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Hi There,

Meet Olgen, think I have finally settled on his build.

He's a Dazing Assault, CaGM Bloodrager who gets insta-blurry when he rages (so Moonlight Stalker is always on, effectively Wpn Focus, Gtr Weapon Focus and Wpn Spec level bonus that activates as a free action when he rage/blurs),

So his eventual attack routine is Pounce (Full Attack with Raging Brutality) and use CaGM to finish them off or Daze them. Enemy either does nothing or just dies.

The build:
1- Heavy Armor Prof Indomitable Stance, Blood Rage, Disruptive Bloodrage (+2 Cast Defensively) swap for Blood Line Familiar -Initial Hedgehog, then replace with Flying Fox, Bat Familiar with the Mauler ArchetypeFeat - Blind fight,
2- Armoured Swiftness
3-Blood Sanctuary, Feat: Combat Expertise
4-Blood Casting, Eschew Materials, Spells, Blood Power (Arcane Bloodrage-Blur)
5-Armour Training, Feat: Moonlight Stalker
6-Blood Feat- Power Attack
7-Blood Deflection,Blood Spell: Magic Missile Feat: Steadfast Personality
8-Primalist Swap Greater Arcane Bloodrage for Lesser Beast Totem and Beast Totem
9- Blood Feat: Combat ReflexesFeat: Raging Vitality
10-Blood Spell: Invisibility
11-Greater Bloodrager, Feat: Dazing Assault
12-Primalist Swap Caster’s Scourge for Come and Get Me and Greater Beast Totem, Blood Feat: Disruptive (+4 Cast Defensively)
13-Blood Spell: Lightning Bolt Feat:Raging Brutality
14-Indomitable Will
15-Blood Feat: Spell Breaker, Feat:Rage Casting
16-Primalist swap True Arcane Bloodrage for Guarded Stance and Reckless Abandon, Blood Spell: Dimension Door
17-Tireless Bloodrager, Feat:?????????
18-Blood Feat: Iron Will
19-Feat: Heroic Will
20-Mighty Bloodrager, Primalist Swap Caster's Bane for Inspire Ferocity and ??????

No I am an unashamed Kick in the door player. (In fact the CaGM build in the AM Barbarian guide book is mine.)

However this style of play is harder at high levels with a smart DM.
So you'll note I gave him a Cha of 15 and Rage Casting. So by bumping CHA I hope to have somewhat relevant offensive casting at higher levels on the rounds I can't just charge.

The issue is I had to DUMP wis to get the CHA higher.
I took a Hedgehog Familiar (+2 will saves) and Steadfast Personality comes online at 7.

So Pre level 7, what "kill your party" enemy spells am I worried about and is spamming Protection from Evil enough?

Hi Guys,

So the concept here is simple.
Make a Roided out but semi smart Dirty and Brutal Fighter using the Bloodrager chassis.
FYI I LOVE Combat Maneuvers. I usually make AOO focused trippers using Fortuitous weapons but feel my DM will hurt himself if I trot out another trip monkey.

So help me with this.
The idea is to use the Arcane Bloodline to have Blur on Instantly whenever I rage, triggering Moonlight Stalker.
That and the Bonus From Bloodrage will be a nice Attack and damage boost at lower levels. Use Primarily a 2 handed weapon.

At later levels He'll be crippling foes by dropping Savage Dirty Tricks (Blinded and Staggered mostly) and later included as part of a full attack when Quick Dirty Trick Comes online.

Much Later Raging Brutality is just an awesome damage boost.

Not looked in on the level 17+ progression.

Finally, Being a Primalist lets me swap Bloodline Powers for 2 Rage Powers. What synergises with this theme. The only power I NEED is the BLUR bloodline power.

Racial Traits:
Ability Score Modifiers: Half-orc characters gain a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.
Type: Half-orcs are Humanoid creatures with both the human and orc subtypes.
Size: Half-orcs are Medium creatures and thus have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Base Speed: Half-orcs have a base speed of 30 feet.
Languages: Half-orcs begin play speaking Common and Orc. Half-orcs with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Abyssal, Draconic, Giant, Gnoll, and Goblin. See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.
Alt Racial Trait-Sacred Tattoo: Many half-orcs decorate themselves with tattoos, piercings, and ritual scarification, which they consider sacred markings. Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws. This racial trait replaces orc ferocity.
Alt Behind the Veil (1 RP): Characters with this trait gain a +2 bonus on Bluff and Sleight of Hand checks while benefiting from concealment or cover. Half-orcs can take this trait in place of intimidating, also gaining the shadow blending fetchling racial trait. (50% Miss Chance in Dim Light)

Ability Scores:

Ability Scores: 20pts
STR 16 (14+2 Racial)
DEX 12
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 12
CHA 13

Lvl20 Concept Build:
Name: Olgen Breakjaw
Build: Primalist Steel Blood Blood Rager 20
Race: Half-Orc
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Theme- Bane- "You Merely Adopted the Dark. I was Born in it. Moulded by it."

Skills= 4+1(INT)= 5 per level
Favored Bonus: Half Orc Favored Bonus- +1 Rounds of Blood rage per day

2 traits- Fates Favored (+1 to all luck bonuses, effectively doubles sacred Tattoo),
Optimistic Rager- Rage lasts 1d4 extra Rounds

Steel blood Bloodrager

1- Heavy Armor Prof Indomitable Stance, Blood Rage, Disruptive Bloodrage (+2 Cast Defensively)Feat - Blind fight,
2- Armoured Swiftness
3-Blood Sanctuary, Feat: Combat Expertise
4-Blood Casting, Eschew Materials, Spells, Blood Power (Arcane Bloodrage-Blur)
5-Armour Training, Feat: Moonlight Stalker
6-Blood Feat- Power Attack
7-Blood Deflection,Blood Spell: Magic Missile Feat: Improved Dirty Trick,
8-Greater Arcane Bloodrage (Displacement or Haste)
9- Blood Feat: Combat ReflexesFeat: Savage Dirty Trick
10-Blood Spell: Invisibility
11-Greater Bloodrager, Feat: Quick Dirty Trick
12-Caster’s Scourge (Ex), Blood Feat: Disruptive (+4 Cast Defensively)
13-Blood Spell: Lightning Bolt Feat: Greater Dirty Trick,
14-Indomitable Will
15-Blood Feat: Spell Breaker, Feat: Raging Brutality ,
16-True Arcane Bloodrage (Sp), Blood Spell: Dimension Door
17-Tireless Bloodrager, Feat: Blood Vengeance
18-Blood Feat: Iron Will
19-Feat: Heroic Will
20-Mighty Bloodrager, Caster's Bane

Item :Cord or Stubborn resolve (Rage Cycling)

Need Help.

Trying a Reach AOO focused Lucerne Hammer Wielder.

See current level 1 stats in the Char profile.

Current feats are
1-Power Attack, Combat Reflexes and Pushing Assault.

Need to solidify the plan to level 6

Typical tactics for Calain will be to ready an attack to hit the 1st enemy that comes within 10ft. Then AOO them as they leave the 10ft square to close to adjacent.
The AOO will be using Pushing Assault. Since AOO's interrupt the triggering action the creature will be knocked back 5ft remaining in the 10ft away square.

This will prevent the enemy getting an attack on Calain and allow him to 5ft step back the next Rd and repeat.

He has combat reflexes so he can handle multiple opponents and AOO's (3 per Rd).

If an enemy manages to close within the 5ft, Calain will 1 handed Cestus attack if he can't step back.

Proposed Build
1-Power Attack, Combat Reflexes, Pushing Assault
2-BF- Cleave
3-Combat Expertise
4-BF: Improved Trip
5- Cleaving Finish


Do we think a Cleave Attack (which must be declared) can trigger felling Smash?

I know alot of people think Cleave is subpar but having two adjacent enemies is not that uncommon in the games I play.

I am thinking of making a Trip Monkey Two Handed Smasher. Using Cleave, GTR Trip, Felling Smash and Cleaving Finish and maybe later Cleave through.Also a Fortuitous Weapon

Basic trick is to run up to paired opponents and Declare a Cleave.(using power attack)

1st attack Hits (with a Trip as a rider effect)
Make the 2nd attack against Bad Guy 2 (Since cleave is envisioned as the 1st swing 'cleaving' into the 2nd)

Now take your 2 AOO'S on the 1st dude you tripped (for a total of 3 attacks on dude 1)

IF you kill dude 1 with the 3 attacks, Cleaving Finish (which can trigger of an AOO) let's you hit the 2nd dude Again.

This would be 5 attacks (4 of 5 at your highest BAB)

If Dude on Doesn't Die of the 1st 3 hits you will get 2 AOO next round when
He tries to stand, that will trigger Cleaving Finish and you hit the 2nd dude again.

Does this scenario work?
Cleave Through is not required for this but allows a 5ft step for better hitting foes that are not right next to each other.

Hi Guys,

I have been away for a few years but getting my head back into PF.
I have previously written a few guides in the past.
-TWf for fighters
TWF for Rangers
and a Magus Hexcrafter Guide.

Currently playing a Sword n Board Intimimancer/Trip monkey in a Rappan Athuk game to great effect.
Also made an awesome Paladin Beatstick and I wrote the origonal CAGM Barbarian for Trinam's Barbarian Guide.

I like to make chars with Crazy High AC (or DR) and great saves.
Basically Tanks. Cause they are impenetrable and Carry a Big Gun.

I was wondering if anyone would like to contribute to a Guide for Tanking in PF?

I can write a pretty good one but I have seen a few crazy awesome builds.

So if you want to conribute- post your builds here.
20 pt buy.
and they have to be able to do their trick by level 12 at worst.

You don't have to be sword and board.

My definition of a tank is ability to take or ignore a ton of Hits and be able to do big damage at the same time.
Taunt mechanics are nice but not required.

Hello there,

I stepped out of a Campaign ages (2 years) ago and am jumping back in.

I am jumping into Rappan Athuk with a level 14 Trip Monkey Rage Using Gorumite Inquisitor and I need to pick my level 14 feat.

Basically he uses Trip to generate AOO's and also Broken Wing Gambit which synergises with Paired Opportunists to give him MORE AOO's

Weapon is a Menacing, Fortuitous Great Sword. (So he can hit 2x on a AOO) He'll have at least Dex 14 (maybe higher with a belt) so generally 3 AOO's Every round.

Traits- Glory of Old, Fates Favored

1-Steel Soul,
3- Power Attack, Paired Opportunists- Teamwork feat
5-Combat Expertise
6-Tandem Trip- Teamwork Feat
7- Improved Trip
9- Combat ReflexesOutflank- Teamwork feat
11- Greater Trip
12- Broken Wing Gambit Teamwork Feat, Rage Power- Quick Reflexes
13- Feat

The quick reflexes rage power grants another AOO, but there might be a better rage power.
Last feat could be step up or Stand Still?
I know you can't completely lock down an enemy but I want to make it very hard for him to move.

Hi There,

Been away for YEARS and getting back into playing.

I always loved inquisitors and judgement is a favorite ability of mine.

I saw the Santified Slayer archetype however.

Studied Target is +5 uptyped attack and damage and spell DC AND skills vs anyone you study or Sneak attack.
Plus 7d6 SA when you can.
And 4 Slayer Talents

This looks like a very High DPR build if done right.
Inquisitors have the spells and skills to support it.

Trading of a fixed plus via Judgements.

What do people think of the trade off?

High guys.

What the title says.

Currently rocking 25 AC at level 10.
With Protection Judgement adding +3
A jingasa (+Fortune's Favored trait) adds +2

For a total of 30.

Armor is +2 Mithral Breastplate with an armored kilt.
+2 Ring
+2 Amulet
14 Dex

I fight with a Greatsword.
Any ideas other than just more +'s?

Hey there forum, just levelled up to 10. Wondering the best item to blow my last 3500 on.

What do ya think!
Char is a Greatsword wielding Gorumite Inquisitor with the RAGE subdomain. Playing in Rappan Athuk mega dungeon

Doesn't have to be a combat item.
Don't need a ring of sustenance because he knows CREATE WATER and there's a town nearby. Wand of KEEP WATCH to avoid sleeping.

Current Gear:

Arms and Armor:
+1 Furious Cold Iron Great Sword 8200gp (self for half)
+2 Morningstar 8000gp
+2 Agile Spiked Breastplate 4200gp
Heavy Steel Shield 10gp (self for 1/2)
Masterwork Heavy Pick (self for 1/2)
Masterwork 3x Daggers (self for 1/2)
4x Wooden Stakes
+1 Cold Iron Battleaxe/weapon cord 2162gp (self for 1/2)
Masterwork Alchemical Silver Warhammer/weapon cord 201gp (self for 1/2)
Masterwork Alchemical Silver Cestus 163gp
(self for 1/2)
Masterwork Cold Iron Cestus 155gp(self for 1/2)
+1 Composite Longbow 2500gp (+4 Pull)
20 Arrows 1gp

Amulet of Natural Armor+2 8000gp
Belt of Giant Str +2 4000gp
Cloak of Resistance +1 1000gp
Ring of Protection +2 8000gp
Scabbard of Vigor 1800gp
Feather step slippers 2000gp

Other Gear
Wand of CLW 35 charges 750gp
Wand of Shield of Faith 50 charges 750gp
Wand of Keep Watch 46 charges 750gp
2x Alkali Flask 30gp
Holy symbol, wooden;
8 days trail rations.
4 waterskins
1 bedroll
4x Caltops
Scroll case
Flint and Steel
Grapple hook
Hemp rope (50ft)
Signal Whistle (on a string around neck)
2 Flasks of oil
(2) CMW potion (2d8+6)
potion of magic weapon (1)
vial anti-toxin (1)
Everfull Mug (3/day 12 ounces of fine beer or wine)
Blank Map book (roll d2, 1 =waterproof, 2=non-waterproof)
Scrivener’s kit
silk 50 ft.(1)
Grapple grapple arrow (1)
bandolier (1)
Candles (5)

Potion of Reduce Person 50gp

GP: 3546


I am currently playing a Warpriest at 8th level (started at 5).

I chose to go with the Champion of Faith Archetype since I wanted smite and smite is awesome.

Since it came out I have found both offense and resources wise, the inquisitor is a better class.
A better WAR priest.

The Inquisitor spellist has early access to some awesome spells well before the warpriest.
Deadly Juggernaut for instance and gets some brilliant spells he can't cast at all like Righteous Vigor and Litany of Righteousness (which an inquisitor can't use anyway since he doesn't get an Aura)

"But he gets full cleric spells", you cry.
I know. And because of the 6th level casting gets it way later than the cleric.
This is HUGE. The cleric list is ok but getting stuff 2 levels late makes it suck.

I am not one of those who scream that they should have kept full BAB, but considering the closest Parallel classes (Magus and Inquisitor) are less intensive for resources the class lags a bit.

A warpriest has to blow a fervor AND a spell to sswift buff+Attack.

A magus can cast+attack all day long via spell strike. Spellstrike doesn't cost anything. Spell combat does a little (-2 to attack) but the cost is negligible considering and Attack+Haste is far more game breaking than Attack+Divine favor.

The right Battle control can trounce an encounter.

Vs a Inquisitor well Judgements as a swift doesn't even cost a spell at all. At low levels a spell is better (point for warpriest) but as soon as second judgement comes online, freely picking +'s to attack, damage or saves FOR ENTIRE FIGHT can tip the balance the other way.

I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with the warpriest mechanism but are strongly feeling Paizo in their efforts to not create any more Unique spell lists could have said
Spells:The warpriest uses the Inquisitor and Paladin lists for spellcasting.

That would grant a Much more offense focused list (remember WARpriest) and a better healer as well. with adding stuff like Righteous Vigor, early Deadly Juggernaut, early lessor restoration, Litany of Righteousness etc. Freaking Holy Sword.

Try it.
It's game changing for the class and better fits the theme.

As for what it's good at I have read Undone's guide and agree with Most of it but have had lengthy back and forth that Warpriest's make pretty good Intimidators and with their bonus feats the combo of
Dazzling Display,
Cornugon Smash, Shatter Defenses
and a Sickening Weapon

To drop Shaken, Flatfooted and Sickened is a pretty potent trick to debuff enemies.

They also make Tank builds (Fullplate, Shield, Ioun Stone, Sacred Armor) whhile still doing great damage (Smite or Destruction Blessing)

Still that damn cleric list bothers me.

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Haven't played a bloodrager yet.
Have a ton of experience with Barbarians so am building around him being a tank. Decent AC with a F**king BIG gun.

The idea was to choose as many scaling AC/Save and Damage boosts as possible to have the build start out decent and gradually ramp up to being a monster.


Proposed Build:

Race-Skilled Human
Traits- Fates Favored, Optimistic Gambler

1-Destined Bloodline, Bloodline Power-Destined Strike, Bloodrage,Indomitable StancePower Attack, H-Skill Focus: Perception
2-Armored Swiftness
3-Blood SanctuaryCombat Expertise
4-Blood Casting, Bloodline Power-Fated BloodRager +1, Eschew Materials
5-Armor Training +1Improved Trip
6-Bloodline Feat-Intimidating Prowess
7-Bloodline Spell (Shield), Blood Deflection, Combat Reflexes
8-Fated BloodRager +2, Bloodline Power-Lesser Beast Totem, Reckless Abandon, Skill Focus: Survival
9-Armor Training +2, Bloodline Feat-Weapon Focus (Nodachi) , Eldritch Heritage- Touch of Rage
10-Bloodline Spell (Blur)
11-Greater Bloodrage, Quicken SLA (Touch of Rage)
12-Fated BloodRager +3, Bloodline Feat- Improved Initiative, Bloodline Power-Beast Totem, Greater Beast Totem
13-Bloodline Spell (Protection from Energy), Armor Training +3, Dazing Assault
14-Indomitable Will
15-Bloodline Feat- Leadership, Improved Eldritch Heritage-Strength of the Beast (+4 Inherent to Strength)
16-Fated BloodRager +4, Bloodline Spell (Freedom of Movt), Bloodline Power-Come and Get Me, Guarded Stance, Skill Focus: Diplomacy
17-Armor Training +4,Tireless Bloodrage , Greater Eldritch Heritage- Power of Giants
18-Bloodline Feat-Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus: Diplomacy
19-(Strength of the Beast +6 Inherent to Strength), Raging Brutality
20-Fated BloodRager +5,Mighty Bloodrage, Bloodline Power-Superstition, Witchunter

Class Ability Description

By level 20

Basically the premise is to use Base 10 +5 Fullplate (+14)/Dex+belt(+4)(/Fated Bloodrager (+6)/Guarded Stance (+4)/Amulet (+5)/Ring(+5)/+4 Beast Totem for a good AC of 52 (a Good AC is considered your level+20)
-6 for Reckless Abandon
-4 Come and Get Me
for 42 AC (so still good)

Strength- Base Str16 (18 from levels)+6Belt/+6 Inherant to Str(Feats)/+8 Mighty Bloodrage/+5 Str (+5 Furious, Keen Courageous) = Str 43 (+16 to hit) When Raging and ups to 49 (+19 to hit) when using Power of Giants

Attack Bonus BAB20+ 7(Weapon Enhancement)+ 16 (Total Strength bonus when Raging)= 43 just in a rage
+6 Reckless Abandon
+1 Weapon Focus
-5 Dazing Assault
-6 Power Attack
so still an attack bonus of 39 just when raging.
If he uses his Touch of Rage Power from Eldritch Heritage he adds another +8 to attack for 1+1d4 rounds as a swift action 3/day

Seems pretty sweet to me.
You could have Power Attack, Reckless Abandon and Dazing Assault on ALL THE TIME and still hit just about anything in the bestiary with a moderate roll (I can't remember the Average AC per CR exactly though)

all the while maintaining a Good AC of 42.
Damage wise I won't crunch the numbers but with a STR of 43 when raging and two handing an effetively +7 enhancement keen weapon, I am sure the numbers are fine.
If he uses his Touch of Rage Power from Eldritch Heritage he adds another +8 to damage rolls for 1+1d4 rounds as a swift action 3/day
Very late in the build he gets Raging Brutality to add more mega damage at the expense of Bloodrage rounds.

Fort Save is rediculous and Will is still ok.
Weak base will but adding +6 to the normal bonuses because of Fated Bloodrager helps ALOT. as well as the normal bonus to will from raging and the courageous enchant.
This I believe is his weakest area.

I have to sleep now cause I just finished a 12 hour nightshift.
Please let me know if there are any glaring holes in the build or my math.

Str Ranger Here,

Check the Avatar. I am actually using this in game.
He is a Warpriest with the Champion of the Faith Archetype.
Level 6 at the moment.

Str 16 (3pts+2 human, +1 4th)
Dex 10
Con 14 (5pts)
Int 10
Wis 15 (7 pts)
Cha 14 (5 pts)

The Build:

Do DOUBLE DAMAGE. on everything. Way better than Vital Strike.

1-Aura, Blessings (Good,Destruction), focus weapon: Bastard Sword, orisons, sacred weapon (Good aligned), Fey Touched, Human- Dazzling Display
2-Fervor 1d6
3-Detect Evil Power Attack
4-Smite Evil 1/day
5-Fervor 2d6,Divine Protection
6-Cornugon Smash
Planned Progression to follow
7-Sacred Armor +1,Shatter Defenses
8-Fervor 3d6,Smite Evil 2/day
9-Bonus Feat- GTR Weapon Focus, Intimidating Prowessor Persuasive
10-Major Blessing, Sacred Armor +2
11-Fervor 4d6Furious Focus
12-Bonus Feat- Deadly Stroke, HOLY Weapon 1/day,Smite Evil 3/day
13-Sacred Armor +3FEAT?
14-Fevor 5d6
15-Bonus Feat- Dreadful Carnage!

So you can Power attack for an easy Demoralize Check. (You treat as flatfooted)
Then DEADLY STROKE with your War Blessing adding 1/2 level in damage and maybe SMITE as well.

At level 12 that's 6 from War and 12 from smite
so 12+24 plus all the normal buffs

Seems to be working fine so far.

Currently the Dazzling Display hasn't been used (mainly a feat tax, unless there is a good chance to debuff a whole bunch of mooks)
AC is just high enough (thanks fullplate!) that he rarely gets hit.
You MIGHT have missed that SHATTER DEFENSES means you treat a demoralized target as FLAT FOOTED.
CORNUGON SMASH lets you auto intimidate any foe you hit with power attack.

Now I am finding fervor does not run out as long as you primarily use LONGER BUFFS.

Destruction Blessing lasts 1 min and does NOT chew fervor.

So Rd1- See target, blow a fervor on either swift bull's Str or DIVINE POWER. Activate Destruction blessing as a standard and MOVE to close.
Rd 2- Swift (whatever buff needed, maybe SMITE) and close+ Attack with power attack (foe is auto check for Demoralized AND is flatfooted if fails)
Rd 3- DEADLY STROKE for double everything (big bonuses for smite and war domain)

So I admit 3 rounds is a long time to get going but the effects build for free since a War priest is going to Buff+Hit anyway in the first 2 rounds.

Now Demoralized is a nice debuff.
Flat Footed via SHATTER DEFENSES drop his CMD, AC and means the enemy can't AOO you.

Deadly Stroke applied to the big damage bonus of Smite+Destruction blessing is a pretty big hit. Even better than a Samurai using it with Challenge it is a good feat for them so why not a class that can stack evem MORE bonus damage

Plus I never said this was great foe ALL warpriests. I said it was great for Smiting War priests with the Destruction Blessing.

How many times can it per done in a day?
Fevor is 3+1/2 class so by the time DEADLY STROKE is online at 12 you could do this combo in 3 combats per day.

By level 15 you would qualify for DREADFUL CARNAGE so EVERYONE could be flatfooted to you after your.

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Adding to this thread cause I want to get as Crazy High Damage As possible with an Dwarf Witchunter Santified Slayer of Gorum!!


Traits: Glory of old, Fortune's Favored
1Domain (Rage), Ferocious Strike, Studied Target, Stern Gaze, Spell Sage, Orisons, Steel Soul
2Cunning Initiative, Knowledgable defense
3Solo Tactics, Precise Strike,Power Attack
5Studied Target +2, Bane,Blindfight
6Outflank, Spell Scent
7SA2d6,Combat Expertise
8Slayer Talent- Ranger Style (2 Handed)Cleave,RAGE
9Teamwork Feat,Moonlight Stalker
10SA3d6, Studied Target +3
11Stalwart,Combat Reflexes
12Gtr Bane, Rage Power-Knockdown,Teamwork Feat
13SA4d6,Raging Vitality
14Witch's Bane Judgment
15Studied Target +4, Coordinated Charge,Dazing Assault
16Slayer Talent-Furious Focus, SA5d6, Rage Power-Lesser Celestial Totem
17Slayer Talent-Dreadful Carnage,Witchunter ,Spell Penetration
18Teamwork Feat
19SA6d6,Gtr Spell Penetration
20Slayer Talent, Studied Target +5

The idea is to stack MOONLIGHT STALKER with Greater Invisibility

+2 To Hit and Damage
SA always on with Concealment (GTR INVIS)
add RAGE! via domain.

So with a Move to Study a target, a Standard to cast GTR INVIS and a free action to rage and a SWIFT for BANE

+2 to hit and Damage (moonlight stalker)
+4 Str RAGE
+2 hit /2d6+2Bane or 4d6 GTR BANE
+6D6 SA
+5 Hit/Damage Studied Target

Weapon is of Course a Furious, Courageous Greatsword

and 1 more round for a Divine Buff Spell like Divine Power

also Mega Saves via Steel Soul, Glory of Old, Hardy, Witchunter

Pretty Good?


This was one of the coolest fights I have seen on TV.

Link redacted.

So. Basically I am starting an INQUISITOR for a Shackles Game and have been inspired by the Spear wielding Martel.

The class has to be an Inquisitor or Maybe a Kensai Magus Human or Half-Orc.
Has to kick a$$ in melee and emphasis on Agile spear fighting.

Trip monkey would be cool.
Please help

20 point buy
Starting with one npc level+ 4th level Inquisitor.

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I have played a war (tactics) domain sacred servant to great effect in a Council of Thieves AP.

I am keen to Make a RAGE subdomain pally and take it to Uber scariness.

Here's what I am thinking
Rage Paladin
Build: Sacred Servant 20 (Oath of Vengeance)
Alignment- Lawful Good
Race: Human (Focused Study)
Ability Scores:
STR 16
DEX 12
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 10
CHA 14
Favored Class: all points to skills and Fast Learner grants HP
Trait- - Magical Knack You were raised wholly or in part by a magical creature. Add +2 to your caster level.
Fate’s Favored- +1 to all luck bonuses.
WIll also take the PARANOID trait to allow another trait- Optimistic Gambler.

1 Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite evil 1/day, Fey Foundling, Skill Focus: Perception
2Divine Grace, Lay on Hands
3Aura of Courage, Mercy (fatigued), Power Attack
4Channel Wrath,Destruction (Rage) Subdomain
5Divine Bond (Holy Symbol), Cleave
6Mercy (remove disease)
7Smite Evil 2/day, FEAT
8Call Celestial Ally, Skill Focus- Survival
9Mercy (exhausted), Eldrtich Heritage (Orc)
11Powerful Justice, RAGE! Quicken Spell like Ability (Touch of Rage)
12Mercy (Paralyzed)
13Smite Evil 3/day, Improved Eldrtich Heritage (Strength of the Beast)
14Aura of Faith
15Mercy (remove curse), Rage Power-Lesser Celestial TotemFEAT
17Aura of Righteousness, Greater Eldritch Heritage (Power of Giants)
18Mercy (Stunned)
19Smite Evil 4/day, Rage Power??FEAT
20Holy Champion

Now I am not settled on a fighting style yet but I am probably going two handed. Maybe a Tripper.

The main shtick is to get a +1 Furious, Courageous Weapon to boost all my Rage Bonuses. He will use a 3rd level slot for greater magic weapon (boosted cl from Magical Knack and the Divine Favor CL boost) These two enchants will greatly boost my RAGE bonuses to strength.

With Fey Foudling and (Much Later) the lesser celestial totem power he should have like a bazillion hit points.

With Optimistic Gambler my Touch of RAGE bloodline power will add a awesome boost to attack and damage for 1+1d4 rounds.

3rd trick is the Call Celestial Ally ability. There are FINALLY some badass angel summons to partner with.

I would like some help fleshing this out completely.
Still need a 7, 15 and 19th level feats.
Gear or build changes etc.

Comments please.

Hi guys.

See the Avatar profile.

Daniel is a half-orc trip monkey power attacking Sacred Servant pally in the Council of Theives AP.

We are about to start book 6.

So far he is TOTALLY awesome as a Masochist Pally. (Via Swift LOH and Fey Foundling) he takes it to the face like a champ and does fairly decent damage.

When he is not smiting though he usually TRIPS to make it safer for his Knifemaster Rogue buddy to flank with him and grant each AOO's.

But there have been a couple of outside fights in this (very urban) campaign against flying opponents that have nearly TPK'd the party.

I wanna pwn flying opponents via my SUMMON CELESTIAL ALLY power.
Now at level 12 this lets me summon planar ally 1/week with no negotiations or cost anything up to 12HD.

I have kept my ride ranks up and want to make a decent Mounted Warrior
(though given the AP so far it will be a secondary function)

Gearwise I think buying
+2 Mithral Equestrian Fullplate $19,650
Plus buy Equestrian Belt $3,200
Obviously a lance.
I won't say what it is but we found a hoard so WBL money is not a problem.

That will make me a badass rider for a summoned Half Celestial Dragon Horse or Coutal. My planar request will be 'serve me as a mount for 1 week.'

for inside fights I'll just summon a Movanic Deva.

*Special Consideration. My weapon Master Domain Power lets me swift action learn any combat feat I qualify for 9 rounds per day.


I am looking to build a 'Roguish' Duelist for a buddy. Starting at level 10.

He definitely wants to go Duelist. Like a Ignigo Montoya char.

Best option I can think of
2 level of MoMS/Monk of Sacred Mountain

For- Human F- Dodge
2x Style Feats (probably Crane Style,Kirin Style)
+1 Natural Armor

Then 7 levels of Lore Warden for skills and the nice bonuses to Maneuvers.
With Combat Exp for free.

The rest of the levels would be all deulist.

I haven't got a solid idea beyond that and I would rather not take the monk levels but it does offer alot for 2 levels.

Str 13 (just for PA)
Dex 13+2Human (bump to 16 at 4)
Con 14
Int 15 (bump to 16 at level 8)
Wis 14
Cha 7

On the right track?

Since Precise Strike is multiplied on a crit either Rapier or Scimitar sounds good


See the Avatar.
10th level char.

Wanting feedback. Point of the build was a stealthy and perceptive 2 handed Devastator Inquisitor for COT.

Has a knife master rogue buddy.
The idea is to back him up (via Stealth Synergy teamwork feat)
and be the heavy hitter.

AC is 25 (31 with Judgement and Shield of Faith) which is decent for a 2 hander.
Saves vs spells are pretty high.
Attack when raging is +17/+12 with +1 Furious Bastardsword
Add +4 if prebuffed with Divine Favor (Fortune's Favor trait)
And another +4 for Justice Judgement
And +2 for bane.
So +27/+22 if going NOVA will all the damage bonuses.

Can add all kinds of damage, Destructive Smite, gtr bane etc.

High Perception, Stealth.

Main trick is hitting things hard, Gtr tripping and flanking with the rogue (at +4 for Outflank)

He is within 62000 wbl but am open to suggestions


See the Avatar.
10th level char.

Wanting feedback. Point of the build was a stealthy and perceptive 2 handed Devastator Inquisitor for COT.

Has a knife master rogue buddy.
The idea is to back him up (via Stealth Synergy teamwork feat)
and be the heavy hitter.

AC is 25 (31 with Judgement and Shield of Faith) which is decent for a 2 hander.
Saves vs spells are pretty high.
Attack when raging is +17/+12 with +1 Furious Bastardsword
Add +4 if prebuffed with Divine Favor (Fortune's Favor trait)
And another +4 for Justice Judgement
And +2 for bane.
So +27/+22 if going NOVA will all the damage bonuses.

Can add all kinds of damage, Destructive Smite, gtr bane etc.

High Perception, Stealth.

Main trick is hitting things hard, Gtr tripping and flanking with the rogue (at +4 for Outflank)

He is within 62000 wbl but am open to suggestions

Hey Just looking through some nice Prc's

Besides Archetypes are fighter's just prc bait.
Used to be a problem in 3.5 with All classes. You would jump straight to Prc X.

Fighters however, don't have a ton of level based fighter only feats besides Gtr Weapon focus/spl and one or two others like pin down.

For me the breakpoint on the Core Fighter is level 9.
You just got gtr wpn focus, weapon training 2, and the all important armor training 2.
Duelist Gloves are soon to be affordable.

BESIDES wpn train 3 the rest of your abilities don't come till the game is nearly over.

Jumping into a good Prc like Student of War (saves, skills, know thy enemy etc) or a similar PRC that continues your BAB and offers a ton of class abilities seems to be a sweet deal.

Certain archetypes (Lore Warden) do offer better scaling powers that would better encourage staying single class but base level fighter?


Well I like the fact that having RAGE means you aren't as married to a particular weapon as a 'normal' fighter would be. The whole weapon group thing is a bit too rigid.

Also, you can get a genuine 'POUNCE' albeit at level 14.

The shield training is a nice bonus but marries you to a sword and board build if you want the bonus.

The intimidating power is just better than Bravery.

It seems to lend itself to pouncing sword and board tanks.
Synergies with Furious and Courageous weapons.

Off the top of my head this build could have the highest to hit available.
Rage+Furious+Gtr Weapon Focus+Courageous+Reckless Abandon

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What the title says. Combat Ability is primary. Skills second. Will saves 3rd.

Basically I want a tougher rogue.
Considering the Guide and Skirmisher ranger as well, but would prefer Duelist if we can make it awesome.

So far I am thinking
Freehand Fighter 5 - Dodge bonus+ Weapon Training (with gloves of Dueling)
Rogue 2 (for access to Talents)
Duelist 2
Weapon Master 3- Weapon Training
Scout/Brute rogue 4- More talents amd Brutal Beating/Scouts charge
Duelist 2

Or Lore Warden 6
Duelist 3

Obviously I need Dodge, Mobility and Finesse. I think Crane style would be awesome


Anger Inquisition:Divine Anger (Ex)
At 6th level, you gain the ability to rage like a barbarian. Your effective barbarian level for this ability is your inquisitor level – 3. If you have levels in barbarian, these levels stack when determining the effect of your rage. You do not gain any rage powers from this granted power, though if you have rage powers from another class, you may use them with these rages. You can rage a number of rounds per day equal to your Wisdom bonus, plus 1 round for every inquisitor level above 4th.

WOuld this include Improving to greater range

Hey guys.

Wanna roll up a new char w 20 pt buy.

Now I rarely play straight fighters, mostly cause I like magic.

Buuut the whole 1 weapon and canny defense thing is something I have never tried.

Not sure about going with a Crane Style Fighter Archetype/Duelist or Just going with straight Kensai magus Build.

Never played either.


I am playing a 9th level Sacred Servant paladin.

Having a blast.
But so far I have only used the call planar ally ability to summon a Hound Archon.

We are starting to encounter quite a few flying Devils and we just lost our party wizard. (No fly buffs, need potions)

We need to be able to get into flying bad guys faces.

Was crusing Ultimate Equipment and saw Equestrian Fullplate and saw it works on exotic mounts.

Check the Bestiary and sure enough a Celestial Griffon has 5HD so can be summoned via Planar ally.

Figured I could get said armor and use it to ride the Griffon (smite pounce) and two banded smash flying devils?

Is this workable?
My ride skill sucks (was build to be a rider)
BUT the griffon understands common so should take verbal command.
I already have boots of the cat if I fall.

And I wanna keep the mount relevant as I level
So would the Half-Celestial template work as I go up in levels just applying it to a new improved HD creature as it go?

See the avatar for current build.


Just what the title says.

I find if I am playing and optimized Pally or Ranger or Barb, I never bother with the feat.

A 16-18 Str+ Rage or Smite/Divine Favor or FE usually is plenty to get the job done.


I am playing a Sacred Savant of Iomedae in a Council of thieves AP.

Here is my current feats:

1-Aura of good, detect evil, smite evil 2/day, Tactics Blindfight
2-Divine grace, lay on hands 7/day 5 left
3-Aura of courage, divine health, mercy (Sickened), Power Attack
4-Channel Wrath
5-Divine bond (Holy Symbol 1/day), Combat Expertise
6-Mercy (Remove Disease)
7-Smite evil 2/day, Unsanctioned Knowledge (featherstep, blur)
8-Aura of resolve, Student of War, Call celestial Ally

The idea is to qualify for any Manuvere feat I as a swift action.
Allowing me alot of Melee flexibility.

So far I have used the domain power to:
Get Imp Bullrush to knock a summoned reefclaw off a roof.
Trip foes in combat via imp trip.
Use BLUR to get concealment then swift MOONLIGHT STALKER for extra to hit and damage.
Get cleave when I can hit 2 foes.

I am wondering what other awesome combo's could build on this.
Eg if I learn Imp Trip at level 9, I can use the domain power for felling smash.

Maybe learn Imp trip at level 9, and Dazzling Display at 11, Cornugan Smah at 13 a CRUEL whip and use the power for ENFORCER.
This would let me trip, shaken and sicken with a single action.

Just wondering if anyone sees any other combos.
My opinion of this domain is pretty high.
Just wanna get full benefit from it.

See the avatar for full stats.
I am 8th WBL. So any new gear will have to be bought in game.


See this avatar. This is Calain. When I origonally built him he was gonna be a full Barbarian.
Now I almost always stick to my builds but the is a dynamic developing between him and the Drow LN Cleric of Zon-Kuthon in our Legacy of fire game.

Basically Calain is Based of Crixus from the TV show Spartacus. (Not his fighting style, but char attitudes)
As a gladiator he has endured a ton of brutality and suffering to become a champion.

The Drow irks him alot. He refuses her blessings (makes sense, he WAS going to take superstitious anyway). He has heard her tales of Zon-kuthon's teachings. He agrees that torture can make you stronger, as it did him, yet he sees hardship and brutality as a fact of life but hardly worth worshipping a god that promises nothing but.

So. I think he is gonna find religion. But I need him to fill the party warrior/meatshield role and kick ass.
Only has a 12 Wis.

So I think Maybe a few Inqusitor levels?

Not sure how to optimise it.
His Cha sucks, but maybe with Stern Gaze and Maxing intimidate he could be a decent Cornugan Smash Build?

Plus Rage is awesome. So I don't want that to drop off.

I see a few possibilities

Torture Subdomain Inquis- let's me free action convert damage to non-lethal and make a Free Demoralize check with a bonus from the damage.
That's a pretty big bonus considering his damage is 1d10+2handed+power attack.
And If I choose to go to Inquis8 I get Aura of Destruction which is good for single BBEG vs Party.

Rage Subdomain- At 8th level I gain RAGE rounds to add to my Barb rounds. I already qualify for Extra Rage Power, so can use that to build for a decent rage power chain. I get a bonus rage power at Inquis12,16 so could still net a few.

Tactics Subdomain- Using tactics power to make the Wizard go first is useful and an 8th level swift action feat is good.

Madness Domain- Both abilities are feaking awesome. Have to worship Groetus, Play it up like he doesn't give a Sh!+ since the world is gonna end anyway.

Suggestions Please.

1. I want him to still be a Primary 2 handed Melee freak!
2. I want him to be able to refuse the Zon-Kuthon clerics blessings.
3. Inspired By Crixus (attitude wise)


I'll be honest. I have never liked summoning.
Having Said that I have been watching my daughter's Manga cartoons with her and she's currently into a More Bada$$ version of Pokemon. I forget the name of the show. and there is another one called fair tail that has a far amount of summoning as well.

I think I wanna play a Master Summoner.
I like to play optimised Chars.
Without doing too much looking I figure

Spell Focus:Conj (free at 2),
3- Augment Summoning,
5-Superior Summoning

Then is the Eldritch Heritage-Abyssal worth it for DR/Good?
Improved for Strength of the Abyss (meh, not a melee build)
Gtr-Added summons.

Worth it?
Or if you can take a Wildblooded bloodline is the Sylvan Bloodline Better?
I'd only need Eldritch Heritage and Boon Companion to have a full fledged Large Tiger Buddy. Or something that flies.

Not sure what to do with the rest of the feats.

I think maybe ride my Eidolon as a mount to stay the hell out of melee while I summon,cast?

Hey guys, check the avatar.

Calain is at level 2 barb.
We was going to be a straight barb.
Thinking of going a level or 2 of inquisitor.

Any ideas

I am playing my first Saced Servant Pally.

Starting at level 8.

I don't get into summoning much.
1/week I can use Lesser Planar Ally.

Any Kick ass or just really useful ones?

I was figuring to use it as a 'Holy Crap we need help'button.
(Since my party got caught out and lost two member- my guy included)


I am working on a TWF/Thrower or Archer Standard ranger.
For two reasons.
I have an 8th level Inquisitor who just died and needs replacing.
I wanted to cover throwing in my TWF ranger guide.

The combat tactic is to Throw or Shoot (depending on range) and then TWF when the enemy closes.
-30ft + Just regular full attack with bow (Quickdraw,Precise shot, Deadly Aim)

-At less than 30ft he'd throw Chakrams or Darts (Quickdraw, TWF, Deadly Aim, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot) NEEDS a blink back belt to work.

-When adjacent he twf full attacks by pairing a Scimitar/Cestus. This allows him to 2 handed PA if he moves or gets an AOO.

Str 17 (7points+2 human)
Dex 14 (5points)
Con 14 (5points)
Int 7 (-4 points)
Wis 14 (5 points)
Cha 12 (2 points)
6-2+Favored+Human= 6skills per level.

1. PBS, Precise Shot (Fight with bow/2 handed scimitar)]
2. Style: TWF (Pair Scimitar/Cestus now)
3. Quickdraw (Now able to throw)
4.Hunter's Bond-Not sure what to take. Probably wolf trip buddy
5.Power Attack
6. Style (ITWF)
7. Deadly Aim or Bonded Companion. Not sure which will offer more
9. Bonded Companion or Blindfight
Past level 8 if allowed he could persue the Eldritch Heritage Bloodline.
Or persure More regular feats
See the stat distribution?
my 4th level point would go to Strength (for an 18 str)
all other points to CHA (giving 16 total)

Eldritch Heritage chain:

10. TWR
11. -Eldritch Heritage
13-Quicken SLA
14. Style: GTWF
15.-Improved Eldritch Heritage
17.-Greater Eldritch Heritage
18.Syle: Doubleslice

or if the Optimistic Gambler trait is not allowed I am not sure where to go.
10. TWR
11. -??
14. Style: GTWF
17.-Greater Eldritch Heritage
18.Style: Doubleslice

I'm thinking either the Dazing Assault feat offers more than the crit chain, mostly because it's feat intensive.
Dazing Assault sucks your attack (again with power attack) but with instant enemy and stacked FE should be workable.

so 11-Dazing Assault
13-Big Game Hunter (size most enemies are large or bigger by now)
Thoughts anyone?

Hi guys,

I am putting together a Pally for a PBP game. (Legacy of Fire)
The game has a Witch and a Sorcerer,

so they need someone who can FACE/MELEE/HEAL
naturally I thought Paladin.

Here is a ROUGH outline:

Human OATH OF VENGEANCE Paladin OF Sarenae
Focused Study Varient Human
STR 16
DEX 12
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 10
CHA 14
Traits-Blade of Mercy, Magical Knack
1-Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite evil 1/day, Fey Foundling, Skill Focus: Knowledge-Religion
2-Divine Grace, Lay on Hands
3-Aura of Courage, Mercy (fatigued), Power Attack
4-Channel Wrath, Smite Evil 2/day
5-Divine Bond (Mount), Fast Learner
6-Mercy (remove disease)
7-Smite Evil 3/day, Improvisation
8-Aura of ResolveSkill Focus: Intimidate
9-Mercy (exhausted), Unsanctioned Knowledge
10-Smite Evil 4/day
11-Powerful Justice, Improved Improvisation
12-Mercy (Paralyzed)
13-Smite Evil 5/day, Eldritch Heritage (Familiar)
14-Aura of Faith
15-Mercy (remove curse), Improved Eldritch Heritage (New Arcana)
16-Smite Evil 6/day, Skill Focus:Perception
17-Aura of Righteousness, Improved Familiar
18-Mercy (Stunned)
19-Smite Evil 7/day, Feat
20-Holy Champion

This is only rough so open to suggestions.
My reasoning
I figure pally's come with enough Damage between SMITE and Divine Bond and Divine Favor among thier other spells. Power Attack is the only Damage Adding Feat.

He gets 5 skills per level, Likely Maxing out Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge: Religion, Sense Motive and Perception.
All other skills get a +4 to the check from Improved Improvisation. Not sure if it's worth 2 feats but he should be ok at most checks. But his normal skills cover the FACE role.

AC/HP- Wear Heavy armor. Maybe even use a shield if needed. Plus Fey Foudling makes his swift slef lay on hands even more awesome with tons of HP on tap.

Unsanctioned Knowledge gets him an extra
1st- Featherstep?
2nd- Invisibility?
3rd- Good Hope?
4th- Divine POWER?
Spells off the Cleric, Inquisitor and Bard list.

Improved Eldritch Heritage Gets Him 3 more spells of the WIZARD/SORCER list up to level 4.
I have no Idea WHAT SPELLS to pick.
Resiliant Sphere
Blacklight or Invisiblity Sphere

I am entirely open to suggestions.
My focus here is to adequately fill the tank role (via melee damage and HP)
adequately fill the healer role (wands and mercies)
and not suck at skills and gain some versitility out of combat.

I think a faire dragon familiar would rock for wand use.

Help please?

I am thinking about updating my guide for twfing for the fighter class.

Wondering if Gtr/quick dirty trick is worth it for a twfer to build around.

Before level 10 the king of maneuvers is trip. After 10 it becomes a lot less useful because of flight being common, among other things like multiple legs.

Now if you already built a trip twfer, it might be worth it to swap it out at 12th and get the dirty trick line.

I am not playing any fighters at the moment so am after people's opinions.

Just browsing the feats section of the SRD.

Breakguard- lets you get your attack back when you successfully disarm (need to be dual wielding)

Shield slam- Grants a free bullrush when you shield slam.

Not seeing an equivalent feat for free trips.
Felling smash is sorta cool, but doesn't work with a full attack.

Anyone know of one?

Given that every party I have ever been in has had a Wizardy type char who could cast haste, that old Divine Staple: DIVINE POWER doesn't look as great anymore.

The bonus to attack doesn't outdo Divine Favor until level 12, and as I said the wizard usually throws down haste.

RIGHTEOUS VIGOR looks better. Stacks with Divine Favor, bonus is good and free temp HP is nice

Deadly Juggernaut looks ok too.

Wondering what is the best 3rd level buff now....


"Each round, the target must save or deal 1d8 points of damage + its Strength modifier to itself using an item held in its hand or with unarmed attacks."

Editors note:
If I make my saving throw against terrible remorse, do I become paralyzed for the duration of the spell?

No. The spell is a bit unclear here. When you are targeted by terrible remorse you do not make a saving throw until your turn. On your turn, you must make a Will saving throw. If you make the saving throw, you are frozen with sorrow and can take no actions, but this causes the spell to end. If you fail the saving throw, you deal damage to yourself, but can otherwise act normally.

So is does attacking yourself consume your standard action?


The Magus class is awesome.

But many people has different ideas on what represents a dude who seamlessly melds Fighting and casting.

The point of this thread is to post links to your favorite videos of what you think represents a Magus.

My favorite Is here: Link

Or cut/paste: WCI&gl=GB

Correct type of world setting and Hawke is a badness who mixes it up in melee whilst using magic to kick a$$.


I am refining a sample build for my Hexcrafter handbook and I wanna make sure my reasoning is sweet or flawed

Trait: Magical Lineage (Frostbite), Wayang Spell hunter (shocking grasp)
1- [b]Arcane pool, cantrips, spell combat,
Rime Spell
2- Spellstrike
3- Arcana: Familiar (either raven or pterosaur), Power Attack or Blindfight
4- Hex Magus: Slumber
5- Bonus Feat: Combat Expertise, Extra Arcana- Arcane Accuracy
6- Hex Arcana: Misfortune, Racial: Hex Arcana- Flight
7-Knowledge Pool, Medium Armor, Intensify Spell
8-Improved Spell Combat
9-Hex Arcana-Evil Eye, Improved Familiar (Imp)
10-Fighter Training
11-Power Attack or Blindfight, Spell Recall,, Moonlight stalker

This is for an elf Magus. (Racial favored option for bonus arcana)
His 3 main tricks are
Full attack with Rime Frostbite for Entangled/Fatigued+CL bonus non lethal damage.
Two Handed Power Attack Intensified Shocking Grasp.
Self buff with Displacement or Gtr Invisible. Activates Moonlight Stalker for +2 to hit and damage.

Now I have been using arcane accuracy to get rid of the power attack penalty on full attacks. So hitting is not an issue.

Just wondering if something else would be better than power attack?
Maybe spell specialization or something else?
If I wanna empower a rod is better but not sure if an arcana or another feat is blatantly better

I downloaded this file, thinking it was a free character generator.
Only shows a bunch of folders with tnext.

How do I make it run?

Hi, my part is playing Crimson Throne, and we have an opportunity for an underwater sidequest.

We are currently 5th level. And our patron, has said the city will pay for whatever necessary equipment/spellcasting we need.

What do we need?

Piercing weapons aaaannnnddd....

We are me a Hereafter magus
Cleric of Crotues
Cleric of Shelyn
Paladin of Imodae
Superstitious Urban Barb

Just had a thought.

Could a caster use a Touch spell designating his familiar as the toucher,then allowingthe familiar to hold the charge.

Hold long could the familiar hold it and would the caster be free to cast other spells or in a witches case, use a hex, without the familiar losing the spell.

It could be a good tactic, effectively making a familiar a spell storing weapon


I am playing a Two Weapon Warrior (currently 5th level) in a home brew.

Str 16
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 7
Wis 10
Cha 15

Defender of the Society
Optimistic Gambler

Current Feats:
1- TWF, Wpn: Fcs: Scimitar, Human Racial: Skill Focus: Survival
2- Power Attack
3- Iron Will
4- Weapon Spec
5- Extra Traits: Psion, Dangerously Curious

By 20th he will have completed the Eldritch Heritage Chain (Orc), Quicken SLA (Touch of range) Gtr TWF, Gtr Wpn/Fcs/Spec and be dual wielding Scimitars.

His attack routine is 8 Hasted Attacks at Taking weapon Training and full power attack into account Final Full Attack is
BAB20 +2(Gtr Wpn Fcs)+ 4(Twin Blades)+2(Dueling Gloves)+ 7(STR) +3(Belt of Physical Perfection) +5(wpn enhancement, speed)-1(TWF w Scimitars) -6(PA) 38/38/38/33/33/28/28/23 ave 7 hits

His AC is
AC= 10 +6(Celestial Chain) +5(Armor Enhancement)+5(Amulet)+5(Ring)+7 (Dex+ Belt, )+1(Trait)+1(Dusty Rose Ioun Stone)= 40 on a move or 45 with full attack (+ 5 Defensive Flurry), 48 if Fighting Defensively.
Or Taking -5 to offhand attacks with Defending Weapon is 50AC.

His Will save is

Base Will save: 6+2(Iron Will)+2(mind effect)+2(enchant morale)+3(Headband of Prowess)+5 (Cloak of Resist)=20
If using Guardian enchant: 25
Touch of Rage: 35

The above numbers are based on him getting two scimitars and having them enchanted.
Now with 8 attacks at the above numbers (those are unbuffed by the way. He has +6 Inherent to Str via bloodline and +6 Belt of Perfection)
When he uses Touch of Rage (lasts 1+1d4 rounds for +10 to Attack/Damage/Will saves.) His full attack pretty much 1 round kills a CR foe.

But I wanted a Good will save and good AC.
He has those when he uses Guardian and Defending Weapon enchants.

So weapon wise I am thinking
Primary= +5, Duelist- FG, keen, Defending, Runeforged (Parasitic), Scimitar

Secondary= +5, Menacing, Courageous, Keen, Guardian, Corrosive Scimitar

The idea is to
Have good saves (guardian-Will save 20 to 25 *Not High Enough!!!)
Good AC (Defending45 goes to 50)
Help me and Allies flank (menacing)
Boost attack (Courageous on a +10 weapon is worth another +3 I think)
Duelist is Awesome for CM's which he can use his Giant Size (Bloodline) reach to do without provoking.
Keen cause crits are nice

Am I on track here? Or would other enchants be better?
I didn't bother with Holy Etc cause he already does CR killing damage via Touch of Rage


I note that Familiars can their masters skill ranks for thier own skill checks.

Can a wizard, when he levels spend a point on liguistics to teach a familiar to speak common?

Or at least, If he wizard uses linguistics to learn a language, can the familiar understand it?

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What are you 5 most Important skills you like and why?

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
STR Ranger wrote:

The boss replied to me! YAY!

OK so I'll put some cash aside in anticipation for the announcement of INNER SEA COMBAT.

P.S. Don't forget The Martial Style feat chains! Like your style feats but WEAPONS focused.

(Obviously not holding my breath but nice to know the Paizo equivalent of J.J. *spider man reference * Does read/reply to us.)

On it chief! :)

You guys want them, you can bet more martial style feat chains just jumped way farther up on the future Player Companion to do list. It'll be a bit, but keep watching.

And we'll talk about the pros and cons of doing an Inner Sea Combat book at our next product brainstorm

Thanks for the feedback STR Ranger!


Here's a thread for everybody who liked Tome of Battle and Inner Sea Magic.

I put forward a suggestion for a Weapon Style focused Inner Sea Book. The above was the editors response.

Post your thought provoking ideas here.

Personally I see these as Scaling Style feats (like Crane Style) based on weapon styles.

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