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Necros, Dagma, Atra, Krona...


First purchase on the Paizo's store: I couldn't wait a month to have the print edition and... OMG, I LOVE IT!

I am a fan of Ravenloft setting and Carrion Crown AP, and this manual is really amazing for me. Eight chapters of sheer terror, and my favorite chapter is the 6th. About the horror rules (news haunting/curses/fleshwarping/sanity/etc.) I am satisfied.

So, why only 4 stars?

* Chapter two: I appreciated the archetypes presented in the chapter, but I would have preferred find archetypes for ALL Core classes (only five out of eleven: barbarian, cleric, druid, paladin and wizard), and also to antipaladin and summoner

* Chapther eight: I enjoyed the templates (finally I can create Dread Lords of Ravenloft!)... but about real monsters I see only one of them, which it is presented in three variants

But I can't say disappointed. I am *REALLY* waiting this book for a year, and I can say that the wait was well rewarded. And I cann't wait to get my hands on the print edition!


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If you are a GM, and you would like to play the 1st adventure of Rise of the Runelord... this is a must!

I never refuse free stuff, and this 90-pages fanzine was crucial with its details and hints at the beginning of the campaign. Thanks to this fanzine (Swallowtail Festival Games and The Lure of Greed were much appreciated by the party), my PCs loves Sandpoint and its inhabitants ... thus having good reasons to protect them from those who want to threaten the town!