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The Bless spell have an area of 5 foot emanation, but later it says;

"Once per turn, starting the turn after you cast
bless, you can use a single action, which has the concentrate
trait, to increase the emanation’s radius by 5 feet."

How exactly that works? the radius increase is permanent for the spell duration, or reset each turn? If you concentrate to increase the radius one turn, not a second one, and again concentrate on a third turn, what is the radius of the spell?

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With the lasts blogs, it seems clear that Starfinder will be basically a Space Opera game. I have no problem with that, I love Space Opera. But some home-made settings my group play have been a long time on pause waiting for Starfinder, and those settings are basically CyberPunk. How viable is Starfinder for settings like that? Is possible some kinf of "Cyberpunk Adventures" like "Horror Adventures" for Pathfinder on the future? The setting seems interesting, but I will use nearly always homemade ones. How much I lose of the Core if I don't use the setting or use very little the space part?
I'm very excited and impacient waiting for Starfinder. Those lasts months are really slowwwww.

As far as I Know, Paizo don't have any product nor project for making mythic options for the occultist classes. Have Legendary any of the sort?

I love the concept of the Kineticist, and want to try one for a game that will begin at level 5. I will be going for Earth as my basic element, and my original was taking things like Bowling Infusion for a long range maneuvers build. But the bonus (CMB + CON bonus instead of STR bonus) is not so great. How could I boost my CMB? Is there some feat to up the BAB to character level for maneuvers or similar bonus?

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Inner Sea Gods is a superb book. We have the obedience for the 20 principal gods, and for Abyssal Lords, Empyreal Lords etc. But (that I know) there are not published Obedience for Besmara, Milani, Kurgess and the other Lesser Deities. For all the pirates out there, Besmara is specially interesting. Have someone make Obedience for minor deities?

Hi all, too much time no posting.
I would like to ask for some ideas for a Setting I’m helping a friend to flesh out. One of the central parts is that on the setting (think something like Planescape with its weird’s physics and portal thematic + Ravenloft for the exiled and dark themes) death is only temporal.
People die normally, but don’t remain dead more than one hour. Some rules and facts of that “no permanent death” are:
- Death arrives normally, but is only a temporal thing. The body slowly recover itself 1 hp/turn until it recovers to 0 HP, and here on heal normally. People remain unconscious during that regeneration.
- People do not age. Those born outside the setting and exiled in stop aging the moment they arrive. Native people stop aging some place around Young Adult.
- That only happens to humanoid or intelligent creatures. Unintelligent monsters and animal die (and can be eaten) normally.
- There are only two known forms of final death; absolute destruction of the body, at least of Disintegrate scale, and destruction of the soul for enough negatives levels of similar effects.
- The time dead there are not sensations, but the moment of death can be horribly painful and traumatic, and you later remember it.
- On every death you forget something. Normally are small things of no importance, but with enough deaths you slowly forget nearly all. The worst’s cases seam little more than living zombies, but to that extreme are necessary hundred of deaths, so are rare.
- The overpopulation consequences are reduced for the huge size of the setting. There are at least dozens of “worlds”, connected between them with portals and each with its unique physic and magical laws, like Outer Planes but without the strong alignment theme.
Of course, something like that has great impact on nearly everything on the setting. We would begin one campaign there, with a military background. A county is being assault by different Evil Overlords.
Some of the repercussions of all that are clear; some magic gains a great importance. The spells of Necromancy that deals negative levels, Baleful Polymorph to take out enemies without killing them, or charm to turn previous enemies to your side are vital spells on conflicts there. The spells that create undead, specially the non intelligent ones, are more difficult to use, with humanoids at least. Kidnap, torture and slavery are at the same time more frequent and viewed as something even more evil, as the effects are more permanent.
But I'm sure there could be really interesting ideas and stuff that could be born there that I'm not thinking of. What stuff do people will make on a place like that? I want many crazy ideas. ^^

Edit: one more important detail. There are divine casters, but few sources of divine might; some on the scale of Demon / Empyreal Lords, but no god that has regency over the death portfolio at great scale.

Yesterday, I saw the "Pathfinder Juego de Rol" on shops, published by DeVir. Great news¡¡

On a really quick inspection, the translation seems fairly good; I haven't seen anything that remembered me the HORRIBLE Forgotten Realms translation from 3.5

Personally, I have no problems with the rule books on english. Surely I will buy one CRB, but is not really needed. But some Adventures Path require a English level much more high that the rule books. One friend wanted to do Skulls and Shackles as de DM, and nearly dropped the idea because the specialized english of the AP. I think DeVir will publish Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition. Someone knows if they want to do some AP later?

I'm not sure if that is the correct sub-forum. No problem if some moderator wants to move it.

With the release of the last film of Puella Magi Madoka Magika (how much I want to see it...), and just for fun, Madoka as a Pathfinder goddess.

Neutral Good Goddess of Hope, Persistence and good Magic.
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Domains: Good (Friendship, Redemption), Magic (Divine), Liberation (Freedom), Community (Cooperation), Protection (Purity)

Of course, the leadership of the church is on the hands of Homura Akemi, True Neutral Inquisitor of Madoka.

The other true goddess is the one and terrible...
Chaotic Neutral Goddess of reality and egotism.
Favored Weapon: (honestly, no idea here, ideas are welcome)
Domains: Chaos (Whimsy), Destruction (Catastrophe), Luck (fate), Nobility (Leadership), Trickery (Ambush)

Not so sure about Haruhi details. Ideas are welcomed.
Of course, there are other divine manga characters, as Black-Green-Purple-White Heart from Hyperdimensional Neptunia. That and other silly but accurate ideas are welcome. ^^

As everyone can see on my avatar, I like Drows. But I know very little of the drows on Golarion, and that bit I know, is basically seen here on the forums. So I have some questions about them.
- The majority of Drow have their origin on the elves that didn't flee on Earthfall, but some are more recent transformation of elves that adore Demon Lords. How exactly works that?
- Lolth is an absolute b##++, but for all her faults, she didn't want the Drow society to implode. But here, the Drow are at the service of different Demon Lords. How is that their society not implode without the "supervision" of a superior unifying force like Drow?
- Some more important difference with classic D&D Drows?
- Obviously, Second Darkness can have many information there. What parts exactly? What other books have interesting information on the subject?

I have nothing against firearms on fantasy settings, but I just don't like the rules for them. On our Carrion Crown game we have a gunslinger and have not problems with her presence. She does a LOT of damage, but is workable.

But my group has been talking about recover an old setting of ours, one where the majority of enemies are megafauna (dinosaurs, mamuts and all that) with a really schizo technological level, that includes the equivalent of advanced firearms. But that combination on Pathfinder (big animals + advanced firearms) makes the enemies of paper. We don't want to rule out the firearms, but some alternative to the official rules would be really great. Someone has ideas / use another set of firearms rules?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Here, Jhon, your own ASK QUESTION theme ¡¡¡¡

As a fellow Samurai from Rokugan... what is your favourite clan? (Phoenix clan Shugenja here).
Don't you feel there a bit too much theme like that lately? :P

Well, the question is clear. There are few archetypes or other options made for the Ninja from Paizo. Are there something from some other company?

Soon my party may begins a campaign with the idea "try something wild". And for some time I have wanted to try Malefactor. But first I would like to ask some questions about the gameplay of the class.
1- Would the other party members (characters, not players) hate my for the ST penalty some much as I fear?
2- What kind of build can be with the class? Have some nice powers, but not enough to be considered a "caster". And the Harrowing Strike not seem a good enough bonus to combat to compensate the fact that the class is medium BAB without spells.
3- What kind of house rules people do the class? My game group have no problem with 3PP classes, but many times we touch them a little; we have a Death Mage from Super Genius in Carrion Crown, but with some changes, like making it a spontaneous caster with more spell selection. What would need the Malefactor?

Thank for responses.

I want to make a conversion to PF of the Mesmer character of Guild Wars 2, with some details from Guild Wars 1.
My idea is similar to the 3.5 Beguiler; a spellcaster of 6 levels with 4-6 skill points, with the spells centred on Illusion, and Charm, with some divination and teleport powers. Or a Illusion/Charm based Magus.
But have no idea on how to do two of the most iconic powers for the Mesmer; the clones and the interruptions.
I really like the clones thematic of the game, but how to do near perfect duplicates of one-self that are enough real to do a bit of damage in combat without being horribly overpowered?.
I know that some of the tropes of the Mesmer can be done with the Bard, but I would prefer a different approach to the class. Any idea is welcome.

Unnatural Cold (Su): At 3rd level, whenever a winter
witch’s spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural ability deals
cold damage, treat affected creatures as having half their
normal cold resistance when determining the damage dealt.

Unearthly Cold (Su): At 8th level, a winter witch’s spells,
spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities that deal cold
damage become horrendously cold. Half the cold damage
caused by these effects comes from an otherworldly
power and is not subject to being reduced by resistance or
immunity to cold-based attacks.

Maybe I am a bit obtuse, but a little clarification of how that two class features interact would be appreciated.

Say a Winter Witch make a cold attack making 52 raw damage to a creature with cold resistance 20. How much damage exactly suffer the enemy?

Just curious. ^^

For me, it was Lord of the Rings (Red Book, spanish version by Joc, don't know who made the original) when I was 15. Many people I know begin with that game and have fond memories of it. During too much time, we made new PCs for each session.

My first contact with D&D was like a year later with Dragonlance in 2 Ed. We made maaaaany things really badly during the first months. Later I discovered Forgotten Realms, and loved Planescape. I was looking during years for the box of Planes of Conflict, in fact.

On the other hand, for the future, I really want to arrive February to see Exalted 3 Ed. Really like the setting, but the really complex rules made 2 Ed (and 2.5) incredibly difficult to DM. In fact, I know of Exalted players that consider Mythic to be "Pathfinder + Exalted".

Making a quick lecture at Obsidian Twilight and its reviews, seems like a great idea that could benefict from some more details. On the other side, Shadowsfall seems to have some similar thematics.
Someone have the books for both settings? How easy (or difficult) can be combine both on one?

My group is going to begin on the next weeks a Serpent Skull game, DMed by one of the persons that normally is player. For some time I have been thinking on make a Red Mantis character, and that seems a good oportunity.
I now that Red Mantis play some part on the AP, but none of the details, and don't want to create problems to the relatively inexperienced DM.
Will a character have the opportunity to train on the prestige class?
Can create problems on the story to the DM?
If it can create any problem, I will just try any other character idea.

Long time player of Legend of 5 Rings here, but after the Kotei Sessions 4 years ago, I decided to take a lomg break from it. Now I'm going back, but only on the RPG-Side, can't afford Card game right now.

I'm really liking the Core 4 Edition, but want to use all that 3 edition books. The rules are similar, but not enough, so the great question is...
someone knows of some adaptation of the schools of 3 edition to 4? Specially interested on the Crab and Phoenix ones.

Edit: Forgot the other question: I have really liked 4 edition, but I'm curious of the differences on play. Is much different from 3Ed?

I see here many threats talking about USA internal affairs... lets talk about Europe this time¡
- How the people here thinks our politics in Europe are working in this crysis?
- Is the austerity the only way to correct that crysis, or so much austerity is making worse a dire situation?
- How see people in north of Europe the problems here on the South?
- Finally, a local one (I'm from Barcelona). How much known on the outside is the independence of Catalonia from Spain?

Have much curiosity to see opinions, so lets discuss. Obviously, people outside Europe can say teir word, of course.

Little edit to clarify.

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I'm a bit confused with the relation between the prestige class from Path of Prestige and the Hexes.

"Winter Witchcraft" don't say specifically that you gain hexes, only that the levels stacks for efects.

But later in "Bonus Hexes", says:

At 5th level and every two levels thereafter,
a winter witch gains the following major hexes in addition
to those gained from normal advancement

what hexes are talking about ?
Option 1- Is implicit in Winter Witchcraft that you gain a Hexe every two levels?

Option 2- The wording of Bonus Hexes is wrong?

Option 3- My English is failing me (again)?

I really like near anything that Super Genius Games, but I have a discussion with one of my habitual players about the Armiger Talent Spear Brace:

Spear Brace (Ex): This armiger talent allows an armiger to brace a pole arm or spear on an equipped shield, to aid in handling and fighting with it. His increased stability gives the armiger a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with a pole arm or spear with which he is proficient. He gains this bonus only while he has a shield equipped. This bonus increases to +2 at 6th level, +3 at 12th level, and +4 at 18th level. Additionally, even when the armiger is using a shield that prevents his hand from being free, he can use his shield-arm to hold (and fight with) a pole arm or spear with which he is proficient.

Ok, the character can use a two handed spear or polearm with a shield. But what damage bonus from Strengh he recieves? Like one handed weapon or like two handed weapon?

I see why the player thinks the armiger does 1.5 damage for Strengh, but seems overpowered to me.

What are the best cold damage sorcerer/wizard spells for each spell level?

Control spells are ok, but I'm looking more for damage.

Thanks for the help

I'm planning to make my level 2 monk a Qinggong monk, but I really don't understand how exactly works the Ki Power's substitution. Not problem at level 4, as you substitute a level 4 Ki power option for another at level 4, but what happens at level 6 (and later)?
You not gain High Jump at 5 and later at level 6 gain the new Ki Power?
You gain the new Ki Power at 6 and not gain Wholeness of Body at level 7?
As I suspect, something completely different?

Long time reader of the forum, but never posted for lack in confidence in my English (Spanish player here... someone there from Barcelona- Catalonia area?).