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Good Evening!

Can you please cancel my sidecart order of house on hook street?


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I am in need of some GM advice. I have a weekly adventure path group which I GM. This weekly group had to shift to a virtual tabletop over a year ago using Google Hangout due to the distances we've moved over the years. This group is made up of people that have been friends and have been role-playing for over 20 years.

I also maintain a bi-monthly face to face session with a different AP with the same group of people. What I have found is a significant difference between the level of RP between the two groups. The VT group has seemed to adopt a "video game" mentality when moving through the AP, while the face to face group seems to RP much more, and in general just have more fun. This is no doubt a common bi-product of the virtual vs face to face space.

I am looking for ways to incentivize RP with my virtual group. Are there any reward systems anyone uses to promote deeper RP? I don't want to use XP as an incentive as I tend to follow the AP's suggested progression paths. Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

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Scavion wrote:

EDIT: This comes from a misinterpretation of "Weapon Damage Dice" in which there are two different meaning for the same term. A Greatsword's Weapon Dice is 2d6. A Morning Star's Weapon Dice is 1d8. Your beefed up Strongjaw is 8d8. They all benefit the same from Mythic Vital Strike. You roll additional weapon damage dice to represent Vital Strike's effect. The number of additional weapon damage dice is what you use to multiply. In your case 2. So you would deal 32x3+24d8 damage. (Still quite mighty for a mythic hero)

This at least seems like it's more in line with other builds.

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I've begun running WOTR, and one of my players is working towards the mythic build below. Utilizing a few feats and relatively low end gear, he is able to generate nearly 1,000 damage with a single strike at level 15/M 4. I'm looking to the community to scrutinize. Are we interpreting something incorrectly or is this for real?

Level: 14 druid/1 ranger

Feats: Power Attack, Shapeshifting Hunter, Shaping Focus, Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike

Spell/ability effects in effect: Wild Shape (Beast Form III, behemoth hippopotamus), strongjaw, greater magic fang

Strength Score:
15 (base score from point buy)
+1 (leveling progression)
+4 (belt of giant strength +4)
+6 (Wild Shape (see above))
=28 Total Str

4D8 (base weapon dice for bite attack)
+4D8 (additional weapon dice for strongjaw effect)
+16D8 (additional weapon dice for improved vital strike)
=24D8 Total weapon dice (24-192 damage)
+13 (Str mod x 1.5)
+9 (Power Attack)
+3 (greater magic fang)
=37-217 Total Damage
(+2 to +8 if favored enemy)

Now, let's look at the exact same druid with as little as four mythic levels added:

Additional Feats: Mythic Power Attack, Mythic Vital Strike
Additional Strength: +4 (mythic ability increases)

4D8 (base weapon dice for bite attack)
+4D8 (additional weapon dice for strongjaw effect)
+16D8 (additional weapon dice for improved vital strike)
=24D8 Total weapon dice (24-192 damage)

16 (Str mod x 1.5)
+13 (Mythic Power Attack)
+3 (greater magic fang)
=32 static bonuses to damage
+768 (Mythic (Improved) Vital Strike (32 x 24))
=824-992 Total Damage
(+50 to +200 if favored enemy (static favored enemy bonuses x 24))

There you have it, almost a thousand damage in a single attack - never mind other spell effects, the animal companion, summonable allies, better itemization, a suboptimal pre-item Str score, other feats... and a free grab attack paired with the bite. Is this for real?

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Name: Krysnis
Race: Changling
Classes/levels: Monk (6)
Adventure: Trial of the Beast
Location: Schloss Caromarc
Catalyst: The Trolls
The Gory Details:

The party was at the front gate of the guardhouse, unable to get in. Krysnis decided she would climb up, sneak into the guardhouse, and open the doors. She opened the doors just in time for the party to see a crossbow bolt (that critically hit) pierce her through her chest. She was then pulled back into the guardhouse as the doors were resealed. The party could hear her scream as her limbs were torn apart. The buried her near the Shutterwood.

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About to begin Broken Moon. Group consists of:

1. Dwarven Cleric of Iomedae.

2. Human Pally of Iomedae

3. Dhampir Ranger. Her name is Renesmee, and she has a pet wolf named Jacob...yeah I know.....

4. The most interesting character in the group is an "elven" sorcerer. He is in the old age category, and thus has the penalties and benefits associated with it. His back story is basically that in the future he was part of an organization called the Order of the 9 Eyes. They are in search of a 9th school of magic, and thus have been experimenting with some nasty stuff. When experimenting in the future, he was imprisoned in a magical cube. He was able to escape, but his soul was cast out, and he was reincarnated in the body of an elf in the past. He has a particular interest in the Palantine Eye as he believes it to be a precursor to his future organization.

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We've got a "misfit group" consisting of:

1. A gnome bard designed in the vain of Tyrian Lannister. He has wives scattered across Varisia, and is constantly hitting on our groups only female.

2. A female human barbarian. She is completely literal, and has no time for subtly. When asked to "intimidate" a prisoner into being more open to our interrogation, she raised her great sword and chopped off the prisoners leg, killing them.

3. A human caster focused druid with a low strength score. He often makes references to obscure locations, and is constantly trying to dispense wisdom to the group. Is the "bonded mate" of the barbarian as they are from the same tribe. Sacrificed the animal companion for the domain. The designated leader of the group.

4. A swashbuckler rogue who patterned his personality after Westley from the Princess Bride. Duel wields light crossbows for round one, then duel wields short swords.

Needless to say a fun group personality wise, and tactically holding our own so far.

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Nine Inch Nails-Downward Spiral and Pretty Hate Machine Albums.

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Hello Pathfinder Community!

As a long time GM, I have often fielded complaints from my players that as they advance through the adventure paths, their party wealth seems to be well below the suggested wealth level as indicated by the PH table. Obviously there are outside factors impacting this, such as resurrection costs, crafting, missing rooms and items, etc. Despite this, I wanted a way to track their progression, as well as a way for them to easily keep track of their own inventories. As a result, created the following spreadsheet:


Tab 1 is a blank form for a level 2 party, and tab 2 is a filled in example for a level 7 party.

I'm looking for feedback, advice, and suggestions from the community to tweak or improve the tracking form. Any thoughts?

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"March of the Righteous"
"A Woeful Wound"
"A Harvest of Souls"

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"A Light Beyond the Abyss"
"The Crusader Chronicles"
"Out of Time"
"The Empty Hourglass"
"The Crusade of Souls"

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Thanks for the feedback....I appreciate it!

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Currently my group is finishing off Tazion. My current plan is to use Ulduvai as Saventh-Yhi. I am planning on running the Juliver encounter after the Shoggoth is run off and the cultists killed (The proto-shoggoth in the Hunter's Maze seems like a nice way to bring it back later). There already appears to be a tie in to the Gorilla King. The other factions would arrive as normal. In terms of the "7 spears", I was planning to put the monoliths within Ulduvai. I assume I am missing other plot holes? Is there something else that does not fit cleanly into the campaign with a little modification?

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Has anyone substituted Crucible of Chaos in place of book #3? Excited to run books 4-6, but not impressed with book 3 overall. Looking swap it out. What I am mainly interested in is how smoothly this would work? Does the xp line up?