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I assure you, I am very much myself. I hope that my word is enough to convince you that your fears are unwarranted. Nevertheless, your concern for my wellbeing is appreciated and noted. Should you ever find yourself in my fair city of Goka, do not hesitate to join me for a meal in thanks for your kindness.

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Most Honored Associate,

I am so overjoyed that it is difficult to maintain proper decorum, so let me preface this by apologizing for any indiscretion this letter may contain. I have dedicated the last few years to the establishment of the Lantern Lodge in the Inner Sea and the increasing of our influence in our homeland in Tian Xia, and that effort is so close to paying off—in no small part due to your fine work, Pathfinder!

Even as I write this, the final details of a plan to bring the Hao Jin Tapestry completely under the Pathfinder Society’s control are being ironed out, and it’s only a matter of time before we can rightfully claim this gift to the Decemvirate as complete. When we are done, any Pathfinder will be able to use the tapestry as a means not only of traveling from Absalom to Varisia, but from the tapestry’s location to anywhere they desire—perhaps even other planes of existence! Remain true to our cause and bring us all honor, friend. Our time is nearing.

We still have much to do to cement ourselves in Tian Xia as the Pathfinder Society has done in the Inner Sea region. I believe our efforts to prevent the Aspis Consortium and Golden League from allying too closely will be most beneficial, but making your allegiance to the Lantern Lodge known whenever you are in our homeland will also be of great help—as long as you act honorably. I still hope to establish contact with someone who holds sway over the remnants of the Way of the Kirin, but until that time, we must work with the Pathfinders of the Inner Sea to further our goals.

Keep the faith, Pathfinder! Sunrise is coming for our day of glory, in both the Dragon Empires and the Inner Sea. Until that day, you must work to aid your fellow Pathfinders in battling the terrible evil stirring in Varisia. The very foundation of our lodge is our cooperation with the Pathfinder Society of the Inner Sea in addition to other orders in Tian Xia; without such allies we have no hope of attaining our goals. Your brethren need you in the coming battle. Do me honor by standing beside your fellow Pathfinders before all of Varisia, and perhaps more, falls to ruin.

For honor,
Venture-Captain Amara Li

Paizo Employee

Honorable Agent of the Lantern Lodge,

First, I must thank you for all you have done to promote our cause both in the Inner Sea region and the Dragon Empires. It is because of you that the Lantern Lodge is now known to Pathfinders on both sides of the world, and our effort to unite Pathfinders across such vast distances continue thanks to your assistance.

But we still have a steep hill to climb, for the cost of our past victory leaves me wondering if another victory with the same cost would not completely invalidate our usefulness to the Society as a whole. You see, it was I who first told the Decemvirate of the Hao Jin Tapestry, the demiplane of wonders sequestered from the world the tapestry held, and the Ruby Phoenix Tournament that ultimately allowed the Pathfinder Society access to those treasures. It was with this knowledge and the resources we of Tian Xia were able to provide to the Society that we established the Lantern Lodge in Absalom, but the cost has been high, and the Ten are not quick to forgive.

As you know, many Pathfinders lost their lives in the Hao Jin Tapestry, many to the ruthless agents of the Aspis Consortium. Whether logical or fair, there are many in power within the Pathfinder Society who put the weight of those deaths on the collective shoulders of the Lantern Lodge. We have dishonored the Society by allowing Aspis Consortium agents into the Ruby Phoenix’s realm, and we must right that wrong by further weakening the Consortium wherever we may face it, be it in Varisia, Goka, or Absalom. While the Society now controls the Consortium’s backdoor into the Hao Jin Tapestry, we must take it upon ourselves to ensure the route from Absalom through the tapestry to Varisia is safe for future Pathfinders. The Aspis Consortium must never again breach our defenses and sully the honor the tapestry should have brought to our faction.

Last year, as the Society’s gaze focused on us and on our homeland, we were honored by the attention, and relevant to the organization’s larger goals. But now, the gaze of the Ten has shifted elsewhere, and we must work doubly hard to ensure we maintain our honor and prove our worth, lest we be supplanted by others hoping to establish themselves in the Society’s good graces.

Remain ever true to your ideals,
Venture-Captain Amara Li

Paizo Employee

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Jiao-long wrote:
Zarta Dralneen wrote:
Perhaps you should state only the truth instead of using me as a mouthpiece for your own delusions.
The way I hear it, you're quite popular to be used as a mouthpiece. Exactly the type of whoredom I've come to expect from so-called nobles here in the western lands. Take a lesson from honorable Tien women and get some class.

It behooves us of the Lantern Lodge not to rile the hornets' nest that is Chelish ire. While our methods may differ from others in the Pathfinder fold, we should lead an honorable example and not stoop to petty squabbling.