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Ubaldo Hartig wrote:

1. Did we find a key for that locked box?

2. Does *anyone* have the research skill, or can anyone pick it up from their advance tree?

The group did not find a key.

Jarvey Glintloque wrote:

Taking the tonic in a sweating hand, as he tries to ignore the increasing lurch of his bowels, Jarvey looks pensively to Dirk;

"Heh. Bottom's up an' not out eh?!"

He smiles weakly and gulps the elixir down...

[dice=Endurance 50 (+20)]1d100

As the fire in his belly temporarily recedes, the Coach Meister breathes easier and looks to the elderly Apothecary;

"My thanks for the map and my breeches thank you for the tonic. How much do I owe?"

"I am glad that it helped sir. That'll be 3 Shillings."

A couple of hours after the coach joins the main road, it rounds a bend, and comes upon a grisly sight. Squatting in the road is a Human figure, his back to the coach, bent over the body of a Four Seasons coachman. The figure turns, and the Characters see a severed Human hand hanging out of the creature’s disgusting mouth. The creature is recognisably Human, but flesh hangs in tatters from its face and hands, and green ichor seeps from its eyes. Spitting out the hand, it rushes towards the coach brandishing a bloody dagger.

For Landolf:
The figure rushing manically toward you looks familiar. Then it suddenly comes to you! Beneath the rotting flesh and dripping ichor you recognise the face of Rolf Hurtsis, an old friend. He was part of the group of boys that your Uncle Sieghard had brought to Ubersreik when you were 15. You had many escapades together in your youth, but now he is horribly changed. It was about a year ago that Rolf developed a strange rash. He changed, becoming irritable and even violent at times. To hide his skin complaint, he made himself a hood out of an old sack, but this made it hard for him to see, and he was unable to escape when he was caught killing chickens on the estate and eating them raw. The last you knew, he escaped from a cell and vanished without a trace — until now!

As the mutant rushes the coach, the horses panic and bolt, snapping the traces as they do so. Grunnar grabs the reins from Landolf trying to stop the horses but he is pulled off the coach and dragged behind them. Hulz jumps forward from his nest and struggles to apply the brakes and stop the coach from crashing into the trees. He succeeds in doing this, but then freezes in fear as the mutant leaps at him. It is up to you all to save the day.

The shock of finding a horrible mutant feasting in the middle of Altdorf-Grunburg Road is a stunning turn of events.

Make a Difficult (-10) Perception Skill to have your 6th sense alert you to something being wrong preventing you being Surprised.

Make an Initiative Check (Initiative Characteristic Score + 1d10)
Horrible Mutant Initiative Check: 40 + 1d10 ⇒ 40 + (6) = 46

Shortly after noon, the coach reaches the main Altdorf-Grunburg Road. A sign pointing North shows Altdorf 50 miles and a sign pointing South that shows Grunburg 110 miles. Grunnar stops moaning long enough to point out the signs to Landolf and signaling him to take the North Road.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

It looks like no one has Drive advances, so Landolf might as well give it a go...

Landolf shifts over toward the driver's seat & takes the reins. "Can't be much harder than sailing..." he says, trying to reassure himself.

[dice=Agility (Drive) +20]1d100

Fortunately, the addition of an animal to the process didn't seem to throw him off too badly.

The clippity cloppity of the horses' hooves beat a more rapid rhythm as the horses begin to trot along. Hulz makes a nest in the luggage and immediately passes out. Grunnar sits next to Landolf on the driver's bench and quietly moans as the pace of travel picks up.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Any change from Landolf getting to +0 SL vs Isolde above? I used a Fortune to add 1 SL rather than rerolling.

Landolf has 40 Agility, which is pretty good for the Drive check. Is anyone advanced in it?

It's reasonable to think that Lady Isolde's feeling have improved from loathing to indifference. She still believes that you're traveling in shady company.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Which depletes all of Landolf's Fortune. I don't think we've had a Fortune refresh in a long time though?

Good point, Fortune Points would be restored at the beginning of today when you were leaving the Inn

What, if anything, are you doing with the locked box that you found in the basement of the Mad Count?

Ubaldo Hartig wrote:

"We shall head to the library then, and share our findings as soon as possible. We all want the same thing here - to protect Nuln from those who would do her harm."

Seeing Jarvey, Ubaldo utters:

"By Sigmar, Jarvey, you look dreadful! Take one of these to begin with for the fatigue. I have other vials but I know not if they would help you."

He passes over a vitality draught - instantly removes all fatigue.

** spoiler omitted **

He then says to Dirk:

"Could you escort Herr Glintloque here to an apothecary? Time is of the essence but he clearly needs additional assistance? I know a good one..."

Presumably Ubaldo does know a good one nearby.

The University of Nuln is an ancient institution, one of the first schools founded in the Empire and certainly dating back to the earliest days of the Empire. Though its prominence has waned somewhat, especially in the face of the progressive centres of learning in Altdorf, the University is respected and regarded as one of the finest in the world. Part of Nuln's cosmopolitan nature stems from the diverse student body that comes to study here, for wealthy parents send their children from as far away as Araby to study here. The school specializes in mathematics, philosophy, theology, literature, and some sciences, disdaining the fringe sciences of newer programs. A student studying here receives a fine, albeit classical, education, with an attention to becoming a good imperial citizen. The student body is almost exclusively noble, with only a very few sons of the merchant class in attendance—tuition is high indeed.

The campus of the university rivals that of the Imperial Gunnery School. Situated along Commercial Way, it consists of four large buildings—three hold lecture halls, while the last is for students—surrounding a great statue of the school's founder, Sebastian Veit, a scholar and pious follower of Sigmar. Each building is named for a cardinal point: North Hall, East Hall, South Hall, and West Hall (the dorms). The school's architecture is much like the Imperial Gunnery School, being large and intimidating. Visitors can tour the South Hall to look out onto the Reik Platz, though only at certain times, which change with each semester. Decorated with the stone busts that celebrate the great scholars who studied or taught here, as well as religious paintings recounting the deeds of Sigmar, Magnus the Pious, and others of import to the Empire's history, the interiors are not much more appealing than the exterior.

The North Hall contains the University of Nuln Library which takes up the top two floors of the massive building. A librarian is helpful in narrowing down the area of the library to look.

Successful Average (+20) Research Test in the Library of the University of Nuln:
You are able to find a volume on codes that gives you the ability to translate the documents. The translation reveals sets of syllables that do not form regular words but could easily be pronounced out loud.

Jarvey Glintloque wrote:

Jarvey rejects the proffered elixir;

"Much abliged Master Hartig... Afraid I won't keep it down long enough ta work its magicks... 'sides its not fatigue. Fever, and the trots..."

At Dirk's question he nods vigorously;

"Barely... but if the prospect of skittin' me breeches ain't impetus enough to get me leggies workin' then God's know what is!"

The halfling racks his brain for a nearby apothecary...

Lore (Local?) 48: 1d100

Following Ubaldo's directions, you and Dirk easily find your way to the Apothecary.

"Sounds like you've got Ratte Fever lad," the elderly Apothecary tells Jarvey. "You're going to need to see a Physician to really treat that, but I can sell you some Digestive Tonic that'll keep you from puking out your guts until then. Should try and get it taken care of though soon as possible, the symptoms just get worse. Doktor Drexler is probably the best you can find outside the palace, maybe even better than the royal Doktor." He draws you a simple street map to Drexler's home. Doktor's typically live in the same building they have their practice

Jarvey make an Average (+20) Endurance Test after drinking the Tonic to remove the nausea for 24 hours. Failing the roll would be...unpleasant

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Edit: I just looked at the rulebook for other reasons, and now I see that Landolf can use a Fortune just to add +1 SL to his Charm check vs Isolde instead of rerolling. If I'm understanding right, that would get them to a SL tie, but Landolf's 41 looks like it would beat her 30 on the tie. That seems worth a shot, so let's do it if I'm right that it would get him a 'win'.


On the road, Landolf shifts up toward where the coachmen are sitting as it becomes obvious that their delays will pile up with the slow pace. He tries to keep them focused on their jobs. "We got a slow start, but there's no reason we can't make up the time!"

[dice=Leadership 41+10 status]1d100 - ouch, OK let's reroll that one
[dice=Leadership 41+10 status Reroll]1d100

OK that's better. I'm trying to claim a +10 from having a higher status than the coachmen & if SL is important +1 SL from his Noble Blood talent up to +4.

"In fact, why don't we see how fast you can get us to the next inn, eh?"

Which depletes all of Landolf's Fortune. I don't think we've had a Fortune refresh in a long time though?

For a few minutes Hulz snaps the reins and the horses break into a slow trot that doubles their speed but soon he lets the reins slip and the horses slow down to their steady walking pace. Grunnar meanwhile is busy vomiting over the side of the coach.

"Guv, if you want to drive go ahead," Hulz says as he tries to pass the reins to Landolf.

Any of the group can try a Drive Skill Test if they want to take over. If you have any points in the Drive Skill, it's an automatic success to get the horses trotting merrily along. If you do not have any training in Driving, then it is a Average (+20) Agility Test since Drive is a basic skill.

Jarvey Glintloque wrote:

Jarvey eyes the imposing priestess wearily;

"Presume you Wolves got a store o' decent spirits..? S-somethin' to warm the c-cockles as well as the soul? If so I'm with you Mistress..."

For Jarvey:
After the strenuous morning, Jarvey's condition worsens and he now feels quite nauseated. The only effect of that right now is that the thought of food makes you feel even worse.

Hanna Achenbach wrote:

Hanna chooses that moment to step from the shadows, "Yes, we have a coded message. I must bend the resources of the local university to decipher it. Also, I was able to discern the mark of the Rat on the Count, though the others could not see it."

Her piece said, she waits for the inevitable disdain and hatred from the Witch Hunter and other Sigmarites when they realized they had a Wizard in their presence.

The Witch-Hunter gives Hanna a long, long hard look. Gottlieb quietly speaks to him and Reinhold appears to relax a bit. "Since the reign of Magnus the Pious, we who devote our lives to Sigmar have become more accepting of users of Magick though we do believe that all Magick comes from Chaos and is therefore tainted. Your garb and possessions indicate a Wizard of Hysh. Is that so? We would consider that the least, uhm, unclean of the wizard orders and have worked with them occasionally in the past to both of our betterment. We shall treat you with respect unless some action of yours warrants a different approach."

Finally Gottlieb stares with some coldness into Adela's eyes and the kindly old man shows the steel of his character that allowed him to fight and claw his way to the leader of the Temple of Sigmar in one of the most important cities in the Old World. "You have done well Wolf-Priest but remember that the turf batter over Nuln was won long ago by Sigmar and that will NOT CHANGE. We gladly work with our Brothers and Sisters of Ulric but in turn they need to remember this is not their city. Your little parade earlier presses up against the line of what we will tolerate." With that said, the kindly old man is back and bids you a good day and suggests that you all meet for dinner to discuss the findings of your investigations.

Dirk Liestag wrote:

Dirk was relieved at the sudden turn in events following the sudden turn in events. It seemed that he wouldn't be branded a noble-murderer today, at least.

As Gottlieb asked for further direction, Dirk took the opportunity to speak up, "Well, the most obvious thing we can do is go back down to scout the sewers again. I'd agree that sending down soldiers in force with no idea where to go is unwise. Mighty convenient for our enemies that the Count had all the Sewer Jacks killed..."

Then another thought strikes him. "We also found some coded messages in the hidden chamber of the Count's that we mentioned earlier. We weren't able to figure them out in a hurry, but if some of the scholars here put their heads together, maybe they can make something of it. Could go back there now to make sure we didn't miss anything important as well...we were in a rush."

Gottlieb Sperling says, "Herr Liestag, I would caution against another visit to the Count's home. He was rumored to be the leader of the powerful secret police. It would not be safe to have the new head of the secret police find you've been looking into his predecessor."

"I agree that you must decipher the messages, they could be critical. The Library at the University would indeed be a good place to start."

There's room for 1 character to sit inside if they want to but they are going to have to deal with Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf's complaining the entire trip.

By the time all of the passengers are ready, the coachmen are no longer prepared to depart. One goes to the inn’s outhouse and cannot be persuaded to unbolt the door for at least 20 minutes. The sounds and smells from within are most unpleasant. The other coachman is heard snoring softly from his seat atop the coach.

Finally, the coachmen are ready to begin the journey, and whip their horses into a slow walk — only about 2 miles an hour! If instructed to make more speed, the coachmen will whip the horses up, but will soon let them slow down to a plod. At this speed the coach’s movement is a slow, gentle rocking that is easy on the coachmen’s aching heads, but it is obvious that the coach will not make it to the next inn before dark!

About 20 minutes after the coach gets under way, it begins to rain. The first drops soon develop into a downpour that rapidly soaks Characters riding outside.

Role-playing can try to speed up the coach, try to get inside out of the rain, or anything else you can think of...

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Landolf takes note of Ruprecht's continued string of bad luck at the card table. After they have retired, he notes, "I've no proof of anything, but when a man like Philipe has lost out all evening and then offers to raise the stakes, he is either desperate or knows something you don't. Either way, it is a good time to cut out."


Landolf introduces himself to Lady Isolde in the morning as they wait for the coachmen to be roused. "Landolf Gersun von Ubersreik, at your service," he begins. "You likely overheard me saying so last night, but I am only recently arrived in the region. I must confess I am not familiar with your name or house. Might I have the pleasure of your company for a moment? Proper introductions may be difficult once we get on the road."

I had a Charm check in the spoiler here. Do you want me to roll a new one?

As it becomes time for seating arrangements to be made, Landolf volunteers to ride atop the coach. "Not the best of arrangements to be sure, but the day seems pleasant enough and I've never sat on top of a coach all day before. It seems time to try it."

If you want to roll again that's fine or stick with your 31 which is a SL +1

Cool Check Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf (30): 1d100 ⇒ 13 Success with SL +2

The following text assumes you do not reroll, or do reroll and still fail to beat Isolde's score

Isolde sniffs and turns her nose up. "I would not care to socialize with someone who travels in such company as you, a dwarf, a lone female in a group of men, a lackey, a game warden and a practitioner of the foulness of magick." Her view expressed she turns away making it clear that she's not interested in getting to know some noble from an unknown house in the backwoods of the Empire. Marie gives you a rueful shrug, implying that at least you don't have to deal with her everyday. Her pretty young maid seems much more amenable to getting to know you further.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Landolf walks over to Ruprecht to collect the funds needed to pay the coachmen, but also curious about how his friend's game is going. He was somewhat nervous about just how drunk the men were becoming, but they'd probably be ready to work in the morning...probably.

Assuming he can collect the funds needed, he'll pay the coachmen now.

Taking the shilling Landolf used to buy the men drinks out of his personal funds, but we need the party funds to pay the coachmen. As a quick note, even the absurdly calculated rate depletes what we have considerably. We'll need to find more funding quickly once in Altdorf.

Party Funds: 2g 13/6 down to 1g 10/6

The morning is misty and overcast. The passengers — Lady Isolde, Janna, Marie, Ernst Heidlemann and Phillipe — assemble in the barroom at 7 o’clock for breakfast, which is served by Gustav. The coachmen are nowhere to be seen.

By 9 o’ clock it becomes apparent that they are not going to show up: a quick look at the coach shows that it has not even been prepared for the journey. Waking the coachmen is an easy matter, but getting them to hold an intelligible conversation is not. Both speak only in mumbles. While they prepare the coach and horses they are seen to stumble and frequently clutch their heads, moaning as they do so.

It is almost 10 o’clock before the coach is finally ready and the passengers can embark. This poses a new set of problems: only six people can travel comfortably inside. Lady Isolde flatly refuses to be ‘crammed in with commoners’, claiming ‘it is bad enough having to travel with riff-raff without their dirty knees and elbows being constantly thrust into one’s face’. The coachmen are of no use in this argument; they climb unsteadily into their positions and sit there clutching their heads, in no apparent hurry to depart.

Ruprecht Scheinfelder wrote:

Ruprecht takes the cards, and shuffles them inexpertly. He then deals, keeping up his chatter with players and watchers alike, "Commenting, certainly, I'd like to get back to even!"


Ruprecht's luck does not improve as Phillipe lays down a perfect set of cards and sweeps up the 7 Shillings that were on the table. 2 each from the ante from Phillipe, Marie and Ruprecht and the 1 shilling that Landolf threw in when he left the table. Phillipe ends up 2 shillings, Ruprecht ends down 4 shillings and Marie down 3 shillings.

Marie stands and stretches and says, "it'll be an early morning tomorrow, I think I shall quit while I am behind." With that Phillipe collects his deck and says "maybe we can play again tomorrow night since it will be the last night of our trip." Phillipe follows Marie up the stairs to the bedrooms.

Talther Augenlos wrote:
"That sounds most fair! 23 shillings it is!"

"YAY! Barkeep two Kegs of ale!" shouts Grunnar.

"And 2 bottles of wine!" adds Hulz.

"LEAVING AT 8 AM!!" both Grunnar and Hulz shout.

Darkest Doomed wrote:
How much does Landolf owe for the drinks he bought them?

Each pint of Ale is 3 Brass Pennies so 12 total=1 Shilling

Talther Augenlos wrote:

"Are you sure about the price, my good friends?", asks Talther with a winning smile on his face.

[dice=Haggle 40]1d100

”Hey Grunnar, I like this guy. He seems decent. Let’s give them a discount. How about 5 Shillings apiece which is, hmmm, six people, would be 23 Shillings...huh, that doesn’t sound right...oh wait, it’s 23 Shillings instead.” Yes he did say the same thing twice, he’s really drunk.

Ubaldo Hartig wrote:
Dirk, thank you very much. I have had little time or energy to research or post extensively in the last week.

The little delay was quite helpful to me actually since you killed the Mad Count so quickly I had to think of an alternative bad guy :)

Witch-hunter Captain Reinhold Schild leans forward as he hangs on every word of the story. ”Sir, we must gather our forces and strike at once. I will personally lead our forces and by Sigmar, I Reinhold Schild, will destroy this outrage.!”

Gottlieb gives you all a questioning look. ”As Reinhold said we will join you in destroying the infestation of our city but so far I have no clear idea of where to strike? Where would you have our force go? The sewers is too broad of a suggestion as we could spend weeks searching and find nothing.”

Adela von Suderburg wrote:

Now washed, so she wasn’t covered in blood and sewer-filth, Adela was dressed in the simple robes of the clergy of Ulric. This included her axe and wolf-cloak. If anything it accentuated her natural charms. As Ubaldo laid out what had transpired, she quietly provided the evidence at the appropriate times. The head of the grey seer. The head of Von Halstadt. The letter of targets that were provided by the skaven. Thus, with the story being told, each detail was immediately supported by physical evidence.

Does this give Ubaldo advantage, or do I make my own roll?

No roll needed, Ubaldo’s story plus the evidence is enough proof.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Overhearing Talther's discussion, Landolf waves to him and walks over to the bar.

"Hulz and Grunnar are thirsty. Can you bring them two more each of what they've been having already?" Landolf asks with a smile.

Then, taking a glance back at the men, he adds, "No need to bring them the second drink too quickly though. I need them to be mostly aware for a little while longer tonight."

”Might neighborly of you my Lord, mighty neighborly, yes, mighty...what did you ask about again? Oh right, Altdorf. Leaving at 8 AM tomorrow morning, take 2 days. Six of you?!?! Ain’t got room for more than 1 or maybe 2 inside but you’sons can strap yourself to the roof if you want. That’ll be six shillings apiece. Grunnar how much is that?” Hulz says as he nudges his partner who’s almost passed out. ”Uhh...27 Shillings!” Grunnar replies. ”Alrighty then, 27 Shillings please...”says Hulz.

Adelaida Lehner wrote:

I'm exploring the possibility of other careers than a soldier.

Yes, that's a shock.

Shock and awe, that's what we do in the Army. Sign here.

Maybe we should keep the rule for training talents downtime, with having a tutor giving a slight advantage to the roll?

I didn't carefully consider the implications of party member training each other. Thanks for the feedback. I think from a role-playing point of view there should be something but nothing like a full trainer. So, I think Adelaida's suggestion of a + something to a roll makes the most sense and that the amount of the + something depends on how much time and money you'd spend doing it.

For example, Valghaz can help Adelaida to learn to read and write but without buying reading/writing primer books it'd be a very small bonus. But spend money buying the right supplies (like a writing kit for 2 gold coins) would grant a much larger bonus. Something like +1 if you don't spend anything to maybe +10 if you spring for a writing kit.

Overall, just like everything else in Warhammer, to get a benefit costs you and the more you're willing to pay in some way the bigger the benefit.
The amount of time you spend on a task should also have a small impact. That time would strictly be based on how much time the characters describe doing the activity. For example, Valghaz and Adelaida say they spend 2 hours every night working on the reading/writing skill. That'd give you a small bonus but there's a penalty to be paid, like being fatigued after a few days of doing it or having to ask other characters to stand watch while the tutoring is happening which could make the other characters fatigued.

Darkest Doomed wrote:
Aubster wrote:
Darkest Doomed wrote:
Absent any objection, let's go with that then. Should we say that we haven't yet formalized it in-game?
Don't forget that the Morr Priest wrote the group a letter that you can use to call on aid from their temples.

Is 'Company of the Black Rose' something that would be automatically associated with the faith of Morr by people that weren't otherwise familiar with our party's story?

I don't think that we're intending to relate our party strongly to Morr by choosing the name. Unintended consequences can be fun of course, but if it was obvious that everyone would say 'oh they are knights of Morr' then our party would be aware of it as well.

Black Rose would definitely associate the group to Morr in people's minds. It'd be like saying you're the Order of Hammer and people pegging you as Sigmarites, or the Order of the Wolf and being pegged at Ulric worshippers.

The bearded coachman points to himself and says blearily, "I'm Hulz and," pointing to the other man at the table,"he's Grunnar. Talking's thirsty work, bring us a couple of beers and that'll be, hic, our 'centive to talk to ya."

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Landolf bows to Marie, thankful for her direction. "In the morning, then."

"Phillipe, thank you for the enjoyable evening. Ruprecht." Landolf acknowledges the remaining gamblers before retiring from the table with his remaining winnings.

He looks about the room for the innkeeper, hoping that he can be directed toward some coachmen willing to convey them to Altdorf. I believe you said the Ratchett Line Coach earlier?

There's only the 1 coach at the Inn, the Ratchett Line Coach. The coachmen for it have been quietly getting plastered at a table in the barroom of the Inn since they've arrived so they are easy to find.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

If you want to get back to even, you might want to Fortune that roll, Ruprecht! Landolf won on a -4 SL once, but I wouldn't count on it...

Landolf holds up his hands as he passes on the game. "After three wins in a row, I fear that Ranald may laugh at me if I press him further." He stands but then throws one of the shillings he won back onto the table. "But I'll leave an offering for him. One shilling to the next winner. In the meantime, I'll make my introduction to your Lady, Marie. Phillipe, it was a pleasure playing with you. I hope you find success and pleasure in your travels."

Landolf rises from the table, pausing only a moment to give Marie a chance to interject.

** spoiler omitted **

"Her Ladyship has made it clear that she wishes to be left alone. Ah, look, she already heads upstairs with Jana, her serving girl. You may have better luck tomorrow, your Lordship."

Darkest Doomed wrote:
Absent any objection, let's go with that then. Should we say that we haven't yet formalized it in-game?

Don't forget that the Morr Priest wrote the group a letter that you can use to call on aid from their temples.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

A while ago I changed Landolf's long-term ambition to clearing his family's debt, and we eneded the discussion around here. Around that time I put in some work on deciding what the banks that held his family's debt were, but never finished it. I found my notes recently and thought I should present what I've got so far for Aubster's review.

Frudel & Sons – one of the original lenders to Nikolaus Gersun. I'm currently thinking that they hold the largest portion of the debt, and the negative tally has been on their books for a long time. If we want to add an additional wrinkle for Landolf to overcome, we could say that Frudel & Sons only has an office in Ubersreik. Possibly the owners are on good terms with the Gersun family (or are at least resigned to not collecting their money properly) making it easier in one way for Landolf to deal with, but the size of the portfolio works in the other way, making it harder for him to satisfy them.

Resolute Bank – I never got around to making up anything about them other than the name. Given what I'm thinking about the other two debt holders, though, they probably hold the second largest portion of the debt.
Sedersberg, Hansberg & Co – a trading company that purchased a large bundle of consolidated debt at the closing of the old Reikswald United about ten years ago, a portion of which consisted of Gersun family debt. Debt servicing isn't really their business but they hoped to cover for losses in other areas of their business with the payments made by old debtors. Three years ago, they realized that the payments being made on the Gersun portfolio were plainly insufficient to pay off the sum and started legal proceedings to revise the favorable terms negotiated by Livina and her partners. The legal proceedings are ongoing and have bogged down in technicalities. Possibly, they hold the smallest portion of the debt, but have potential to create the most trouble over it.

Landolf's name is unusual in the Empire. You normally would be Landolf von Estate Name not the name of a town. It could be seen as a last ditch attempt to hold onto any vestige of a noble title if your estate is seized? Planning for the worse as it be.

I do think that Sedersberg, Hansberg and Co could throw some pitfalls in Landolf's way. The might hire thugs to beat up the family's wandering child as a message to the family to pay their debts.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Back to money/trappings. It sounds like everyone is fine with going for a (mostly) group pool. So here is my listing:

* 6/- shillings given to Landolf by Andreas for travel funds
* 6/- shillings given to Valghaz by army garrison
* 6/- shillings found by Adelaida at the goblin lair
* 3g crowns from the sales of the pistols (with Landolf keeping the 4th)
Total: 3g 18/-

* 13/6 in travel food from Ubersreik to the Crossed Axes inn
* 11/- to settle Andreas's debt with the Crossed Axes inn
Total: 1g 4/6

Final Remaining: 2g 13/6

I'm assuming that the gambling in the common room is going on with personal funds.

Someone might want to track down some coachmen to take us the rest of the way to Altdorf.

You definitely need to talk to the coachmen before they drink themselves senseless.

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Valghaz Ironhammer wrote:

I think that our party ambition is now to get our 20 gold! Or some sort of recompense.

Also if the GM will allow it, Valghaz has offered his services as a tutor (as well). I’d be happy to spend downtime on it, as it isn’t like he can make that much money anyways.

Sure, you can tutor. That gives me an idea...what would you all think about a campaign rule that gives party members an opportunity to train other party members in special skills as you all are moving around the country. I was thinking that Valghaz could tutor Adelaida during nights at the inns/hostels. But anyone that has a skill could use their training to advance the skills of the others. Need to work out details obviously but it does seem like an neat way to have the party members help each other.


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Darkest Doomed wrote:

Speaking of ambitions, do we even have party ambitions right now? I haven't hunted through the threads to confirm it, but I think we completed our party short-term but never chose a new one. The party long-term was very Ubersreik-centric and the campaign appears to have abandoned that area.

It would have made sense to choose finding the wrecked coach as a short-term if we had been staying on top of it.

I don't think that you all have set new party ambitions, it would be very appropriate to set a new short term party ambition of getting the gold owed to you all which ties into the nudge to head to Altdorf.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

OK, I'd fallen behind on keeping up Landolf's character sheet, so I just went back to do a review of the coach ride arc with an eye toward trappings & money changes specifically, but noticing some other things. Here is what I found:

* our promised reward from Andreas for finding the coach, not for finding evidence implicating Elicha, was 20 gold crowns. I assume that was a purse to be split among the party.

Yes, the reward was 20 gold crowns total, not per person :)

Hi All,

I haven't abandoned you, just tied up with family this weekend. I'll get things going tomorrow.


PS. Glad that you all are enjoying the campaign. It's really been a pleasure for me.

Phillipe's Secret Check:

Marie's Secret Check:
1d100 ⇒ 67

For the third straight game, Landolf turns over the best set of cards, winning 3 more Shillings.
Landolf is up 6 Shillings, Phillipe is down 3, Ruprecht is down 2 and Marie is down 1

Phillipe slides the deck of cards to Ruprecht. "Would you mind dealing, obviously we both need our luck to change?"

Looking around the room, Phillipe asks if anyone else is interested in playing.

"Would everyone be okay with doubling the stakes this game? Two shillings a hand?

Ruprecht Scheinfelder wrote:

"Indeed, it was a pleasure meeting you Phillipe!" Ruprecht says merrily, quite enjoying the game of chance...even if he had lost his first game.

When Marie approaches, Ruprecht likewise welcomes her, "Good evening, Marie. Ruprecht Sheinfelder, at your service!"

He continues to chat and talk with those at the table and those watching..

[dice=Gossip:43]1d100 Gregarious talent allows me to 'reverse' this into a success...I think...

He follows Landolf in throwing another silver onto the table...


Then catching Landolf's interest in the quite noblewoman, he puts his mind to the history and circumstances of the von Strudeldorf family...


Ruprecht hears some interesting gossip being said around the table by the other players and the crowd watching the game.

The mayor of Grunburg was burnt at the stake a few months ago for being in league with Chaos. He was overheard talking to his cat, and fed it human blood in its milk. More than one witness testified that the mayor told his cat to: ‘Stop yowling and drink your bloody milk!’

Colonel Sievers of the Imperial Ostlanders has returned from the Border Princes. The Greenskins must have been defeated! It’s a great victory for the Emperor!

Ruprecht is able to pull a vague memory about the von Strudeldorf family, that they are from Middenheim and are major supporters of the Temple of Ulric.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

"Welcome Marie. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Landolf Gersun von Ubersreik, newly arrived in the area," he introduced himself.

Landolf takes a drink of the wine, hoping to continue with the socializing. It isn't the lovely Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf herself, but she permitted her honorguard to take a seat in the game. Is she investigating me or just passing away the time? What is this about? It shouldn't take long to find out.

[dice=Consume Alcohol 45]1d100 - whew. Is there a strength of alcohol modifier on this stuff?

He tossed a shilling onto the table, entering the next round of gambling. He had three coins in front of him, but only counted two of them as wins. As far as the game goes, Ruprecht & I have half a chance of winning the hand at a table of four, assuming equal skill. But we lose twice every time we both fail.

** spoiler omitted **

Also...I really should have taken an advance in Lore (Heraldry). At least then I'd have some chance of knowing this lady's family. Maybe Ruprecht can cover that.

It's standard wine so no modifier to the Consume Alcohol Test

Phillipe's Secret Check:

Phillipe drops his hand of cards on the table saying you "Lord Landolf, you seem to have the God of Luck on your side tonight. Please help yourself to the wine." Phillipe pours himself a glass of wine, takes a sip, and nods his head. "A bit sweet for my taste but these Reikland wines normally are."

Landolf is now up 3 Shillings, Ruprecht is down 1 shilling and Phillipe is down 2 Shillings.

"Again gentlemen, you seem to be getting the hang of this game faster than is good for me, no?"

"Please anyone else feel free to join us, as the Lord said we play for small stakes tonight. It is an enjoyable way to pass an evening."

The noblewoman's bodyguard whispers something to her master and after receiving a nod joins the three of you at the table and tosses a shilling into the pot. "I am called Marie Schultz and am the honorguard to the Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf.' Marie takes a glass of wine from Phillipe.

If anyone wants to partake of the wine, you must pass a challenging (+0) Consume Alcohol Test

Darkest Doomed wrote:

[dice=Gamble 37]1d100 - that's awful, but I don't think a Fortune is a fair trade to try to keep a shilling

For the record, I'm pretty sure that just having an advance in a language lets you speak it without rolling in most circumstances.

While the game proceeded, Landolf spared an occasional glance over toward the icy woman. Phillipe Descartes of Castle L'Anguille might be a pleasant enough fellow, but getting to know him wouldn't make Landolf any Altdorf connections. Would she react to the game at all?

Phillipe’s Secret Check:

Landolf’s total of 3 (an Ace and Two) is pretty bad but Philippe’s face blanches when he looks at his hand and he tosses down his cards down in disgust and pushes his bet over to Landolf. ”Another round Lord Landolf? Anyone else want to play?”

The noblewoman at the other table surreptitiously begins watching the game. The coachmen also begin watching and occasionally yelling out comments as they become steadily more intoxicated.

”Barkeep, a bottle of wine for the table and some glasses,” Phillipe shouts. Blackie the crow mimics Phillipe’s accent perfectly, ”Table, a bottle of barkeep for the glasses of wine!”

Adelaida Lehner wrote:
Being french, and writing in english about Bretonnian langage, which is vaguely supposed to be based on ancient French Brittany... ^^

And to unfortunately speak no French but try to throw a few phrases into Phillipe's dialogue to someone who is French. Mon Dieu! ;-)

Adelaida Lehner wrote:

Adelaida speaks an easy Brettonian, seemingly happy to meet someone from her land of birth

[dice=Bretonian 34 ]1d100

** spoiler omitted **

"A belle femme! What a wonderful surprise to find such a beautiful lady in such an out of the way place," Phillipe says with a happy smile on his face before switching to Bretonnian to say a few more words to Adelaida.

It is indeed a great pleasure to meet someone that speaks the beautiful language of our homeland. Pray tell, what has brought you to the Crossed Axes? By the by, the God of Luck has been known to smile on my cards from time to time but I have no great skill in the game. Feel free to keep both eyes on me.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

"I would be happy to play a few games," Landolf says to the Brettonian, accepting his offer. "My travel funds are limited, so I won't be able to wager much, unfortunately."

"What brings you to Altdorf?"

"Mon Ami, I travel for the sake of travel. What else is the purpose of life but love, adventure, and new vistas? Oui?"

Phillipe takes a battered deck of playing cards out of a pouch that he wears around his waist. "Perhaps you have played Scarlet Empress, it is a most popular card game here in the Empire."

Each Character involved rolls a Opposed Challenging (+0) Gambling Test (which if you do not have any advances in Gambling is simply a Intelligence skill test) with the hand going to the Character with the highest SL.

"Shall we say a Shilling a hand? Will anyone else besides the good Lord Landolf like to see if Ranald favors them tonight?"

Ruprecht Scheinfelder wrote:

Sorry, terribly busy weekend...building gardens! Going to be recovering all week!

Ruprecht was so pre-occupied writing his letter to Osanna in his head, he didn't even notice the successful negotiation with the Innkeeper over the outstanding debt.

Blinking, he mutters, "Well done Adelaida,Talther, couldn't have done better myself."

Shaking his head, realizing legal matters can wait, he really only wanted to share their...his, experience with the lovely Osanna, Oh, Ruprecht, Father always warned to keep romance out of it. he thought to himself, while unconsciously twisting the silver ring on his finger.

The matter of the debt arranged, Ruprecht hands the 11 shillings over the the man, "My and our thanks for your understanding..."

That matter taken care of, he ventures into the common room, seeing the young noble chatting with some other travelers, he comes up to Landolf's side, catching the Bretonnian's response, "Ruprecht Scheinfelder, advisor and friend to young Landolf here."

He holds up a hand, asking for a moment, as he considers his next words...

** spoiler omitted **


However, Ruprecht mangles the beautiful Brettonian language, chuckling, "Forgive me, I could not resist ! Seems I need more practice!"


Phillipe gives Ruprecht a wry smile, "Oh Mon! That is quite an interesting accent you have."

Talther Augenlos wrote:

Funnily enough, I am also keen to go to Altdorf!

@Aubster, did Talther get the same discount with his haggle check?


11 Shillings total from everyone to cover the debt (you all decide who’s contributing what towards the 11 shillings) and free room for the night but you have to work around the inn to pay for dinner.

Valghaz Ironhammer wrote:
Honestly I’m right now all for heading straight to Altdorf to make an unannounced visit.

From somewhere off-stage you hear a voice whispering Go to Altdorf, go to Altdorf...

If you are interested in traveling on the Ratchett Line Coach, the two coachmen are who you'll need to speak to.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Landolf was new to Altdorf, and if he wished to make any progress in the area he would need connections. Approaching the icy lady was probably too bold at the moment, so he moved to introduce himself to the foppish gentleman.

"Landolf Gersun von Ubersreik," he said as he held out his hand. "Recently arrived in the area. After our trip from the south, this place is a welcome respite."

Landolf is hoping to start other conversations as well. He isn't raising his voice to announce everything to the barroom or be obnoxious, but he isn't trying to keep his introduction private, either.

The man removes his feathered hat and deeply bows to Landolf. "My pleasure sir, my pleasure. I am Phillipe Descartes of Castle L'Anguille, the great seaport of Bretonnia and currently a traveler in your beautiful Empire. It is an amazing place, is it not? We must sit together and share stories, no? Perhaps, a game of cards with you and your friends to pass the time, yes?" Phillipe speaks with a broad Bretonnian accent and seems to be a friendly fellow.

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