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Great hat


My wife and I each have one of these, they're great. Very warm, look good, and they never fail to get comments from people who see us wearing them. If you want to look like a goblin from the brains up, this is your hat.

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Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimy (Gopher?) Guts


Product Layout: 1 cover page and 3/4 taken up by OGL and writer information, with ~ 1/4 used by art you're getting 4 solid pages of rules for ghouls.

Skills: Section is much improved with information the GM can convey to players based on their roll.

Feats: For the most part these are well done, but there is one feat that I feel is a little too powerful. You'll have to decide for yourself but I wouldn't use it unmodified in my campaigns.

Alchemical Items: Useful and interesting items, 4 alchemical items and 1 spell component enhancement. Having an alchemical item that makes your spells more effective is very cool and I hope to see more items like this.

Spells: 4 spells with a mid level and two low level spells aimed at aiding the undead and one for fighting them.

Magic Items: There are 3 Wondrous Items and 1 Weapon in this section, priced for mid level adventures. While they are too expensive for lower level adventurers (the type to fight book standard ghouls), the items are very useful for a group facing the up scaled ghouls from this supplement.

New Hazard: Appropriately themed and a good addition to the GMs bag, the Ghouls Banquet is a good way to add danger to an adventure without directly damaging the players.

New Creature: The Ghast Lord is CR 5 and will make for an appropriate leader of a ghoul pack. The Gluttonous and Leaping Ghoul templates are +1 CR modifications that will prove a nasty surprise for any player that thinks they know what a ghoul/ghast can do.

Adventure Ideas: 3 adventure seeds that give you some idea how to use the material in Monster Focus: Ghouls.

Overall I think this product is a strong addition to the Monster Focus line, and the best one so far. While I do have misgivings about one feat I don't feel that's worth a star, as it is easily house ruled.

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Another fine product


If you own Monster Focus: Skeletons then you will find more of the same (only zombie focused) in Monster Focus: Zombies.

For those who don't, MF:Z has one cover page and 3/4 page of OGL and Design, Art, and Layout. The remaining 4 pages contain a host of useful rules for those looking to expand the role of zombies in their game.

The Feats, Spells, and Magic Items are good without being overpowered and all of them can be useful. More alchemical items are always welcome for both alchemists and low power games and these five are useful against any of the corporeal undead.

The zombie and templates are the best part of the pdf as they give GMs a way to create hordes of infectious zombies and scenarios in which a lone zombie can be the main villain for a mid (5-7) level campaign. Three such scenarios are included at the end and combined with the new hazard a GM could easily create a campaign using nothing but zombies.

Summary: The pdf is well worth the price for both GMs and players who are looking to incorporate zombies (and to a lesser extent corporeal undead) into their campaign. While the templates do allow for higher level play the pdf seems to fit a 9th level or lower group best.

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Crunchy PDF


This .pdf is 6 pages with one page taken by the cover and half of the sixth taken by the OGL. The remaining pages waste no time getting down to business with an introduction to skeletons followed by a lot of useful crunch. The layout is easy to read and packed with a lot of content to add new depth to skeletons for both players and GMs.

The price seems right and I don't regret picking this up, it reminds me very much of a tightly focused Monsters Revisited article.