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Zaidel Michigan wrote:

At this point, Zaidel is starting to get upset with their blood elf acquaintances.

"Demon? Really? You get a demon from a large vulture god?! Lady Allandria, we.. or should I say V.K., has been accommodating every aspect of your request, and still you are not satisfied that our large vulture friend is no threat to you or the populace in general!"
Walking over to stand beside the now-giant bird, Zaidel states with finality, "You know, I had hoped the rumors of blood elf arrogance and close-mindedness was just Alliance propaganda."

Allandria looks askance at Zaidel. "I'm not sure where you're from, but on our world, vultures are harbingers of death and disease. They pick clean the bones of the fallen, hovering over battlefields to gorge themselves on the dead. And this man suddenly becomes a giant corpse bird, and you *don't* think he's a demon?"

Both brother and sister The heavily armored elf is still inside jump back weapon and spell at the ready. "By the Light! You're some kind of massive vulture demon!" Allandria yells in surprise.

The sorceress continues to look at Zaidel like he has two heads, but pulls it together when her brother escorts the demon in disguise out of the inn.

VK, can I get a full description of what your true form looks like? Pic if possible?

Allandria appears quite bewildered at Zaidel's response "How do you know so much of Azeroth and our home city?!" She demands.

The sorceress turns to towards Zaidel "You know of Azeroth? Are you agents of Kil'jaeden here to prevent our return?" She asks harshly, not letting her spell go.

Vulture King wrote:

The Vulture King nods sadly before smiling and saying, "Worry not young one, for I avoid trouble wherever possible. If you require proof of my good intentions, I can gladly provide it though for interest of time I would wish not to."


Allandria takes several steps in retreat, and arcane energy springs up around her raised hand. "Stay back demon."

At her words, a cowled figure from her table stands.

Zaidel Michigan wrote:

So Alyssa's come to dance. Well, let's dance!

With a practiced straight face, Zaidel continues his introductions.
"Yes, that was Alyssa Mirai, our resident healer among other talents."
The big warrior makes a sigh of worry. "Brave girl, that one. We traveled far to Al'Lammar. We hope the celebrated doctors in this city can remove the staff of the magi that has become horribly wedged up her @$$."

Cocking her head slightly, Allandria regards Zaidel with a look of confusion. "I am not sure what a 'staff of the magi' is, but that sounds painful. I would caution that you watch what you say about those skilled in the healing arts, as they can easily be the deciding factor between victory and defeat."

Alyssa Mirai wrote:

Alyssa finds ways to mock both Zaidel and V.K.

"Greetings, Allandria," she begins, with an overexaggerated curtsy "unlike my fellow companions here, I am simply a normal human trapped in the company of heroes. Truly, their tales are both legion and legendary, especially Zaidel, once you get him talking. Try very hard not to stare too long; overexposure has been known to cause feelings of grandeur, self- importance, and, most of all, delusions of insane powers. Please, be on your guard."

She gives another curtsy, then sits back down.

The sorceress waves a dismissive hand at Alyssa "Please, do not curtsy, I am no Lady. I believe you are correct in your observation of your friend Zaidel, he does seem quite braggadocios."

Vulture King wrote:

The Vulture King stands once Zaidel has introduced himself and bows slightly before saying, "I greet you, Allandria, as the Vulture King, a minor deity given form. I was worshiped on Earth, where my companions lived, and came into true being on this world. Never matter, it is a story for another time."


Turning to The Vulture King, Allandria's eyes grow hard. "Where I'm from, minor deities, demigods and their ilk tend to be more trouble than anything else."

Zaidel Michigan wrote:

The big warrior stands to greet the handshake of the elven sorceress.

Wow! I'm shaking the hand of a elf. And not a bad looker either! It's also too bad she forget about me when see meets
Liriiestil. Oh well.

"Zaidel Michigan, Material Plane Hero and Warrior. I'm not sure if it counts, but I and my fellow Returned had a short foray earlier today within an interdimensional fey enclave. It wasn't Elysium, but it was nice."
[dice=Diplomacy (with Charming)] 1d20 + 26 + 1

Allandria's returned handshake is strong, confident. "Well met Zaidel. Fey enclave eh? Be careful around them, they are tricksters par excellence. Elysium is OK, a little too wild for my liking."