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Oh you misunderstood my intentions! I am all about creativity. It's just that I really want to buy the book. It's just that I can't really buy it...I can't afford it. So my group and I were considering to all donate some money so we can get it... It's just that my group is not sure if Starfinder will be all that good and they are not as excited as I am. So a cheaper starter set will be a good start to convince them that the game is good (or bad) AND we will be able to afford it (cause they won't give that many money "just for a book")

Yes, of course. I mean, will there really be a Beginner Box or Starter Set or something for Starfinder? Because buying the rulebooks, flip mats AND the minis or tokens could prove rather expensive

A man of questionable morality approaches the party and asks them to obtain a specific item, rewarding them with many credits. The players later find out that the man asks them to steal one of the galaxy's most treasured (and secure) artifacts. There are two options:

1) The players get in the museum, steal the item and get out before they get detected

2) The players report this to the authorities and try to find the man.

Either way, it is later revealed that the man is a wizard and he needs the item in order to take control of Absalon station. Wether he achieve s this or not, is up to the PCs

A Human named Cole. Probably an Operative or Envoy. A western-style space gunslinger who is also a great pilot. He wears a long trenchcoat and may have a robotic limb or two. He also sports a quick draw belt with two holsters and two laser pistols. He is loyal to his crew members and daring on the helm of a starfighter

Hey guys! So I was wondering, has anyone heard anything about boxed sets for Starfinder? I mean like the beginner box with Maps, Tokens, Character sheets and stuff?

So basicly you are telling there won't be a boxed set for this? Not even after launch? cause that would really be a bummer. I mean the Pathfinder beginner box gave you all the esentials for you to play plus tokens, maps, character folios and stuff...Won't there be another similar boxed set for Starfinder? cause collecting all those stuff plus the core rulebook could be quite expensive...