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Later that evening at Auntie's

The ship is again busy, and the brightest-lit place in whole city.

"Well, what can we do for you tonight?"


Aquavius wrote:
"Some people don't know how to keep their liquor." Aquavius sits up at the bar. When she learns this bar works by trade, she grins. "How about oration? I could tell a story or two. If you think it's good, I get a drink. How about that?"

"Sure. if you can keep the crowd entertained, though I'll take any damages from thrown cutlery out of your hide."

Boratio Fishblower wrote:
Auntie, wrote:
"Glow sticks only buy so much.... Were you looking for a friend, or a crueler mistress?"

"No cruelty please! this humble fisherman is in need of LOVE! bwahahahaha!"

Boratio winks, for a long time, to emphasize this to be a 'discreet' affair...

'Discreet', of course, costs more for sound-proofing.

Boratio Fishblower wrote:
"Keep the ale coming Auntie! it's an exquisite nectar from the gods! also, can we bunk somewhere below? got any rooms? or hammocks? also, Boration needs friendship tonight... the sea has been a cruel mistress..."

"Glow sticks only buy so much.... Were you looking for a friend, or a crueler mistress?"


Boratio Fishblower wrote:
Auntie, wrote:
Then she squints at Fishblower. "What other Jax would we be talking about?"
"Well, I knew Jax was involved with magicks... didn't know he was also some kind of artist fellah! what other tricks can he pull from his sleeves?"

"Oh, he's a right artist when it comes to shifting barnacles that's for sure." Auntie chortles. "And didn't I say he was trying to start a magic shop?"

The crowd at Aunties swells a bit as Pezzack's work day comes to an end. Already there are a few too far into their mismatched cups.


Reggie Bottleberry wrote:

"Ha! A magic shop! What a fool! Everyone knows that if you want a successful business, you give the folks what they want. And does a person want, some kind of stupid cloak that will turn you into a weird fish or all the wonderful things offered here?" he waves the mug of ale that he's been served around to indicate everything she offers before taking a drink of it.

He gives a significant look at Boratio as a familiar name comes up, again.

"Any idea where this Wraxton woman is? Gotta be interesting seeing someone who writes masterpieces."

"Well, some say that she was captured by the Loyalists last year and handed over to the armada, but that don't hold water with me. Because others say that she and her marry band of players have been seen putting on performances all across town in secret venues hidden from the common folk for fear of that very thing. I though choose to believe that she was taken by the Merprince to his people's hidden city just off the coast. It's just more romantic that way. Of course there were rumors that she died when the soldiers stormed the Glass on the Hill all those years ago and someone else has been impersonating her since, but that's too sad to be true."

There is a shift change that occurs causing Auntie's story to take far longer as she makes her hellos to the evening crew, and farewells to the day shift.

Boratio Fishblower wrote:
"Yarr! do ye know where he'd be doin' tha waitin'? an' why is he bothered with some theater business? are we talkin' about the same Jacks?"

"Probably with wherever Wraxton is if it's not the Merprince who has bewitched her. As for why, well wealth man! To pay off his debts and perhaps to get some of that elf treasure that Wraxton's father--her real father--an elven archduke--she's only half human you know--left to her." Then she squints at Fishblower. "What other Jax would we be talking about?"

"You mean 'Jax Telandril' who works odd jobs around Docktown? Well," Auntie looks about and leans in conspiratorially. "Word is, that he's still up to eyeballs in debt after his magic shop plan went bust, but now he's gotten in good with that playwright, Wraxton, so I figure he's just waiting on her to produce another masterpiece--preferably one that doesn't burn the town down again--heh--to see him back in the black."


Reggie Bottleberry wrote:

Reggie’s expression of placid neutrality transforms into a big grin as he sees Auntie. While big folks knew how to have fun, and they offered respectable portions, they didn’t always take into account the needs and preferences of shorter folks. This place was doing too well for the woman behind the bar to not be a good businesswoman and she undoubtedly catered to her clientele but he assumed she would take into account the likings of smaller folks, too.

He stands up on Rowdy’s back when they get to the bar so that he can see over it, too. He even leans his elbows on it and flashes his flashiest smile.

”I travel light, Ma’am, so I don’t have a lot to trade. But maybe this will get me and my friend a couple drinks and maybe a little credit, left over?” he says, putting a sunrod down on the bar.

"AH! Now that brightens my day! Haven't seen one of these in a long time. That deserves the good stuff. You can keep your squeeze box bucko." the old halfling says, waving away the Blowfish's offer. "We're all sailing types here, and picked up the same kit. That, and accordions don't go bad unless Lestersen is playing them."

She sweeps the sunrod off the counter and into her apron.

Basically, you can order 2 gp worth of stuff from the Core book menu. The typical drink is watered down to make it last, and nearly all the food involves fish or whale somewhere in its creation.

"So what brings you in today gentlemen?"

Meese notes the departing men, but returns to the salon crowd.


Part of the party passes over the docks and into the chaotic tangle of merchant ships know known as Docktown. Docktown has its own gate guards (surly mercenary sorts with mostly-matching armor--at least for their particular entrance--that isn't too dirty or dented to be of no use) at each bridge that cross from the mainland on to its moldering territory. Every vessel seems loaded with people trying to sell something.

Auntie's Turns out to be merchant vessel every bit as big as the Grinning Pixie and given the way it is painted, the noise you can hear three ships away, and dress of the women of obviously negotiable affection who sashay along its decks, probably more fun.


Boratio Fishblower wrote:
"Yarr... Reggie! don't be sad! I had no luck either. Maybe this time at sea made me impatient and the people of this town can feel that... come with me! I'll buy ye a drink... and maybe other things.." says Son of Cayden, dragging the halfling cavalier into Auntie's establishment... :)

"What's that? Oh deary me!" says the Auntie the halfling. She's standing on a little shelf that seems to run the length of the back of the human-sized bar. "You must be new here, we don't take anything as useless aground here as coin. It's all barter you see."