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Piggy-backing off of Caineach, the Arcane Duelist Bard archtype is very similar to the Magus, atleast when it comes to the +1 to weapons abilities.

Kibeth wrote:
Dorje Sylas wrote:

IMO, cut the free preque and let them stack.


Considering he's an amorphous blob with eyestalks.. he can keep them.

Not true, please give them back!

W E Ray wrote:
Because deep inside you're just a Gish.


Kevin Mack wrote:
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Why reinvent the wheel when you've already got a giant, awesome wheel covered in spikes, absinthe, and lightning blots that you're not even really using?
Except you have been using him. I was actually looking forward to a new Iconic and it is just the old one also as someone has pointed out he was already the Iconic multi class/ prestige class character.

Seltyiel = 3 Different Kinds of Awesome

1) Multiclass Iconic
2) Prestige Class Iconic
3) Iconic Magus

Kevin Mack wrote:
Genzetsu wrote:
So the new iconic is just Seltyiel?
Yeah that's more than a little disappointing

What!? Disappointing how? His the Iconic for more than one Iconics now!

Plus he's awesome!

I knew stabbing Westly would work!

*goes to read pdf*

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Oh, you'll never guess who just pulled in:

Andrew, our new graphic designer! Yaaaaaaay.

Who were you all expecting?

*stabs Wesley with the shards off broken F5's and dreams off everyone in this thread... a lot*

re: Medicine

re: Can anyone help?
Maybe, but not me.

Gish aren't so bad...

I sure didn't. It must have been lost in the mail..

The next poster thought I said "male".


That is all.

gatherer818 wrote:
Time for me to show my ignorance - I understand fluff, crunch, and DPR - what's "Gish"?

Oooh, it's rare to see someone who doesn't know nowadays...

Anyway, A "gish" was originally what you called a githyanki with fighter and wizard levels.

It has now come to mean any charater that has full-ish casting and enough BAB for 3-4 attacks. They can usually cast in some sort of armor too. Various classes, feats, and prestige classes are used to achieve this.

Others may explain it differently/better.

EDIT: Also, there are a few people wh do not like it when Gish is used to refer to non-githyanki.

I think it was githyanki anyway...

I don't know. I tend to just look through the Gamer Connection forum and see if a PbP is in need of players.

How about something like this?

3/4 BaB
Half-Casting(like Inquisiter or Alchemist?)
Spells known like a Wizard/Sorcerer.

Thoughts? Opinions? Anything but "No this is munchkin/overpowered"?

Mr.Fishy wrote:
>This is going to be a good crop. Shakes out some more munchkin flakes<

Can I help? I want to see how this harvest turns out.

JoelF847 wrote:
My only wish for the Magus is that it uses the new magic system mentioned in the book and not the stanard casting system the other casters have. That would ensure it remains a different class than any of the other casters, or than an eldritch knight multi-class build, or a bard for that matter.


This would be awesome!



Pitchfork Salesman wrote:
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*buys pitchfork, uses it to roast 3 marshmallows at once*

Erik Mona wrote:

Tony got to go home an hour ago.


Hey, play the goblin song already! Make it Paizo's Theme Song of the Day! Doooo iiiiittttt!!!!

ProfessorCirno wrote:


We're going to bring up realism?

In the game with spiked chains and double axes we're going for realism?

Double axes are realistic. Like a noob with a staff, just punch" like this: Left, Right, Repeat.

The Speaker in Dreams wrote:
My problem w/a Bard class (straight) to accomplish this is that I don't see the fighter/mage(I HATE "gish" myself for many of the same reasons presented by the developer, but mostly ... I'm NOT talking about githiyanki even remotely!) hopping around the battle-field, SINGING as he fights or casts spells.

"I'll stab you,

you can't beat me,
Killing me's a fantasy..."

James Jacobs wrote:
So please don't take my coming absence from this thread as indication that Paizo's ignoring these requests. :-)

Sense Motive:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

I believe him.

Kolokotroni wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:
Kolokotroni wrote:
Which is why i said its so close it hurts. If you say, gave the summoner 1/3 of the eidolons evolution points, ditched the eidolon itself, and changed the summoner SLA to something that let you hit a little harder 3+cha times per day you have like the perfect example of what I want.

May not be what you were thinking about, but now the image of a paladin with evolutions is floating around in my mind...

Smite Evil with 8 natural attacks and as many weapons as you can actually use... *is in awe*

Yea i dont need that much cheese thanks ;) I'm actually lactose intolerant...

Now imagine the Evolved Paladin is a Thri-kreen with the Multi-Weapon Fighting feats...

Moro wrote:
I'm not particularly fond of the term myself, I tend to use Fighter/Mage when referring to that type of character.

It doesn't bother me really. ;)

Moro wrote:
I also must point out that the entire foundation for his game came from that same other game, and there was never any secret about that.

This is true, but it is a different game now, and should have a different term fo a Fighter/Mage, such as the Arcane Blade mentioned earlier.

Moro wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
If folks stop using the word "gish" I'll stop suggesting bard as a good choice for that niche. :-)
Wow, I would never have thought to see one of the head designers of a system be so openly patronizing and condescending towards people who play his game.

I can't believe you think his is openly patronizing and condescending towards people who play his game(Pathfinder), but are using a term that came from another game(3.5/Wizards of the Coast DnD). It's like quoting Docter Who in a episode of Spider-Man, or Batman in an episode of the X-Men.

seekerofshadowlight wrote:

I'll just leave this here for study


Congratulations, you are the first person to get me with that clip.

I found something that made me think of this thread. I think I'll let the Professer explain.

Caineach wrote:
Personally, I think the wizards's self-only buffs spells are better than the cleric's (I know I will catch a lot of flack for that).

*hands Caineach a catcher's mit and begins a game of flack toss*

A Man In Black wrote:
Seltyiel is not a melee character, since he can't survive in melee against level-appropriate foes.

Emphasis mine.

Of course he can't, since he doesn't have level-appropriate gear.

Gods I love this thread.

+1 for Freddy.

Matthew Morris wrote:
You mean besides blasting the snot out of a pure fighter and hacking the snot out of a pure arcane caster? Then yes, it doesn't compare well against 'anything'.

Main argument I can see against this: "But the fighter can kill him before he can cast a spell!" or "What wizard would let him get close enough? Flight and invisibility will keep my wizard safe!"

I have seen these arguments before, and I do not mind them.

But saying an EK can outcast the fighter and last longer than a sorcerer/wizard in melee? Let's look at something here.

Fighter: Has no ability to cast spells. Which means a gnome commoner has a 1 up on him already. Anyone capable of casting a cantrip or orison can outcast the fighter.

Wizard: Has poor BaB and only d6 HD, but has spells like the Beast Shape, Transformation, and Shapechange. And he gets them before an EK will. Just play a Diviner and cast Dragon Shape 3 with a Quickened Transformation(if at a high enough level anyway) and rip your foe to shreds before the Ek can draw his sword!

Though some would argue,
That the Eldritch Knight is, duh,
Not really a Knight

Aelryinth wrote:
And double weapons are all TH weapons, it does NOT say you can wield them in one hand as single weapons.===Aelryinth

Sure reads like you could have a shield and still use your two-bladed sword. Emphasis mine.

Prd wrote:
Double: You can use a double weapon to fight as if fighting with two weapons, but if you do, you incur all the normal attack penalties associated with fighting with two weapons, just as if you were using a one-handed weapon and a light weapon. A double weapon can be wielded as a one-handed weapon, but it cannot be used as a double weapon when wielded in this way—only one end of the weapon can be used in any given round.

The last part of your post, the part about not being able to use a double-weapon as a double-weapon while using only one hand, seems like common sense to me... DnD/PF does not = Anime

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Just because you can role-play it just fine doesn't mean there isn't a roll-play problem with it. Just saying.

Ah, that I can agree to. It happens sometimes, that you can't get the role-play to mix just right with the roll-play. But that's why I play free-form as well! ;P

TriOmegaZero wrote:
I can roleplay Kratos all day long, but the rollplay isn't going to match up right. And when you are not accurately playing along with the stats on your sheet, you are failing to roleplay your character right. Playing a 10 Dex character as a paragon of grace is bad roleplaying.

+1 I saw this the last to Saturday RL games I've been in. 2 different characters, same player.

1)Ranger, Elf, Alignment unknown(proabably Chaotic Good). Int of 14. Remember that.
After a fight that left just about the entire party... dirty, we saw the people we saved using a waterskin to clean off. Think decanter of endless water on the low setting. I ask if I could use it to clean off, I get blasted back into a ... drainage ditch. He asks, gets a polite "No." and threatens to kill the NPC's if they don't give him the waterskin...

2)Chaotic Good, Half-Giant, Ranger again. Int of 10, Wis of 14. Can't figure out why his wooden club can't smash through the metal gate. Or why his arrows suck against the undead, even though they are his favored enemy. Or why he can't swim well in medium armor...

DeathQuaker wrote:
The post I replied to said, "I haven't seen the EK in action." I have seen the EK in action, and they're rocking. That is all. Take that for what it is worth, with however much salt you feel is necessary.

I too have played an EK, during the Alpha/Beta testing of Pathfinder. Here's the catch though, I had to use the 3.5 version.

Barbarian2/Undead Bloodline Sorcerer6/Eldritch Knight3~4

Again, it's a high level example. But she was fun, and filled out her character concept(and armor!) nicely. She was a pseudo-vampire, channeling vampiric touch through her bite attack(rage power).

I guess my point is give the Ek you're playing a concept, and you are probably going to have fun, which is the point of playing a game. A role-playing game at that.

A Man In Black wrote:
A Dragon with no Gish-ues wrote:
Ah, correct me if I'm wrong
You're wrong. Stop being purposefully obtuse.

A bit snippy about sarcasm I see. Guess it can't be helped.

A Man In Black wrote:
So you get to be even worse at spellcasting if you actually use the ability you traded two caster levels for. But the EK is fine, guys! Seriously!

Ah, correct me if I'm wrong(hopefully I am), but it looks like you want something with:

d12 Hit Dice
Full BaB
Good saves across the board
Full Spellcasting as a Wizard/Sorcerer

Imagine that, not having to give something up for a warrior-mage concept. I mean, come on, anything less than the above list is just useless! [/sarcasm]