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what did you hope to learn from this? Your methodology is incredibly lacking :P

aobst128 wrote:
Some kind of way to add some more efficiency to gathering and overflow for a cost would be nice. Another thread suggested to treat gather elements like slingers reload. Every element could have a special gather action. I really like that idea.

The problem with that, it doesn't really feel like it fits the theme. you shouldn't "reload" instead They should play into the idea of "Charging" you charge to much, you risk burning out. it is the whole idea of your body being a conduit.

So here is an idea. you gather, and you can then choose to "Overcharge" storing the element in your body and gaining a passive effect. You use a Con based DC as a "Lingering composition" style thing. while overcharged you Con to atk and damage or either or. But if you fail the DC you still get overcharge but also Burn.

While overcharged and doing an overflow impulse. You can choose to release overcharge or maybe dissipate element to amp the impulse like psychic. But you can't overcharge again while suffering "burn"

This is again just a quick off the top of my head thing and could defiantly be tweaked.

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You use the name pact binder for an archetype and that just makes me want Medium since that was more or less the pathfinder version of Binder.

With how well you make subclasses/paths/option for classes, the idea of a Class that basically has a bunch of subclasses that it can swap around daily is just so enticing. and yet it is going to be a long time before you do that...

The way I emulate mediums at the moment is with Summoner, letting the player shift eidolons daily, but they are always merged.

They can borrow more power from the spirit but the spirit gains more influence over the Medium, affecting the way their look either physically altering their body or clothing.

A Goblin Adventurer makes a pact with the spirit of the "Ruby queen" a master of illusions named so because her illusions would shatter into a cascade of ruby red glass-like particles and she was always adorned in ruby-encrusted gowns and high heeled pumps that looked like they were carved from the precious stone.

The more the Goblin borrows from the ruby queen, He finds himself increasingly adorned in such finery as the queen herself.

One of the annoying things I see a lot is people saying that fire is the most commonly resisted. but when all the data for 1e monsters was collected and organized. it turned out that "most common" was like 15 extra monsters. The take away being that your choice of element is near as likely as being resisted as the others (this excludes sonic and force of course)

and yet people always act like fire is just the worst option in damage types and this mentality has carried over in many discussions I have been in.

sure, if you are playing Age of ashes, then yes it is the worst choice. but that is campaign-specific and I have a feeling it may tip the scales towards fire at the moment due to the low number of APs and new monsters they add to the monsterdex.

So I get that with Polymorph, your equipment absorbs into you, but what if you don't want this to happen. What if you want your bear form to be an armored bear form, what if you want to be a Dragon garbed in fine silks as befitting a majestic creature. Dragon form implies it is more of an anthro dragon instead of a true dragon form. (Ok yes, Dragons claws are dexterous enough to be hands, so that doesn't confirm that dragon form is an anthro form) so surely instead of absorbing, it would make sense for the clothes to resize with holes that form for the wings and tail.

I had the idea that Glamoered could be used, but that can't be activated and unless you can set the illusion to conform to your new shape before you transform, it probably doesn't work.

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I do hope there will be some modern style guns. the range of late 1800 to 1920s. while many people don't like guns, please consider those of us that want to rock a tommy gun that we acquired by visiting earth. and if I recall, earth should be in the early 1920s the thompson is 100 years old.

I just want there to be an eldritch Scion. my Dragon blooded Eldritch scion/Scale fist is some of the most fun I have had in PF1 and Kingmaker. and I was so excited to see how ES would work in pf2. of course I am disappointed, but it is a playtest, hopefully it isn;t indicative that you aren't going to add ES with the Magus.

Arachnofiend wrote:
"Caster who supercharges talismans" sounds more like a route to take the Occultist. It's definitely not the Magus.

The Magus is a spellsword. Weapon runes are how weapons are enhanced. inscribing temporary runes onto a weapon to activate spells is exactly the magus. these spell runes being made from arcana points similar to alchemist reagents is very similar to how it worked in 1e. The subclasses or whatever could then be Kensai, focusing more on the weapon enhancment and maybe getting some Fighter like feats. Eldritch scion. would get access to bloodline focus spells. Pure Magus would get a spell book.

I believe the Magus should have been handled more like the Alchemist. Instead of giving it spells, it would have a list of spell like effects that you use arcane points to pull from. perhaps using it as a gateway to expand upon the idea of weapon talismen.

Spell strike crystal
A list of Talisman crystals that work in a tier system similar to alchemical bombs. an assortment of Offensive, defensive and utility.

Spell strike 2 action
When a Magus makes a spell strike they expand a prepared Spell strike crystal without the need to affix it to their weapon.

Spell shield 1 action
The Magus takes a defensive stance, if they have a Shield crystal prepared, they can activate Shield as a reaction

Perhaps a focus/Foci could be the method of storing these Talisman
"During daily prep, the Magus traces arcane symbols and glyphs onto a Focus"

and of course a feat that allows people to make these spell strike crystals similar to craft alchemy

Too bad there is no eldritch scion. ES over Magus anyday. why take a book into a fight when you can be a Dragon blooded Brawler.

There is an issue. It implies that only Dragon blooded sorcerers have to stick with their chosen type. yet kobolds and barbarians could potentially have 2 different dragon types, thus extra resistances.

I am also not to fond of Scales of the dragon. On a personal opinion it makes no sense for a dex cap on something that is supposed to be as natural to the user as their skin. Like Kobolds suddenly are hindered by their own scales? Dragon blooded sorcerer's who have experienced the scales growing many times now find themselves suddenly restricted by their own body?

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The thing is. making the meteor hammer a monk weapon only really offers trip and reach. Stances can basically do everything else. and at lvl 8 you can even make unarmed attacks at a 30ft range if you pick up the wind stance. So it just seems needlessly cruel to deny the monk class a weapon that is clearly a monk weapon. Sure I am a bit salty that I couldn;t use it with my Dancing monk themed build. I would have combined the Dancer's scarf with meteor hammer and Bladed scarf.

It would have flavored my whole combat around dancing about the battlefield bombarding enemies with a Versatile weapon and gaining concealment while trying to use fascinating performance.

The idea of this battle dancer is such a fun concept and monk is the best chassis for it. So instead I went martial arts ballerina because I couldn't use the meteor hammer. Going Crane stance route made for good flavour of doing things like graceful jumps (I had to flavor crane strikes as pirouette kicks) Crane flutter is basically dancing and twirling about to avoid attack in the same motion as a kick. But I just think a scarfe dancer would have looked a bit more plausible.

I don't see how. you would give up your stance just to gain reach and trip. otherwise Stances offer everything else.

RicoTheBold wrote:
Hey, don't look too closely at the Meteor hammer and get it errata'd out of PFS sanctioning. My fighter needs it. It's basically his identity. He's the guy with a meteor hammer.

I want it for my monk but the traditional monk weapon is useless on the monk because it isn't a monk weapon. so yes it needs errata

The only reason I can see is that a 1d8 reach weapon that can flurry could be a bit unbalanced but I doubt that.

Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:

The weirdest part about it is that the stats imply that not only does every fighter know how to use one, but that it's widely used enough to not be uncommon or advanced. Which is the opposite of what the meteor hammer is, being a fairly dangerous and unorthodox weapon that requires a lot of very specific training and mastery to use even safely.

It is nice that it is far less obtrusive to get cool, weird weapons that make for flashier characters, but if there is going to be make a distinction about common and uncommon weapons, that's one that I would think fits the bill.

Exactly and they don;t even have the rope dart which is basically the same thing except it has a dagger/blade on the end of the rope instead.

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The Meteor hammer is a Shaolin weapon. It makes no sense it isn't a monk weapon.

well 5e is a bit of inspiration for certain spells. make them rituals. something like 20min per spell level. Summoning would then have a buff in that the duration of the summons would last much longer to offset the length of the cast.

as for recovery. the standard 1 standard for 1 spell. but for the advanced recovery methods. the only one I can think of off the top of my head is cleric recovers their mod in spells when they channel energy.

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So I love the path of war classes and the idea of martial maneuvers and I feel spell casting could potentially be adapted to a similar style.

Off the top of my head, there are a few spells that have easy adaptations to this system. Mage armour would be a stance. Shield and dispel magic would be a counter. True strike as well as cats grace and the like, boosts. then good ol' fireball as a strike.

This is really just surface thought at the moment, haven't decided if I should commit to this

This would be added in conjunction with my armour rework. using the armour as DR system then making a separation between physical and magical DR. light armour gives high Magic DR to offset the low Physical DR.

I want to do some test builds, could I get some help from someone that knows the system better.

So my valkyrie

So a base medium construct.
I want it to fly
I want it to have an expy for a missile salvo so Fireball or somesuch
the abillity to dispell or block Spells that I can roleplay as defense flares (without magic immunity, I want to avoid that trait for Balance sake)
and I would probably add the force field from tech guide
and duel wield handguns.

CloudCobra wrote:

Well, you would have to look at golems out there in order to find one that has similar powers to what you want to do. But then you can add the Construct Armor ability in order to wear it.

If you combine this with the robot subtype (Dungeons of Golarion 49), you now have a non-magical, intelligent construct that can think and have feats and skills. So you have something akin to an Ironman exoskeletal powerarmor, but which can also work independently of any humanoid. This allows you to gain the advantage of feats and skills that could either not be performed due to class restrictions or character level.

Yeah the issue I am havving at the moment is the question of can you give constructs spells/Spell likes or can they use wands/magic items.

Forgot some things that changes this. Vital strike of course is a once a round action and can't be used in full round actions. and aegis gets the ranged attack and energy attack customizations that actually do a tonn of damage, but seriously, why no adding attribute to the attack and damage.

Ok, I have a lvl 14 alchemist Grenadier and about 1.3mil gold, downtime and a setting that allows gunslingers and has airship tech. I think it is time to build her suits of power armour. or in her case. power armour ballgowns I have researched my options and want advice.

Path 1. reclass to soulbolt/aegis/metaforge (or straight aegis)
This is probably the most accesable way, but I worry my damage output as the teams ranged AoE damage will fall. I am basically going from
+22 to hit touch AC 7d6+8 bomb damage, 1d8+5 gun damage 4 times a round

to at best
+21 To hit AC 3d8+16+1d8+1d6 )Vital strike/deadly Aim/Psy Strike/weapon enchantment (flaming/frost etc)) 1 time then 3d8+16+1d6 3 times at a much lower chance to hit then alchemist

Benefits: Versatility, access to spells/powers via power stones. Ease of access

Path 2
Craft Construct + Construct armour

This one if the most headache causing as I am not entirely sure how I would use this for what it is I want to achieve.

If I go this route I am mainly looking to augment my alchemist with different suits for different occasions. think Warframe.

the idea would be to just stat up heavy armour. add bonuses. add wands/wonderous items. give it animate object HD and add construct armour.

Valkyrie armour
Full plate
Fireball (or some spell that can be fluffed as launching a salvo of missiles)
Dispell (or some means of emulating anti-missile flares)

Varia Suit expy
Full Plate
reduce person (morphball)
Elemental/Energy Resistences (Varia suit passives)

Reinhardt mode
Full Plate
Wall of force (or a means of emulating his Barrier field)
Strength boosts
Force Hook Charge (or bull rush bonuses)
A lesser version of earthquake (can;t think of one off the top of my head)
A Warhammer I don't need proficiency in

Qaianna wrote:

Fighters and brawlers are supposed to be good with combat manoeuvres, aren't they? Brawlers can pretty much grab what moves they want mid-fight, fighters have the raw feats available to possibly even make a whip good, I think. Both can frontline, full BAB too. Otherwise ... hm.

I guess one thing would be to look back on the prior battles and think to see what your enemies would or could have done had your character not been there doing their thing. Because that's what your future enemies could do and something has to counter it.

I would prefer to stay tier 3 an above. and certain't prefer magic. pure martial classes are boring beyond compare

Louise Bishop wrote:
Calybos1 wrote:

Since my own group regularly tries to avoid having any "frontline" characters (resulting in everyone getting trampled by charging foes plus spells plus missile attacks), I'll be fascinated to see how this combo turns out.

thumbs up

The Alchemist sounds best suited to escape while the ground bounds sound SOL. Especially first wind wall the group meets. But hey sometimes you just got to make mistakes to relize they are mistakes.

Personally I play 9th level casters. But I really love the Bloodrager. I've made many an AP into victims of the Bloodrager Class. One of the strongest martials in the game.

I have been thinking about it. what I really want would be a frontline support. someone that can be a frontliner but dish out the team support. I suppose Paladin would be good. Ideally I like the idea of the cavalier supporting through more passive based abilities like a bard, but do prefer my casters.

Bard is also an option. we are playing with max health. so d8 isn't that bad.

Louise Bishop wrote:

So your Group has 2 ranged People and a Basic Cleric.

What makes a "Basic" Cleric?

And your Idea is to either be a Battle style cleric or a caster?

I see a massive hole in your frontlines. And sadly most Frontliners are Move and Attack styles of Play. It is to keep things off your back lines.

My recommendation:
Bloodrager- Very strong class that offers a minor amount of spell casting. Even has a draconic Bloodline that can qualify for Dragon Disciple PrC.

Ranger- Like above. Minor Casting and Good fighting abilities and some skills. Sword and Shield as well as 2handed are great styles.

Paladin- Mercies, Lay on hands, Smite, Spellcasting. The Negative is LG restriction. But some people do not mind that.

Warpriest- Very good class since you like the battle cleric Idea. This class comes online quicker than the Cleric in Battle Prowess and action economy. The Cleric hedges out at Level 12+ with superior Spellcasting but at that point your comparing a class to a Tier 1 class and 9th level caster...nothing will really be as good in the late game anyways.

Hunter- Very good Frontliner with the right Pet and feat selections. Good skills, spells, and abilities. I like the reach AoO builds that shred enemies and controls large portions of the Map.

Your group needs a Frontliner. So I agree with VRMH no on the illusionist. The reach combat cleric is the stronger choice but you end up having 2 clerics in the party.

Basic as in sword and board, is there to patch us up since we lack heals. The alchemist is a blaster and didn't take infusions, and only provides brewed potions after downtime and paid.

as for the list
Oh you mean a worse cleric
not really my style

The thing is. we don't really need a front line. we have a character that is literally a bomber who can zip away on her wasp if she gets into any serious trouble. and playing as a frontliner means that I actually hinder her, causing her to miss better opportunities so she doesn't bomb me. and a mounted archer, ranged and mobility. So you can see why I don't want to stick to my current character.

Yeah a reach cleric will still have the same problem. but then I can just summon and do other things.

So I am in a group of 3+DMPC
We have a goblin alchemist that flys on a giant wasp and dresses like a WW2 pilot
A Magus Eldritch Archer on horse back
and a basic cleric (GMPC)
I was playing a synthesis summoner and acting as the big ol non fighter fighter. I have found it to be boring. my bag of tricks is "I charge this guy and attack. I charge this guy and attack. oh, this guy didn't move. I full round attack with all my natural weapons" Later I get fire breath and flight. basically I used synth summoner to make a Dragon/Human offspring with martial arts or a better way to put it. a better monk/fighter

I am going to change to a new character while my current character splits from the party on solo quest and I have 2 characters in mind

A Reach combat Cleric
An Illusionist (that I intend to play as similar to the Mesmer from Guild wars 2 as much as possible)

Just not sure which one to go with and would like opinions on what I should go with.
If I go Cleric, I can buff, I can protect the archer and he becomes a good pivot point for me to get AoO as enemies try to attack him. but the archer and the alchemist would be threatened more by ranged foes
If I go illusionist, I can use illusions to provide additional targets to protect both alchemist and archer. I would be able to control through confusion. However we would lack sustain. I suppose this is a non issue since I would be trying to mitigate damage. preventing damage is better then healing damage. I would probably also have summons fluffed as physical illusions. But the character is negated once illusions are disbelieved.

Rub-Eta wrote:

Ah, I see. Well, as it's a 3000gp item for a feat, I guess it's worth it. Toughness and Improved Initative is always good (like, really good, can save you and the entire party). The Flight hex is also really nice.

And, um, double check with your DM if you're allowed to use slumber, I know I wouldn't allow it to be used in combat at least (it's seriously broken). it isn't broken. you usually set up to slumber with evil eye and misfortune first, then once slumbered you have to rely on a team mate to finish the creature. in that same amount of time. Frontline power attack melee fighter (or preferably cleric) has also dropped an enemy.

Rub-Eta wrote:

The items specificaly states a case when you already have the Hex. Your Hex slot is not "open", you still have the Hex. You need to retrain (if you're allowed) the Hex and also the feat if you want to replace it. Though 2/day swift cackle is nice as well.

The smoke arrow grants a 20% consealment if they're within the 5ft square of fog, as standing at the edge of an obscuring mist spell or fog could spell would. All sight isn't obscured either, as they're standing withing 5ft in the smoke to anybody. As the smoke isn't thicker than 5ft,technically it won't grant 50% consealment if you're standing behind it either.

I am in the mod of character creation. which is specifically why I mentioned if I should use the now open slot that I would normally use for cackle

I get to make 2 lvl 5 characters and as the party is filled with Melee classes and no ounce of magic I Decided to make a Witch and an archer cleric for maximum support and battle control.

What I am trying to decide at the moment is if I should pick up a cackling hag's blouse and use the Hex slot now open for something else such as, replacing extra Hex with another feat. or just picking up another Hex.

So far my witch has
Evil eye

Extra Hex
Accursed Hex
Scribe scroll
Craft wondrous items

(we are playing skulls and shackles so plenty of craft time)

Also, any recomendation on what spells to wand/scroll for a witch

As for my cleric
If I fire a smoke arrow at a medium creature what exactly are the effects. if it is like a 5 foot version of fog cloud is that really enough to give them concealment?

I will be running a campaign in my own setting. the idea is that the majority of play will take place in a large city and the region around it. The city I had in mind was built as a big circle with four main roads. Instead of making it myself I serached and found the eternal city of Axis and I figured I could potentially convert that. the problem is. all I can find is a low resolution image. what book.resources would I need to buy to get a detailed Map of it?

Do you perhaps know of any other city that fits that theme. another good example is Divinity's reach from Guild wars 2. especially with the palace at the center.

So here is the situation. my Magus, she had elemental Aura, Fire active and we were fighting Moonflowers, who are vulnerable to fire. Their gimmick is they grapple their victim and cocoon them.

So my character was grappled and then drawn inside the cocoon all the while she had the aura active.

There is nothing in the description of the spell about grappling, but is there any other rule about this kind of stuff or do I have to rely on the GMs ruling in that it just added a bonus to my CMD >.<

Hi, I have been talking with cat, I will be joining this campaign with the character Malena.