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Prepare to post pics of possibly petrifying pumpkins, please!


Happy Birthday.

.sdrawkcab lleps t'nac I ,tinmaD

Gavgoyle wrote:

Happy Mona Day!! Mona bless us, every one!

EDIT: Happily, I remembered the preparations for today and have my Monayata hung up from the tree for the kids to whack at and I have the side walk lined with the illuMonaries. It will be beautiful tonight when we light them up.

Just remember to practise fire safety and keep your Monayata Tree at least 12" from any wall and 36" from the curtains.

Fatespinner wrote:
Paizo has gotta be the only company in the world that has a holiday completely devised by it's customers for no good reason at all.

What do you mean 'for no good reason at all'?

Fatespinner wrote:
I love Erik Mona!!!

Fixed it for you. And that is reason enough.