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Thats what I figured, but honestly, take a look, It does not say ANYWHERE what it is for sure

So early on in the adventure the party will encounter Vreeg. He has a Robe of Bones, and I have yet to find a definite answer on the cost to activate the robe. It does say that it functions as a Robe of useful items, which says only one patch can be removed per round. However, it also has nothing stating the cost to activate the item - is this a standard action ( I assume it is ) or a free action - cause one of these is crazy powerful, the other is just ok.

There is no lake of molten gold or lava or anything like that, but here is fire 100 ft below where they are fighting. And yes i am most concerned about the druid in the party, he is the only person that has managed to not die through the adventure path. The fighter has died 3 times, bard 2 times, and the ranger 2 times. Animal companions have numerous deaths for both the druid's pet and the rangers pet (Large cat and wolf).

The druid just has everything. The only weakness a druid seems to have is reflex saves, and the sucker just uses resist and shield spells to negate elemental damage as much as possible. And when he does get low on hp, he just uses heal. And since he is always in earth elemental form, he has high con, can't be crit or sneak attacked ext.

Basically? He is a pain in my butt!

Deathquaker, this is one of my first threads ever. I have no idea where to put a thread or how to put it there! So if I am in error, I apologize.

Thanks for all the ideas guys! Really getting me thinking of things I can do. But i guess I should explain a little more about the Druid in my party.

He does not care about casting spells atm. He is in earth elemental form, and prepared to chase after my wizard (It's Karzog) and just beat him to death. Now that he is immune to arcane spells, he seems to think he is invincible.

And try as i might, hitting him with any kind to attack is almost pointless. I would have to hit him with some sick greater dispel magic spells before that is a thing. Stoneskin, barkskin, seamantle, and armor and a shield with the wild enchant on them make hitting him ALMOST impossible atm. Although the fighter in the group has 50 AC, and I have given up hitting that with regular attacks....

A few of these have promise, although the pit spells will not help. The Druid in my game is constantly in earth elemental form while in combat, and is too large for the pit spells to do anything, unless I have misread them.

Well I can ban the spell, which might be what I do because it just seems to be insane. My wizard does have access to wall of force and prismatic wall, but they only last 2 min.

I was hoping to find other options than just banning the spell outright though. I try to play as close to RAW as possible, so finding some legit ways to deal with this crazy spell would be awesome.

Source Severance

School abjuration; Level cleric 6, druid 6, witch 6


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (an unworked lodestone)


Range 5 feet Area 5-ft.-radius emanation, centered on you
Duration 10 minutes/level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance see text


You create an invisible barrier that surrounds you and moves with you, inhibiting one category of magic. When you cast this spell, choose either arcane or divine magic. This spell functions like antimagic field, but it suppresses only spells of the chosen type and supernatural and spell-like class abilities from classes that grant spellcasting of the selected type. Magic items, other spell-like abilities, and other supernatural abilities are unaffected.

While this spell is in effect, you must succeed at a concentration check (DC 20 + twice the spell level) to cast any spell, whether arcane or divine. If you fail at the check, you lose the spell as if you had cast it to no effect.

So this spell just came up in the campaign I am running. The party is facing off against a powerful wizard. The Druid just cast this and declared arcane. Now he is untouchable for 3 hours. What the heck were they thinking when they made this spell? It's only level 6, and lasts 10 min/level. This is insanely overpowered.

So my real question's start here.

1. Can this crazy mess be dispelled?
2. Failing this, are there any other ways to get rid of this? Other than a wish or something insane. In fact, would wish even work?

All I got atm. Other than that, anyone with experience working with this spell that has advice would be appreciated.

Question about a certain cursed item.

Periapt of Foul Rotting

Aura moderate abjuration; CL 10th

Slot neck; Weight —


This engraved gem appears to be of little value. If any character keeps the periapt in her possession for more than 24 hours, she contracts a terrible rotting affliction that *permanently drains* 1 point of Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma every week. The periapt (and the affliction) can be removed only by application of a remove curse spell followed by a cure disease and then a heal, miracle, limited wish, or wish spell. The rotting can also be countered by crushing a periapt of health and sprinkling its dust upon the afflicted character (a full-round action), whereupon the periapt of foul rotting likewise crumbles to dust.

Is this different than normal ability drain? Is there any way to cure it?

Question involving deities. Are events that take place between deities common knowledge? For example, would anyone know why pharasma and iomedae don't get along? Would just anyone have this info, or would it be more of a religious thing, where only higher up members of the faith would have that kind of information?

Questions about blazing rainbow.

1. Damage reduction. It is subject to damage reduction correct? And as such, if the damage of the shot is reduced to 0, will the effects of the shot be applied? (The minute of Faire fire)

2. The Faire fire ability it applies on hit. Is it subject to magic resistance like Faire fire is? I believe it isn't, but can't find anything on it one way or the other

Questions about blazing rainbow.

1. Damage reduction. It is subject to damage reduction correct? And as such, if the damage of the shot is reduced to 0, will the effects of the shot be applied? (The minute of Faire fire)

2. The Faire fire ability it applies on hit. Is it subject to magic resistance like Faire fire is? I believe it isn't, but can't find anything on it.

Question. Can spells that create weapons be cast and then simply handed to another player? Or is the player that cast the spell the only one that can use it?

The example in question would be blazing rainbow. One of the players at our table is a druid, and thinks that they should be able to cast the spell, make the bow, and pass it off to the ranger in the group because they can use it more effectively.

Is this even a thing? Because it doesn't technically say anything one way or the other in the rule book as far as I can tell. But this also seems like it could turn silly very quickly by turning players into weapon factories for other players.

Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated. It would also be appreciated if you told me whether or not these ideas are from a rule book or simply thoughts you have on the subject.

As always, thanks for being awesome!

Quick Question for the glorious t-rex.

Can break enchantment work on supernatural or extraordinary abilities? For example, a vampires dominate ability. And if it does work, how does one calculate the dc of the dispel? roll.

It's probably gonna happen, so I want to have a better idea of how it works before hand.

As always, thanks for answering our questions!

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So something interesting happened in one of our play sessions recently.

The area the party is investigating has a creature using control weather to make a snowstorm. The druid in the party (it's always the druid isn't it?) used control weather to try and get rid of the snowstorm.

Uh, so what happens when 2 spells that do the same thing come up against each other? And I don't mean just this example. What do you do when 2 different spell casters are both trying to control something with the same spell? Caster level check? Or does control weather, by it's wording, remove the last casting of control weather and replace it?

Also, is it possible to dispel a control weather spell? And if so, how would one do so? Do you simply need to cast dispel within the area of control weather?


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Question. Can a Druid that is wildshaped be effected by baleful polymorph? Not sure how the interaction is supposed to work.


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So I've been reading into the rules for weather and high winds, and strong windstorms automatically put out unprotected fire. My question is this : does the wind affect fire spells in any way? Reduced damage or possibly uselessness? Because it seems like that might be a thing.


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Hi there. Quick question. What would the price of mithral armor be for a large quadruped? Specifically breastplate. Can't figure out if its supposed to be 200 for breastplate times 4 to get 800 plus the cost of mithral or if it should be the 800 plus the 4k for the mithral times 4 to be 19 200 gp. Any thoughts?

I AM the gm of the group. No worries there. I'm looking to you because we can find nothing one way or the other, and this is the first campaign i am running, so we are running into new things all the time that we don't know how they work. So in this case you are the mediator of a heated debate. I wish it said something in the spell description of elemental body that you gained the burrow speed, but if you say that's how you would do it, that's what we will go with.

Thanks for the help, keep up the good work!

Alright. My group has been having a huge disagreement about something. When a druid wildshapes into an earth elemental, it doesn't get a burrow speed, so how fast is it able to move while earth gliding? Or do they get the burrow speed of the earth elemental that they turn into?