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We ran into a bit of grey area last night. I took the Evolution that grants me Strength x1.5 on a bite attack, and I also have Power Attack. Does Bite benefit from the increased attack penalty/damage bonus ratio as two-handed weapons? Or does it still only benefit from the standard power attack numbers?

Azten wrote:
Tradition has sorcerers casting it.

Yeah, it's that kind of thing that makes my mind boggle. Bringing life to inanimate objects is, in my opinion, one of the most wizard-y things there is.

Subject topic says it all. What the hell is the rationale there?

Ravingdork wrote:
See for yourself.

My count is only +4 CL for greater dispel magic (+2 from Spell Specialization, +1 from the Ioun stone, +1 from the Varisian Tattoo); what am I missing there?

EDIT: Messed up quote syntax.

So I was idly flipping through UM earlier, and this line gave me a bit of confusion.

Ultimate Magic wrote:
When you finish casting this spell, you may bring yourself and up to seven other creatures to the plane automatically by joining hands in a circle.

Is this only do-able once, requiring plane shift afterward? Or can you shift over to the demiplane whenever you want using the holding-hands-circle method?

Was going for a staff due to wanting to use it for multiple things over the levels. Namely, arcane sight, see invisibility (for more than just me, the party uses invisibility a lot), and greater magic fang, since it's absurdly cheaper than an amulet of mighty fists.

Richard Leonhart wrote:
On the other hand if I were the GM, you would have lace my sweets with acid and hit me on the head with your metal-bound-corerulebook to get me to allow that staff. (that's the only explanation I can think about for a staff of infinite wishes that's not a major artifact)

Oh, the staff of wishing ended up basically becoming an artifact. Once it was created we only had about one more session until the game ended. All of the characters were 30th level (20 class levels, 10 PrC levels) by that point, so there was really nowhere else to go.

EDIT: And "Magic-ridiculous" was a very good description of that particular campaign. Though that was the entire point of said campaign, really.

Actually making it cost more than 1 charge is more advantageous for the user, since it massively cuts down the cost of the staff, and permanency isn't exactly something you're going to need very often. Hell, I set it up to require 5 charges when I initially priced out the thing.

Well the reason it's an issue: When crafting a spell into a staff that has an expensive material component, you have to pay fifty-fold the price.

Unrelated, but we saved a boatload of cash in a ludicrously high-powered game when we made a Staff of Wishing. Took awhile to build up to it though, was a party of five and we were able to get 120 ability score boosting casts out for the price of 50.

I'm currently playing a summoner, and I want to get access to permanency and arcane sight. Best plan I've come up with so far is to commission a staff with the two above (and detect magic so I can actually refill it).

However, I'm not sure how permanency's GP cost interacts with the normal rules for putting a spell with an expensive material component on a staff, since the cost is variable. My interpretation is that there's no additional cost to place it on the staff itself, but the normal material component cost has to be provided on use.

Is this correct?

Okay, so, a friend and I were talking about this and we've got this figured out.

This content is from material published by Paizo Publishing, LLC, but is not part of the Pathfinder Core Rules.

Eidolon Subschool
Associated School: Conjuration.

Replacement Powers: The following school power replaces the dimensional steps power of the conjuration school.

Lesser Eidolon: At 8th level, you can trade your familiar for an Eidolon, as the Summoner class feature of the same name. Treat the Eidolon's level as your Wizard level -7, or Wizard level -4 if you have the Improved Familiar feat. You do not benefit from any other Summoner class features, such as life link or bond senses.


Next question. Does the school add some of the Eidolon-specific spells (EG: Unfetter, Evolution Surge) as school spells?

EDIT: Nevermind, got Wizard Schools and Cleric Domains backwards!

Question--Does the eidolon take up the wizard's familiar/bonded item "slot"?

SmiloDan wrote:
You could slow down spell progression. For example, give wizards the inquisitor's spells per day instead of the standard wizard's spells per day. Players would still get to cast spells beginning at 1st level (which is fun--especially if you want to play a spell caster!), Save DCs don't need to fudged, the highest level spells are eliminated, higher level spells are delayed, and if the PCs want more spells per day, they can just invest in Scribing Scrolls.

Just pointing something out, that results in the wizard having more spells per day of levels 1-6 than he normally would. Granted that's still cutting out 7-9.

Found another bug, the plague zombie entry is really messed up. Lists DR 10/cold iron and a crap ton of SLAs, for one.

To my knowledge that build isn't rules-legal. I believe you can't pick up a second prestige class until you've finished the one you're in.

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Okay, two things strike me.

#1, I find the giant maggot infestation due to sudden lack of spidery death very clever. Good job.

#2, Beware, pugwampis can and have destroyed a 10th level party when combined with other things if one of the dice doesn't like a player. Remember, they make people roll twice and take worst on everything except damage rolls.

ZDPhoenix wrote:
As in, "sure you can take a level in sorcerer; after 3 levels in a different non-magic class".

Before doing this, do consider that this is going to mess up save DCs versus save bonuses.

I sent a Skype message, I'd like to collaborate on this. It sounds like it'll be fun to help design. :D

So I've been tinkering around with this on and off for a few months now, and I think I'm ready to post it. As the title says, I'm basing most of the inspiration off of FFXI's incarnation, and been writing bits here and there for minor faction based mostly in Katapesh and Qadira that the PrC comes from.

However, I don't want to commit to doing a bunch of fluff writing if the mechanics aren't sound enough for play.

The prestige class itself is up in this Google doc, I've gone through Bestiary 1 thus far. I'd like to get some opinions and critique before I move into Bestiary 2 and 3. The PrC is primarily meant for a martial base, it's not actually a spellcasting class (Though I have had someone use Inquisitor as a base in a playtest to good effect).

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, and I'm open to collaboration.

Some mutation entries are as-of-yet undecided. I'm open to suggestion on those. I'm also debating on whether to allow mutations from CR 1/2 outsiders that are familiar-able.

EDIT: Just remembered, there's a few Bestiary 2 entries in there. Those were critters that showed up over a series of modules used for playtesting.

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We just threw out flurry of blows entirely and let Monk full attack with unarmed strikes as a standard action. Meshes better with their absurd amount of movement speed.

Bwang wrote:
SKR has a rant on his personal site about 'immunities'. I read it and modified them in my game.

Could I get a link to that?

Hooray, mathematical and/ors. That makes things easier. Thanks.

EDIT: So how does that interact with the DR-breaking properties of raw enhancement bonuses?

When a DR entry lists multiple null conditions, does an attack need to be both to overcome it? For example, a Thanatotic Titan has DR 15/lawful and epic -- this means that a weapon needs to be both lawful and epic, correct? Or do DR entries use "and" to mean "or"?

Oh, nonono, I wasn't planning on throwing that kind of thing at my PCs! It was just an observation one of my players had while playing around with the template addition stuff. I've been passing the link around to people.

First off, I have to say I absolutely love this program and I'm going to use it always and forever.

With that said, a friend found a pretty nasty bug. Templates can mess up attacks. For example, applying the half-dragon template to a kraken makes it lose its tentacles (the half-dragon template's natural attacks seem to overwrite any existing ones).

One of a Choker's special abilities grants it an additional move action each round. Does this allow it to move and full attack? The bit that's confusing me comes from the description of a full-round action: "[a full-round action] can't be coupled with a standard or a move action".

I'm leaning on the side of yes, but an arguing player says no. Is there an official verdict here?

LazarX wrote:
Thirdly when SKR values the single most powerful scaling feat in the game at only 8 points, I'll just simply chuck his table entirely.

What feat would that be, exactly?

I'm here to put my kudos to the GMG in as well. It has an absolutely absurd number of tables, tables for just about anything you could think of when you're having a mental block.

Either Wizard or Synthesist. I just love the wizard playstyle at any level, even the horribly painful low ones, and synthesist is just so incredibly neat. Not to mention effective. *-*

If Diplomacy rolls are a problem for you, you might want to check the second post on this thread. My group uses this Diplomacy rewrite in all of our games, and we all agree the skill makes a lot more sense with it.

In our Kingmaker game I'm playing a Cleric of Abadar who's almost exclusively built to be a Diplomacy/Bluff monster. It's been pretty great thus far.

I've been rather fond of half-gestalt, wherein you only gain a gestalt level on every even.

EDIT: Interesting ideas there, Flak. Have you tested that at all? If so, how did it work out? Or was it something you just came up with?

Drejk wrote:
Does not work that way, regretfully - Extra Cantrips or Orisons adds 2 known 0th level spells. Which is of little use to Wizard who can add them to his spellbook from a scroll (there is quite common reading of all-cantrips-in-spellbook as all-cantrips-in-the-core-rules-in-spellbook-everything-beyond-core-learn-no rmally) but still has to prepare within daily spell slot. And number of those is fixed.

Oh really? Snap, so it is. Guess it is redundant then. I had read the feat wrong when I first went through the book.

Hate to burst your bubble, but Extra Cantrips or Orisons isn't actually redundant. It may have the exact same function as Expanded Arcana... but a a prepared spellcaster doesn't have access to said feat, so ECoO is the only option.

Kilbourne wrote:
mearrin69 wrote:

Houseruling, we allow Spellcraft checks to do special things while casting (emulating a metamagic feat you don't have means beating a *very* high DC while making magic missiles burst like fireworks to show off for some goblins is somewhat lower). It's kinda fun, but maybe not for everyone as it is very dependent upon DM fiat. We don't allow anything game-breaking, just for a little color.

Do you have a chart or something you can share? That seems really cool.

I concur, I'd love to see some more info on this.

Ævux wrote:

I would say that Tenacious summoning should be something along the lines of..

Requirements: Spell focus Conj

Then the benefit is reliant on the DC for your Conj spells. The more focused you are in Conj they harder it is for the enemy to dismiss or otherwise command your summoned creatures.

Hm. That's probably a better option. I think I'll change it over.

EDIT: Gack, why can't I edit my original post? x.x

Bumping, I'd really like some critique on this.

All homebrewing can cease. The greatest feat has been created.

Bask in its glory.

Looking over Synthesist with a couple of friends, we figure it's a bit underpowered due to Summoner's initial balancing being done with double action economy in mind. Beyond that, the Split Forms and Twin Eidolon abilities just don't make much thematic sense for the Synthesist archetype. Therefore, we've built this little patch, as well as two side options, that we're seeking critique on.

Synthesist Archetype Patch


Bonus Feats The Synthesist receives a bonus feat at 4th, 8th, and 14th level. These bonus feats may be any Combat Feat or Monster Feat that the fused Synthesist/Eidolon would otherwise qualify for.

True Synthesis (Su) The Synthesist can remain in his fused form indefinitely. The Synthesist's eidolon does not dismiss if he falls asleep or otherwise loses consciousness. This ability replaces Split Forms.

Fusion Celerity (Su) The Synthesist can call his eidolon or dismiss it as a full-round action, instead of needing to perform a 1 minute ritual. If the eidolon is killed, the Synthesist must wait a full 24 hours, as normal. This ability replaces Twin Eidolon.

New Feat

Tenacious Summoning

Your summoned entities are particularly tenacious, and refuse to turn from or leave you in a time of need.

Prerequisites: Ability to utilize a spell of the (Summoning) subschool

Benefit: Any creature you summon gains a +4 bonus to its saving throw to avoid dimissal or domination. This bonus also applies to a Summoner's eidolon.

New Summoner Option

Prepared Casting

While many Summoners draw arcane magic from the link they have forged with an outsider, there exist other Summoners who followed a different path to the link. Many Summoners began schooled in the arcane arts either by traditional paths, or by study of wizardry. These Summoners gave up much of their arcane potential to forge a bond far stronger than that another wizard's familiar or bonded item--the bond with the eidolon. Such Summoners prepare spells ahead of time and use a spellbook, as other prepared arcane casters. A prepared casting Summoner uses Intelligence as the primary ability for his spells (the Summon Monster class feature remains based on Charisma), and gains access to spell research as any other prepared caster. However, a prepared casting Summoner's spellcasting progression for each slot stops at 4 spells per level, instead of 5.

Comments, critique, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Magicdealer wrote:
On the celestial plane, where the game continues, they are level 1 characters. Have them use the stats from their level 20's, and of course they keep their gear. They'll want to write this up on a secondary character sheet. If they need/want to return to the prime plane, they are level 20 characters with whatever loot they've accumulated so far. The idea here is that they are actually gaining power in the celestial realm, and are still powerful characters. However, in COMPARISON to the other creatures that...

This is a really interesting idea, but do the players keep their spells/feats/etc.? Or are they ACTUALLY brought down to level 1 with level 20 equipment?

You could always have them gestalt. The whole point of gestalt builds is to make playing D&D possible with around two people, so why not go for it?

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A concern that has been baffling me: Can the Fast Healing evolution be used properly on a Synthesist Summoner? Furthermore, is there any method of healing the eidolon, or do you just have to wait until it dies and resummon it 24 hours later?

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I concur, get rid of the racial restriction.

And a nitpick: Rewrite all of the "An Sacred Arrow"s. They upset my grammar gland. :B

Aeons communicate through a "language" called Envisaging, which pretty much amounts to assaulting the mind of the person you're "talking" to with pictures of whatever you're trying to get across.

What about Dogmatic or Tyrannical? I'm leaning towards the former, myself.

Ooo, I might have to steal some of these feats and spells for the epic level game I'm running. If I do such again in the future, I may just use this instead of the funky homebrew thing I'm doing right now.

Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
I'd like to know more about this. Would you mind starting a new thread detailing this?

I'm also quite interested in this.

Could someone please explain what the E# notation refers to?

Well snap. That all changes my perspective. Thanks a ton. o3o

I've heard that Wizards can get a lot of mileage out of a familiar if they know what they're doing. I've tried to figure it out, and I've done google searches, but I haven't been able to figure out what's so incredibly useful about them. Best use of my familiar (a Voidworm) thus far has been having him squeeze through a keyhole and utilizing Share Senses to figure out what was on the other side.

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