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Hi I've finally had the chance to open up some of my mail and after opening this box I've noticed the Promo Card Pig From Hell is not in the shipping box or the card box as the promos have been in the past.

Is there anyway one can be added to the order with the last adventure deck?

Thank you,

JohnF wrote:

I find this whole thread more than a little ridiculous....

I don't believe Paizo are planning on making any profit here by selling other people's intellectual property - anyone who thinks that has, IMO, an unrealistic and inflated view of the fair market value of their own contribution.

This sooooo much.

This is like If I went to subway, asked them to make me a sandwich in a particular way. Told people how delicious it was. Those people decided to try it and then stood there waiting for Subway to give me my cut.

Wonder if OP will be happy if a resolution to this will be just taking away the card creator to avoid Legal issues...

Michael Klaus wrote:

Did you guys already discuss this:

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Dual Deck Box

It is basically this one with Pathfinder art on top:

PRO Dual Standard Red Deck Box

I was looking forward to this product but now I am wondering: Are you supposed to put 1 CD in such a box with a lot of spare room? Are you supposed to fit 2 in there without sleeves?

I am mostly wondering why they did not use this one and added the Pathfinder artwork:

PRO 100+ Red Deck Box

I'm currently using the pro 100+ deck box. It fits my sleeved 16 card deck, the rest of the class deck unsleeved, the remainder of a 50 pack of PACG sleeves and also I fold up my tracking sheets and slide them in. I also carry a small back o'dice on the side.

I just picked up the PACG duel deck box with the intention of sleeveing the entire class deck and storing it in one side and putting my Extra sleves, sheets, Dice, and iconic mini in the other side.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:

Is anyone else using the Ultra-Pro Pathfinder themed sleeves?

Are you having issues with them holding up at this point? I'm not thrilled with them for prolonged use.

I'm using them. I'm somewhat new to sleeving and organised card games in general but as I was playing last night I was inspecting them and was thinking I would need to replace some sooner rather than later.

On a sleeve of this level how much play can you get out of them in general?

I see it this way. Paizo has made its templates available for the community to use. They partnered with a site that can produce cards that will integrate seamlessly with their official product. YOU choose whether or not you want your
"Intellectual property" shared with the community who can then pay to have your cards printed for use in their home game.

Now If Paizo takes Your cards and stuffs them in a package and sells them then yes you should be compensated at some level. But this is not the same.

If you don't like it you have options.

1. Continue printing cards at home that don't integrate or use Proxies
2. Use the service to print the cards you want and keep them private.
3. Or use all your great ideas(based on an intellectual property you do not own) that you feel you should be compensated for and create and publish your own game and watch that money roll in....or not.

Thank you! I have another question, I was in the understanding that the iconic heroes set 2 wasn't going to be out till next month but it's now showing in my sidecart but is still set for preorder on the store page.

If it is in my sidecard does that mean it's ready to ship? If so is there any way to add it to the order you set up yesterday to ship?

I notice, Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #1, Is now listed as in stock. Can I have the set 1 put in my sidecart and shipped with the item already there?

Is there a reason why the set 1 is not on the preorder product page anymore and listed as unavailable?

Personally I just got into pacg in January and picked up a used base rotrl with all add-ons and promos still sealed for a killer deal and am playing through it with my fiance. We both love it. I subscribed in time to get s&s adventure deck 5 and 6 And plan on eventually going back and catching up. if I could get the base and decks 2-4 with promos now it would be a no brainer and I would sit on it until we had the time to play it. But for now by the time we get through rotrl, wrath will be released...

Also to reiterate what others have said pirate themes are lost on me.

Thanks Hawkmoon.

Shade325 wrote:

The reason for the higher level spells in the Fighter Class Deck is Flenta and its rather well thought out.

Flenta Arcane Pretender Role wrote:
□ You may recharge a spell (□ or an item that has the Magic trait) to add 1 plus its adventure deck number, if any, to your combat (□ or non-combat) check.
This makes it worth spending upgrades on spells although you're not using the spells for their powers (unless you're desperate and a particular spell is the only option.) I'm looking forward to picking up this power ASAP.

This is cool and justifies the spell deck upgrade if she only uses them to power her power feat. Makes me feel less like I've wasted sessions on this character

So I tried this one with Ezren last night in a group of five. I started a turn and summoned a shark. No attack spells up so I roll melee and take the damage. I ask the group, "should I chance the explore?" they say, Sure why not?" I flip and there is a Shark Henchmen. We all either gasp or sigh. My group blows a bunch of blessings and with 4d4 Ezren punches the shark dead. It's at that moment we all realize Ezren needs summon another to close location. More gasps or sighs. The group uses the last of it's blessings and with 4d4 again. Ezren the Shark Puncher was victorious.

Oh and we won the scenario with about 7 blessing cards left. Good times!

I've been playing through RotRs at home in a group of 2 playing 4 characters. I also just finished my 4th OP session. I choose Flenta because I thought she was so unique. Now I'm sure this has been addressed already be asked but doing a forum search I couldn't find it within the 15 mins I looked.

Flenta's Power: "After you play a spell that has the arcane trait for its power, draw a random spell from the box that does not have an adventure deck number and has the arcane trait and recharge it."

Hypothetically speaking Let's say I have a spell with the number 2 in my deck(reward from previous session) and I use it, Banish it, and replace it with a B, c, or P card from the S&S box as the power says.
We beat session and take all the extra card out of our deck for loot and if no additional spells were picked up I then replace my missing card with a basic trait spell from my class deck. There being only 2 B spells in the class deck, my deck for the next game will have the exact same spells as my very first deck from session one.

1) is this correct?

If it is correct then the only time I would get a spell upgrade and not feel bad about it is if there are either, No other spellcasters in the session, or if the spellcaster doesn't take a spell upgrade and its just left there on the table. I could never justify taking a spell upgrade over a true caster because Flenta would use it and then just get my basic spells back. In a casters hand it has potential to be used over and over. Also i would never take a spell upgrade over any other card due to the fact after one use it's gone forever.

While I love the concept of Flenta at first glance, the Fighter who uses Scrolls, After using her I'm not sure she will ever use any of the higher level spells in her class deck and as it has been said before, feels like a waist of the fighters deck.

Maybe instead of including a character like this in the class decks maybe do a Hybrid Classes Deck.

bbKabag wrote:
Aerros wrote:
Scribbling Rambler wrote:
My only complaint so far is the improper spelling of armour, as is the case with many Paizo products.

Please know what your talking about before you try to correct others...

Thank you.


I think he was just being sarcastic about the Canadian/British spelling of "armor."

lol That's what I get for rushing.

Scribbling Rambler wrote:
My only complaint so far is the improper spelling of armour, as is the case with many Paizo products.

Please know what you're talking about before you try to correct others...

Thank you.

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Preordered set 1 and 2 for OP and home games. Can't wait.

Do we have to wait until official language is out or can we site this post to use them once they are out? Of course that's only a question if official language isn't out by the time these are released.

Currently I'm only using sleeves for my character cards. I use KMC perfect size sleeves and mark on those sleeves. They fit very well and don't allow the card to slide around within. I then use a ultra pro penny sleeve over it to keep the marks from rubbing off to any other cards in the character's deck.

I'm currently playing Rotr at home with my fiance(picked up complete and used[the set, not my Fiance]), and S&S organised play. I have the subscription for the Wrath set and I plan on sleeving everything for that set and use a broken token insert. Has it been confirmed the box size will be the same for the wrath set?