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Sir Holton
Silver Crusade Gerrick Fornost

Male Human Paladin (0 posts)
Scarab Sages Vint

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Elvish Fighter
Grand Lodge Nelros

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Artemis Entreri
Silver Crusade Petrus Morvan

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Sovereign Court Magnus Tull

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Larur Feldin
Grand Lodge Vobrik

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Liberty's Edge Kopnip

Male Gnome Sorcerer (0 posts)

Dark Archive Alen Arcturus
(0 posts)
Ratfolk Elder
Grand Lodge Grillek

Ratfolk (0 posts)
Dark Archive Farzhad

Male Human Sorcerer 1 (0 posts)

Dark Archive Hafnar of the North

Human Wizard (0 posts)

Sovereign Court Dorgrim Grimstone

Dwarf (0 posts)

Wayfinders Drax Klortho
(0 posts)

Wayfinders Agorn

Male Kasatha Operative (0 posts)

Friddip Boffin

Male Gnome Sorcerer (0 posts)

Radiant Oath Petrus Morvane
(0 posts)
Vigilant Seal Friddip

Male Gnome Sorcerer (0 posts)

Grand Archive Azada

Cleric (0 posts)