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So, who's ready for some creepy adventuring in Isger? Sound off if you're playing in this game!

Paizo Employee Development Coordinator

So, who are our brave space explorers? Sound off if you're playing in this game!

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If you like mystery, and spookiness, and just plain weirdness, this should be right up your alley. :)

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Hey folks,

If you at all have an interest in magic or Kobold Press, check out this Kickstarter for KP's Deep Magic project. This is a massive hardcover tome of more than 300 spells, at least a dozen new magic schools and styles, a grouping of runes, glyphs, and incantations, new mythic spells, and new casting archetypes, all for Pathfinder RPG. It is an AWESOME project.

The cool thing about this one is that the majority of the design, editing, and development is done. And there are a ton of fantastic backer rewards, from getting your name in the book to designing a spell to be included in it to getting a leather-bound copy to getting an illuminated, gold-leafed scroll of any spell of your choice.

But don't take my word for it -- check out the Deep Magic project page!

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Hi, all!

I'm a recent addition to Paizo's freelancer ranks, and I'd like your feedback for an article I'm writing for an upcoming product.

So -- Golarion has LOTS of dungeons, but which ones are your favorites and why? In other words, which dungeons are just the coolest Golarion has to offer? These dungeons can exist anywhere and have been published in any official Paizo product, including the Inner Sea Guide, Adventure Paths, modules, etc.

Looking for any insight anyone is willing to offer -- whether it's really well-known dungeons like Gallowspire or some of the more esoteric ones.

Thanks in advance!

I'm looking for the animal tricks that have been published outside the Core Rulebook, but so far, I'm not having any luck with Google or forum searches. I know there are some out there, but I'm not sure how many or in which Paizo books they were published.

For the record, the tricks listed the CR are:


Can anyone help? Thanks!