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Shanarra is a Clasic


This is one of the best issues of Dragon. Iv worn out 4 copys of it and finally had to get the PDF. Its got almost everything. Stats for all the major characters and prestige classes and how to modify existing classes. It even covered a few of the more moddern books as well as the 3 classics.

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Mars needs our Women


So over all Distant Worlds is awesome! The only thing I was disapointed in was the lack of new playable alien races, and Feats. Maybe even stats on a few space craft. As always the book is entertaining and well done, not too many pictures, but more then enough, they dident repeat their artical from Second Darkness, its mostly all new info.

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An Excellent Book


I run 2 regular games, one in riddleport and its sort of a pirates/explorers game, and the Kingmaker Adventure Path. The lost Sungod Temple and World wound areas were almost instantly useful. I see lots of potential for the other lost citys as well. Had two seperate groups play in and love this book.