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To summarize... the fey of Darkmoon Vale are pissed, so they take control of the carnival, to massacre the townspeople of the village. The adventure starts as a "hey, let's go to the carnival" as the player's solve some ongoing issues over there. Finally, things get sick as the fey start their revenge on the lumbers and their families. Basically, every attraction turns into a horror show slaughterhouse and the PCs have to survive them and slay the cruel fey master. Seriously, if you are into this kind of stories, it doesn't get any better than this. I think it represents everything Paizo means to me... The best d20 rules edition mixed with that great old-school feel.

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Cities for urban campaigns


The book presents 6 new cities in the Pathfinder campaign setting, devised for running urban campaigns. I guess you can use them for a part of your game, or center a whole campaign in them. Either way, the information is very useful and the writing is inspiring, so it's a very enjoyable read. I personally like to pick and chose, here and there, buildings, NPCs and plots, to enhance the flavor of my own cities. However, I rated 4 stars, because I think there should be at least some more good-oriented cities, and a little less complexity throughout the book. Maybe a "Towns of Golarion" would complement these aspects. It is overall an excelent buy, especially if you're interested in running urban campaigns or urban-adventures.

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We need more Planar stuff!!!


Amazing adventure. 32-pages of 3-4 session gaming. Planescape author with just as much psycodellic planar stuff as you remember from the good old days. A little effort on the DM side to make it run smoothly. Oh, for sake, just grab it.

Paizo! We want more planar stuff!!! Keep em coming!

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3.6 instead of 3.7


As many others have stated, Pathfinder RPG only got half the way most of us expected it would get. IMO it is only a small step towards D&D evolution. Although it does it in the correct path, and with retrocompatibility absolutely assured (actually I don't know why they even posted a conversion guide... I think for the most part you don't even have to convert the preexistent material, just be familiar to how the old spells/skills work in the new rules). The material presented comprises mostly the less controversial parts of the BETA playtest and pictures/images/drawings all correspond to previous game material published either in the AP line or in the GameMastery line, which I think is nice, but could have gone further. Given that the free Beta-playtest is 90% of what's being published and that images are re-used, you just wonder why the price raises to $49.99... In my case, I paid up because I'm really thankful to them for all they're doing in trying to keep the spirit of old-school D&D alive (in every line of their publishing company). The core does set up a nice cornerstone for the rest of the material to be published from now. Keep up the good stuff.