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That follows under the category of if I teleport does my dinner come with me.
Usually dinner isn't willing.

I am running a We be Goblins Campaign, and my group kinda wonders around alot. So I've been thinking of additional encounters.
One of my players recalled a being in Arizona and seeing a wild pack of Chihuahuas ambush a swan and just decimate it.

So, I quietly took notes, and planned evilly.

Here are the official stats on a dog size small.
I assume a Chihuahua would be Tiny.
I couldn't' really come up with the stats.

And as a pack do they get any feats, like teamwork style feats?

Help me make a few Goblins day just miserable.

Thanks guys!



I am a partner of Greyhawk Games store, and we sell pathfinder and such.

Anyway, I was looking for the font that was used by a old AD&D Setting also called Greyhawk (Greyhawk Uncial).
I noticed it was owned by Pazio. And I was wondering, if we could get permission to use, and get a copy of the font 'Greyhawk Uncial'.

We wanted to make sure that there was not any complications, so we came directly to you.

Jim Culbreath
Greyhawk Games

Don't make it overly magical, I want Scifi, not as much fantasy. So Make sure there is a good amount of the magic, is done by using devices, that make the magical effect.

Hello Team!

I am with Greyhawk Games store in Herriman Utah. We are a huge promoter / and retailer of Paizo Games in particular Pathfinder.

We Also have a few Dedicated Games of Pathfinder that we host weekly.
I tried to email you first, but after 7 days I figured I'd try the forums.

Our store is interested in beta testing Starfinder for you. We will be a large promoter of this new game, we would love a chance to assist in it's development.

Please let us know what we would have to do to participate in beta testing?

Jim Culbreath
Greyhawk Games

Ok, so we have a ranger, I am a druid, with ability to cast from scrolls if needed.

So which spells do I cast on the archer, to help him get max damage?

So I looked through several forum posts first looking for info.
Didn't find it.

Can anyone explain how the magic system basically works in Starfinder?
Do we still have mages?
Or are we doing more science is now magic?

So is this going to be very similar to Fragged empire?

Is medical one of the ship jobs, or is it more a class thing?

How do I determine what the bonuses are?
I Grabbed the +16 and +12 from:

Do we use the dinosaurs base attack of +9 plus my strength bonus ?
Then how do you do that with the strong jaw, vital strike, then mythic strike?

As a druid, I am trying to use Mythic Vital Strike with Strong Jaw and Bulls strength as a Stegosaurus.

How does all of this work, then add vital strike to it?

My strength is 14 +2 Bonus
Dex is 20 +5
Bulls Strength +2
Huge animal: If the form you take is that of a Huge animal, you gain a +6 size bonus to your Strength, a –4 penalty to your Dexterity, and a +6 natural armor bonus.

Total Str: 24 (Bonus +7)
Total Dex 16(-4) (Bonus +3)

Stegosaurus (Huge)
Melee tail +16 (4d6+12 plus trip)
Strong Jaw makes Colossal tail 4d6
So am I now?
8d6 +12 ?

Roll the weapon’s damage dice for the attack twice and add the results together before adding bonuses from Strength
So now?
Melee tail +16 (16d6+12 plus trip) ?

Now how does this work?

You can strike your foes with incredible force.
Prerequisite: Vital Strike.
Benefit: Whenever you use Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike, or Greater Vital Strike, multiply the Strength bonus, magic bonus, and other bonuses that would normally be multiplied on a critical hit by the number of weapon damage dice you roll for that feat.
Extra damage from sources that wouldn't normally be multiplied on a critical hit isn't multiplied by this feat.

So I know that strong jaw, wild shape, and vital strike do 16d6 damage.
What happens if I'm hasted, can I do it twice in a round?

If so *boom mic drop*


Somewhere on this maze of a website, is a list of class examples.
Like for instance I saw one for druids that had like 10 builds.
Anyone know where I find those?

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So I was told that Druids aren't the best at buffing party members, which is why I choose the class.
I was also told that they are great at hindering opponents, what are some examples of this?
How can I really stick it to the baddies?