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Jamie Charlan wrote:

Yes, unless your soulknife has gifted blade progression (one way or the other): in which case, say you have 14 wisdom, you would also get 2(Soulknife 5)+3(manifester 3 Wisdom 14). Your total pool would thus be 15pp/day, though it could be much more with that power-reserve bladeskill.

Comparatively, a level 11 gifted blade alone, even with still just 14 wis instead of a 16, would have 23pp, while a level 11 Aegis would have 24 BEFORE his Int bonus!

Thank You,

Reading the Feat "Fighter's Blade", you can add up to "four higher to determine your enhanced mind blade class feature". That would mean that the character above could Enhancement Bonuses as if they were 11th level as Metaforge adds to Enhancement Bonus.

However they are limited to 9th level when it comes to Blade Skills as while Fighter's Blade adds to Blade Skills but Metaforge specifically says Blade Skills are not modified by it

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As the Metaforge has no additional Power Points per level, would a 11th level Aegis(3)/Soul Knife(5)/Metaforge(3) with only the trade off of Psionic Talent for Wild Talent for additional point and an Int of 16 have:

3 (3rd level Aegis)
4 (Int bonus for 16 Int/3rd level Psionic class with PP/Day)
2 (Psionic Talent)

= 9 PP/Day

Is this correct?

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Some of us are using the same words but with different meanings.

I like my players to optimize and be better than "Joe/Jane Blow" but at the same time, I know that some 3rd party materials ARE BROKEN

Here's the easiest way to make players think about their character:

An elaborate backstory. The more fantastic, the more of a backstory

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What it always comes down to is just how "flavor full" do you want your games?

Is Negative Energy "evil" and Positive Energy "good"? If so, then why is "Too much Positive Energy too much of a Good thing" causing one to explode?

Which is better, ie more good or at least less evil? Killing someone via:

1: Fireball
2: Hacking them to Bits
3: Deadly Poison where they drift off and never come back?

Which is a "better", ie good as it promotes and protects sentient and sapient life:

1: The Cleric organizing the village to face the Orc Horde?
2: The Cleric Creating Skeletons and Zombies to hold back the Orc Horde?

If you're like me where Negative/Positive Energy is just the "Ying/Yang" then you have many more interesting things you can do with a PC party, like enlisting the help of honorable, true to their word, level headed but undead wight rangers against Elves who want them dead for all the wrong reasons and are not about to be talked out of it

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Just an FYI:

In the game, the DM (me) and player reached this conclusion:

The resolution was that the Weapon they use, if not the same size, they don't have the Feat/Class ability to use it, etc., then "No"

Any weapon they themselves can use is allowed.

As Darksol the Painbringer so correctly pointed out, it the Magus touched a Colossal Titan's Greatsword and it only cost 1 point, the entire thing is broken

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Human 6th Magus archetype Kensai and Bladebound (they do not affect each other from what I could see)

Magus Arcana: Animate Weapon

1st question: Are their restrictions on what the Animate Weapon is? Could a Magus with this feat Animate a Huge Battle Axe? Or would it be more like those they can wield, aka Medium, or even more restrictive able to use it on those weapons that they are proficient in as well as only Medium Weapons?

2nd Question: With the Magus Arcana and Animate Weapon, would they get three attacks:

1: The Magus Arcana, Animate Weapon

2: Normal Attack

3: Spell Strike

What, if any, reductions to their attack bonus would they get?


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The idea that you have to "take prisoners back" is absurd

"Back to what?" exactly? A judicial system where the local lord's half-wit brother holds sway? Why would "Lord Mucky Muck" care what happens in a neighboring area (where the evil thing SHOULD HAVE GONE) and what is going to be the outcome?

As most parties have character more intelligent AND good, they are more than capable of "meeting out justice" even if that means death.

I love the idea that you take all these "evil characters and monsters" to some LG society where they lock them up. Sounds like a great day for an evil power to "pack the jails" and release all of that evil for a night the population will NEVER get.

Sorry, but "Lawful Stupid" and "Stupid Good" are not alignments, those are death sentences for the majority of people living in the area

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Thank you all

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Hawktitan wrote:

Monkey Moves as part of the Monkey Style chain of feats.

Though you might just be thinking of when a creature has a natural climb speed?

I was thinking of any character or monster that when climbing can use their dodge and other Dex based skills/saves, etc

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So if a character, PC or NPC is climbing, on a ledge, etc can get their saving throws, dodge bonus, Deex bonus and such?

I'm drawing a blank

Thanks in advance

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If a player takes "Powerful build" as a Feat, does that mean they JUST take no penalty to using oversized weapons


Do they treat weapons of "Large" size as if they were using S/M/L weapons that were medium sized for ALL situations:

Point of contention:

If a Fighter using two weapons wielding anything other but 2 Light weapons has a higher penalty: al

If the weapon in the Off Hand is a Light Weapon, the Penalties to hit are -2/-2 which is better than the -4/-4

So if a character has Powerful Build and Two Weapon Fighting feat, if they use two Large Sized Light weapons, is that -4/-4 or -2/-2?

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Like all things, it depends on what you need and how bad you need it.

How much would you pay for a gallon of water, right now?

Then think how much you'd pay for a gallon of water after 4 days in the desert, with no water around, you can no longer sweat and you haven't had to "relieve yourself" in 2 days. How much would you pay for water then?

Instead of that extreme, say you're with your wife/girlfriend/etc at a fair. It's hot and you see that water bottles are $2 each and you scoff. After 2 hours, your companion is not happy, thirsty and miserable. Then you see water bottles are $4. would you pay that?

Hell yes you would

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Should a Soulknife use up all of their Power Points via "Unlocked Talent" or another Psionic Class do they lose their Manifesting abilities?

Same for an Aegis. Would they lose the ability to form their suit?

Or does it mean they have full psionic class abilities that don't specifically use Power Points?

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Just send me a message, I'd rather not give out my email address publically

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How well would it work for an NPC who's bat-sheet crazy, touched by the "outside entities"?

I'd like to run that class as a real villian

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Interjection Games wrote:
Gold star customer service, my good man!

Yes, he's been very helpful

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Well color me fushcia

Found the answers


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Here's one for you sir: Rules Clarification on Astral Suit

Now the Aegis Aberrant gives up the Astral Suit but what about those powers, such as Invigorating Suit, Damage Reduction (when suit is manifested), Augment Suit, etc?

Would just manifesting the Aberrant Aegis ability "Transformed Body" be all that is needed for the Aberrant Aegis. IOW, is "Transformed Body" the Astral Suit substitute? If that is the case then when the standard Aegis powers says "when wearing his Astral Suit", "Transformed Body" counts as the per-requisite

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I won't as I'd find new players and give those players who want to "streamline" a game of "Chutes and Ladders" as well as a Primer on basic math

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Thanks again Jeremy,

I know the Aegis Aberrant gets the "Brawn" and "Hardened" for free, so that means that they can take 3 CPs on TOP of those two customizations?

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Here's a question for you Jeremy, just to be sure.

When a Soul Blade, or Soul Blade Variant, chooses a power for their weapon/shield/armor that stays put.

It is not just that they can switch it at will, they have the Bashing Enhancement bonus, then turn it off to do the Ghost Touch, etc?

One of the consistent issues I've run up against are those who switch what powers their blades, etc

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See the discussion between Jeremy Smith and I

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Terquem wrote:
BB36 wrote:
Heaggles wrote:
I would say my self I dont care if the party wants to buy 300 wands of Cure light wounds its there gold, and if they want to use those wands I dont care, its for them to use.

A few things:

1: Who has 300 Wands just "sitting around" for so relatively cheap?

2: Who says they all work?

3: Who says they are what the label on the package says they are?

Ah yes, you are perhaps referring to the great ClerWandCo debacle of ’69.

It was eventually traced back to a change in management at the ClerWandCo factory of Port Hobbs, Nebraska (AE), specifically the retirement of the quality assurance manager and her temporary replacement by a senior vice president of dimensional inter-cross traffic shipping and receiving.
It turned out that 78 of the 300 shipped Wands of Cure Light Wounds were actually Wands of Decompose Corpse due to a technical error on the procurement documentation, a simply transposition error of the sixth and ninth digits of the On Line Wand Order forms.
A class action suit is still pending

I blame Malfoy

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Dragonamedrake wrote:

Um, wow

No sense of humor, just pontification

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Thanks Jeremy,

Last questions for now:

1st: If a Character is 1st Soul Knife Armored Blade/1st Aegis Aberrant with a 14 Int and the 2 "Wild Talents" as Freebies from their classes, they'd have 6 PP, 4 WT + 1 Aegis + 1 (14Int/1st Level), correct?

2nd: Do the Customization Points, CPs, for Aegis need to be spelled out when they get them at the next level, like the Sorcerer's Spells or what Evolutions a Summoner's Eidilon will have? So at a 1st Level Aegis, do they need to define what powers they have up to 3 CPs spent?

3rd: The Armored Blade Armor - That is EXACTLY like a MW set of armor when it comes to weight, speed, Max Dex, correct?

4th: If at 3rd level the Soul Knife, Armored Blade picks up "Gifted Blade" (I don't see a reason why they can't the thing they'll lose is "Psychic Strike") and become a Manifestor at Soul Knife (AB/GB) - 2, BUT don't take the power listed in their "Unlocked Talent", does that Talent remain at 1st level ML until they do or will it go up to 2nd Level ML at Soul Knife (AB/GB) 4th level, ML 2, regardless if they take the Power and level it as an "Unlocked Talent"?

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Just to be sure then, if a Psionic Character with no Manifestor Levels (say a 2nd level Aegis/ 2nd level Soul Blade) were to take that Feat with that specific power in, it wouldn't work as they have no Manifestor levels at all?

As most powers are "Manifestor Level*x" for duration, the best you can get is a "popping sound"?

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Heaggles wrote:
I would say my self I dont care if the party wants to buy 300 wands of Cure light wounds its there gold, and if they want to use those wands I dont care, its for them to use.

A few things:

1: Who has 300 Wands just "sitting around" for so relatively cheap?

2: Who says they all work?

3: Who says they are what the label on the package says they are?

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Are they a Manifestor?

As in, if they take the "Unlocked Talent" Feat, and pick "Force Screen", could they even use it at all, save getting a true Manifestor Psionic Class?

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Honestly, like "witches" only with a "bu" sound instead of a "wa" sound at the beginning, if properly played

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To be honest, if you're trying to find a loophole to limit usage of magic items you've given the party, well to be brutally honest:

You've given out way too much, way too soon

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1st: Is this the correct place to ask Psionic questions?

If it is, then:

2nd: While the Aegis are Psionic, are they Manifestors?

3rd: Aegis Customization Points, do they have to be spent and confirmed, like a Sorcerer getting new spells each level, they're kinds stuck on down the road with them

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Really depends on the DM. In my world Eidolons may be from a place that is antithetical to "standard lifeforms"

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

It was always the understanding, of my fellow players and I, that Flurry was simply a special full attack action, that could not be combined with two weapon fighting.

In this, it was not two weapon fighting, but acted like it in some ways.
In fact, it is much easier to deal with, if see them as they are, two separate things.

From the various archetypes, and AP NPCs, there is evidence that many Paizo employees saw it the same way.

Moving on, the core question is about two weapon fighting with unarmed strikes, not flurry, and there is a big difference there.

I have no problem with TWF and the Monk's normal unarmed attack, so long as the weapon is 1 handed

It requires the Feat and makes their attack -2/-2 as long as the Monk uses one of their "Monk's Weapons". It also doesn't matter if the "Primary Weapon" is the actual weapon and the Unarmed attack is the Off Handed Weapon

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Dabbler wrote:
BB36 wrote:
It's time to realize and call the Monk's FoB, what it is: A highly styled form of TWF
No, it could be that, or it could be something else. The decision in Pathfinder has not been made, and in 3.X it wasn't. Indeed in 3.5 you could take TWF AND FoB and attack with two monk weapons in truly awesome display of missed attacks.

Which is more cheese than is in the States of Wisconsin, California and Oregon combined

(The awesome display of missed attacks, not your post)

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It's time to realize and call the Monk's FoB, what it is: A highly styled form of TWF

As I don't think anyone really wants to explain the FoB is and how to tell if it's a combo, knife hand, etc

Here's my compromise I made with my players:

Weapon FOB__Med/Lt____Med/Med____Hvy

# Attacks_____-1________-2*_______-3*
To Hit Mod____-2________-3________-5
Damage Bonus_1/4 lvl___1/3 lvl____1/2 lvl
* Minimum 1 attack

They must split up their attacks between their two weapons evenly with any odd attacks going to whatever weapon they wish.

So the FoB for a 9th Monk's BAB and FoB are +6/+1 and +7/+7/+2/+2 if using Med/Med weapons, for FoB it'll be +4/+4 - slightly better than the standard attack bonuses but each weapon gains +3 damage but if they took TWF they'd +2/+2/-3 with the Medium/Medium Weapon Combo.

It is up to the player if that is worth the cost. It also makes staying with the Monk class better over time instead of just giving it to them

The 9th level Monk using the Med/Lt Weapon, for FoB it'll be +5/+5/+0, TWF would be +4/+4/-1, still better than TWF, but it is due to their fighting style and adds +3 Damage for the Medium Weapon and +2 Damage for the Light Weapon

As the Monks in my world are not just Eastern Style, unless the region is Eastern, and those in the area they are in are cloistered brothers of western world, I allow for different weapons to match the western world (or whatever regional type they are)

It makes the Monks' special attacks Special without really unbalancing the game, IMHO

Oh yes, the Monk must have individual proficiency in the Weapon (they can't take "Martial Weapons" and gain the ability. They can take Martial Weapons but that doesn't qualify the Monk to use that weapon in FoB) and the Weapon must be a Masterwork or better

What that does is make the Monk very specific in what weapons they can use to get the benefit

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Monks can use TWF when someone explains how a normal Medium Unarmed Weapon does 1D3 but a Monk's Unarmed Attack does 1D6 at 1st level

What part of the body is used?

Is it a hand combo (a quick right-left), or a knee, a snap kick, what?

Like a few things in Pathfinder and its predecessors using multiple definitions or effects of the same word, I think this is really the whole issue.

A Monk's "Unarmed Attack" is their special form of attack that unfortunately shares the name name as basic "Unarmed Attack" all others can do. Perhaps the Monk's "Unarmed Attack" should be renamed "Unarmed Combat Style"

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What? The standard "Player vs Player" isn't enough?

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Gignere wrote:
Ragechemist is an alchemist archetype not a short hand for barb-alc multiclass.

I know that.

Just reading the OP's original post

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Well ofstatic,

Until you define what's going on in the world, I really can't help you.

My take:

Axe is NE, protects from good and Bane vs Dwarves

Paladin has no clue. He would think the Axe is something he "rescued" and it is not Evil, he has forgotten the went to destroy evil axe and vaguely remembers there was something evil he destroyed. Depending on how Wise (higher Int helps but not if his Int > Wis then he's headstrong) he is, those gaps can be used to break him of the hold or allow more saves vs the will of the Axe.

More holes in his memory means he will question the remaining memories. He'll begin to ask himself, "Just what did I destroy", "What do the dreams mean", "Does Charmin really feel better on my tush", etc, and the more he realizes it, the more likely he can break free.

The Axe is looking to slay EVERY Dwarf and won't go nuts unless it thinks it and his meat puppet can take all those who are around. It will do its best to make any carnage look like a blood feud between dwarves. After all, if you're designed to kill something, wouldn't it be prudent to know their weaknesses and how to keep them looking at each other?

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Well OfStatic,

What alignment is the Axe? If it is CE, let the "Sly and Filet" begin. If it is LE, it has a purpose. If it is NE then whatever brings about the most hate, fear, death is the name of the game and if he can pin it on someone else, so much the better

The Paladin has no reason to have lost his powers if he is unaware of the crimes. If anything and he's unaware, the "nightmares" he's been having can be part of him thinking there's great evil and he has to destroy it. A great "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide"

The Paladin would accept his role in the deaths and make amends when the facts and evidence pile up. If he is still unaware, then it is highly likely that he doesn't even realize he has the Axe.

It really all depends on what the goals of the Axe are and what the Paladin knows

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I have to agree with SOTS here:

Mixing rage and alchemy I believe would lead to way too many explosive situations

Why do I think far too many Barbarians who know alchemy would be like handing TnT to rednecks?

I can see/hear many a last word of the Darwinian overachievers going something like:

Hey guys, watch THIS!!!

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The Paladin is not automatically an Ex-Paladin. He's being controlled, right? Was he trying to destroy the weapon or did he think he could control it when the take over occurred?

If the former, he was doing his duty and got tagged. Bummer, his guilt at what has happened is far more punishment (or should be)

If the latter, greed and hubris are the main evils he did.

OT RANT: Where's the Paladin's god? As all gods seem to measure the minutia of a Paladin's deeds, where is it to take away his powers but not help anyone else? But that's another story. Back to OT

If the Paladin is innocent or not really much more guilty of hubris, have them confront the Paladin. I'd say the fires are caused by the Paladin to spread death and discord, two of Evil's favorites in doing to "good areas"

If the Paladin is a willing servant, have the Paladin come back as you stated and take out those that "debased" his new friend and slaughtering companion

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Not everybody says that Unarmed Strike is two weapons, not even all Monk's attacks need to be from 2 weapons

A Monk's Attacks could be Knees, Kicks, Elbow, Back fist, Fists, etc and they could be a single or a combo of blows

Take the 1st Level Monk who does 1d6 with "Unarmed Attack" when the "Unarmed Attack" as per Weapons does 1d3. How do they they do that? When we can agree a mechanic that satisfies 95%, then we can really get on going on how to add TWF that doesn't turn the Monk into a melee machine far outshining the fighter

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Neo2151 wrote:

Until you get to that one particular little line of text:

"There is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a monk striking unarmed."

In addition to what Neo2151 stated, the Monks base unarmed attack (Medium) does 1d6

The typical "Unarmed Strike" does 1d3, sounds as though the Monk already does a Left-Right Combo, so how does one give TWF when it already appears the Monk does just that?

Any claim that "Monks know how to punch better" may be true at higher level but I can't see how a neophyte 1st level Monk knows how to hit better than a neophyte 1st level Fighter with Improved Unarmed Strike as the Feat. The Monk, IMO, already hits with both hands (or one really good knee)

At a higher level, I can see how the Monk learns to hit more sensitive locations, but the 1st level Monk isn't that much better with their naked fist than a 1st level Fighter's (Improved Unarmed Attack) naked fist

Grand Lodge

This whole thing comes down to "What enhancements can I use on my Monk Character?"

Unless you want to assign damage and Bonus/Penalty to:

Forget it, I stopped at 33 different strikes and combos - there are a lot

How about the KISS principle:

To get MF or GMF, cast it on the normal attack first and then on the FoB. Therefore it makes everyone upset which is the best type of compromise. Of course, that would only be on the Monk's unarmed attacks - no weapons of any sort allowed.

Same goes to all other natural attack enhancing spells.

As for TWF, ITWF, GTWF, etc Monks using their weapons and various body parts, as it says on the left hand lower side of Page 57 under "Flurry of Blows", When doing so he may make 1 additional attack using any combination of unarmed strikes or attacks with a special monk weapon(insert laundry list) as if using the Two-Weapon Fighting feat (even if the monk does not meet the prerequisites for the feat)

By keeping it simple, a monk character uses whatever part of their body they can strike a blow with, and making them use separate enhancements for the basic and unarmed FoB, it keeps it simple

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Dabbler wrote:
BB36 wrote:

How about this:

Let the Monk Class make attacks, using TWF but count each limb as a separate weapon doing the damage each weapon does, with whatever Feat modification given, but treat Punch, Back Fist, Elbow, Knee, Foot, Head butt, Gouge, etc as a separate Weapon. There's "Common Sense" and overkill. Trust that a Monk already is using both hands and later feet, head butt, knees, etc in their attacks as they get better.

But is an arm a weapon, or the separate hand, elbow, forearm, etc?

As the monk isn't going to get more than the attacks for TWF, I would simply call it a double weapon.

Good question Grasshopper

That is why I hold that the Attacks by a Monk are "one, some or all" of any the above

Take "Flurry of Blows", FoB. Is it as fists on a speed bag? A punch followed quickly with an elbow? A double snap kick? A double punch? What's the style?

I lave it alone and say that the Monk gets a watered down version of TWF and that is why they can get the FoB and more. How they do it is for the player to decide what the fluff is

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I don't think you can have the same person Intimidating then Diplomacy but the use of the "Good Cop/Bad Cop" does work

Still, from what I posted above, a person who is not intimidated but can fake it can turn the tables on the party

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Actually it does work, only if the person is intimidated.

If the person is intimidated by one, they'll be happy to talk to the nice one

The real problem is when the person feigns being intimidated and pulls it off. Then they can easily give bad information at a bonus to BLUFF the PCs!

It's a world of feint, counter-feint, counter-counter-feint and so on

If the NPC fools the PCs with the intimidate, fooling with diplomacy and bluff is even easier for the NPC

That's why there's a camera or others behind the mirror to see what went on

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