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as it asks in the header, what would your alignment be, with a bit of description/explanation.


Lawful : due to the fact that the world will have predictable and consistent rules and standards, with not very much weirdness, and a attempt to keep the settings flavor intact with little digressions into wacky land.

Unpleasant : the world is rough, and life is hard, you have to work and fight for what you want, and nothing is on a platter, it rains and you get sniffles, rats eat your unprotected out for chamber pots from 3rd story windows, harsh but fair since it is across the board.

indifferent overlord

The indifferent overlord cares little for the small things in life and allows the world to proceed how it will, players may succeed spectacularly or get sold for sausages in the market place, all the overlord cares for is that the adventure continues and great things occur, for good or bad.
and He rolls all combat dice where the players can see it!

well there's mine lets hear yours. :)

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate the interest.

First off let me do a little bit of introductions, I have been playing various RPGs most of my life, from the late early 80s till I joined the military, now retired (with way to much time on my hands), I feel the call of the game again, so as a social exercise (and a tool to try and prevent isolation/insanity :) ) I decided to embark on a creative world building project...

Ever since I can remember reading about the various flora and fauna of the fantasy worlds I always wondered at why the massively powerful, intelligent, magically powerful races always were on the edges of the more mundane and common races, (I know from a game design basis its the easiest to develop and sell and so forth).

So I decided to create a world where two of the most iconic races of fantasy (Dragons and Giants) are the top of the food chain as it were.

within this setting, the premise is that a ancient Giant civilization developed and expanded and slowly subjugated most of the natural world and its challenges (with each of the many giant sub-races playing their part in its society, and not so much as each a race apart)

Until at some point the only real hurdle the giants faced was the power of the Draconic race, so without putting to much into this , the giants began hunting and eradicating their main rival in power, until it forced the various sub-races of the Dragon race to set aside differences and squabbles to unite in the face of extinction..

queue : epic battle montage etc.

which after hundreds of years of strife will lead to the current world setting.

My vision puts the world into a massively mountainous with tremendous valleys and raging rivers flowing through them, the giants and dragons now having settled into a existence based on families, clans and such, marshaling other races under their protection/dominance, and warband level skirmishes playing out as raids and blood feuds.

Most of the greatest of each race perished in the conflict leaving the world to a diminished and reduced reflection of the giants civilization (and now its fractured and scattered remains), and a new manner of life for the various breeds of draconic life.

Settled and wild representatives of each group vie for resources living space and power, and old hatreds die slowly or flare up once more.

Now the point to all of this is I wanted a setting where monstrous PCs, and more mainstream races could reasonably mix in a world that would support the premise and provide challenges at any level.

I was very impressed by the ultimate campaign book and want to implement a lot of the kingdom building and such into the setting to reflect the rebuilding and restructuring of the world, with holds ruled by Dragon families, and giant clans, and enclaves of humans, elves, dwarves etc, living in hidden settlements or dwelling under the rule of dragon/giant masters.
and along with all the other races and monsters providing color/flavor for settlements/power groups and such.

Kinda like a Viking world where the Vikings are the monstrous races.

Members of other races can of course rise to heights of power and carve out homes and domains for themselves. The idea is also to allow players to be giants and dragons if the group so chooses to play that way, also I would like to work on a skirmish level combat system to implement to reflect the low intensity warfare that most of these groups will implement.

Anyway thanks for reading and any creative ideas and input is welcomed of course, at some point I do plan on starting a online campaign with this setting (already invested in a roll20 account )so if interested feel free to say so.

Regards. :)