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The Exchange

So the strongest things aren't the strongest things anymore. Always a bigger fish, yeah?

Where did I put that special gauntlet...?

The Exchange

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DeathlessOne wrote:
The raging wolverine, the rampaging wildebeast, the ill-tempered badger, the blood thirsty shark, the melodious lark, the free spirited sparrow, the razor-beaked hawk, all of these things a druid can be, and much more.

Like avalanches, earthquakes, hurricanes, flash floods, volcanic eruptions....

The Exchange

The Champion of Balance sat on a wall outside the school and stared at all that was in his view. There was so much work to do, especially elsewhere. He could feel the imbalance slowly creeping towards him and touched the tattoo of scales on his arm. When his Patron was ready to act he'd have to be ready. Until then he didn't have to worry about anything too much.

With that in mind Anwar hopped off the wall and went to see what new kind of food was around in the millennia. He was, figuratively, starving!