of at least 5th level to cast breath of life. This ability replaces the arcanist exploits gained at 1st and 9th levels.
  • Fast Healing (Su): A white mage can spend 1 point from her Arcane Reservoir and expend a spell slot of at least 2nd level to grant her allies the fast healing ability. Allies within 30 feet gain fast healing equal to 1/2 the level of the spell slot expended. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the arcanist's Charisma modifier (minimum 1).


  • Potent Magic
  • Quick Study

    Planned Expoits
    7) Dimensional Slide, 9) Lost to Archtype, 11) Fast Healing


  • Meticulous: You plan and prepare everything in detail, and aren’t good at improvising when things don’t go as planned. Effect: You take a –2 penalty on skill checks for skills with which you’re untrained.


  • 0 Run (from fleet footed elf advantage)
  • 1 Spell Focus: Conjuration
  • 3 Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration
  • 5 Craft Scroll


  • Favored Class: +4 HP, +1 Arcane Pool
  • +1 Int

  • .
    Writing sample:

    A comely elven maid, dressed in a simple tunic, her blond hair piled on top fastened by a pair of pins in Tian Xia fashion, bends over a scroll, paintbrush moving slowly, brow furrowed in concentration as she adds some detail to the illustration in the margin. A fidgety human man waits quietly to the side. Unable to contain himself any longer he speaks out, "Belle, we NEED those scrolls NOW. There was an accident and there are..."

    His question is interrupted by a single finger from the hand not currently busy with the illustration, while the furrow in her brow grow more deep. Slowly and with distraction she informs the man, "Benjamin, the ART is as important as the function. You must know that by now."

    "But Belle," Akane replies, "we're just going to use the scroll as soon as it is finished and the writing will vanish. What's the point?"

    Pausing from her work she directs her blue eyes towards the swarthy anxious man. "What is the point of ice sculpting. Why did the gods put such beauty in a sunset or cloud. The value or art cannot be measured in the amount of time it is enjoyed." Though willing to interrupt her work to deliver an education, she still fails to provide the man with the object he desires.

    "Are you done with that. Or could you at least give me the strolls you have finished?"

    *sigh* "What happened this time? Oh, never mind. I'm sure its the same old story, 'the lord treats the Kitsune like animals.' You do know he treats me little better. With my western coloring I no more fit in that your folk do. All of their people have a difficult time with anyone who is different."

    "It would seem that you will leave me no peace until I do. Over there, in that vace. You will find the half dozen or so I've completed."