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Yes, dearie, I believe he did.

He's right ladies. You need to start going to one of those pilates classes, and start working on those pelvic muscles.

Cuchulainn wrote:

Well. That was, uh, interesting. Thanks for that.

*backs away slowly*

Oh, don't mind him, dearie. He's a little twitchy, but mostly harmless.

Sit, and have a biscuit.

Where is my axiomatic prune juice?

Don't mind him, dearie. He always thinks someone is out to get him.

houstonderek wrote:
[No wonder I'm an atheist, if all the gods are playing soccer...

You're a lapsed atheist, dearie.

Pardon me, dearie, but are you eeeeeevil?

I happen to like my name, thank you.

We are a beacon of freshly-laundered goodness! even discuss such matters openly is in direct violation of a paladin's code. You also shouldn't be:

Shaking hands after coughing, Mr. Immune-to-disease!

Or sneezing wihtout a hanky!

Or spitting your tobacco juice in a cup and leaving it on the table at someone's house party!

Or smoking in public, for that matter!

You better straighten up sonny-boy, or you're going to find your self busted down to "warrior" in a Sandpoint-minute!

I've got a +5 holy cold iron flyswatter I'll be using to smite that backside unless you settle-down young man!

Oh, my! I never intended to cause a fuss. I thought the kids would like some candy, and a chance to run around and play a bit. I'm sure they get tired of being told to sit still, be quiet, and behave.

And what good is a nice, comfy sofa if you can't jump up and down on it once in a while? And knick-knacks can be replaced, deary! That's why you can find them anywhere, and so inexpensively at that.

Come inside, have a spot of tea and some fresh baked cookies. We'll let the kids play a bit while we have a nice little chat.