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You find yourselves well rested after an uneventful three days crossing the Nesmian Plains, your gaze now turning to the town of Phaendar. Nestled in a bend of the Marideth river, you see the bridge has many wagons crossing it this day.

The town itself is fairly small, normally home to a mere 400 souls, but the upcoming Market Festival sees the streets and inns overflowing. Traders mingle with locals bringing their goods in from the outlying farmsteads.

Phaendar’s central square consists of a few small businesses: the Taproot Inn, the Trading Company, and an auction house and theater, as well as two dozen small family homes that double as workshops for leather- and woodworkers. Most of the town consists of wood and thatch structures, plus a few canvas-walled pavilions. Monsters, bandits, and even the occasional Molthuni raid destroy property too often for most Phaendari to feel the expense of long-standing stone buildings to be worth the investment.

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This is the beginning of my Ironfang Invasion thread. Fingers toes and tentacles crossed!

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After she carved the goblin in the pumpkin she told me it wasn't that hard and I tried. My pumpkin looked like the goblin had carved it instead. *sigh* Love my wife, jealous of her talent.

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Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I have a legal question.

My fiancee is hosting a pumpkin carving contest for kids at a local harvest festival this weekend. As her example pumpkin she is going to carve a goblin based on Paizo goblins with "We Be Goblins" in text on it as well as "Paizo". This pumpkin is not for sale and is just an example of what can be done with pumpkin carving tools. The designs at the festival will be from prepackaged kits sold at Wal-Mart, so the kids there won't be recreating any Paizo IP. Is this legal or are there additional steps she'll need to take in order to make it so?

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I suddenly had the urge to create a Minotaur Rogue (Spy) and spring him on my characters as an ally.

"Wellington...Beef Wellington"

Anybody else out there do this (of course you do)? What's the best(worst) punny name you've sprung on your players/GM?