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Happy New Year's Eve from the wilds of North Idaho =}

Cool! Thanks James!!!

Hi James, this may be the weirdest question of the day, but I was curious (if I missed this somewhere else I apologize) as to what the star stone was composed of? Meteoric metals? Something unusual? Just regular "space rock" is an acceptable answer =} I was also wondering if it, the rock it's self, had any unusual properties? Other than being the host of the cathedral that is...

Thanks! And have a happy New Year!!

In my campaign, the Whispering Tyrant's phylactery is stuck in a failure mode: It keeps trying to rebuild Tar-Baphon, but the fragment of the Shield of Aroden that is stuck in his body destroys it faster than it can be regenerated.

In my campaign, I'm using a similar concept. I think personally, that the shard is stuck in his hand and no matter how many times he regenerates, he can't rid himself of the shard and is weakened by it to a degree, which no doubt does not make him a happy little muggle. My personal theory is that the

negative material planer crystal in Dungeons of Golarion, page 20., lvl 9 is his actual phylactery and that he has shards of it tied to something like ioun stones else where that will have to be found and destroyed in order to actually destroy his main phylactery. Not a perfect idea, but it works for my campaign

I never understood what stared the entire hatefest between Aroden and TB in the first place. It almost sounds like a good bromance gone bad and the fallout from the breakup is behind the entire thing (jk)

Whenever I see the god Gorum's name I think "Crom, count the dead" *the shame*

Jaw drops in respect...very very well thought out!

I wanted to let all of you that I appreciate all of the thoughts and ideas, it's given me a lot to think about. And keeping in mind the RAW is always a good idea. I would like to do as little "..and make it so"'s as a GM as possible and leave a lot of it to creative game play. The players are going to be the main fools...I mean heroes going against the WT. But Arazni as a redeemed being would add a lot of meaning to the theme of the campaign.

LOT of options to consider tho'

I dunno...I LOVE Aboleths, they've always had the stench of the Elder Gods to me. They have so much potential for use, advancement and mayhem. They've always deliciously creeped me out.

Your basic housekeeper-drudge Aboleth is just gross, but the truly elder ones are horrifying to me.

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I really loved Stairs of the Moon, it ended up being really eerie-creepy to us. I guess if Desna was pertinent to your campaign group, it could be worked into a deity type ascension. I'll have to look for Mythic Mythos!

My group is headed toward Gallowspire right now to face AA.

Once my group actually enters Gallowspire, I have some extra encounters and situations added to tie into my own continuation of the campaign, several of them will have reached a key point in their destinies and will ascend then, one is the scion of a deity, though she doesn't exactly know it yet, and will ascend, they all will be bathed in celestial blood from aiding and attempting to rescue the

impaled angels in H2
and that will act as the catalyst for the remaining ascensions.

Since the WT is one bad dude, I'm having my players go on quite a few LARGE and difficult mythic quests before allowing them to attempt to put an end to him. They need QUITE a few mythic tiers beneath them to even hope to face him down. All the while the WW are working on freeing him. Nothing like a little pressure and terror to put a kick in the campaign =}

To me, I'd think you'd need to really work on the next three books encounters and situations to remake them as anything close to what I understand as Mythic...I am just now getting involved in the Mythic concepts and don't have all of the books yet.

I apologize for not being able to help with ideas for getting the pcs a few ties before they face AA, but after the AP there are some wonderful ideas for continuing the campaign that would create some powerful mythic adventures.

I think that we all have our different view on what makes something fantasy to us. Peace. I don't want to start a war. Merely wishing for some entirely different cultures and appearances and not having all based on an earth similarity. I'll make up my own and toss canon out the window. If it makes the majority happy and they keep buying the Paizo products, I'm good, I'd rather have a game that I like rather than see it fold for lack of money. Just saying that this is what bugs me about Golarion, and indeed, most other game worlds.

@Tels ~ Thank you for the lesson, but you are somewhat missing the point. encouraging imagination is a good thing. You don't have to rip out all of the earth similarities to give it a more fantasy sense.

If people have that much difficulty with their imagination that they need to play earth with a thin paint of fantasy over the top, why bother to play a rpg at all? Why not just stick to WOW or what ever? You don't need for it to rain apple juice to make it seem like a world on it's own.

Say, why not allow people who live in the continent to the East to be a more European-ish sort, or another race entirely. Yes, there are genetic and biologically climate based reasons for the peoples to appear as they do, to a point, but there is also cultural and racial migration to be considered. There are many points in Earth's history where if a people had migrated left instead of right, as it were, we would have a culturally and racially different appearance to the world today. ...if say, you have an Asian-type people, why must they all speak, eat, drink and dress exactly like their Earth-based counterpart? There is no reason for it. It doesn't need to be so different that any comparison to reality is impossible for it to be more fantastic. It appears that most of you want to merely play on a fantasy dipped earth. Is imagination truly that difficult? You don't need to run mad off the cliff and go all Eberron to make a fantasy world. I'm frustrated with people for not being willing to use a little imagination. Perhaps I'm not being clear enough in what I'm trying to say, for which I apologize. I'm truly awful at being articulate in posts.

Reality if a great place to be, but a little imagination isn't fatal either.

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I'll just say that major respect to Paizo for making Golarion a more inclusive world.

Just adding my comments, sorry if this has been over addressed already, but the premise of

Carrion Crown AP...someone can be turned into a lich against their will, Arazni was not willing to be turned into a lich...sorry I'm her biggest fangirl

Kind of sideways to the topic. If the character in question was willing to become a lich, that takes some pretty evil acts, atonement would be a hard and lengthy journey involving many acts of good and as many reparations as possible to the evil that was done in the process of becoming a lich in the first place.

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Where do I start? Don't get me wrong, I love Golarion and the people at Paizo are the best yet at world/game creation, but it seems like every game world that I've played on has to have real earth analogues on the campaign world. I'm rather tired of it, that's been done to death...lets be a bit more creative ok? Do we really have to have all of the Earth races represented? Maybe some new races with blending of features and appearances. Maybe we could mix it up a wee bit more. The overdone cliche of being stuck in the middle ages/renaissance for the most part..even considering magic and divine presence. Do we really need the French and American revolutions? Really???? More diversity.

The art, don't get me started. The topic has been discussed ad nauseum and I shouldn't even go there, but... no more up nose shots ok? Who wants to see nasal cavities? Find new and hopefully better artistic talent...enough.

I don't know, I would like a bit more of the fantastic and fresh.

After reading through the Mythic materials (Thank you Alleran for the suggestion to consider the Mythic options) for the last 2 days, I can actually see how this will sincerely benefit and empower my long term campaign. Since I won't be GMing the Wrath of the Righteous AP, I was curious to see if anyone else had role played ascension in their own campaign?

I'm not talking about the rules and game mechanics, those are pretty clear even after considering the amount of coffee I'm drinking to stay awake today :p

What I want to know is how, in your game and opinion, is ascension played it purely a personal and internal thing? Is it something discussed between the pcs? Is it obvious to other people? Is it considered well or poorly by others? Is there a public display, ceremony or acknowledgement? Do the ascended look any different?

Just curious to see how anyone else has played it and what your takes on it are.

My concepts are somewhat bound to the manner and circumstances of ascension at the moment, but will likely evolve and change on further consideration as to how I'm going to be fitting it into my current campaign.

I've been reading through the Mythic stuff and it's given me some decent ideas and food for thought. I was mistaken in thinking that you had to start characters out as mythic. Adding it now is still possible and even fits with the heroic cycle theme of the The Shining Crusade part 2 campaign series. I like the redemption angle for Arazni and think it would be fitting and ok...I admit...kick ass =D Pay Back Time!!!

Half of the pc's are Iomedae worshipers and righting such a huge injustice would seriously work for them. I think that if she was redeemed she could come to some terms with Iomedae stepping in to take her place once she had been killed. I'll come up with an appropriate portfolio of areas of concern for her IF we succeed in the redemption, bringing her back to life (perhaps the pc's could do a major series of quests for Iomedae and she'll grant them the method of bringing Arazni back to the living) AND she still wants to attempt the Starstone....she still has the Divine Source, so I'll have to consider that.

Rebellious young elves out in the world and having fun? Young elf ladies intrigued by burly human guys? Young elf guys intrigued by fine looking human ladies and things just sort of rape needed. Adult elves looking for a bit of one is all wise all of the time.

Besides half-elf kiddos are likely cute little boogers ;D

Sorry Alleran =\

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It's on page 15 "But the crusaders knew that the lich could not be so easily defeated---they knew that Tar-Baphon had but retreated to his phylactery, somewhere deep within Gallowspire"

As far as I remember that's about as clear of an indication as to where his phylactery is as it gets. It's been said that Urgathoa knows where it is and keeps it hidden or some such, I don't remember the exact statement.

I'm doing my own thing with it in my campaign, but I think that this is current canon.

Yes please! I'm also a fan of the Ars Magica system and love the creativity element involved in it. A power word oriented AP would be different and fun.

Has anyone done the blessed quest about finding the Blood Stones of Arazni and trying to bend her back to the light? Since she plays such a huge roll in the ancient history and premise of my ongoing mega campaign, back when she was listed as a demi goddess in her own right, in the Shining Crusade. The pc's of my campaign which is essentially the Shining Crusade part 2, want to try to "rescue her" find a way to bring her back to life and encourage her to take the test of the Starstone...I'm not exactly sure what I'd have her return as a deity of as of the moment but....

Has any one taken on this quest? We've all decided to keep on with our plan to battle Tar-Baphon eventually, though we aren't using Mythic rules for it...just curious =}

It's going to be a wild and crazy campaign I think

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Interesting thread! In Quests and Campaigns there is a blessed story quest that involves attempting to use Arazni's organs to try and rescue her and lead her back to the light. A worthy quest that could lead to a possible powerfully good undead. I don't know, maybe there is some way to return her to life. I haven't thought of a good story worthy way yet though she figures in a major way in the past of my current campaign. I'll have to consider it when I'm not so stonking busy in RL =P

Please!!!! Please!!!! Please!!!!!(Imploring puppy eyes) The group is at 15th level and is very dedicated to the campaign. We are on our way to finishing Carrion Crown and want to continue on after the adventure path. While there are several great ideas for continuing the campaign I'm about to wing it from this point out. A book on designing and running high level campaigns would be so appreciated.

Thank you for suggesting that we need to beg for the book James =D Would lots of chocolate chip cookies help sway the Great and Mighty Powers That Be?


I was considering the structure of her church and was curious if any one else had developed anything along these lines. Is there any canon head of the entire church? I have seen mention of Genedair of the Seventh Church in Absalom, but don't know if he is supposed to be the ultimate leader or not. I know that her church is organized around circles of knights priests and paladins. But has anyone read anything about a church leader? I have my own ideas to develop it for my own campaigns, but would like to know if there is a canon reference any where.

Thanks =D

How long do half celestials live? Is it based on the general lifespan of the non-celestial parent?

I am creating an ancient npc and need to know how long it would possible for this npc to have been around.

It would be a half Taldan half celestial person, but hopefully he won't turn out too arrogant ;P

Thanks in advance for any advice