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Durgan Far-Walker wrote:

He turns to the fiendish woman. "Akate. I am sorry for your troubles. Perhaps... perhaps there is a way I might help you... Akate, the gods often bless with magic those they saddle with curses. Some cosmic sense of humor, I suppose. By any chance, are you able to heal injuries?"

**sniff, sniff** "Oh yes, I have to do it all the time. Why just last week when I was moving this carriage from the livery stable and there was this terrible accident--. And this was the last place too. I've worked on farms in the fields, and as a laborer putting up building and churches, I've worked for alchemists, stonemasons, and potters, and as servers in Cayden knows how many taverns. Now I'll have to move on again. Though, I hadn't ever thought of healing folks before I hurt them.... Do you think it could work?"

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:
Oracle with the Wrecker curse, right?

That's one of them.... Durgan can't quite remember the glass-maker's name.

A fiendish young woman comes stumbling out of the glassmaker's hovel chased by a stern older woman with a broom. The foremost is Akate the Trice-Damned. The woman threatening her with the broom is no doubt the local glass-maker.

"AND DON'T COME BACK!" shouts the woman before going back in and slamming the door behind her. There is a shout from within--this time in surprise, and then another series of crashes sound from the shop.

Akate gives a little huff of indignation. She dusts herself off and tugs on the hem of her vest, causing all of its buttons to fly off and bounce upon the ground in front of her.

Akate sobs.

"Um, Talanova--the only brand we carry." shes a bit drunk though and as she lazily passes you the bottle it taps the bar with just the right amount of force to break making a big mess.
"Oh S%#+e! S*%~e! S~@*e! S&*+e!" She cries over and over again, reaching for the dirty rag on her shoulder to mop it up.

"Hey Posh, you're a bard by trade right? How about one of your stories?" Akate asks, still wiping her eyes.

Celyne wrote:
"Is there anything I can do for you right now that might help? Is there anything you need in Restov when we go there? Perhaps I can go shopping for you at least? I saw many fine things for sale when I visited there."

"No need, they would only break if I used them."

Celyne wrote:
"You are quite beautiful in an exotic way, miss... don't disparage yourself because you're different. I was something of an outcast growing up myself, so I know how you feel, but different is not bad, as I've had to learn myself. Is there something though that I might help you with? Perhaps these other 'issues' are ones that can be alleviated?" She still speaks low so as not to be overheard.

"Only if you know some way to chase off the gods. They call me Akate Thrice Damned, my looks are one one of three curses you see. The other is this."

She picks up the pen next to the sales ledger and tries scribbling with it on a blank page. Nothing happens. "Now you try."

The pen works just fine for you. Upon handing it back to her you see that all the ink has discharged itself on her hand. She sighs and wipes it up.

"Most anything I touch becomes broken, the moment I do so. I don't normally tell people this, but somehow I think you can understand."

Looking around first to make sure the coast is clear. "It's just tough keeping a job when you- well, when you don't look like you for starters. And then I have other- well- issues."

Poshment Underhill wrote:
Akate, Thrice-Damned wrote:
"I meant when I'm done tending to everyone. I have a job you know." She says a bit irritably. "And why wouldn't I be alright?"
"You just seem a little distracted, that's all. I'll order a drink for you. Wine or mead?" he gives a smile and once he gets his answer will walk over to Argentov.

"I said I can't. Not while I'm-" She stops and looks up. An older human man with fringe of white hair is staring through spectacles at here from the doorway to the pantry. He clears his throat.

"Mr. Soyev." She says with a nervous laugh. Then she turns back to Posh. "I have to see to your room."

"I meant when I'm done tending to everyone. I have a job you know." She says a bit irritably. "And why wouldn't I be alright?"

"Oh. Uh, well maybe, once everything is settled." She looks nervously straight ahead at nothing in particular as if going through some mental calculations.

Poshment Underhill wrote:
Celyne wrote:
"Sharing a bottle of wine sounds wonderful, especially if we can do so in the baths." She chuckles, and flashes Alia a smile... hoping they do have at least two tubs... "I haven't really had any truly good wine since I left home."

Posh gets a Anime-style nose bleed at the idea, lol.

Posh smiles to himself for a moment as he looks at the two when listening to the commend.
"Anyway...yes I believe you ladies should have a room to yourself. Us rugged men can share our sweat and smells." Posh laughs at the insults to all men including himself. "So, my dear. May I ask what's your story?" Posh smiles up to Akate.

"Story? What story?" She asks nervously.

Alia of the Blade wrote:
Alia glances at Celyne:"I'm fine with one big tub if you don't mind. Makes it easier to share the wine, too! What about you, Scarlet?"

"I'll have the stable boy get it ready."

"There's only one tub here, but it holds four. Did you want to eat first? The Talanova is basically what we have as far as wines, but *hic* it's pretty good."

Those have a choice of seats, there's only one other person in the place a flaxen-haired man who's been regarding you since you arrived. He's seated at a small table along the opposite wall.

As the place is a sort of combination tarvern/inn/general store its dinning area is reminiscent of a medieval-style Cracker Barrel (or any other restaraunt chian that has a bunch of folksy nick-knacks on their walls).

Zokon Santyev wrote:

Zokon gives Akate 2 gold pieces and more if needed

"Beef and vegetables a good hearty meal for myself and whatever Faeria, Chick and Wilbur want for themselves, no alcohol though please, we need clear heads, and my part for the common room which seems to be the consensus"

Wilbur and Chick are currently at the trading post under Kesten's watch. Currently you are traveling with Golden Boy, Verdigris, Faeria, and Kressle.

"I'll get the cook on that and bring you out your meal."

Alia of the Blade wrote:

Hearing Zokon place his order, Alia nods towards him approvingly, then speaks up herself: "Have you got something spicy to drink? After those past few days I think I could use something a bit stronger than usual. As for the meal, whatever is still available at this hour will do for me. Bread and Cheese, maybe? Regarding the room, considering we are travelling, I believe the common room would be our best choice...are there others already or would we be by ourselves in it?"

Having said that, Alia looks at the others present to see wether they would agree with her choice.

"We've got a couple of large common rooms only one of them has guests right now so you could crowd into the other. It's a party of ten, right? We carry Talanova it's a local Brevic wine and pretty bracing. I don't know that we have anything 'spicy' though. The cook's already awake. He can make you whatever want but we do have bread and cheese as well."

Scarlet Scarab wrote:
"Sounds fine by me." She turns to the receptionist and hands her a gold coin. "Name's Scarlet. I hope this covers our stay for the night."

"Well, it covers yours. Its 5sp for the room (3sp if your sleeping in the common room) and 3sp for the meal, another 2sp gets you a pitcher of the local wine if you want."

"There's a big common room if you'd like to stay together. As for food and drink it's all pretty standard fare. What would you like?"

"We don't get many bountyhunters here. Did you want something to drink or maybe a room?"

"Hello, can I help you?"