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First case, Legendary Battles


Prepainted miniatures, a ton of them. I got one case and now have enough goblins, kobolds, hobgoblins, bugbears and orcs to have a roving band for each.
The art is good for the most part. There's some flaws, especially around the faces, but the flaws are acceptable, and better than I'd do.
The price is good (though still high). Providing you're in the subscription (maybe save up coupons, too, I did get the holiday discount).
There's good guys, too. Elven rangers, dwarven rogues, halfling slingers, gnome sorcerers. They're really overwhelmed by the baddies but that's how most games are going to be (I imagine?).

It's a ton of miniatures (128, with 32 large or huge ones). You're going to need some space.
The booster aspect. There's some rares and maybe even uncommons you may simply not get. Salt is rubbed in the wound when you end up with like 4 yetis (or another monster you do not need).

All in all, I like it, recommend it, for those who need it. Check the lists in the Product Discussion, or on WizKids, to see what's going to be showing up. If you want them, and have the money, pull the trigger. It's a good get.