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Why are 8 apparently combat-worthy enemies all moving on the same initiative? That seems built to OTK people. Splitting that into 2 or 3 groups makes it much more fair.

Well if you're holding it in 2 hands, you're certainly holding it in 1 hand, so I'd say the usage requirement is satisfied. I'd also argue that wielded is just a more specific subset of held. If you're wielding a (non-floating, non-mental) weapon, you're obviously holding it.

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Zapp wrote:
Well, a rpg is a game, not a narrative.

That's gonna be a hard disagree from me. TTRPGs are such a narratively focused game. They use the rules and the game to structure and tell a story.

The SRD ( has the rules, classes, and all other (non-setting info) content from every book released. It even has the little bits of setting info attached directly to those rules.

There is also the d20pfsrd site ( that has all the same information with the setting-specific stuff stripped down to be more setting-neutral. They take a little longer to get some things up since they don't work directly with Paizo and do the extra changes to the setting.

I don't have any advice on adventures. I know there are Pathfinder Society scenario PDFs available for like 5 dollars, but I haven't played any. I've been reading through Age of Ashes and like what I see so far, but haven't had a chance to actually run it yet.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Malk_Content wrote:
I'm not sure how "want to autosucceed" isn't wanting an easier game.

In fairness to sherlock1701, he appears to want a game where making a character who can auto-succeed is a game in and of itself. One like PF1 where character creation is full of bad choices as well as good ones and you need a certain degree of system knowledge to achieve such a character.

I think that sounds hideous, personally, and suspect the majority agree with me, but I wouldn't call it an easy game.

I think what sherlock wants is computer programming.

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John Lynch 106 wrote:
I feel bad for anyone wanting to make a hellknight as they’ll have to buy BOTH Lost Omen books.

That's only really true for PFS as otherwise all of the info is online for free.

The Rot Grub wrote:
If a GM were to grant access to a Focus Spell, must it require Focus Points?

Well it either costs focus points, or you deal with the consequences of allowing someone to use it every round all day long when it's not balanced for that.

I guess you could, but it wouldn't do anything except maybe damage the environment/leave a trail to follow. When combat starts, you'd roll initiative and have a regular turn. There is no defined benefit to using a cantrip as an exploration tactic leading into combat, so there is no benefit.

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swoosh wrote:
Cthulhusquatch wrote:
'Because they like playing sketchy characters' is not the reason for any of the criticism.

Except the accusation that someone playing an intolerant character in Pathfinder is dog whistling for their own personal beliefs has been leveled multiple times this thread.

It's gross and manipulative.

First, sketchy and intolerant aren't even in the same ballpark in terms of adjectives.

Second, the main thing being pointed out is that those intolerant characters, especially in the context of 'kill on sight', are not often Good-aligned characters. The defense of "kill-on-sight" tactics against any sentient race with free will AS A GOOD-ALIGNED ACTION is what is in turn seen as a problem. Genocide for the "greater good" is pretty much never Good.

PS: The more I type the word 'good', the less it looks like a real word...

graystone wrote:
The Gleeful Grognard wrote:

Step 2 occurs before checking to see if something hits or misses, magic missile doesn't skip this step.

You don't roll to hit, then roll the flat DC, you do the flat DC directly after determining a target before hit/miss is determined. Ergo auto hitting is irrelevant.

You roll to see if you can roll the d20: that's a moot point for the magic missile as the spell works without the roll. Magic missile skips the check required for most actions which is what the flat check is rolled for: to see if you can roll your d20 or not.

Say you still say I have to roll the DC5? Ok I failed and can't roll... So no d20 check for effect. Seeing as there is no roll in the spell, I move to the next step, damage...

The concealed condition doesn't say anything about whether it determines if you roll a d20. It only states that it happens before that step in the general rules for spells.

Nothing in magic missile says you skip that step, there's just nothing to interact with. Concealment adds an interaction that does affect the spell and says nothing about directly interacting with the "roll to determine your effect". It just happens before that step would in the general resolution of spell casting. Concealment then states "If you fail, you don’t affect the target." It doesn't say you don't get to roll to hit, or that it automatically critically fails. You don't affect the target.

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Mark Moreland wrote:
Saros Palanthios wrote:
is there a way to listen to the show in an audio-only format?
I listen to them while driving by just playing the YouTube videos and pumping the audio through my car stereo while the image plays, face down, into my console. I've also listened to other video content on headphones with the phone in my pocket. Any way you can play a YouTube video you can listen to a YouTube video.

The problem with that is that unless you have unlimited data, YouTube videos (even on low settings) eat way more data than an audio only file.

I don't understand why people are saying it's useless for animal companions when they still get an extra damage die from the spell as that part is not an item bonus.

Out of curiosity, is there any instance you've found of a class feat granting a specific skill feat? I haven't spent enough time looking through all of them.

Rysky wrote:

2) Bypass Hardness, otherwise it would never do damage.

I dunno about that. Your proficiency bonus at level 4 with expert is +8 so sabotage will do 16 damage on a normal success and 32 on a crit. Those seem reasonably likely to do decent damage, even past hardness.

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Oh my goodness, I would love a Dev Tracker so much.

Matt Haddix wrote:

On page 27 of Fall of Plaguestone, the mutant wolves have the following action:

Tear (one action) Trigger: The wolf dealt damage to a creature with its jaws during the previous action. Effect: the wolf tears at the creature's flesh, dealing one d6 + 2 slashing damage and 1 persistent acid damage.

Does the triggered action have to be performed on the same round as the action that triggered it? For instance, if the wolf hits a PC with its third action on round 1, can it then Tear as its first action on round 2?

Since it says "during the previous action", as soon as any other creature has used an action, the trigger is no longer fulfilled. So it has to be during the wolf's turn immediately after hitting with a jaw attack.

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Chris Ballard wrote:
Far too quick for my liking.

I don't think I understand what could possibly bother you about having more monster options. Could you elaborate? Or are you joking and it went over my head?

Bandw2 wrote:
you know might as well throw dragon ancestry into the ring, not a half dragon, just a dragon, walks on 4 legs, has 2 opposable claws, can throw up various caustic and hostile elements. with ancestries I feel like it's a lot easier to do these things.

I just realized these actually work much more nicely with the removal of hard-coded item slots.

graystone wrote:
Castilliano wrote:

It'd be nice if an answer were added to the OP's question:

What still belongs in General Discussion?
The example is "Here are my thoughts on 2E as a whole" belongs in General." So general is for anything mainly about "2E as a whole". Seems super niche but there it is.

Though it leaves the question "Where does "Here are my thoughts on the alchemist" go?"

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Zwordsman wrote:
Presumably you could also get "Lore: Prepper" (or whatever phrase applies in game). Which is all about using the income earned to gather materials for your projects and crafting.

Gotta build that bunker!

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Corrik wrote:
MaxAstro wrote:
Corrik wrote:
Sure there is, do they have the same weapon and armor training, skills, etc? Hell, do they follow a Paladin code? Experts can tell things apart from minute details. Certainly seems they'd be able to tell the difference between an entire class chassis and a couple of abilities being slapped on.

Real world experts still don't know things as basic as why humans need to sleep or why ice is slippery, and that's in a world with a scientific ethos vastly beyond what is available in Golarion, and no literal magic.

"Obviously experts would know this" is a very weak argument. Who is paying these experts? Why do they care? How are they convincing paladins to stand around and be subjected to scientifically rigorous testing?

By comparing the things I already listed? Is "How could the possibly know?!?" Really your argument?

I think the question is more "What reason and expectation is there that they should know these things?"

I don't imagine paladins are all that willing to sit and use their holy powers just to answer a scientist's question. Maybe an evil one strapped down a paladin one day and forced him to, but he's not likely the guy to share his research and certainly not his methodology very openly.

I'm fairly certain that the rules used for building unique NPCs is the same as building pretty much any monster and the rules for those are coming in the GMG at the start of the year.

Well I think there's a rule in the section about formulas where you can break things down for half their value in raw materials, so that supports breaking down found gear to make your own. As for nature and survival, I don't think there's a direct rule for it, though you could presumably use the rules for Earn Income in some fashion to scrounge up that amount of raw materials.

Per RAW, not technically as it's only mentioned in their lore description and not in the rules for dwarves.

But honestly, I'd probably let any dwarf that wanted one the option to start with one.

jimthegray wrote:
i find that by the time i have a chance to watch on twitch they have usually taken it down

If you go to their videos section on Twitch and change the sort to 'All Videos' instead of 'Past Broadcasts' it opens up the whole backlog. I'm not sure why their past broadcasts section is so limited though.

PossibleCabbage wrote:

So I just need a free Twitch account to participate, as opposed to a paid one? Great! I was always sort of curious why I could watch the streams in an incognito window without logging in, if Twitch required a subscription and was sort of sheepish as to wondering if that was an exploit.

Video is not my preferred medium if that wasn't abundantly clear already.

Twitch is generally always free to watch live. Recordings occasionally require subscriptions depending on the streamer's choice. Chat can be toggled between Sub-only mode and open to everyone by the streamer, so that may or may not require a sub from stream to stream. By default, the only thing a subscription grants is emotes to use in chat and I think no ads in an individual streamer's channel.

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Colonel Kurtz wrote:
Rysky wrote:

You: How did they collect the data?

Me: Through the surveys.

You: That doesn't make any sense.


Of course it doesn't make sense. How does data collected over a year ago during the playtest reflect how easy or hard it is to pick up PF2 compared to PF1?

Because the character creation process is almost exactly the same as it was during the playtest.

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I'm pretty sure the point is to allow you to apply poison for one action rather than three.

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rainzax wrote:

Helped my friend create a functional character in like 45 minutes.


Oh gosh, my first character creation session for PF1 (my first TTRPG to be fair) ran for like 8 hours with a friend's help. The ease of making and explaining how to make characters makes me downright gleeful.

Draco18s wrote:
Alyran wrote:
Temperans wrote:
Human babies are also much softer and squishy when new born, as opposed to eggs with their hard shells.
Aren't eggs, when first laid, quite malleable?

Reptile eggs, yes. Because they don't have a shell. The outer surface is a modified cell membrane.

Bird eggs, no. Because that hard bit on the outside that makes it so difficult to make omelets in the morning comes out of the bird already rigid. The cell membrane in bird eggs is the thin skin layer just under the shell that makes it easy to peel when hard boiled.

I (my mother) owned chickens for a couple years.

Cool! Thank you, I learned something new.

I'd assume 95% of the population are level -1 or 0 actually, with some mild skill training. With the other 5% being first level and above, decreasing rapidly with level.

Your best chance on getting that timeline is in the upcoming Lost Omens World Guide I think.

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Temperans wrote:
Human babies are also much softer and squishy when new born, as opposed to eggs with their hard shells.

Aren't eggs, when first laid, quite malleable?

As long as you pick up some skill increases and skill feats related to it, I don't see why you couldn't be great at crafting even with an INT 10. Maybe not the ideal situation admittedly, but if you're mostly crafting things a little below your max level it should be fine. The first couple levels (besides repairing I think) might be a little rough though.

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I just feel like Dex doesn't need to be any better than it is, even after taking initiative away from it. That's the only reason I wouldn't do this.

Corwin Icewolf wrote:

Well an average room is what? 10-15 cubic feet? Maybe a bit less? So yeah that's not much of a "mansion."

I guess they were like "they don't really need a real mansion" but it wasn't ever really a question of what's needed, being extra with magic is fun.

Well your average linen closet is like 48-60 cubic feet (depending on ceiling height) so that's not quite right, but I'll assume you meant square feet? Most decent rooms are 10'x10' at least, so that's 100 square feet. Could certainly go smaller depending on age or race.

If we assume 10' (give or take for structural needs) ceilings (nice and high, but not excessive), the dimensions given is a ~4800 sq. ft. house. While not the largest "mansion", it's still pretty darn big.

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I think this is a rule that relies heavily on having players that are willing to not metagame. If they're willing to just roll with what you tell them, even if they know you're lying to them (due to a crit fail), then it's a really fun rule that can lead to some ridiculous situations. If your players are metagame heavy, it might be better to house rule anything related to this kind of stuff out, just to make everyone's experiences better (unless you're *very* confident in your on-the-spot improv skills).

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Yun E. Bears wrote:
graystone wrote:
totoro wrote:
I meant reasonable from her perspective.
I think what you're trying to say is that she picked what she saw as thematic for her character: That's 100% fine but as the DM you should prepare her by letting her know that because of her build, thematic in this case equals useless.
Sorry if I sound confrontational, but...How is this supposed to be a good thing?

I mean telling someone their build is useless isn't really a good thing. However, neither is trying to have 5 creatures worth of actions. That's terrible for everyone else at the table, so they limited the ability to do that. All of that should be explained to the player as soon as it's apparent that they want to have all the animals.

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The action to sustain the spell counts as commanding a minion for summons.

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You can TWF on a barbarian by multi-classing as fighter or rogue though. Archetypes (including MC) are being made specifically to let players adopt whatever playstyle they want. The MC archetypes already open up quite a few options, and it looks like a ton of archetypes opening up options are being added over the next year.

The Raven Black wrote:
Alas. Mark Seifter clarified that the Concentration trait stays even if verbal is substituted.

Do you have the source on that? I haven't come across it yet.

I believe you get complimentary PDFs with the subscriptions for the books (giving you a physical copy shipped to you and a free pdf). I don't know exactly how this works as I don't have any subscriptions yet, but that's the info I've seen. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable about it will chime in, but hopefully that's a starting point for you. :)

Edit: I also recall that if you subscribe to a certain number of book lines or a specific book line (again not my area of expertise), you get a 15% across the board discount on all of your subscriptions.

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Revan wrote:
Captain Morgan wrote:

Yeah the half damage on falling is really the long term benefit. Falling is more common than people think and is one of the more common PC killers.

Now if you also take catfall and legendary acrobatics, then you have wasted your heritage.

On the other hand, the lower levels of Cat Fall seems like it would combo fairly well with Unbreakable for making someone who can hurl themselves off fairly significant drops from earlier levels.

This. Fall damage is fairly common in games I've played. So Unbreakable is exactly the heritage I took for my Goblin Rogue with Cat Fall.

Rage is a pretty powerful bonus and so are spells. You can either plan to use your spells before raging or look for somatic-only spells.

I don't think making it a stance is a good idea for early levels. However, the idea of a higher level feat that lets it extend throughout your rage (or even just a round or two) is appealing.

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I believe the free class playtest for Witch, Oracle, Swashbuckler and Investigator drops in October with official release in July. So you could play non-core classes as early as October (not including 3rd party and homebrew).

Del_Taco_Eater wrote:
Could you elaborate re: cover?

Characters your size or larger tend to provide "Lesser Cover" giving a bonus to AC against ranged or reach attacks. It obviously depends on line of sight and GM adjudication (if you're higher than both, the targets probably won't have cover). I'm probably remembering the specifics wrong, but that's the gist of it. It's very similar to the rules for soft cover in PF1.

There don't appear to be any stat modifiers. There are a few things I've found it affect: cover (I think), what you can mount, whose unconscious/prone body you can share a space with (only your size or smaller), whose space you can move through (small can move through huge enemy spaces/medium through gargantuan).

If they introduce prestige classes, it will almost certainly be through archetypes with a requirement (which may be coming very soon indeed). The system doesn't really support level by level multiclassing anymore.

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Well it's a 9th level spell, so it's not very likely that you'll run into it until a level where it doesn't kill you instantly.

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Azurespark wrote:
I wonder how well alchemist would work as a dedication. For 1 feat you can make a number of alchemical items each day for free. This would be great to get the debuffs from bottled lightning, frost vial, and tanglefoot bag since you only need to hit the target. But in the later levels, say lv10+, will (level + 2 + dex) be enough to hit things? You could take the next dedication feat at lv6+ to raise your alchemy level, make the next tier of bomb, and gain a +1 item bonus to hit.

Alchemical bombs are listed as martial ranged weapons, so a fighter with the alchemist dedication would throw them like a boss. :P

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