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Thank you, I Didn't think to locate it there before i posted it.

I definitely like the idea, i just wanted to be sure that it was appropriately specific. I hope to read more discussions on other Lore topics that would make for a very flavorful character... like Perform (Sarcasm), or Perform (Puns)... only you couldn't make money off them normally... they would still be fun and flavorful... like adding salted caramel to the confection of my character... *Rolls Craft(Mental Image) check*

Ah, i see... there's where my lack of knowledge (#punz) on the situation came back to bite me...
What would be a better choice to express that knowledge under the topic of a Lore Skill?

Lore (Astronomy)
I think it would be derived from Knowledge (Nature) but is is adequately specific... or should (Astronomy) be attached to a Knowledge skill?

I want it to be a lore skill. What would be appropriately specific for my Oracle of the Heavens, who knows so much about the stars (and other Celestial Bodies), and otherwise not very much about the natural world around her?

Okay, I'm looking at the Lore Skill from PF Unchained, and it gives a variety of examples, however I was looking for a place to post my question and wasn't able to find it. I'd like to start this thread to either get(or give) directions to the thread that covers this, or be the thread that covers Appropriate Lore Topics.

This should be good for those who actually have questions about such things as a lore skill being appropriately specific.

I know that I'm not part of the Humble Bundle Group, but i did make a standard transaction purchase of a 3rd party book/pdf Bundle, and i don't know if this is the way it is with any 3rd party stuff or if it is because of the recent fiasco with the Humble Bundle, but after 3 days i haven't even been given the opportunity to download the PDF portion of my order. because last time i did a book/pdf bundle I had the PDF right away, and the book came in its own due time.

i think i have Eberron... i'll look when i get the chance... where might i find it?

Okay... i thought i posted this long thing about a submersible that i was wanting to use in my game, but it's not showing up...

Sounds like fun right? But, who wouldn't want a vessel to be magically enhanced as it was constructed with magic devices, (and psionic gadgets if you do that stuff). I was thinking that it would have a magic engine, for fuel simplicity.

I set one up in the campaign that I've been setting up for, and have found no reference to RPG-ize such a vehicle, and it's functions. Most of its construction was done by a veritable army of Uber-Powerful, High-level, Heroic NPCs. 99% of which the PCs will never meet because they're all dead, for one reason or another.
For the sake of the Campaign i won't be "stat-blocking" the vessel... yet; but it is about {98 squares (35ft x 70ft x 35ft high) and 1 deck(inside)} the vehicle needs a simple defense to use against the main creatures it'll face and have to defeat: Clockwork Leviathans/other denizens of the deep. I cannot figure out exactly what kind of magic device would be best, aside from one that deals electricity damage, and only to creatures & etcetra that are touching(or in direct physical contact with) the exterior of the Submersible. (assume CL 20th for the crafter of the device).

Otherwise What are your thoughts on such an intricate device.
I'll try to share more as i digitize my campaign.

Exile Isle Plot Spoiler:
for the sake of the story: the Shelterton Submersible is constructed From a combination of Mithral, Magically Strengthened Brass, with an outer hull of Adamantine. it is designed to withstand the deepest depths, and the most deadly predators without succumbing to the corrosive nature of saltwater. its construction is as a result of the Massive deposits of the various metals, along with various gems and crystals, naturally found on the island (because teleportation off the island, and plane shifting is negated by the magic of the island). the Vehicle was hidden by the Dwarves, and Gnomes in the Depth of the mine.

thank you.

If the Elan Race from D&D 3.5, and the Psionics... stuff have been "pathfinderized" then could I be directed to where such could be found.
I have the 3.5 Materials but I am finding any conversion of either the race or (Psionics) system a rather daunting task. if anything I'd like some assistance in rebuilding the Race. more than the (Psionics) system isself.

Totally a great opener for a BBEG Boss Battle.

I have to say that I agree with Urath DM. the longer time would be required which would suck for us mundane crafters.

I'm smoothing out a dragon-blooded human slayer who loves to hunt, and is trying to build an airship so he can drop in on his prey (or studied targets) and to get away from the world in which he lives for... various reasons.
He's also looking for a way to return to the world of his birth.(something that'll require God-magic to do, although he doesn't know that yet). so that's something he'll try to find out when he gets opportunities.

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Gorbacz wrote:
This thread feels like if it is some medieval hardcore wargame forum, not a forum about bashing dragons to death with flaming quarterstaffs.


Gwaihir Scout wrote:

Get Smart would be perfect.

"If only he'd used his power for niceness instead of evil."

After failing to damage somebody - "Listen, fella, I hope I wasn't out of line with that crack about [previous insult]."

"Ah, it's the old [unusual thing that just happened] trick."

If you want to go full out with this, insist that someone cast silence every time the group discusses their plans.

I totally love Get Smart I could see those lines in the movie... and at the table.

"Thinking hurts me more than my glaive hurts you."

INT 6? Suffice it to say: "your candle isn't so bright as it could be" ... but your glaive-bardiche seems to shine enough to make up for it... :p
I'll have to think on this one... or not. *evil chuckle*

I would like to see where in history "breast-plate" armor was ever made. seriously. I'm pretty certain that it was so ridiculously un-feasible that there was never a set of such armor made(even ceremonial armor), even for any kind of female royalty. If they were to wear armor, it would most likely be as Aelryinth, and I have said and they would strap themselves and pad the armor to make it work. then again, most women at that time weren't as naturally busty as they are today. So, such things may have been a minor issue for most women of the times when such armor was worn.

Aelryinth wrote:

Women in armor typically strap themselves as flat as possible. You don't change the armor, you change what's underneath.

You want the surface under the armor to be as flat and even as possible, so something hitting it has the impact spread across the entire surface underneath it. The gambeson helps with that, as well.

Boob plate instead concentrates that impact in the area/edges around the breasts, and also channels blows right into the center of the chest, making it a double whammy. The area between the breasts is a like a wedge aimed at the breastbone, saying "Please, break my ribs here!"

So, a woman warrior would wear plate armor as flat as possible, and bind their breasts to do the same, so that the stuff works just like it would for a man. Boob armor is ceremonial and ornamental at best, no serious woman warrior would wear anything like it. They'd be undercutting the reason they wear armor in the first place.


Thank you!... my whole idea came from the idea of a contoured breastplate. though not as effective as others, it sure looked cool. the contour of which I spoke would be over padding creating a "uni-boob" effect.

Opuk0 wrote:
As for not being a Stygian Slayer, first I'd never heard of it before (for the following reason), and I just have an inherent distaste for the hybrid classes. I don't fault anyone for loving and playing them, but to me they just leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I am now curious why that would that be. I have found the Hybrid classes filling some concepts I was looking for in other class/multiclass builds and wasn't able to pass off other things.

I love the ninja, and would like to see more compatibility integration. (EDIT: sorry i'll leave unchained out of it... forgot to do so till I was correcting my first post.)

I like the Ninja build you have here: it looks to be something fun. I hope it works out well.

Opuk0 wrote:
Moonlight Stalker tree actually looks pretty attractive, but it needs racial low-light/darkvision unfortunately and I'm pretty devoted to human.

blood of dragons trait can give you lowlight vision for that prerequisite. with reactionary as the first it would really flavor your character nicely. just my: (penny)(penny)

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I have to say that following this conversation has been very fascinating to say the least. thanks ya'll for making my day(the past couple of days) much more enjoyable.

Aelryinth wrote:
(This is incidentally why 'boob plate' for women is bad, since the ridges concentrate the points of impact of attacks, instead of spreading them out evenly)

Quite frankly I'd never realistically expect women to wear "boob-plate" since it was most likely designed by gamers who wanted sexier women in combat and were not really concerned with any form of realism.

Besides I'm pretty sure that any plate worn by Joan-of-Arc (or other woman-warriors) was simply padded to accommodate her particularly womanly anatomy... that is if it was even an issue that particular woman.
Sadly the idea of boob-plate stuck: Mind you: if I were a curvaceous woman about to battle in custom-made full-plate, I'd probably want to have some accommodation in the plate, but it would most-likely end up as a mild contour. not a jutting curve with any kind of seam.
Since we're on such a topic on a discussion about katanas we may as well consider it thoroughly.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
That seems like a tremendously bad idea.

it probably is... but i cannot stop it now. as was mentioned later, it would be best do have willing Players if a PC is going to be pregnant, and everyone else would have to be at least willing to go along with it. I figure it is much like having a child PC in the group. if the other players are okay with it, then it would lend some reality to the fantasy world that is being created, because life isn't always optimal in when things happen. a child should grow up to become an adventurer, but tis not always the case, additionally, a female adventurer may find that her romantic relationship has "stepped up" and she is now dealing with still being in danger, and adventuring whilst carrying a child inutero or in her arms. perhaps the GM gould have meant for it to happen as part of the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy... or something like that... the point is it is something i would like to get a good idea for before putting it to use/ proposing it to a GM.

Wow. i guess there really is more to Pathfinder than Star Wars RPG. Glad I converted. GM arbitration aside. i feel it would be easier to IGE the effects of pregnancy on adventurers. Fun Stuff.
thinking about some of these would make me think that the GM should make a constitution check at the beginning of the first trimester to determine the severity of common things as mentioned (morning sickness &c.) nat. 20 means no effect, High roll(19-14?)diminished effect(sickened instead of nauseated), average roll(13-8)normal effects, low roll(7-2)doubled duration dice, and natural 1 would mean incapacitated for the day on a failed save, triple duration dice on a success. it is harsh i know, but i (personally)know women who have been at both ends of the spectrum for their pregnancy. after that, the character can make a wisdom check to discover the true cause of their sickness (pregnancy). After a success they get to roll the CON checks/ Fort Saves for the effects of their pregnancy... i know. i'm probably putting too much thought into this, but it sometimes pays to be thorough. otherwise, since i do not possess that book (and don't plan to) would someone mind tabling the gestational periods for the non-human core races?
This discussion has helped to focus my thoughts more, as i have been unable to really concieve (NPI) of an idea as to how to work it mechanically.

I don't know if there's any mechanics out there, or if such a thing has been discussed before, but I'm wanting to figure out how to run a pregnant character in the terms of game mechanics/effects. I asked this question on a site and for a system that was way oversimplified in the terms of IGE. As a result, I cannot simply convert it. I know it's ultimately up to the GM to arbitrate, but i would like an idea as to how to mechanics it before I try anything.

If you're looking for something along the lines of a battle-mech suit using the AT-ST walker Stats (from the Saga Edition of the Star Wars RPG)(WoC) as a basis for what you're looking for... it's essentially the same as making a vehicle that has a walking speed, instead of wheels or tracks, and is powered by anything from magic to fusion reactors to something in-between. just my two cents.

Thanks for all your suggestions. i'll definitely have to look into them.

I just moved to a new city where i know absolutely no one. where should i look to find a pathfinder group in my local area that would lke to add a rather eccentric player? ... (i'm sure this isn't the place to post for this but i need to ask where).

Corodix wrote:
Enlarge person could be quite interesting to use, as you'd get to be Huge with even more reach and strength.

*chuckles evilly* That just makes things more interesting... wow!

Large characters would be prime for a hurler type of character. throwing stuff around and applying STR to your ranged attacks in combination with a reaching melee would make a formidable force.
Another thought, throwing PEOPLE around by using your extended reach and size to grapple, and then use them as large ammunition like throwing large rocks. in which case the massive strength would rock. the big downside would be where you are able to be surrounded by more people by taking 4x the area of a medium PC, and not even touching the squeezing required for most places that Medium characters don't worry about.
Final thought(before i stop myself) being a bottleneck brawler: namely being someone who finds a choke-point and uses his/her massive size and reach to overcome a large number of foes by blocking passage, and forcing them to engage you in smaller numbers(1-4 at a time) in stead of on an open field situation(1-12 at a time).

Thank you. i would hope they will do an update in the next printing of the UC book to remedy that(among other things).

In the Advanced Player's Guide There is a feat: "Extra Rouge Talent" There are other iterations of this feat in the Advanced Class Guide for the Slayer, and Investigator classes. My concern comes with the Ninja Class: There is neither an iteration of the "Extra Rouge Talent" Feat, Nor a clarification allowing the ninja to simply take the "Extra Rouge Talent" Feat for extra ninja tricks. At least none that I've found. i could use some direction, or clarification.