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Full Name

Makoa Wattson




Cleric 2







Special Abilities

Darkvision 60', Ability to Fight disabled 1/day at -1 to-9








Common, Orc, Abyssal, Draconi



Strength 14
Dexterity 10
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 18
Charisma 14

About Another Screen Name

On the fourth Moonday of Calistril 21 years ago, Makoa was born to the tribe of Hundux. Ausk, father, was a decorated Orc military veteran. Mother was a human slave, renamed Tevaga. Being the only male born of the union of Hundux and Tevaga, I was expected to earn my place in Orc society. My only full sibling is a younger sister by the name of Drogheda. I have five other half mother slaves that also belong to Ausk. When I reached the age of 12, I recieved a tatoo birthmark which inducted me into the clan. A side benefit of the tatoo is the ability to be located by my father. When i reached the age of 15 and was on my personal quest to be inducted as a full grown Orc, I was “rescued” by an adventuring group of Pathfinders. After they returned with thier prize back to Numeria, specifically Castle Urion, they noticed the tatoo glow at times. I would not tell them what they wanted to know about it, so they dropped my off with a wizard family. My human “father” that was forced upon me, Valkyth, could not disable the tatoo, so he would repeatedly obscure it from scrying. I continued my reluctant education with the wizard family, and I guess a little did rub off on me. At times I would seek to hide from my human educators in the Temple of Nethys, as I could understand a little magic learned from my sessions. In time, I actually joined as an apprentice cleric of Nethys. After a few years the human family had to leave Numeria and travel to Magnimar in Varisia due to the hatred of anything arcane, as the ruling wizards are a torment to the general population. Magnimar, as being a capital of a backwater region, my human family is a little more well to do, but without any opportunity to advance while raising a stubborn half-orc teen. As I am now fully an adult, my parents know that i have a strong pull to explore and find my original parents. Without my parents around to suppress the tatoo it will glow occasionally, so i know my father Ausk is still looking for me. As an adult it is my responsibility now to find my true self. But i do have one wish, and that is to be reunited with my clan, with the hope of somehow helping to make peace between my two races. If i blame anyone of robbing me of the chance to have spent my last years of my youth and earning my “adulthood” in the clan, it is the meddling pathfinders.