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WTF!? I literally can't find any OTD topics to read because there're something like a hundred spam threads! Gary! WE need you!

Vod Canockers wrote:
Next year "smart," "athletic," "strong," and "educated" will be added to the offensive words list.

'Smart' is offensive to cognitively disadvantaged people.

'Strong' is offensive to weak people.
'Athletic' is offensive to uncoordinated people.
'Educated' is offensive to scholastically disadvantaged people.

Also, I dislike it when men are called 'smart', because it's a euphemism for 'acerbic and sharp personalities that no-one can get along with'.

When people call men 'strong', they're really saying 'totalitarian task-master'.

When a man is called 'athletic', people are really saying he's 'stupid and uneducated; at least he can run and catch a ball'.

When men are called 'educated', people are really calling them 'pretentious know-it-alls'.

I bring all da cluz.






I can haz cheezeberger?

Wow. Somehow this turned into the 'Debate Scott Betts' thread...

I can haz cheezburgher?

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I can haz cheezburgher?

Ah, the new meme.

All your game are belong to us.

All your meme are belong to us.