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"Definitely. You'll have to watch that. Wouldn't want to get too tame," she said with a chuckle as she picked up her hammer and hefted it over her shoulder.

"I'm all ready to go as soon as you are."

Little Kiba wrote:
"We gonna travel World Tree style or let loose?" He asks, tapping the bracer on his left arm.

"I'm in favor of letting loose. Our parents can't tell us to come home and watch my little brothers if we stay out of contact," she said with a grin.

Little Kiba wrote:
"We could help them, you know. I don't why he did it, not really, but we could try and find him at least."

Arielle shrugged. "Sure, why not. It's not like we've got anything else that needs our attention now. And it's always good to help your friends."

Little Kiba wrote:
"Won't be nearly as hard to leave as it was to get here." LK says to himself as he lays back on Avalon's roof and basks in the moonlight. "Feels good to have moonlight on my skin again..."

"And proper winds, too," Arielle agreed. "But I think this is going to be pretty hard on the natives. Still, it's been fun. Concert and giant metal dragons and weres gone hard sometimes not to interfere. And a wonderful lack of pesky little brothers."

Frost the Ancient wrote:
Mrdarknlight wrote:
Frost the Ancient wrote:
Mrdarknlight wrote:
Another of my questions who is Frost the Ancient?
A great wyrm white dragon mage from a roleplay a few of us used to play in. His game involved a bunch of gods and suchwhat, so his presence wasn't too bad. In this game, however, it'd be a bit much.
So you thought it was a good idea to bring in a god level dragon on top of demons,devils, and Micheal going nuts? Sad part at this point I do not think it would be a bad idea.
"This school contains many loose put a stop to that. Where is the leader, that I may kill him?"

Do you really want me to call my parents? ;P

Best description I have of Arielle: Imagine Thor. As a girl. :)

Lifts very large earthbreaker crackling with lightning.

Very, very carefully.

Little Kiba wrote:
Arielle wrote:
"Hastur just has more of it than's probably the name."

She shrugged. "My dad has a weird sense of humor. Boy was Mom mad when she found out where he got the name from..." ;P

Little Kiba wrote:
"He's a little kid, just about all of them have that domain."

"Hastur just has more of it than's probably the name."

Little Kiba wrote:
"They are not my brothers." LK points out. "Besides, they keep crashing all of our nice relaxing spots."

"No, they're my brothers...and since one of them seems to have the destruction domain and the other one follows along with the first one...well, fair's fair."

She braced herself as the shaking began and then abruptly stopped.

"You guys get those often?" she asked curiously.

Arielle shook her head, completely transfixed by the sight of so many young people in one place.

"Huh? No, I mean I remember being told about Andereil. I don't think I've been there. I mean I've been a lot of places, and my memory is weird since a lot of it is borrowed from my sister so I'd know what it was like to be a child. Although she lived centuries and centuries ago. But anyways, I'm pretty sure that's one I just know from stories."
"Food. Yes, food would be good, and don't worry, I'm not as picky of an eater as Canis," she said with a wink.

Little Kiba wrote:

*deep breath*

"I smell lycanthropes. They wouldn't happen to be the people you said would be interested in me, would they, Taron?"

"Yes. Just say you're from Anderail and you'll be fine. It's a nice place really, huge forests full of all kinds of fauna."

"Anderail...I think I vaguely remember, and that would take a lot less explaining than the reality. Okay."

"Wow," she said, eyes big with surprise. "I've never really been around a lot of other kids before and I've never seen so many in one place before."

Little Kiba wrote:

Lk shivers as he steps through the portal, and looks about worriedly.

"This place is nice, but... but I can't feel the Moon down here. It just feels wrong to me."

"Hey, look at me. It's okay, Canis. Not all worlds have moons, you know. It''s not really any different than when your powers were first bound. That suddenly limited feeling. I feel it too here, but it's okay. And it's only for a little bit, right? So, let's just enjoy ourselves while we're here," she said, giving him a reassuring hug.

Taron Sunwake wrote:
Taron Sunwake wrote:
He steps through, turns around to look at them, and says...
"Welcome to Agartha."

Steps through portal.

"Interesting. That's a really good illusion of sky right there. Clouds and everything."

"Don't worry about me, I'm comfortable underground. And I'm really looking forward to seeing the school," she said, her green eyes twinkling as she waited for Taron to take them to their destination.

Taron Sunwake wrote:
"Of all the ways I thought you might try contacting us," Tarons says as he appears next to Arielle as Canis is helping her keep steady, "I never would have thought you'd use a tree. So, am I too guess that I'm hear because the pup needs me to tweak his mind again? I can even make him stop shedding on the furniture if you want."

"Taron!" she said, grinning, as she carefully disengaged her senses from Yggdrasil. "No, no need for adjusting Canis. I like him just the way he is. Actually we were kinda hoping to stop by your place for a visit, after all, fair's fair, and we could really use some time away from my little brothers. But there was no way to get in, so I got the idea to use Yggdrasil to contact you. And trust me, if you knew more of our history, using a tree to contact you wouldn't seem at all strange. I've spent most of my life on or around this tree."

Little Kiba wrote:

..and takes them to the foot of Yggdrasil. He coughs for a moment as his lungs exchange the air from the ether for normal air, and he smiles as he looks at the World Ash.

"Seeing this tree never gets old. It's up to you to get the message through, but I can ground any amount of power you're going to use for it."

She nods and puts a hand on the Tree. Both of her parents had their life forces tied to Yggdrasil and she'd spent the majority of her life on or near it, so it was easy for her to talk to it. She followed the flow of the sap to the place she wanted, out onto the outer branches and through a hidden fork to a slender twig. She'd never seen a world connected to the Tree by so little before. It was barely enough to get a thought through, but she sent it with all the strength she could muster. She sent the message for Taron since he seemed less uptight than his sister and more likely to help them through the boundary. It was a good thing that she had Canis here to help ground her or she might lose track of where she left her body she was stretched so far.

Little Kiba wrote:

Just did a quick search for "Agartha wards" and nothing is in the Clud thread! No one from Agartha ever mentioned them! XD

"Did he? I'll admit and didn't spend much time with him, so you'd know... Um, if we can't get in how are we going to get a message in?" He asks, his shrug sending trails of ether swirling.

Woops! Oh well, maybe he said something while they were dancing. :)

"Okay....well....everything is connected to Yggdrasil somewhere right? Maybe if we can find that point we can get in there?"

"I don't get it. I mean, Taron and Ephebe are able to go back and forth so easily...maybe we're doing it wrong? Didn't Taron say something about the place being protected by some kind of wards?....I wonder if we could get a message through to them so they could sort of open the door..."

Comes running in at top speed.

"Come on! Hurry up! I got permission and I don't want to give them a chance to change their minds again!"

Little Kiba wrote:

*crosses fingers*

Please don't think we need a chaperon, please don't think we need a chaperon...

I'm going with the 'we're going to visit a school' angle...hope that works....

Arielle heads off to let people know that they were heading off for a bit, starting with Danae who she outright begged to take over babysitting duties for a little while. And then heading off to try and convince her parents this was a good idea.

Little Kiba wrote:
"You'd think they would have learned that after trying to get at me the first few times..." He says thoughtfully as he sips his drink. "If we are going on vacation we should get ready. Tell people where were going, pack handy haversacks full of food, try to cram even an ounce of survival skill into a certain airhead, get enchantments to help us travel easier through the ethers. You know, the basic stuff for two teenagers of suppressed deific might."

"Okay. Well, since you obviously know what we need to do, maybe you should make a checklist? And I have an ounce of survival skill! Not much more than that, but I'm not completely hopeless. I'm just not used to living out in the wilderness like you are."

Little Kiba wrote:
"I vote Danae. Imagine what she would do to them the first time the pranked her!" He says his a laugh.

She laughed. "Yes, I think that's exactly the sort of lesson they need. Never try to prank a prankster. Especially if they're better at it than you are."

Little Kiba wrote:

"No reason we couldn't help though. I could probably sniff out the trail they left traveling through the ether..."

"Plus, your brothers have escaped the net at the Oasis and I'm pretty sure they couldn't follow us."

"And that is the best motivation for leaving I think I've ever heard. I am not up for another run-in with the demigods of mischief and mayhem," she said, laughing. "Somebody else can watch the Terrors for a while."

Little Kiba wrote:
"Are we sure the gods can even help? Like we seem to have agreed upon, they are weirder than us."

"Hmmmm. I think you're right. They'll need help from something more powerful than us I think." ;)

Little Kiba wrote:

"So.." Canis says as he sits down next to Arielle with a drink in each hand. "What do you think those weird guys from Agartha are up to? I mean weird compared to us by the way."


She laughed. "Weirder than us? Well, then, gods help them because they're going to need it."

Little Kiba wrote:

"If there is every a war, how about we just have her skate around and serve drinks to the other side? It would down in history as the 'War of One Day and One Night'."

"Ooh.." He says with a wince. "The satyr got in a lucky shot there, didn't he?"

"You think they'd last that long?"

"Ooh, he's gonna miss those teeth later."

Arielle laughs and nods, holding her hand up to grab onto his. She scrambles up to join him as Danae continues her skate of terror below. ;P

"No, we're going to hate those when she trips and crashes. All of us. She'll just laugh and get up and go do it again." ;P

She laughed.

"Well, I'm sure Rosie is making more as fast as she possibly can. Hopefully her circuits can hold up against this."

Little Kiba wrote:
"I'm pretty sure your dad can't drink like that..."

"Well, not since he started exploring his human side....but Uncle Callous....maybe not.....that's you said something about reunions?"

"They eat like my dad's family drinks," she whispered to Canis.

"I'm not even sure where it's all going..." she added in horrified fascination.

Arielle looks in awe and disbelief at the amount of food that Ephebe and her mom can eat.

"And I thought I had a big appetite...."

Little Kiba wrote:

"I'm barely gone long enough for you to eat and you're flirting with another wolf. For shame, Arielle!" LK whispers into her ear, startling her with his sudden appearance. He smells slightly of chlorine, so it stands to reason he's been swimming.

"Always good to meet another lupine though." He says, moving out from behind Arielle so he can greet Rune. "My name is Kiba, Little Kiba(LK for short), or more recently Canis. It all depends on who you talk to."

She tried to stifle a giggle from his whispered comment.

Rune, Celestial Wolf wrote:
Arielle wrote:
"Oh! You're from elysium? That's where my mom is from. Or maybe one of the other good aligned planes..."
He gives an affirming bark, and his tail starts to lazily wag. :)

"I went to visit once with my family. It seemed like a really nice place, but I think I'm a little too much trouble to live there," she added with a grin.

"Oh! You're from elysium? That's where my mom is from. Or maybe one of the other good aligned planes..."

"ummm....Hi, Rune," she says, uncertainly, not really sure just how intelligent of a wolf he was.

Arielle stuck her tongue out at the other girl briefly.

"Alright, alright, you owed me one for the dress incident. Although I already apologized, and I thought we already agreed that was your brother's fault?"

"Hey," she said flagging down Danae, "you seen Canis around? The only wolf I see is definitely a wolf, not a werewolf."

Arielle sighs with contentment as she polishes off the last dish on the crowded table, and looks around for Canis.

"You know, there is such a thing as comfortable dancing shoes. Clearly somebody did you wrong in the shopping department," she said grinning as she sat herself down at a table.

"Go ahead. Find some relief for your poor paws. Meanwhile I'll be here eating my way through the menu," she added with a wink.

She waved over a waitress and placed an obscenely large order and was soon happily making up for a month's fast.

"After spending a month standing around without eating? What do you think?" she asked, laughing.
"I'm starving."

Little Kiba wrote:
"I guess we don't know each other entirely yet, huh? That's a great thing, keeps us from being boring." He says as the music slows. "And it wouldn't have been a fight, it would have been a 'don't get hit by Arielle'. It would take some powerful enchantments to make me fight you." He whispers the last part softly, barely loud enough to be heard over the song.

She looked up at him, into his eyes, and smiled.

"I always knew you were the one for me," she said thoughtfully, "but I think I'm finally starting to see all the reasons why."

She laughed, and spun away, dancing around him for a moment before returning to his arms.

Little Kiba wrote:
Arielle wrote:

"It really took that long? You did that for me?" she said, tearing up just a little. "That's the sweetest most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me."

Her smile was radiant as she twirled away and then back towards him.

"This?" He says as they dance. "No, getting the shinies so you could have your mother beats this by a long shot. I did that because I had a crush on you and wanted to, not because I dumped ice water on you and wanted to apologize."

"Which reminds me, you only get wet when you want to, so why did the ice water even work?" He asks with a grin.

"Okay, fair point, but I didn't really think of that as doing something for me. I always thought of it as helping my mom. But when you put it that way, you're absolutely right."

She grimaced. "As for the ice really haven't figured it out? The not getting wet thing...I have to be concentrating on it for even a fraction of a second first. I really didn't see it coming. At all."

She leaned her head on his shoulder. "It's a good thing for you that I love you or you'd have really had a fight on your hands then."

Little Kiba wrote:
Arielle wrote:

She gasped in surprise as her usually clumsy on the dance floor boyfriend spun her around in time to the music.

"You learned how to dance!" she gasped, surprised and laughing with sheer delight.

"I didn't spend a month of torture not being able to talk to for nothing!" He says as he dips her. "Having to wear these shoes didn't help either."

"It really took that long? You did that for me?" she said, tearing up just a little. "That's the sweetest most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me."

Her smile was radiant as she twirled away and then back towards him.

She gasped in surprise as her usually clumsy on the dance floor boyfriend spun her around in time to the music.

"You learned how to dance!" she gasped, surprised and laughing with sheer delight.

She raises an eyebrow as he leads her onto the dance floor.

"Everyone? I take it this party is well attended tonight?"

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