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I’ll be the judge of that!

I'm just really impressed by those uncomfortably sexy fishmans on the cover.

Are they romance options?

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SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
Palidian wrote:
After generations of slavery, pillaging, and bloodshed, the gnoll horde that has been terrorizing the desert town of Rel-Ekhir has recently stopped all violence. Slaves were returned, caravans went unmolested, and bandits disappeared from the roads. Then came what was arguably the strangest part yet: a letter to the town's Sharif (mayor) arrived proposing a peace treaty between the gnolls and the human settlement. The PCs are either locals to Rel-Ekhir, or they are simply there for the celebration, as people from miles around have flocked to the sleepy village to see the first peaceful chord struck between gnolls and civilized races.
Please don't let one of them be Admiral Ackbar.

I for one am angry that I wasn't invited.

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Life is much better
down where it's wetter
Take it from me.

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Dear servicebot,

I have recently purchased your Abadarcorp TastyBev Beverage matter manufactory, and have encountered an issue. I am a fan of iced cappuccino beverages, and when I set the TastyBev Manufactory to iced-cappuchinno it always blends the ice to a slushy consistency.

This is clearly not an iced cap!


Admiral Ackbar

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How many drams to a hogshead again?

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I'm sure it's fine. Definitely no traps here.

You damn well know what I said.

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Depends, which half is god and which half your paladin has sex with.

Just kidding, seems fine and definitely not a succubus trying to trick you into siring a half-demon baby to raise in a fast time area of the Abyss to try and kill you next year.

I am a gillman rogue, I like to warn my allies about elaborate ruses and hidden hazards.