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With the final volume of Starfinder's Dawn of Flame adventure path finally released, I'd like to gauge the appetite here on the forums for a PbP run of this Path. Surprisingly, I haven't been able to find ANYONE running a recruitment for this AP on the forums thus far. Not sure if this is just a matter of no GM stepping up to the challenge, or if people aren't that into the themes.

Spoiler-lite blurb for Dawn of Flame wrote:
All is not peaceful in the roiling heart of the Pact Worlds' sun! A mysterious entity from the plane of fire has set their eyes on the star, intent on seizing it for themselves. But unable to explore the depths of their star, the people of the Pact Worlds remain unaware of the threat. Can the heroes piece together the clues to what’s happening in time? Or will their extraplanar nemesis' mysterious plan change the nature of the Pact Worlds forever?

I'm thinking of running this as a fast-moving Play by Post for 4 players. If there's enough interest, I would start recruitment some time in the next week.

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I'm in! How would you feel about a Sylph Mechanic?

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Hey Cellion! I'd love to join a Dawn of Flame game, character concept is a CG lashunta Mystic originally hailing from Asanatown, estranged from her family and finally returning home.

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If you are looking for a small group, to move fast, I'd be up for that. Depending on how you intend to run recruitment, I could either build a 4th to roundout a decent party, if you are doing a standard competitive recruitment, then I suppose I'd toss up something I wanted to play and cross my fingers.

I'm more about playing with the right people, and having fun, than needing to play a specific role. Already you've got a Mystic, and a Mechanic. Throw in two more, and you're all set.

Either way, I'm interested.

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Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
If you are doing a standard competitive recruitment, then I suppose I'd toss up something I wanted to play and cross my fingers.

I would almost definitely be doing a competitive recruitment if this goes ahead. I find getting the right group of players - reliable, motivated posters who push the game forwards - is really important to having a healthy game, and a competitive recruitment would help identify those.

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I look forward to your recruitment then.

I would be interested on two conditions
1. Paizo makes chronicles for this AP.
2. We get SFS credit and chronicles for it, even if played in story mode. Number 1 still has yet to happen.

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I would also be interested.

Interested. Haven’t played starfinder yet so I’ve been itching to get into a game.

I'm definitely interested.

I'm interested! No idea what I'd roll up but I'll probably have something by the time the recruitment starts up.

Definitely interested. I'm imagining Solarian Serenrite for this one, on a pilgrimage to the Radiant Cathedral.

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OH GOSH AM I INTERESTED! And from one of my favorite GMs to boot!

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I believe I’d put forth a halfling operative, or possibly an envoy if preferred, but I could handle the face/captain role as an operative if needed, along with the utility an operative provides.

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Ok, that certainly seems like quite some interest. Keep your eyes peeled for a recruitment thread in the next few days!

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Ah, I guess, there are SFS chronicles for this game. though they were much harder to find.

I'd definitely be interested. I've been reading the core rulebook I recently got and really would like to give it a try.

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