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If the new products are coming out 1 August, when do I need to cancel all my subscriptions so I don't receive any of the PF2 stuff? I assume prior to 1 August but how much prior?

I did not enjoy what I saw during the playtest and was so disappointed I haven't bothered to see what got fixed or changed. I'm glad I have decades of PF1 stuff to play.

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After reading the rulebook (and constantly needing to remind myself what those symbols meant - ugh the symbols) I came away with a few thoughts.

First impression: After two years this is what was created?

Next impressions:

What was wrong with the term "race"? Was this some kind of trigger word at Paizo?

Why the move from gold pieces to silver pieces? Fantasy world, fantasy economy.

Why the massive nerf to spellcasters? A wizard familiar is now a separate feat? Most of the time they're not going to be moving and as has been pointed out in other threads spells have been depowered and number of spells per day greatly limited.

Much of the changes feel like a movement of deck chairs on the Titanic. Sure it is vaguely different but overall many changes feel like change for change sake.

Needless complications with what gets added to die rolls. I'll not waste post space with the long list.

No true combat example in the rule book. Just some small bits but no complete combat example to show all the bits tying together.

Rules used as examples before they're introduced (a critical hit damage example that uses a magic weapon before the whole etchings or whatever they're called is explained and what they do - I thought it was a typo when I first read it).

Nothing thus far says "buy me, play me" when I have nearly a complete library of PF1e material. I dearly hope the company isn't betting on this to survive. I really hope you have a Plan B.

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The rule book lost me with those icons for actions (at least I think that's what they were) that all look practically the same. I didn't find the system simpler or easier or otherwise in some way that says reject all my current Pathfinder books, modules, supplements, etc. Could play for years with what we have and this new thing seems new for new sake.

For example (adding complexity) why make the separate bits of spellcasting (verbal, somatic, material) all take separate actions? My reading of it (first reading) is a spell caster who casts a spell with V,S,M cannot move in a round.

Why change the base currency from gold to silver? No explanation given.

In the words of Jason B. during many a game day in Wisconsin: "meh".

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IronHelixx wrote:
Marik Whiterose wrote:
What does this mean for Game Space? Is it officially dead?
Gamespace is long deceased.

Could we have some official word on this?

Having tried a number of VTTs, I still find TTop to be the easiest to use even without it allowing integration with anything. We did try d20Pro and the upload of HeroLab content into it was sketchy at best. Most of the PCs loaded had their spell lists and other bits missing. I was supremely disappointed as that single bit of automation would have cut down on my prep time enormously.

Was so hoping for Paizo to hook up with HeroLab and produce a VTT within RealmWorks.

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
I recommend you read the New Player Guide before you start play!

You have then already failed if I have to read a guide to even start the game. There should be in game help, pop ups or other directions to point a new player in the right direction.

Furthermore, having to click on each NPC to find out its name was also not fun. If there was a command to display a name banner over their head I was unable to find it as I did hunt around for a list of commands.

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I would wait for something far more polished and not sign up and PAY to be alpha testers in this mess. Zero direction on character development, bizarre terminology (evidently license related) and starting a fantasy game with a club and no idea what to do - not even being able to hit the combat dummy - does not a good first impression make.

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Having played two special events, one of which gave out a single XP, this threw off a character's progression such that there was no way for the character to reach an exact 33 XP. What is the background and justification for this hard XP amount of 33?

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As someone in Stormfriend's TTopRPG-enabled group and the only person to (apparently) have a router that allows me to open a port, yes that bit of technical crap has been annoying to us at times. Also, certain (very few) picture files appear to fail. Just a couple of the little details one has to nail when making these systems.

However, as a free piece of software, TTopRPG gets a lot of things right and is very easy to use. I do hope the folks at Paizo are looking at the various tools which do currently exist, totting up the good, bad, ugly as far as features, and then potentially reach out to someone who already has a solid code base and seek to not reinvent the wheel. Software development is not for the faint of heart. Paizo has done many things very well and, frankly, is the best thing going in my opinion.

While this announcement is great, the lack of supporting information suggests perhaps the announcement should have been held off till at least some demo screen shots could have been posted along with the announcement.

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I used to be a regular convention attendee - for many years - but job schedules include last minute travel and booking something like Gencon in January just isn't as feasible as it once was, sadly.

I can certainly understand not wanting to turn PFS into Animal Farm. What are the options for those who cannot attend conventions for one reason or another?

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Zouron wrote:
Hyla wrote:
Any chance at all to get this book from a distributor in Europe? I really would like to buy it, but 800 pages probably mean 40+$ shipping.
As a fellow European I can tell you the shipping for me (for the original) was $49.75. A lot but... it's the Tome of Horrors what more can I say?

I would simply be happy to have received the first printing of this book that I ordered back on 3 Jul 2011.

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Having just played this module (and really enjoying the module) I noticed the Chronicle did not have a reward range that included level 9. 7-8 and 10-11 only. Which reward tier should a level 9 PFS characters choose? Our thought was the 7-8, but we did not want to assume.

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Stephen White wrote:
Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting - page 209 wrote:


Exotic Weapons
Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Osirian khopesh - Cost:20gp, Dmg(S):1d8, Dmg(M):1d10, Critical:19–20/x2, Weight:8lb, Type:Slashing

Osirian Khopesh: The Osirian khopesh begins as a straight blade extending 2 feet from its hilt. It then extends a further 2 feet in a curved crescent, enabling the weapon to be used for trip attacks. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the khopesh to avoid being tripped.

Note well, according to the printed version of the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting book on page 209, the weapon is a Martial Weapon, NOT an Exotic Weapon. The one-handed khopesh in the APG is an Exotic Weapon.

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The group I play with also uses a combination of TTopRPG and Skype. Works out rather well, especially TTopRPG. A terrific piece of software. My group spans two continents (North America and Europe) and we rarely experience any issues until Skype gets buggy and we have to reset our connections.

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SRM wrote:

As you can see I’m a big snarling geek. As you can imagine, I should fit in just fine here.

I do not believe in public you ever snarled. You were the contemplative teddy bear of Living Greyhawk. I was amazed at how well you handled the slings and arrows (and maces, and kukri - lest us not forget the kukri).

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At Gen Cons past, Paizo had nice table tents for players to use to display their character name and details as well as the Pathfinder ID number. Could Paizo post this file as a download? Would really like to create new ones for additional Pathfinder characters and have the option to add the details using the computer (fonts, a picture of the character, etc).


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Someone in this thread asked about the venue.

The first two years, PFS was crammed into one or two small rooms near the registration area. These rooms were hot, violently loud, and very hard to navigate through.

The digs this year were a vast improvement!

A couple of suggestions:

1) Ceiling hangings or some other noise baffle.
While the noise was nothing compared to the runway level sound of the prior two years, it was still high. I ask those with some acoustic dampening training to chime in on whether banners hung from the ceiling of that large space would do anything to attenuate the sound level.

2) Better "avenues" within the gaming area.
I understand this could eliminate a table and that is not the intent but something done to assist with moving from front to rear in the hall.

3) Give poor Tim Hitchcock a small PA system for the special next year ;)

Other suggestions fall outside of Paizo's ability to influence, chiefly the distance to and the disgusting nature of the rest rooms at this year's Gencon. As one of the tables I was at said, nearly all together, "I'd do ANYTHING to not fall onto that floor!".

Great GMs, great players, good pre-planning (iconic PCs at different levels), fast and efficient mustering, and happy staff. As an old LG/RPGA person, PFS is what a living campaign should aspire to become!

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I asked about this at Gencon 2010 and received a reply directly from a senior designer (Sean K. Reynolds) - the omission of the goat and pig was simply that - an omission. Expect an errata soon to include the goat and pig plus stats for each.

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I want to thank all involved and especially Tim Hitchcock for creating a terrific interactive event which had an exciting story, epic battles, and a fun finale. Code Black!

Well organized play, especially putting together tables. Calling in the tables by tier for the special made for smooth seating and little standing around.

Hopefully Paizo can continue to garner larger spaces (not too large lest we run into the Epic Echo). If banners can be hung from the ceiling of the room occupied this year, that might assist in breaking up the noise. Those of you on these boards with true expertise in such matters chime in.

Great time! Thanks again PFS and Paizo!

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I have recently purchased one of the "new" Kindles, the larger screen variety with integrated PDF reading ability. The first thing I did was download my purchased copy of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.

1) The PDF did display and was completely readable.
2) Due to the amount of graphics on each page (the background of every page being a graphic for example) turning pages was excruciatingly slow.
3) None of the bookmarks worked. This was a massive loss of functionality.

Any help in converting this PDF to Kindle format would be appreciated. Used Amazon's free service and got back something quite unreadable. The graphics once again an issue and the text was a complete mess.

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I'd like to have some clarification on Table 1.1. The first column says "Level" but also refers to scenarios. My initial read is if you're 2nd level you get 1,000 gold to purchase gear. Frankly, after having played 5 scenarios (still 2nd level), a character has more wealth than that and is being short changed. No system is perfect. I guess he got mugged in Absolam - must have been a Taldan. ;)

Another note - what GMs must fill out after a scenario is concluded (top page 26). As written, this suggests the GM decides what someone's character purchases or sells. While certainly not the intent, I imagine the intent is to have a GM look over the arithmetic of players and play calculator. The chronicle sheet already requires GM initials on PA and GP gained. Given the constraints on time in convention play I'd rather not have a GM worried about making sure they have enough time to play calculator and short change the adventure plus rush players through purchase decisions. A prior Living Campaign used to do this kind of thing but realized it was a colossal waste of everyone's time. Given the penalties for cheating (which I think are clear and appropriate) plus some limits on character purchase, this seems to be a bit much on the micromanagement department.

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This would be a nice addition and help personalize the chronicle sheets. As a side-effect, the art may help to familiarize players with the various countries/empires.

Fleanetha wrote:

As we move into Season 1, may I request that future Chronicles have the heraldry of the country / area visited printed on them please?

As Paizo have now paid and commissioned this art work for the Campaign Setting, it would be good to see it and make the Chronicles that little bit more special.

Thanks for consideration,