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I don't know if anyone else really does this, but I use digital maps for everything and just finished the massive battle setup for the HoU scenario. I figured I'd Post this in case anyone else uses maps like I do on a big screen or projector. I filled in characters and waves for everything in the scenario for 5 players. Everything else should run by adjusting the "visible" markers in Photoshop one section or event at a time. I've also included some accents and lighting changes to show the time change in game, and have a layer folder for spell effects as well. All you have to add is some tokens for your players and size them to the grid. Hope this helps someone else save some time.

Full photoshop file: Heroes of Undarin - Map

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a medium load for 18 strength in pf1 is 101-200 lbs. This is ridiculous - when I was a cavalry scout in the US Army, our heaviest load was usually 70 lbs. a medium load was around 35 lbs. and everyone in my platoon was in the finest physical shape. That makes the best of the US army an average strength of 11 - nowhere near 18.


This for me is the average weight for another person. it's a little tough, but you can still do things. In my opinion it should be under heavy load, but yes possible.

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So in the 3rd chapter (The Affair at Sombrefell Hall) I have just run 4 players through a very harsh game, that was literally very close to a recreation of playing an original game of Zombies from COD. The facts from this were as follows:

3 newer players and 1 moderately experienced players.

2 Clerics (Standard makes, no dedications)
1 Paladin
1 Divine Sorcerer

All items and equipment/treasure were divided out as per suggestions in Doomsday dawn.

I am a 20 year experienced GM, and have run all manner of games/play styles.

This. Session. Was. DIRE.

Long story short, all players and myself noticed a huge difference on the Paladin, which almost did nothing the entire game. The areas were big and the waves of enemies forced players to be further apart, nullifying Retributive strike, and forcing the Paladin to literally become a punching bag while the clerics dipped in and out to fix the holes in the bag.

Lay on Hands? Pretty much only works out of combat. Champion powers? 2 points does a whole lot of nothing in an attrition fight of 26 (yes, that's the number of enemies) vs 4 without resting.

The Paladin had a total AC of 26 with shield and the +2 heavy armor, but still was getting negative energy, punched, clawed, and bitten (along with the other characters too) but every other class had something to go against it well. Even the sorcerer had angelic wings, the clerics had channel and healing hands, Heal spells, plus similar weapons and medium armors, but were all doing better than the paladin.

Is the Pally really just another fighter type with a strict code of conduct that must rely on purely Magic item extras that eat Resonance?

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Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
It's actually worse, because now classes like Fighters and Rogues can't use items like Wands or Scrolls anymore, whereas before, if they were trained enough, it was at least fairly possible to do so. Now? "Fighter wants to use Wand of CLW," "Fat chance, next!"

This is extended and made possible by Archetypes - see "Wizard Dedication" Feat or "Cleric Dedication".

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I happen to like the Current state of Resonance with one change, that of potions. I agree that potions should have the resonance stored at creation, but not used at time of use by the target - that basically means that a party cannot use even a minor heal potion on an NPC (who effectively has no resonance at all).

Beyond that, I'm not seeing the problem that everyone is talking about with Alchemists. Their resonance is based off their key ability INT, which if you're trying to stack the cards right, would give you 5 resonance at the first level, which is more than most every other character so far except maybe Sorcerers - See "Studied Resonance". Use of Elixirs and Creation of their Alchemy items is the only actual uses of Resonance so far for them, which I as a GM would assume that an Alchemist already has a stock made up of items as making a batch costs only 1 RP and makes multiple items based on downtime creation (like with the new downtime crafting mechanics, which if it is in downtime it's not costing you RP). Are all elixirs just for your alchemist? Are they making 15 items a day? Are they trying to carry 30 different alchemy items for 3 bulk? Bombs and mutagens don't cost RP to use, so I'm confused as to why people are saying Alchemists are limited here.

I strongly like the fact that there is a limit to magic, it makes it all that more special and hard to find/use. This makes regular items and crafting more special and useful, especially to groups that pool money and play certain tactics.

Being a GM for many years, I'm a huge proponent of simplified mechanics, and this is simplified. There's not much in this system so far that is "Book keeping" - Spell Uses, Power/Pool Uses, Resonance Points. What exactly is everyone fretting about? I am a fan of what's going on with the system and balance. The Economy has changed, and it's harder to spend all your money to spam spells from scrolls and wands becoming overpowered in game. It seems that instead you need to role-play, not do a bunch of math problems.

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Thank you Vic for being the voice of structure and reason in this current gold rush ridiculousness. You are much appreciated.

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I have so say that Me, Myself, and I are really happy with how a PLAYTEST version has come out. Lots of the forum people are complaining about layout for the book, while I on the other hand find it very simple to follow through to make a character. I don't have to go to 7 different chapters to find feats in an overall listing that most of which don't even pertain to my character, and have to spend tons of skill points, figure traits, etc.
Step-by-Step this is very well done and for newer people I think it's a great way to go. I just wish that people would let go of their previous habits and muscle memory pertaining to a previous version and take this in with new eyes. I've been a GM/DM/Storyteller/A&O for over 18 years now and this is highly refreshing to me.

This version feels almost like a nod to the old white wolf character creation in Werewolf: TA, and I love that. Even new players that have never played an RPG can pick up the creation in under an hour.

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I posted this in a thread as well, but might as well here:

Pg.16 second to last paragraph is the same as the previous in "armor class"

They've done away with flat-footed (which I like) but according to the AC and TAC paragraphs here they're the exact same thing. Someone copy and pasted, but didn't change the equation so to speak?

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I finally decided here as there doesn't seem to be any other place yet for error reports.

Core rulebook pg.16 "Armor Class"
-The paragraph vales for both AC and TAC are exactly the same. Minus the extra "T" that someone has put when they copy/pasted the section above it.

Will there be a contact form or email that these reports can be sent? Or can we just sticky this thread and keep all reports here for reference when Erratas are needed?