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Question: Leylines increase effective caster level which affects spell variables. Does it also potentially increase the spell levels you can cast?

I only ask because it works in the opposite way and a lowering of caster level means you can no longer cast the highest level spell slot you have.

Edit: Example a level 2 wizard who atunes himself to a leyline would now have a caster level of three which is now high enough to cast second level spells. Does he gain these spells?

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Whilst not a fan of many of the classes themselves in this book I'm definitely loving the Chakras, magic items and ley line rules. Chakras inspire my monk love even as I know how little use they see.

The classes while well themed for me however just don't really add up that nicely. I'm definitely interested into the uses they bring to the table as skill changes, gives a GM some inspiration.

So from reading this it seems that Ellioti's idea is really what I'm looking for here and it can even be fluffed pretty nicely. Thanks for all the ideas folks and for your responses.

Simply put can you freely offer your enemy an attack of opportunity.

To be clear I am not asking if you can use movement or spell-casting or any other ability that states it gives an attack of opportunity.

Can you simply offer one to an enemy as a free or swift action?