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Full Name

Azhagal ul Zhakhmir Qvaerr-Gubaaj


half-elf (keleshite+drow)


monk 5, cleric 1






...let's just say he's legal

Special Abilities



Lawful Good




doesn't know...


Common, Elven, Kelish, Aeran


Monk/Cleric of Irori

Strength 15
Dexterity 19
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 16
Charisma 13

About Azhagal

Azhagal was born from the rape of his Keleshite mother by a high -ranking Drow war general. the night he was born his mother nearly died from the massive blood loss resulting from his birth but she was alright after a while. he was originally named Brow X'auriin after the fact that he was born with thick, bushy eyebrows that rendered him an ugly baby, but little Brau grew into his looks, blossoming into a handsome, albeit interesting looking man. his eyebrows grew at an alarming rate reaching shoulder length by the time he reached adulthood, and since he knew that if he'd cut them to "normal" length they'd grow back quicker than two shakes of a manticore's tail....he decided to dread them, this way he would have an interesting solution...more like stalling to a quickly growing problem.

Brow loved this new look, eager to show his mother who laughed at him so hard she nearly suffocated. it was then that young brow decided to leave home in hopes of great adventure. Brow did very little adventuring, to his disdain but one day he met up with an old sorceror named Khartael who gave him an artifact from an ancient empire lost in history. this artifact was a tome that told of the forecoming of an ancient creature called Zhedal, Brow obsessed over this monster eventually leading him to a grand battle with it. Brow left the fight victorious yet heavily scathed it was then that he had a vision, a name lingered in his mind it was :Azhagal ul Zhakhmir Qvaerr-Gubaaj. from then on Brow went by this name, he journeyed to tell his mother of this change just to find out that she was murdered by a drow warrior. this drastic chane in his life lead him to a temple of Irori where he vowed to avenge his mothers death at all costs.

after years of rigorous training, Azhagal was told that his mothers muderer....was his father. Azhagal is now hellbent on killing his father.