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Very useful, but horribly designed.


These card have come in handy time and time again to remind us not only what the conditions do, but that the player has the condition in the first place. I got these for Pathfinder, loved them, and got them for Starfinder right when they came out.

The biggest difference between the two is that the Starfinder cards are horribly designed. Every card looks the same, whereas the Pathfinder set has a different colour per condition making it drastically easier to find one in a hurry. The readability of the Starfinder cards is also not great. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed.

Hopefully a new set comes out with better colours. I would definitely replace my current set with that one.

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Great starting Scenario


We had a blast playing this scenario. The race turned out to be way more intense and fun than I had initially expected. Heads up to the GMs, prepare that well I’m advance. Pair up the racers and ships and some up with the appropriate stats before hand. It’ll make keeping track of things easier.

The amount of random choices helps make this a repeatable joy