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Sadly, I am going to have to end the campaign. This campaign has been one of my most enjoyable RPG experiences ever and the quality of writing that you, the players, produced was humbling. Unfortunately, things happening in the outside world require my 'free' time now. I will leave the campaign page open for a little while before making the campaign officially inactive.

Once again, let me say it has been a privilege to play with such wonderful players.

I hope you all have a great 2022!

Scott (aka Aubster)

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. We’ll pick up again after New Year’s Day.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

[dice=Initiative (Perception) 45]1d100 - I guess I'll Fortune that as well to get to +0 SL. 6/8 Fortune remaining

** spoiler omitted **

Landolf joined the rest of the group upstairs after seeing to the disposition of the body. He was relieved that the Gravin had come to look after her Champion.

"The assassin had this on him," he says as he turns the paper over someone that might be able to read it.

The Gravin asks to speak with Landolf and Valghaz after the trial by combat to thank them for saving Bruno.

Any chance of getting XP for completing the mission about the journals?

10:30 PM

The common room has settled down and Bruno is tucked away in his room. He seems a bit disturbed to be so closely attended by the group but shrugs his shoulders, disrobes and climbs into bed. If you look his way whilst he climbs into bed, you can't help but notice that his body is almost completely covered in battle scars. Soon his snoring drowns out any other noise in the room.

Landolf shares the paper he was given. Written on it is Bruno's name and a description of the Champion as well as today's date and the name of the inn.

11:00 PM

If you are in the corridor:
You see one of the scholars approach the room of the fop and knock on the door. As you've not introduced yourselves all you know is that the fop is clearly one of the Gravin's party. The scholar is admitted, the door shut and a quiet conversation ensues.

If you are on guard duty in Bruno's room:
Over the snoring, you can hear someone knock on the door of the room next to Bruno's. You can hear muffled voices talking in the next room but too quietly to understand what is being said.

If you are actively trying to listen in to the conversation, make a Challenging (+0) Perception Skill test roll. If successful read the spoiler:
The fop says says he will not submit to blackmail, and the other says that he has no choice. Abruptly, everything goes quiet.

11:15 PM

The fop finds Landolf if possible but if he's not at hand, the man will introduce himself as Gustaf Rechtshandler, the Gravin’s lawyer to whomever of the group he finds. He explains that the scholars are trying to blackmail him to cause the Gravin to lose the case. He asks for the help of your group with his problem and invites whichever of you that are available to his room.

Making 1 post that covers everyone’s actions

The serving girl makes a quiet eep sound when Valghaz shouts at her and then her hand drops as she stops pointing at the angry dwarf. In a very quiet tone you think you can almost hear her whisper ”murderer” one last time before she slips away into the crowd.

Landolf does not need to shout to gain the attention of the folk in the common room. They all seem relieved to have someone take charge and the people he had given orders to jump to obey.

Bruno is obviously a bit nonplussed by the assassination attempt and just gives a shrug of his shoulders in reply to Landolf’s question. On the other-hand the bounty-hunter neither agrees or disagrees with Landolf’s question. ”Nothing is free in the world, Sir…”Ursula says as she stares at Landolf.

The odd looking Halfling that had been talking to Seedling earlier casually walks over to the body and pats down the body. ”This may be of interest,” he says as he passes a piece of paper he found in one the pockets of the body to Landolf.

Everyone downstairs can make a Perception test. GM Roll (86): 1d100 ⇒ 93

Successful Opposed Perception Test (Need SL +0 or better):
You see the little person take a coin purse from the dead man.

The Gravin herself comes into the common room and gives an angry glare at Bruno. ”Really Champion? You couldn’t stay safe for one last night? With the coin I’m paying the least you can do is stay safe until tomorrow.’

The cheerful Bruno nods at the Gravin and says, ”sure thing my ladyship and all…I’ll be off to bed now. You may want to thank these two,” he says and points to Valghaz and Landolf. ”Seems they saved your champion for you.” With that, Bruno gives Valghaz a hard slap on the back and says ”thanks mate” and flips a casual salute to Landolf saying ”you to your lordship.” He then makes his way back upstairs.

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Darkest Doomed wrote:

Still not sure what is actually going on. The spoiler Landolf got to see didn't reveal much detail. Better to overreact in defense of our charge than not, however.

I'm also very glad that my memory of this module is poor. I really don't remember this part & it helps me feel free to act.

What’s happening now isn’t in the module…I’m going freestyle:)

Valghaz Ironhammer wrote:

[dice=Whatever roll is needed. Strength, perhaps? Or Brawling? 50 if strength, 60 if brawling]1d100

Valghaz's eyes widened at Landolf's declaration. Shoving his way forward, the burly dwarf threw himself at the would-be assassin, seeking to grab the man's arms and hold him down.

As the unknown man, arm freed, tries to plunge his needle like weapon into Bruno, his hand is stopped inches short when a steel strong grip seizes his wrist, twisting his arm away from Bruno and leveraging it up behind the man’s back with enough force that his bones crack. Valghaz has acted just in time. The assailant screams in pain as Valghaz dislocates his arm from his shoulder. However his screams are soon cut short and he begins to gag and gasps for air. His body begins convulsing violently and blood pours from his nose, eyes and ears. He tries to say something, maybe a name or maybe a pray, but only an unintelligible gurgle comes out. After a final convulsive shudder the man falls to the ground quite dead.

The crowd stares in shock at the grim tableaux in front of them and one of the serving wenches screams ”Murderer!” as she points at Valghaz.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

[dice=Initiative (Perception) 45]1d100

Spend a Fortune to get that up to +4 (7/8 remaining)

Landolf jumps up from his chair & rushes to confront a man in the crowd. "Hold everyone! There is foul work at play here!"

** spoiler omitted **

Good time for Landolf to finally be perceptive :)

Time seems to slow as Landolf rushes forward and grabs hold of a man in the crowd. The man struggles furiously and is able to free his arm which plunges towards Bruno, who is in the process of standing from the table…

Onlookers crowd around the table as the match stretches on for five minutes, then 10, then 15 until finally Bruno begins to push Ursula's arm downward towards the table. Her face beet red, Ursula makes a last all out effort to fend off Bruno's advance but finally the back of her arm meets the table ending the match with Bruno victorious. The crowd cheers lustfully for both contestants as all say it was the greatest arm-wrestling contest that they have ever seen. The patrons slap Bruno on the back in congratulations...

For those in the common room, you can make an Opposed Dramatic Perception Test

GM's Sleight of Hand Roll:
Hard(-20) Sleight of Hand (74): 1d100 ⇒ 12SL+4

If you have SL +3 or lower: notice nothing unusual

If you have a SL +4 or +5:
You see that one of the back slappers has something small and sharp hidden in his hand

If you rolled better than +5 or rolled an automatic success (by rolling 01-05):
You see that one the backslappers has a long needle in his hand and is about to use it on Bruno

Read after you've completed the Perception Test:
The test was at Hard (-20) Difficulty for the Sleight of Hand person

Valghaz Ironhammer wrote:

[dice=Whatever roll is needed to make the watch schedule and have the guards accept it]1d100


Valghaz spent his time going over the guard schedule. He wanted to ensure that there were always two people on duty at all times, especially at night. He further wanted to ensure that this schedule included a member of the group.

The fop wearing the red silk nightshirt turns his fury towards Valghaz and then obviously reconsiders the wisdom of yelling at an armed dwarf. Face red, he sputters incoherently for a moment only to be interrupted by one of the Gravin's aides who whisper something in the man's ear. He immediately calms himself and gives you and Adelaida a nod of recognition after the aide shares the message carried by Boorman's valet. He gives you a little half-bow and retreats to his room.

Coffin carrying initiates out of the hallway, the 2nd floor of the inn falls quiet.

10 PM

A cheer is heard from downstairs and cries of "Oi, Bruno!" can be heard. Any of the characters still downstairs see Bruno, or at least someone who looks exactly like Bruno come through the front door of the inn. He looks around and then smiling makes his way to the bounty-hunter's table. He exchanges a few words and then sits down and holds out his hand. Ursula grabs hold and the two begin to arm wrestle. Soon bands of muscle stand out from their necks and their faces redden as they seem evenly matched. A crowd gathers round and begins to bet on the outcome of the match.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Landolf carries on his conversation with Seedling. "I've only been in shipping as part of a crew, so I'm not certain how valuable my advice would be worth to you. You've wanted an adventure, though, and Araby would be quite the experience. Training in your uncle's business would be valuable but you'll see things in Araby that you'd never see along the Reik."

Landolf's Motivation is Discover! He'd have to go with Araby here...

He pays up the shilling he owes to Seedling. Krizta left the table too swiftly to pay the bounty hunter, but he'd get in touch with her later.

[dice=Landolf Initiative (Perception) 45 +20]1d100
[dice=Yvonne Perception 46 +20]1d100

He noted Valghaz and Adelaida weren't nearby. But neither were the Gravin's people or, specifically, Bruno. He gathered up his things with Yvonne and headed upstairs.

** spoiler omitted **

Landolf watches the bounty hunter watch the initiates as they struggle with lugging the coffin up the stairs. As they disappear from view, the bounty hunter signals to the tavern wench to bring her another beer and sits quietly drinking. The other patrons give her a wide berth after seeing her knock the boatman out with a single blow.

9:50 PM

A large woman, tall and muscular, wearing leather armor, carrying a longsword with a crossbow strapped to her back. She also carries a set of manacles and a length of rope walks into the common room and talks to the innkeeper. You see her pay for a room and be given a key.

Despite her intimidating appearance, she is actually quite polite to the other common room patrons and says she is Ursula Kopfgeld. If asked about her business, she claims to be working for the Kemperbad town council, taking a confidential message to Nuln. She will not say any more about why she’s at the inn.

One of the drunken boatmen that are staying in the dormitory part of the inn becomes overly familiar with Ursula. She calmly bats his hand away with her left hand and then punches him in the face with her right. The boatman drops as if he had been poleaxed. Conversation stops in the common room for a moment then resumes as if nothing had happened. The patrons and staff simply step over or around the unconscious boatman laying on the floor.

A few moments later a servant comes down from the Gravin’s rooms and orders all her party to bed: they will be starting at first light tomorrow. Reluctantly, various servants and guards finish their drinks and drift off to the dormitory.

The priests of Morr get a couple of the servants to help them carry the coffin up to their room.

The following Perception Test can only be attempted by characters that remain in the common room.

Successful Average (+20) Perception Test:
Ursula seems to be quite interested in the priests and their coffin. She keeps an eye on them until they disappear up the stairs.

Adelaida Lehner wrote:

I am pretty sure you can scare these guards until they lose their sleep, Brother. Or maybe I can call to their sense of duty, so they find their backbone. One way or the other, I agree with your suggestion, we better introduce ourselves to the guards so there will be no confusion. You're ready?

Adelaida brushes her armor, and straighten her stance. Her military training is obvious, but she walks in the corridors with a new gravitas and authority, towards the guards.

Guards! AttennnnTION!

She doesn't rise her voice that much. All the steel is in the tone, more than the volume.

[dice=Leadership 43]1d100 SL+3

Her commanding presence does the trick, as the guards, unconsciously, try to look all business immediatly.

my Brother Valghaz, from the Order of the Stone Wall and myself, Adelaida Lehner, servant of Sigmar, blessed be his holy name, require your cooperation. We have been tasked, as members of the Black Thorns Company, to ensure the security of Herr Bruno. I'll present to you the other members later. I want you, I need you, to be sharp and efficient, on the lookout. No slack will be tolerated. There might be foul play. I'll communicate to you the rooms we are in, as soon as everyone is settled. I want a guard permanently at the door, awake and ready. We will patrol tonight in the corridors, for extra security. We'll get a runner for you, if you need food, or drink, or a break, so you can focus on your mission. Understood?

A flustered man dressed only in a bright red silk nightshirt and a bright green nightcap storms out into the corridor from Room 3…”WHAT IS ALL THE YELLING ABOUT?” he yells at the top of his lungs.

Krizta wrote:

Krizta accepts the offer of the double room where she can keep watch, glad she has enough money to cover this necessary expense. At the mention of a meal specifically for Bruno, she goes on guard though, and when the woman passes her with a tray for him, Krizta reaches out and tweaks the cloth cover off a little, to make sure it is harmless.

What kind of food are you saving for the important people, eh? Perhaps we can get some of the same?

If it is just food and seems untainted/harmless, and the person in the livery seems legit, she follows the person up to see which room belongs to Bruno. They really needed someone in there with him. Maybe they could get Valghaz in there to talk to him when one of the guards takes a break?

(If there is any question about the food at all though, she "accidentally" knocks the tray to the floor, then profusely apologizes for her clumsiness and offers to pay for a replacement and personally deliver it.)

(Krizta is happy to have Adelaida and Yvonne share the room, and suggests getting someone in the room with Bruno at the first opportunity. To her, it seems like a necessary thing to prevent a tragedy.)

”Hands off!” the tray carrying servant barks as she tries to get past Krizta. However, Krizta’s ‘clumsiness’ causes her to drop the tray which falls to the floor with a loud crashing sound mixed with the sounds of crockery breaking and cutlery scattering. A hearty looking stew makes a mess of the stairs.

It will take a couple of minutes to get the stew cleaned off the stairs. If anyone wants to investigate you can either taste the stair stew or try a difficult (-10) Healing Check to see if you detect something out of the ordinary

If you taste the stew:
The crowd in the common room looks at you in stunned silence as you grab a handful of stew of the filthy stairs and eat. Except for the crunchy dirt bits it seems like a normal beef stew.

Successful Difficult (-10) Healing Check:
It seems to be nothing more than beef stew

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Almost had my post done yesterday and then the boards crashed...

[dice=Initiative (Perception) 45 +20]1d100
[dice=Lore (Reikland) 33 +30]1d100
[dice=First Gamble 40]1d100
[dice=Second Gamble 40]1d100
[dice=Third Gamble 40]1d100
[dice=Lore (Reikland) 33 -10]1d100

If I'm reading this right, Landolf competes well (or mutually poorly) with Mercinellin the whole way through, but they both lose out to Krizta's play in the second and third rounds. Across the three games, Krizta lost one shilling then gained four while Landolf lost three.

"Well played. I can see why the Gravin would value your skills. Are you far from home? The Thorncobbles are quite prominent."

Seedling elaborates on her story as she talks to Landolf. "After graduation I will have to pick which part of the business to join. There's of course the transport company," Thorncobble barges are common sights on the rivers of the Ole Worlde. "My uncle has also started a trading corporation and preparing a caravan to travel to Araby. Do you have any thoughts on either?"


Three travellers arrive by cart, dressed in embellished, black robes of Morr. They ask for a double room for themselves and their charge: they are conveying a body for burial and ask to keep it in their room. The barman is uncertain and calls the landlord. Coins discreetly change hands and the Morrians are given a room well away from the Gravin’s party. The initiates bring in a coffin and go straight to their room as the inn patrons look on in shock. The priest tells the landlord not to worry about any noise in the night: they are required to pray over the body from midnight until dawn.

A woman in the livery of the Gravin leaves the kitchen area carrying a tray that is covered with a cloth and heads for the stairs.

Krizta wrote:

[dice=Average Perception Test (38+20=58)]1d100 (fail)

[dice=Easy Reikland Lore Test (34+30=64)]1d100 (pass)

Krista says

Seedling, the Thorncobbles are fairly famous aren't they? I'm surprised that you are traveling without an escort.

She also smiles at the story, but remembers to keep her eye on the person they are supposed to be protecting.

Well, hopefully the game and the god can be popular and not compete with each other.

[dice=Hand 1 Gambling Skill Check (33)]1d100 Like -7 or something?

Wow, I'm really bad at this, sorry. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it on the next hand.

[dice=Hand 2 Gambling Skill Check (33)]1d100 +2 (?)

Krizta smiles...
Okay, so that was better. I'm not quite as awful as I was that first hand.

[dice=Hand 3 Gambling Skill Check (33)]1d100 (made it under my number, but no advantage)

===> At 9:25, Krizta might quit the game, if no one else follows Bruno. She can't keep an eye on him down here anymore, and is worried about someone getting to him up there, so she would look at everyone else to see what they are doing, and then (unless she is confident that his safety is covered or it seems to be okay to just watch down here) either go outside to watch the window, or go upstairs to find a place to watch the door... she'll ask how much a room upstairs costs, if needed as a place from which to watch the door (if it would be weird for her to just hang out up there... not sure what kind of place it is).

--If she does quit, she thanks Seedling for the lesson, and says it was fun, but she is going to make it an early night.

--If she is still in the card game:
[dice=Difficult Reikland Lore Test (34-10=24)]1d100 (fail)

Seedling's face reddens and she looks a bit abashed. "Well, technically, uh, technically I've run away from home, well at least away from the University. You see, I am scheduled to graduate soon and then I will immediately be expected to join the family firm. I want to have one adventure before I settle down, so I am working my way around the Empire. I support myself by gambling and entertaining at events. I've been told I have a lovely singing voice."

Seedling wishes you a pleasant evening when you leave the table. "Please feel free to call upon me when you are next in Altdorf. After the Gravin's party, I will be returning to the University of Altdorf."

The upper floor has 20 guest rooms of various sizes. Rooms 1–10 are double rooms, while rooms 11–20 are singles. A narrow, wooden stairway connects the two floors, with a large cupboard on the landing for clean bedlinen and other supplies. A single room costs 10 shillings a night, a double room costs 15, and a place in the dormitory costs 1/–. All prices include supper and breakfast. It is possible to cram one extra person into a single or double room, but they will have to sleep on the floor and pay a surcharge equal to half the cost of the room.

Double rooms 1-7 are booked to the Gravin's group. The whole corridor of rooms is sealed off, with guards posted. However, these guards are somewhat lax in their duties, and frequently pop downstairs for drinks or snacks.

The landlord offers you room 8 which has a view down the corridor containing the Gravin's rooms. As Bruno disappears into his room, you hear the Gravin call out to one of the servants, "get dinner for Bruno and bring it to his room."

Adelaida Lehner wrote:

[dice=perception (34)]1d100

Sorry GM, is it +20 or -20 on the perception roll?

Adelaida keeps her eyes on Bruno, and her hand on her warhammer, just in case there was someone foolish enough to attack here and now.

+20 so Adelaida made it and can read the spoiler

9:20 PM

A liveried servant comes downstairs and orders Bruno to stop armwrestling in case he injures himself. Anyone at the same table (Valghaz) or an adjoining table can overhear this. Bruno stands up abruptly, towering over the servant, and tells him to mind his own business. The servant retreats upstairs.

9:25 p.m.

The Gravin comes downstairs with three servants and orders Bruno to his room. He obeys sulkily. A servant orders supper for the Gravin's party. The guards and some of the servants eat in the bar, while meals for the Gravin, her champion, and half a dozen servants are sent upstairs.


A very unusual looking Halfling joins the Scarlett Empress game. He introduces himself as Glimbrin Oddsocks. Seedling keeps giving Glimbrin odd looks.

Successful Difficult (-10) Lore Reikland Test:
Glimbrin is not a Halfling at all. He's actually a Gnome, creatures almost never seen in the Reik.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

"I'll play a few hands," Landolf calls out to the halfling's invitation. He moves through the common room toward her, bumping elbows a few times as he goes.

Reaching the table, he introduces himself. "Landolf Gersun von Ubersreik, of the Black Thorns company."

"Wonderful Sir Landolf, do you know Miss Krizta? She says she's not played before so watch out for beginner's might be on her side"

The bet is 1 Shilling per hand

As Seedling handles the cards, she makes pleasant small talk and you both are again struck by how well spoken and charming she is.

Hand 1 Gambling Skill Check (55): 1d100 ⇒ 39 SL +2
Hand 2 Gambling Skill Check (55): 1d100 ⇒ 91 SL -4
Hand 3 Gambling Skill Check (55): 1d100 ⇒ 85 SL -3

If you ask, Seedling is more than happy to tell you that the Gravin has hired her to be a dealer at her next soiree. "Imagine, meeting all the great and famous of Nuln," she says excitedly.

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Krizta wrote:

Krizta takes a seat at the halfling's table where she can also see Bruno (if possible, otherwise she does not join the halfling), and says

I don't know how to play Scarlet Empress, but I'm willing to learn if you'll teach me.

The Halfling happily greets both Krizta and Landolf. She introduces herself as Mercinellin Thorncobble but says to call her 'Seedling' like everyone else does. She has impeccable diction, and an upper-class accent that surprises those used to meeting more earthy Halflings.

Successful Easy (+30) Reikland Lore Test:
You know that the Thorncobble family is one of the most famous Halfling families in the Empire and it's odd to meet one traveling by herself without any escorts.

Seedling explains the rules to Krizta Essentially it's just opposed Gambling Skill Tests. If you do not have training in Gambling, your skill is just your Fellowship skill as Gambling is a basic skill (no training needed).

As Seedling shuffles the cards she tells Krizta a story about the game...In 1923 IC, Count Primus von Bildhofen claimed Scarlet Empress, the card game named after his grandmother, Empress Molrella III, was more popular than Sigmar. Although it arguably cost him his life — as he was burned for heresy just four months later — some believe he may have had a point, as Scarlet Empress is now widely claimed to be the most popular card game in the Old World.

I'll post Seedling's skill tests in the response to Landolf since you and he are both playing

At what according to the clock on the mantle is 9:10, three travelling scholars come in out of the rain and hang their heavy cloaks and hats by the fire to dry. They book a double-room for the three of them and order three hot meals. They sit at an empty table and keep themselves to their selves.

Successful Average (+20) Perception Test:
It strikes you as odd that the three newcomers don't look around at the others in the common room at all, instead keeping their eyes downcast.

This post is edited as I made a typo and had the test be -20 for success

Valghaz Ironhammer wrote:

Strength Test Round 1 (70): 1d100 ⇒ 39 Bruno rolls 39 which is SL +4 and adding his strength bonus he’s total for Round 1 is +11

Strength Test Round 2: 1d100 ⇒ 38 Round 2 is also +11
Strength Test Round 3: 1d100 ⇒ 75 Round 3 is +7
Strength Test Round 4: 1d100 ⇒ 91 Round 4 is +5

1d100 5+5=10. Bruno is at 1 and gets adv

1d100 3+5=8. Bruno is at 5 and gets adv

1d100 -2+5=3 Bruno wins

Valghaz nodded as he sat down. The man before him made the word “large” an understatement. He thought himself fairly strong, but sitting before him he felt such confidence drain. Still, it was his challenge and he wasn’t going to back down! Deciding that he had to end it fast, he put all of his strength into a burst, trying to push the champion’s arm down. Only it was like trying to push over a mountain! Inch by inch his arm was pushed back, until it finally was slammed on the table. With a laugh Valghaz shook his arm to get feeling back into it.

”Well, fook!” He cursed. ”Didn’t know they made manlings this size. Well, a deal’s a deal. Barkeep! Yer best over here!” He called out. ”Name’s Valghaz, Clan Ironhammer. And aye, mining is me clan’s trade, as it was mine. But ended up…well, knighted isn’t the best word. Sworn to the Gods, is more like it. It’s a tale, to be sure. Even has a vampire in it. Tale goes best with strong drink.”

Bruno listens in fascination as Valghaz relates his story. "By Sigmar, Ser Knight, you've had adventures that Gotrek Gurnisson himseld wouldn't be able to top." His Altdorf accent is deep — he explains was born in the imperial capital to parents of Southlander extraction almost forty years ago. He has a distinctive, infectious laugh which bursts out often. By the time you finish the bottle of wine, you probably think that Bruno would have made a good dwarf if he wasn't so freakishly tall.

Valghaz Ironhammer wrote:

"The big guy." Valgahz said. "The one with the barrel sized chest." Eyeing the place up he continued "I'll go say 'ello. Everyone else, case the place out, aye? I don't trust that halfling, and the bartender may well be in the pay of the other side." Walking over to Bruno, he waited until the match was over and said to the man:

"I'm next. Ye need to rest, or ye good to go?"

Bruno gives a hearty chuckle and says, ”I’ll have plenty of time to rest when I’m dead so let’s go!” Bruno takes a good look at Valghaz’s arms and shoulders and with a big smile says, ”Ach, Ser dwarf, you have the look of a miner about you…but now you dress like one of them fancy knights…there must be a tale to tell…loser buys a bottle of the best swill this place serves and we can swap stories once the wresting is done…good?” Bruno spits in his hand and holds it out for Valghaz to shake before their match begins.

Simplified Arm Wrestling Rules…Make a extended dramatic challenging strength test, determine the SL, and then add your strength bonus to it, compare your score to your opponent’s. The winner of a round gets that difference as his score and gains +1 Advantage. Rounds continue until one of the contestants reaches a total of SL+10. For example, Bruno has a strength of 70 and say he rolls a 05. That’s a SL +7 and he adds he’s strength bonus of 7 to that for a total of +14. If Valghaz rolls a 50 he’d have a SL of +0 and adding his strength bonus would have a total of +5. The difference is 9 so Bruno would score 9 points in around 1 and gain +1 Advantage for Round 2. Then the process is repeated and if Bruno wins again he’d be at the score of 10 he needs to win.

Strength Test Round 1 (70): 1d100 ⇒ 39 Bruno rolls 39 which is SL +4 and adding his strength bonus he’s total for Round 1 is +11
Strength Test Round 2: 1d100 ⇒ 38 Round 2 is also +11
Strength Test Round 3: 1d100 ⇒ 75 Round 3 is +7
Strength Test Round 4: 1d100 ⇒ 91 Round 4 is +5

The Three Feathers is a medium-sized riverside inn, typical of countless similar hostelries to be found along the banks of the Empire's rivers and canals. They are normally spaced about a day's journey apart, providing moorings and accommodation for those travellers who do not care to continue their journey by night.

The inn stands on the riverbank. A ten-foot stone wall extends from the main building all the way to the water. Inside the wall stands the main building, a stables with an attached smithy, and an outhouse. A small landing stage has been built on the riverbank.

As you draw closer, you notice that the place is unusually busy. There is a large coach pulled up outside, and lackeys are busying themselves with various trunks and chests as liveried men-at-arms look on.

Inside, servants are hurrying to and fro, and the innkeeper is engrossed in conversation with a scribe who carries a visibly bulging purse. It is a full ten minutes before you can attract his attention.

‘Welcome,' he says at last, ’I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. We have a distinguished guest tonight, the Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebwitz of Ambosstein, no less! I hardly know whether I'm coming or going. Now, then, do you want a room? What am I saying, of course you do! Ah, excuse me again, I'll only be a moment.' You wait for another few minutes as he directs a train of servants to the gravin's rooms .‘So sorry,'he says as he returns to you. ‘It really is mad this evening.'

The common room is almost full as a boisterous crowd eats and drinks. A very large man that you recognize as Bruno Franke sits bare-chested at table, arm-wrestling with one of the guards. Others are gathered round, drinking and shouting encouragement. Bruno wins easily, and will accept any challenge.

Also in the barroom is a grinning Halfling, who sits at a table talking to the Gravin as she fingers a pack of cards. As you enter the room, the Gravin shakes the Halfling's hand, and heads up to her room along with her guards. The Halfling seems delighted and calls out, ”anyone for a friendly game Scarlet Empress?”

The clock on the wall chimes nine times.

GM Netherpongo wrote:

Are you guys stuck/confused/bored with the current plot point? No one is saying anything.

It's also possible that this is post-holiday ennui. I hope everyone is doing well!

It's been a bit insane here since Thanksgiving, I'll get something posted this weekend.

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Sorry for the long delay again. I'll get caught-up this weekend.

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Oops…wrong name of the inn, it’s the Three Feathers Inn as I think I’ve already used Crossed Keys Inn before.

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Valghaz Ironhammer wrote:

”Nay the easiest of jobs. Given his martial skill, it’s his food and drink that are likely the biggest concern. First thing first, he should have a taste tester. Is that…a profession here in the Empire?” Valghaz asked. ”Heard that there’s even a guild for that down in Tilea. That, and I’d reckon that when he sleeps he’ll be vulnerable. So we’ll need to set a watch around his room.”

Valghaz scratched his head. ”And if we can keep him holed up until the fight in a safe place, all the better. Somewhere without too many windows that a sniper could shoot through….”

”He’s spending the night along with the rest of the Gravin’s retinue at an inn outside town called the Crossed Keys. Mayhaps you all could get rooms there for tonight to make sure no shenanigans happen. Of course the Crown, that is to say me, will reimburse you for expenses and pay the group a fee of let’s say 25 Crowns for your time tonight and through the contest tomorrow. Is that acceptable?”

Valghaz Ironhammer wrote:

For his part, the questions all just washed over him. Valghaz enjoyed the meal, and the drink, savoring abit of good living for once. When the time came, as interjected with questions of his own.

Who is the champion they will be protecting?
Does the champion know of this arrangement?
Is their role known to said champion?

Three questions that would determine how they could go about this task.

"Bruno Franke, the Gravin's champion, is a tower of muscle. He's actually a likeable fellow and always smiling." The Count lowers his voice and says, "unfortunately, all that muscle fills his head too, so he's not the sharpest dagger."

"No, Bruno does not know about this effort. He would almost certainly blurt out the plan while arm-wrestling is some seedy bar. The Gravin and her lawyer, Gustav Rechtshandler, do know that I am working behind the scenes to get Bruno to the trial by combat in one piece. If you are willing to perform this service, I will have my valet inform the Gravin."

Krizta wrote:

Krizta doesn't interrupt Adelaida (or anyone), but when she has a chance she says

Thank you, sir, for answering my questions. I am committed to help as you request, and will endeavor to protect the contest so as to leave it in Sigmar's hands rather than another's.

"Sigmar's blessing on you, young lady. Your attitude speaks well for you."

Adelaida Lehner wrote:

Adelaida smiles as she sees the count patting his belly

I do apologise, Baron, I forgot to properly thank you for this excellent meal. My gratitude for your hospitality, and may Sigmar bless your House.

After a few seconds spend thinking, the warrior priest adds

Is Von Dammenplatz known as a cheater, someone for whom the result is more important than the means? Did he has specific interest, outside this trial, in bringing the Gravin's down, or at least to dishonor her? I'm only a young woman, whose mother brought into the Empire at an even younger age. Now my maman is dead and buried, but to honor her memory I am eager to serve and defend the Empire and its law abiding citizens. Knowing you speak for the Emperor Karl-Franz, blessed be his name, is enough for me to consider your words as an order. But I have no knowledge about the nobility. I've been a grunt on the training grounds of the Empire's army, I've seen a few battles, but it seems to me the upper classes don't use the same weapons I did. So to better defend the champion, I must understand what to expect. I'm sure Bruno can defend himself in one-on-one combat, so the attacks will be more subtle. Could poison be involved? Or worse?

A sip of excellent brandy, and another bust of words
It doesn't add, strategically. Consider Bruno a citadel. If you want to tear it down, you don't bring another citadel. You bring too many soldiers to overwhelm its defenses. So Bruno won't be attacked by a lone killer, but by many, from many places at the same time. Or by some treacherous way he can't defend himself from, like a crossbow bolt by an expert shooter. Could Von Dammenplatz pay someone from the Gravin's entourage to betray her? If he's so duplicious, maybe he'll use a simpler tactic: attack his own champion, and put the blame on the Gravin. Would that work?

Despite herself, Adelaida smiles even more
Sorry. I didn't thought I could have so many ideas in my poor little head, and that I would dare to speak so freely and...

"It's said that Baron Otto von Dammenblatz was a conniving old," the Count pauses for a second remembering he is talking to one the Blessed, "umm...old man and that his son is 10 times worse. I believe that Baron Eberhardt vin Dammenblatz is trying to erase the shame of having a father drown in a punch bowl. He cares not a bit about the ramifications of the Gravin being burned at the stake. You are probably aware that there is a great rivalry in Nuln between the churches of Sigmar and Verena. Having a Witch-Hunter of Sigmar kill the beloved niece of the Elector of Nuln could be catastrophic but Eberhardt either isn't smart enough to realize that or stupid enough to not care." The Count gives a sad shake of his head and then says, "Eberhardt would use any method to win this judgement including poison, an arrow in the back, blackmail, hiring a turncoat or any other underhanded scheme he can come up with."

Landolf reminded me that I neglected to let you all know the XP for the signal tower...oops...

10 XP for solving the mystery of the disappearing dwarves
15 XP for defeating the Ghoul
25 XP for defeating the zombies and recovering their keys
20 XP if you had fun

Also, it is time for a Fortune reset so consider those Fortune points returned.

I did go ahead last night and buy the next installment of the campaign. It looks really interesting. It's called The Power Behind the Throne and will take the band of adventurers to a new and exciting destination ;)

I forgot to hand out XP for Grissenwald…

20 XP if Grissenwald was fun

25 XP for befriending the Dwarfs of Khazid Slumbol.

25 XP for saving the life of Durak Dimholt and rescuing Dumpling.

50 XP for defeating the Orc and Goblins in the house.

Adelaida Lehner wrote:
Let the gods decide which champion must win. We will do our utmost to keep Bruno alive until the contest. Foul play to eliminate the competition shouldn't be tolerated. Do you have reasons to think the Von Dammenplatz might be behind these attacks, if you don't mind me asking, Count Borman?

”I believe that the Baron will go to any lengths to win the court case, up to and including murdering the Gravin’s champion.”

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Krizta wrote:

At dinner, when they are asked to prevent interference Krizta asks

How does this trial by combat work as a replacement for a normal trial? Is it assumed that the gods will interfere on the behalf of the innocent party and allow the other to be killed? If the champion loses, does the accused... or the accuser... also lose his life? I'd like to understand it more before I commit.

If we're leaving it in the hands of the gods, then I'm okay with that, but it seems hard to say what the Gods have in mind, or whether they are working through someone else, if we don't actually know who is in the right.

Boorman pats his full belly and leans back in his chair…he spends a moment in thought then says, ”right good questions miss. The trial by combat is a vestige of our tribal past. You’re right, it is accepted that Sigmar guarantees the champion of the appropriate side to win the fight. In this case, since it’s a murder trial and the Gravin has been accused of Witchcraft, if her champion loses the witch hunters will take her for questioning about her cult and then burn her at the stake. If the champion of the Gravin wins, then the Baron must pay all of the costs incurred by the Gravin for the trial.”

”Once the contest begins then Sigmar’s judgement is to be made without an attempt from us to alter the outcome, But killing the champion of the accused before the contest starts isn’t a sign of Sigmar’s judgement, it’s just murder.”

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Earlier in the day, Landolf tried to find a buyer for some of the odds and ends the Black Thorns had picked up.

dice=Landolf Haggle 41 +10 Yvonne assist]1d100

The Opposed roll is here. Landolf got +1 SL while the merchant got +4 SL. So we'll take a 10% hit on our sale. Stuff usually sells for 50% of value, so 10% off that would be 45% I guess?

Landolf does a good job of presenting the valuables for sale, but he's also in a hurry to make the dinner with Count Boorman and is outmaneuvered.

Come to think of it, I don't know what the value of these items is to begin with.

** spoiler omitted **

It doesn’t seem necessary for an Evaluate test (Lets you determine the value of rare artefacts, unusual trade goods, and works of art. Everybody is assumed to know the relative worth of general items, but a successful use of the Evaluate allows you to identify the value of curious and unique items.) None of this are curious or unique items. Your approach about the consequences of a failed Haggle Opposed test makes sense, I.e., 10% decrease to the amount you normally would expect to be able to sell things for

Actual Value of Rings is 10 times 2d10 in Shillings : 2d10 ⇒ (9, 8) = 17 170 Shillings or 8 Crowns and 10 Shillings

Actual Value of Earrings is 10 times 4d10 in Shillings: 4d10 ⇒ (8, 5, 4, 8) = 25 250 Shillings or 12 Crowns and 10 Shillings

Yvonne has bought silver place settings for the estate and knows it costs about a Crown per plate and 2 Crowns for each set of Cutlery and 2 Crowns for the salt and pepper shaker set. She also knows that a decent Gold bracelet costs about 2 Crowns and a gold necklace about 1 Crown.

The merchant looks through what you’ve brought him. ”Hmmm…12 silver plates and 12 sets of silver cutlery. Don’t really get a call for a silver service like this very often. Silver salt and Pepper Shakers…Going to be difficult for me to find a buyer. Let’s say 17 Crowns for the lot. For the jewelry I’ll go as high as, hmmm…11 Crowns. Altogether that’d be 28 Crowns. Doubt you could get a better offer than that.”

Darkest Doomed wrote:

For Aubster: is there enough time between the visit to the temple of Verena & dinner with Count Boorman to make a trip to the market? We have a bunch of knicknacks to sell off.

I'm seeing a 1g locket & stuff from Etelka's mansion: silverware, rings (minus the two Krizta took), earrings & perfume.

If there is time, can I get a Haggle test to roll against?


For Landolf to get further investigation at the temple of Verena would cost us 3 crowns. That's a big enough expense that I want to ask before we proceed.

If we do spend that money, the question we ask would be important. I'm thinking it should be about what Etelka is after over there. Something like any legends about the area or past battles of importance nearby.

Any other ideas?

Sure, plenty of time…

Fancy Pawnbroker Haggle (40): 1d100 ⇒ 9SL +4

The trial by combat is being lifted from the Rough Nights and Hard Days Scenario Book. If you have that book, try to forget what happens in the fight so not to spoil the surprises.

Dinner with Count Boorman

The Count has rented out a large, private dining room in one of the finest establishments in Kemperbad, The Black Truffle. As the owner of the dining establishment escorts you to the private dining room you pass many of the powerful of Kemberbad busy with their meals in the main dining room. Some of the diners look at you in puzzlement, some in disgust at your lack of fashionable clothing and some are obviously angry with you since you inflicted Count Boorman on their town.

At the door of the private dining room, you are greeted by your host, "Ah my friends, my friends, come, come, there's food and drink to suit any palate." Indeed a veritable feast covers the dining table with roasted meats and fish to fresh vegetables and fresh fruits that must have been imported from the south. There's enough food to fill the tummies of a dozen halflings so more than enough for you and the count. In addition to the food, there are wines and other spirits and many different beers to try, including an entire cask of Bugmannn's Best.

The count is a wonderful host and ask questions to each of you to make sure that you are well. He honestly seems to care about the answer. He talks about his time on your barge playing at being a riverman and exclaims that was the most fun he's had in years. He regales you with a long story about his work to get the tax situation in Kemperbad sorted. He appears well pleased with the outcome though he mentions that some of the wealthy merchants in town are not nearly as happy after looking at their new tax bills.

Once the food is cleared away, Boorman dismisses the waiters and other restaurant staff and relies on his own men. His footmen guard the doors into the room to make sure you are not disturbed. His valet is positioned by the windows to spot any potential eavesdroppers.

Once the watchers signal that you will be able to talk in private, Boorman gestures to a group of overstuffed leather chairs placed in a semi-circle around a fireplace and asks you to take a seat. He pours glasses of brandy for each of you and then one for himself and settles down into the last empty chair.

"Noble Sir Landolf, Blessed Adelaida, Knight Valghaz and Miss Krizta, I fear that I had an ulterior motive to asking all of you to dinner. You have no doubt heard about the trial by combat tomorrow, yes? Then you may have also heard that the Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebwitz of Ambosstein has been charged with the murder of Baron von Dammenblatz. The Gravin has invoked her ancient rite of trial by combat and has brought a very large man named Bruno Franke to stand in for her during the combat. He is an excellent choice and I have no doubt that he will defeat the champion of Baron Eberhardt von Dammenblatz in a fair combat." The Count pauses here to drink from his brandy glass and to see if you have any questions so far,

After a moment he continues, "politically this trial is difficult for the Emperor. The von Dammenblatz family is just the type of family that he needs to maintain good relations with as the are related by marriage to at least a dozen noble houses in the Reik. However, the Gravin is the beloved niece of the Elector of Nuln, Grand Countess Emmanuelle I. The Grand Countess has been important ally to the Emperor and if her niece is killed on the orders of magistrates in the Reik it could well break the alliance of his majesty and the Grand Countess."

Boorman takes another sip of brandy again allowing you to ask questions and then continues. "I am the official representative of his majesty and therefore must appear completely neutral in this matter. All I want is a fair fight which I believe Bruno will win easily, if, if, he's allowed to do so. No one else except the Gravin, Bruno and the Gravin's lawyer know that there have been three seperate attempts on Bruno's life during the journey from Nuln. None of the perpatrators were caught so are still on the loose. As a representative of his most Holy Majesty, Karl Franz, I request your assistance tomorrow to make sure that the two champions are able to have a man to man fight without outside interference. Will you do it?"

Assuming you say yes the Count will obviously be pleased and this would be a great time to ask him any questions about the Empire that you might have.

BTW, a Gravin is basically the same title as Countess.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

That wasn't... She really doesn't like me.

Landolf sighed and turned to Valghaz. "It's past time we split up our earnings some. Let's not forget to do that before we leave town. Tonight hopefully."

"Oh, right...someone asked me where Kastor and the money were, then vanished. The ear-pulling men are back."

There was still time before dinner. Maybe the Temple of Verena could help.

For a reasonable donation which Landolf would know is equal to 1 weeks earning potential for your character class an initiate is made available to answer questions and look in the library’s standard reference books.

After only a couple of minutes searching, the initiate returns with a map of Talabecland and points out the location of Unterbaum. ”See here my lord, Unterbaum lies at the confluence of the River Stir and the River Narn. There’s a majestic waterfall there I hear.”

Adelaida Lehner wrote:

dice=Haggling, Bow (45)]1d100

In Grissenwald, Adelaida tries to buy a bow. Maybe the nigtmare affects her more deeply than she would admit, as she manages to offend the merchant, who asks for a bigger price than usual in retaliation.

Wanting to appease the woman, who despite her short temper is an honest and pious citizen of the Empire, no doubt about it, Adelaida pays the asked price, and promise to praise her bowmaking skills on Kemperbad Marketpatz next days.

I could have used a Fortune to re roll, but it's funnier like that. Just tell me how much over the 4 Gc I must pay

Haggle (35): 1d100 ⇒ 40

Somehow the merchant manages to convince Adelaida that the bow she’s buying is special and he is only willing to sell it for 5 Crowns and 10 Shillings which is 5.5 Crowns. He is willing to throw in a quiver of arrows (12) at the normal price of 5 Shillings.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

Unterbaum...did that sound familiar? Or Doktor Heidlemann?

[dice=Lore (Reikland) 33]1d100

"Thank you. I'd dearly like to catch up with the Lady...did she stay long here? It sounds as though she was going to depart as soon as she checked out, correct?"

He needed to find the others. The ear-pulling men, or some odd variation of them, were back.

Landolf expenditures in Kemperbad so far: 12s for a bribe, 6s for docking fees & 4d for the lifts.

You all shared a coach to Altdorf with Ernst Heidlemann months ago. The clerk’s description matches that of the weasel faced man that you met.

The clerk says Etelka stayed about 5 days at the inn. ”I could always ask the other staff if they might have information that would help you catch up with your friend,” the clerk says as he again subtlety hold out an empty hand.

Landolf remembers hearing the name Unterbaum when he was forced by a tutor to learn the villages of Talabecland as a child.

You all haven’t been using a resource that’s available, the Temple of Verena has libraries and initiates that can look up information for them for a donation to the Temple.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

The giving and receiving of gifts is an long-standing and time-honored tradition in the Empire.

dice=Bribery 46]1d100 - if we're using the standard Bribery rules, that gives Landolf two guesses at the correct amount to bribe. Guessing in a vacuum seems hard though. Does he know the status tier & rank of this employee? Left to my own devices, I'd probably say Townsman for Silver 2.

Making the rule easier to handle…a successful Bribery test means that you know what a acceptable bribe amount would be given the circumstance.A failed test means that you think it takes twice as much or even 3 times as much money as is really needed.

Bribe Amount: 2d10 ⇒ (5, 7) = 12 Since Landolf succeeded he can just give the clerk 12 shillings

The clerk makes the shillings disappear so smoothly it as if he was never bribed.

Speaking in a normal tone of voice, ”My apologies my lord but Lady Etelka Herzen and her cat checked out of the inn two days ago. Of course, her Ladyship was accompanied by her personal physician, Doktor Ernst Heidlemann. I was a bit surprised when I overheard them mention traveling to Unterbaum. I thought I knew all of the worthwhile sites around here but Unterbaum is a mystery to me.”

Darkest Doomed wrote:

"If that shield is important to your people Valghaz, we can see to its safety until you can deliver it properly. Do you know who might be able to help you with that? Would any of the clans in Altdorf be able to help, or would we need to look further afield?"

"How should we go about protecting it? If the shield is as valuable as you describe, I doubt we'd be able to see to its safety properly. Our best bet might be to keep it hidden."


Aubster: I've been going with the flow, but if we were ever given information suggesting that Etelka would come to Kemperbad specifically or what she might do there, I missed it. It stands to reason that she would go north if she is heading to Talabecland, but that's all I've got.

Landolf suggests talking to the dockworkers and harbormaster. Bribes might be needed, but we haven't noted Etelka for subtelty yet and they might remember her. Landolf is probably too well-dressed to easily get the stevedores to talk.

Landolf's plan is to try inns the nobility might frequent and, when he hears about it, to find out more about the trial by combat. Even if the trial isn't related to Etelka, she might be attracted by the disturbance in some way.

"Good to see you again, Herr Scheck. It would be an honor to spend the evening with Count Boorman. Thank you."

Yvonne would be accompanying Landolf, so 6s for docking fees & 4d for the lifts.

As a Landolf goes from inn to inn, he’s approached by a shifty looking character who looks around to make sure no one is listening and then in a low voice he says, ” What have you done with Kastor, and where is the money? Our patience wears thin.” With that, the man slips into an alley and disappears from sight.

At the Emperor’s Rest, which claims to have had Wilhelm III as a guest 80 years ago, the desk clerk seems to have some sort of a memory about a noblewoman that matches the description you gave but seems reluctant to say anything else. However, he does hold out his hand slightly and nods towards you and then the palm of his hand.

The upcoming trial by combat is the talk of the town. It seems that Baron Eberhardt von Dammenblatz, a noble of some distinction from Wissenburg, has accused Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebwitz of Ambosstein, niece of Grand Countess Emmanuelle I, elector of Nuln, of the murder of his father Baron Otto von Dammenblatz. Baron Otto died during a party thrown by the Grand Countess. The younger Baron claims that the Gravin either killed his father with poison or by witchcraft. The Gravin claims that Otto drank himself unconscious, slumped face-first into a punch bowl, and drowned.

The case would normally have been heard in Nuln, the site of the party, but Baron Eberhardt appealed successfully to move the trial to a neutral location. After some legal wrangling, Eberhardt’s lawyers managed to persuade the magistrates of the free town of Kemperbad to hear the case.

In a counter move, the Gravin successfully petitioned to invoke her ancient right of trial by combat. Both nobles, their entourages and their champions have arrived in Kemperbad and all seems set for the trial tomorrow.

Darkest Doomed wrote:

"If that shield is important to your people Valghaz, we can see to its safety until you can deliver it properly. Do you know who might be able to help you with that? Would any of the clans in Altdorf be able to help, or would we need to look further afield?"

"How should we go about protecting it? If the shield is as valuable as you describe, I doubt we'd be able to see to its safety properly. Our best bet might be to keep it hidden."


Aubster: I've been going with the flow, but if we were ever given information suggesting that Etelka would come to Kemperbad specifically or what she might do there, I missed it. It stands to reason that she would go north if she is heading to Talabecland, but that's all I've got.

Landolf suggests talking to the dockworkers and harbormaster. Bribes might be needed, but we haven't noted Etelka for subtelty yet and they might remember her. Landolf is probably too well-dressed to easily get the stevedores to talk.

Landolf's plan is to try inns the nobility might frequent and, when he hears about it, to find out more about the trial by combat. Even if the trial isn't related to Etelka, she might be attracted by the disturbance in some way.

"Good to see you again, Herr Scheck. It would be an honor to spend the evening with Count Boorman. Thank you."

Yvonne would be accompanying Landolf, so 6s for docking fees & 4d for the lifts.

You do know that whatever she’s up to, Etelka has been told that she’s to get assistance from people in Kemperbad before going to the Barren Hills. Since the letter she received didn’t have instructions to meet the Kemperbadders anyone else, it’s pretty safe to assume that she has to go to Kemperbad itself to gain their help.

Anything else in Grissenwald can be added in another post…for now, on to Kemperbad

Some of the following information is repeated from your first visit.

Your barge makes good time heading downstream with the mighty current and it only takes a couple of days travel to return to Kemperbad.

Kemperbad sits atop a 500-foot cliff overlooking the Reik, just north of its confluence with the River Stir. The Stir originally plunged over a mighty waterfall into the Reik, but the river has cut a narrow gorge into the cliffs. The waterfall has slowly moved upstream to its present location at the confluence of the Stir and Narn. The gorge of the Stir is crossed by a narrow rope bridge, and this makes the town all but inaccessible to southern road traffic.

Fortunately for commerce, a dock has been built on the Reik at the base of the cliffs. This is connected to the town by an ingenious system of lifts. There are baskets and platforms of varying sizes, suspended from huge block and tackle sets on Elven ropes, and all raised and lowered by counterbalances. The system is maintained and operated by Dwarven engineers. Remarkably, there has been only one fatal accident in the last fifty years. Some drunken young nobles tried to race each other to the bottom. The winner was too unwell to claim his prize.

Use of the lifts costs 2d per person on the passenger platforms (holding up to four average-sized individuals), and 2d per ten baskets or sacks of bulk cargo, or 30 encumbrance equivalent.

For the poor, the miserly, and the athletic, 1,111 steps are cut into the cliff in a zig-zag staircase to the town.

A ferry service at the docks provides the safest way to cross the Reik between Nuln and Altdorf. It connects the Great North Road to Grünburg and Altdorf. The ferry costs 2d per passenger, and 4d for a horse. The locals joke that this is a foot tax. The Four Seasons Coaching Line maintains a large coaching inn and staging post at the nearby village of Jungbach.

There is a 6 shilling per day docking fee.

Either via the lift or the 1,111 steps you make your way up the bluff into Kemperbad. There’s excitement in the air and touts are taking bets on a trial by combat scheduled for the next day.

You hear your names being called by a man in the crowd who then struggles against the flow of traffic to reach you. It’s Baldwin Scheck, Count Boorman’s valet. He greets you all fondly but he’s obviously anxious and asks you to visit the Count this evening for dinner. Baldwin doesn’t give any details of why the Count wants to see you being the well trained valet he is.

Assuming you’ll have dinner with the Count, that gives you the entire afternoon to hunt for Etelka. How are you going to try and find her?

Adelaida Lehner wrote:

hoping your wife feels better, Aubster.

I did bought the whole Warhammer PDF bundle on Humble Bundle.. Maybe some 2e edition adventures to come? Would there be an interest?

Thanks Adelaida - she’s doing alright, meeting with a different surgeon next month.

I’m a bit jealous that you bought the bundle. I thought about it and then forgot and by the time I remembered it was already over.

I’d be interested in trying a 2E adventure. I’ve not played those rules so might need a bit of help.

If you see any lore in the 2E bundle that you’d like incorporated in our campaign please let me know.

Valghaz Ironhammer wrote:

Valghaz enjoyed his time as a small town hero, indulging in food and drink. It was a novel feeling, not having to count every copper. A celebration that was truly worth being perforated with arrows! Unfortunately, his sleep was the opposite, for he was plagued by nightmares.

Nursing a hangover, Valghaz slowly nodded his head. "Aye. Had a similar dream. Me own home was overrun by the Thaggoraki filth. Surely a sign from the Gods. Hope I can get me wounds healed before we have to face these blighters."

Valghaz will clean off the shield, what does it look like under the goblin graffiti? Also, what can be done for his healing?

[dice=Heal 37 the next day]1d100

A night’s sleep seems to be just what Valghaz needed. Valghaz just needed to pass an Average (+20) Endurance test. With his endurance being 60, he managed a SL +8 on the test by rolling a 1. That means he heals of 8 wounds plus his toughness bonus of 5 for a total of 13 wounds healed.

Whilst the others shopped and traded, Valghaz worked diligently cleaning the foul Greenskin’s marks off the shield. Once cleaned, Valghaz is stunned by what he’s found. He has recovered a shield made of Gromril, the legendary Silverstone metal. There are the remnants of dwarven runes carved into the face of the shield but the have been desecrated by the Greenskins to the point that the runes are illegible. It’ll take a Runesmith to repair the runes and reconsecrate the shield. In a sense, the shield is almost priceless in value but in reality it is literally priceless in that it can’t be sold and obviously belongs to one of the great clans. Returning it to its rightful home would bring great honor to Valghaz (and the rest of the group). But now it’s a huge obligation as the shield must be kept safe.

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