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Yannick Ziener wrote:
A friend of mine (the "big GM" of the group) made a Discord server where he started DMing society. There we started out as 6 players and slowly accumulated a total of 23 players now with 3 active and one not-so-active DMs. We all know each other more or less well and we do have a core of players who play most of the games and some players who jump in every 2 to 3 weeks. It is very enjoyable and you have way more fun this way than the awkward silence before games with random players.

That sounds great.

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Dotting. Would really like to get in with a PbP AP.

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So I used to get to play pathfinder weekly for PFS and eventually some APs. Life got in the way for all of us and finding a game night that worked for everyone.

Sound familiar yet?

Lately I’ve been thinking a fairly active PbP might be a good way to scratch that itch where actual play podcasts fall short, and I’ve realized a big part of what I’ve missed is really getting to know the group (both as characters and as players).

I’ve also been thinking about how one might keep a play by post AP moving for the long haul, and if someone could build a community in their group so no one would feel uncomfortable reaching out to each other if idle time seems a bit long, that might be the best.

I’m sure there have got to be other people like me who are adults, and have adult responsibilities, but wouldn’t have any problem checking in on a game a few times most days.

So, aside from shamelessly advertising myself as wanting to play, I’m genuinely curious if anyone else has ever made this work?

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I would also be interested.

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I’d be interested in some more details here. I’ve GMd live games (years ago), and played a few PbP games, but never GMd PbP.

Been thinking about trying to GM a PbP, but I’d be doing it mostly from a phone and not sure how viable that will be.

If you are interested in letting me give this a shot, PM me and maybe we can work something out.

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I have a level 4 human magus I'd be happy to play.


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Thanks for the help, I’ve already got recruited for a scenario.

Still trying to work out the kinks, can anyone point me to a guide or something that would retract me the basics?

Specifically I’m having trouble making my character the default alias in the gameplay threads, and figuring out how to get my stats and such to show along with my avatar in posts.

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And I already screwed up with the aliases. Are you able to delete the BMorgan character?

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Name: Brad Morgan
Character Name: Brutus Vaine
Number: 113140-4
Faction: Scarab Sages
Track: Normal
Dayjob Roll: None
Faction Card: Been out of this for a few years, where do I find this?

Thanks for giving me the shot to jump back in. I’ll be doing most of my posting from IOS devices, so any tips to make stuff work better would be appreciated.

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I’ve got a level 2.0 brawler (strangler archetype) that is like to try. Have only played a couple PbPs, and it was a few years ago, but want to try again.

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I’ve been away from RPGs for a few years due to family and work commitments, but am in a position where I can check a message board and post multiple times per day usually. Would really like to get back into the swing of things with a play-by-post scenario (or possibly AP).

The recruitment threads I find seem to be spread out on the message boards and difficult to navigate, with most every game already in progress. What’s the best way to get one’s foot in the door?

I’ve got 4 old PFS characters ranging in level from 1-6, but am open to play just about any character.

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Perhaps I've missed something in speed-reading the AP, but I don't really understand how this weekly society upkeep is supposed to go. How do you track time as a GM within the campaign? Should each mission be assumed to take a week, or is there some other mechanic?

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Sounds great, I posted my basic info in the Discussion thread after reading it, and will catch up on the gameplay thread shortly.

Please let me know how to proceed.

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Any openings left in this game?

Full disclosure, never done PbP before, so I will probably need some help getting started.

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Been looking through the game list, will see if I can find any with an open spot.

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Are there any spots still open for this one?

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Looks like I may be a little late to start the PBP game day but I would like to give it a shot.

Can anyone point me to a game with an opening for a new player? I play Pathfinder regularly, just never by forum.

Game system must be Pathfinder, and prefer to play for PFS credit.

I've got a level 2 and a level 6 character I could commit to one of these games.

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Personally, I don't fault the GM. It was a fun time and we got through it. I'm just looking back and thinking it will be very easy at low tier with weapons. I'm positive it was this scenario, though, because I ended up having to "borrow" some clubs from the bedroom to beat down the animated chair as a two-weapon ranger and that we were very lucky to have a monk in the party.

Mainly I was just concerned with it being my first experience as a GM coming up to make sure I wasn't missing a key part of the scenario.

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I finally took the step to try and run a PFS game this weekend and will be GMing for the first time. I'll be running The Disappeared.

I distinctly remember when I ran this scenario as a PC getting into the party and being asked to leave our weapons at the entrance, then having to run the scenario unarmed.

Now that I'm reading the scenario, I can't find anything about this. Am I missing something, or is it possible our party failed some early Diplomacy or Bluff checks badly and this was a GM discretion thing?