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Steve Geddes wrote:
8FoldPath wrote:
I know its not paizos shipping price but maybe compare prices for a new shipping company >.<

I'm with you. DHL are quicker, cheaper and provide far superior tracking information that USPS. Unfortunately, Paizo only offer the one option - I believe it's because they get lower rates that way due to the bulk of orders they place with USPS. That would perhaps mean that domestic customers would pay more if Paizo offered a broader range of shipping options internationally.

Personally, it's always felt to me like I'm subsidising US customer shipping costs, but it's been a long-running issue, so it's unlikely to change in the near future.

Amazon can often provide a cheaper option to Australia - this one is $57.59 to Adelaide.

Oh Excellent thank you. I was going to try my local board game stores but that is even better :). The shipping cost is more of what I expected around $15 AUS and the book is around $55 AUS

memorax wrote:
Shipping outdide of the U.S. is crazy. It's always been bad but know it's insane least you live in Australia. I live in Canada and I get between 20-40$ worth of shipping added. Canada right next door.

Yer that is bogus man, someone could throw it over the boarder >.<

Ok thanks guys, I really can't justify the order at that cost. Honestly I feel like you guys at paizo were trying to pull a fast one on me. I know its not paizos shipping price but maybe compare prices for a new shipping company >.< To be like woo getting a new book one second to wtf the next is a downer.


I am looking forward to start a new adventure, rise of the rune lords.

But at the checkout I was shocked to see the price of shipping was more than the book! is this an error?

It read:

Subtotal (1 Item) 59.99
Shipping and Handling 61.95
Total 121.97

did I do something wrong?

I live in Australia not the North Pole >.<

Jeff Merola wrote:
dragonhunterq wrote:
Jeff Merola wrote:
It's not 'an effect that affects ... animal companions...', though. That refers to things like Raise Animal Companion which has a target line of "dead animal companion or bonded mount." Spirit's Gift is an effect that affects your animal companion. Animal Soul does not give you the ability to count as your own animal companion, just an animal companion. There's a difference.
I'm sorry, but isn't 'your' animal companion still 'an' animal companion?
Yes, in the same way that a square is also a rectangle.

I don't know what rules you are following(not said in an aggressive tone, however when I read it back to myself it sounded like it) but I am just aware of the rules of universal inheritance, A banana is a banana but it is also fruit. So if someone says I want fruit that fruit can be a banana or any other fruit, because at a higher level banana is a fruit foremost.

Please note if banana isn't actually a fruit I don't care >.<

Is there a rule in PF where the most restrictive applies or something then I would agree with you.

Stikye wrote:
but... What if he casts awaken on his Animal Companion, and that Animal Companion takes a level in Druid, and chooses Animal companion, and picks him, since he now counts as an animal. Now his former Animal Companion can now take Spirits Gift, and give it to him!! A ha! problem solved.

Haha I like it

I would look at it the other way around your animal companion can only be your animal companion, an animal companion can be your animal companion or someone else's or the concept of an animal companion imo

I think it comes down to pathfinders definition of an effect and if a feats modifications or 'results' are consider effects, I would think so.

I think it should be allowed, as animal soul allows you to have spells/effects that would be used on animals or animal companions.


So I am going to get the Rise Of The Rune Lords Adventure path shortly. We have been going through the blackfangs dungeon and have gone through sandpoint a couple of times so its only fitting.

Now about the Maps for it, I see they have interactive maps:

You would use his perhaps if you had a tablet to put your pieces on?

I would like a printed out map however, The details say the anniversary Rise Of The Rune Lords book contains maps needed, also you get the pdf for free when purchasing the hard cover from the site is that correct?

How large are the maps in the book, probably not large enough to play on? Do you think they would be worth getting printed out professionally to play on?

Thanks thegreenteagamer, Ill fix that :)

@wraithstrike, The best example I can think of as small amounts of information is from programming, you break large blocks of code into smaller blocks, I can't define specifically processing small amounts of information because there is no metric(I know of), As information can be measured in basic terms in substance or length.

I strongly believe flow charts are easier to memorise, I find them to be as do many as they are so proponent in design, science, programming etc..

There are different kinds of learners though some more visual then others.

Flow charts also excel at being a point of reference as you naturally start from the right and follow a path, information does not need to be extracted from a wall of sentences.

Greetings adventurers,

As I am sure most of you know our brains can only focus on and process small amount of information at a time(whether you like it or not).

One of the great ways to maximize the "processing" power we have is through flow charts.

I have made many a flow chart in my day for studies and the like.

Some benefits of using flow charts are:

-Flow charts improve the creation of a clear mental model
-Helps Define a problem
-Condense information
-Much more efficient

So I would like to (for the benefit of myself and all pathfinder kind) build some flow charts, as we all know the pathfinder book is rather lengthy and a sizeable amount of information can be condensed effectively and efficiently into a small chart.

Here is where you come in, through your adventures what was information you wish you had easy access to? perhaps in a condensed format?

I have made a blog to store these charts and take suggests as well, Go to pfflowcharts.

I think flow charts can benefit experienced players and new players a like pushing use forward, Harra!

Thanks for the input valid indeed, I will change the hierarchy of the flow as per your suggestion

Though I'm not sure non-spell pre-reqs exist for spell-trigger items but that doesn't affect the overall accuracy of the chart, just adds an extra step at most.

I will look into this :)

Magic Item Creation Flow Chart Update1

Thanks for the input guys :) and thanks for the link Blahpers, that clears things up nicely. I swear I did look there first :3

Assuming all is correct via the suggestions, Is this graph an accurate reflection?

Magic Item Creation Flow Chart

Thanks guys, I appreciate you taking the time. so the part that made my brain deny HangarFlyings conclusion was

These prerequisites must be met for the item to be created
and then being followed by
The DC to create a magic item increases by +5 for each prerequisite the caster does not meet.

Must is a strong word, its absolute.

Cool thanks, maybe I am just blind but I couldn't find the area to enter the review so I deduced maybe the section only became available after purchasing x item from the site.

@BretI thanks I forget we need to use the HTML tags :3

@Thanis, that would be cool!

Thanks for the input guys.

Just as I say that I had found this one

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Greetings fellow adventurers. Stay a while as I tell you stories of adventure and honor..... not really.

So I would like some cheat sheets, I had a little google to not much avail. I am aware there is one on the GM screen you can purchase from the website which I will do. However is there any others?

Im looking for one that contains common DC's, common formulas and the like.


Good read and a lovely little plot twist at the end


I have purchased some pazio products from my local retailer, am I able to give a review of the product on the site some how. I would like to be able to.

Hey RumpinRufus thanks for that input, it really can be interoperated in a number of ways and that is a solid interoperation.

I did find in the Profession skills some interesting things;

stated here: Profession

Untrained: Untrained laborers and assistants (that is, characters without any ranks in Profession) earn an average of 1 silver piece per day.

So it seems to go into details a litter further what an Untrained labourer or assistant can be, although its stated for the profession skill.

haha woops, I didn't know there was a post so similar to mine :3

I don't hate or like them. I respect the people thst work for the company. I like most of theit products. Their not friends nor family to me. Just someone I buy a product from. I also don't feel like they listen to my feedback more than any other rpg company that I buy from.

I do see what you are saying, they are still a business and as a result they will need to be treated as such. However business can be conducted in many ways. I feel business is conducted in a way that primarily benefits the customer here. You can chose to spend very little here and still play the game or you can spend lots the choice is the customers. They should get some browny points for that :)

Thanks for all the responses guys.

Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:

The forums are full of people who are so deep into the product that sometimes they seem like they hate or resent Paizo.

It's like a marriage in that way. The love has transcended the need for civility and affection.

But really, if we didn't have a number of intense characters lurking around the web forums, that would probably be a sign of Paizo's waning success.

I would agree with this :)

You will find me agreeing with what you are all saying essentially, of-course they are not perfect but as long as they do their best to facilitate the customers needs they have my vote.

Very nice. I love the dry wit and sarcasm in this series of tails, a good few chuckles :-)

Thank you for writing this, I am no expert in the field but I think its very well written.

A beautiful little story, It was a pleasure reading it.

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I would like to express my delight with the paizo bussines model. Not once (yet) have I felt like paizo has tried to bend me over, and I really respect that. The first paizo product I bought was the pf begginer box. I picked it up for around $50 AUS from my local board game/hobby place. I was very pleased to find just about everything I needed to start playing. I was even more pleased to find all the main books were available for reference online free of charge(I have since bought the hard cover 1) become its a nice book 2) I feel like I was all take and no give). We have little novels you can pick up for a dollar, some free modules to start of with its great.

I would be interested to know if others feel the same way? Your experiences?

Maybe its just aus but it feels like businesses try to bend me over like it was our wedding night. I don't feel like they do that here and I want to be a loyal customer because of it. Maybe I have just been lucky, wbu?

I am confused by this statement;

[qoute]Note that all items have prerequisites in their descriptions. These prerequisites must be met for the item to be created. Most of the time, they take the form of spells that must be known by the item's creator (although access through another magic item or spellcaster is allowed). The DC to create a magic item increases by +5 for each prerequisite the caster does not meet. The only exception to this is the requisite item creation feat, which is mandatory. In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting their spell prerequisites.[/qoute]

It seems at first glance to contradict itself. Whom is the caster in this instance?, I am sure it's saying +5 DC for each prerequisite the assisting caster doesn't meet? If so does this apply if being assisted by a magical item?

I am not exactly sure.

I think it would be up to the GM's discretion. If the stat block doesn't tell you as far as I know there is no way to tell.

Out of curiosity why does it matter in your instance?

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Greetings adventurers!!

I wonder if there are trained or untrained limitations when crafting(as work) and the amount earned.

Check: You can practice your trade and make a decent living, earning half your check result in gold pieces per week of dedicated work. You know how to use the tools of your trade, how to perform the craft's daily tasks, how to supervise untrained helpers, and how to handle common problems. (Untrained laborers and assistants earn an average of 1 silver piece per day.).

To me it suggests having at-least one rank in the chosen crafting field will result in them being "trained" labourers (earning half check result in gold pieces.)

If no skill ranks are in crafting fields they will just earn 1sp per day as untrained workers.

Thanks for your inputs guys, Phantom you both raise good points. However if its a horrible fail the trap will explode in your face.

I like your Idea Lifat, for example in the event the disarm was successful you say "The traps wires loose tension" or something to indicate its disabled. That seems to be the way to go.

I made a post about it here as well for those playing at home. r-failure4-or-less-with-disable-devicetrap

I tend to agree its mostly in the wording, in that only if you are attempting sabotage, you may think the device is disabled. Otherwise let the player know if it was successful or failed in some way or another.

A few questions in regards to Disable Device:

Check: When disarming a trap or other device, the Disable Device check is made secretly, so that you don't necessarily know whether you've succeeded.

So the GM would do the role for the PC?, the PC is not aware of the roll result and obviously not the traps DC.

The DC depends on how tricky the device is. If the check succeeds, you disable the device. If it fails by 4 or less, you have failed but can try again. If you fail by 5 or more, something goes wrong. If the device is a trap, you trigger it. If you're attempting some sort of sabotage, you think the device is disabled, but it still works normally.

Following the train of thought the PC is unaware of success or failure, How does the PC know if they should try again or not? Obviously if the player fails by 5 or more the trap goes BOOM!! thats a rather good indication of failure. If successful or failing by 4 or less nothing will happen?