6 posts. Alias of baldwin the merciful.


"We were victims." Stammering a bit by the off the cuff accusation, "We've been hired, those with, less than honorable intentions as guards in the past." his eyes shift to Morton, "our intentions are to get out of this place Alive."

You do notice that these men have not provided any comfort to the farmers, Vilis or anyone else. They quite self centered. Although the dimwitted brothers are simply followers by nature.

Near the temple, "boys go in there and grab up few weapons." He nods to Xor, "help 'em out, grab some armor if there's any."

"Besides which was is that the way you the path clear." His eye brow raises, "You mean to dump these farmers on us while you go your merry way...equipped?" He looks to Karnog "Gratitude for freeing us but we have no assurances for our safety this way. wouldn't it be wise to lead us to safety then you can come back."

"Freeing us is a start."

Straightening himself off the ground, he stands. "I'm Bithan and these are my men, we were ambushed on the Coast Road by goblins and hobgoblins. Their numbers overwhelmed us and we were betrayed by a patrol of authorities - a corrupt sheriff."

"Alas...its a dwarf peering through the food opening. Are you one of them? You'd be wise to watch your back, the jailer is a crafty brute that is handy with his whip and club."