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Skills & Feats

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Jason: Please get rid of those +2 / +2 Feats!

Why Alter the Skill System?

Devastating Blow [Page 54]

Athletics (Climb, Jump, Swim) Please!

Skill point "tweaks" summary thread [proposals]

Has Paizo offered any explanation as to why "Fly" stays?

Dropping Pointless Prereqs: Weapon Finesse

New Combat Feat: Shield of Blades

Cleave, Great Cleave and Whirlwind Attack

Feats do more

Casting Defensively gone?

Combat Feats designed for monsters

[THINK TANK] Combat Feats

Class B bug, Exact Targeting feat fails spectacularly in some situations

[THINK TANK] Divine Feats

Shield - based feat-trees

Channel Energy (pg 59)

Take Me To Your Leader

Divine Feats and Extra Turning

Something's been gnawing at me about Linguistics. I've put a finger on it.

Shouldn't Tumble DC be based on the target CMB like a Combat Maneuver?

Armored Mage

"De-specifying" Skills?

Automatic Skills

A note about skills... again

Improved Grapple

[Ask the Designers] Skill ranks requirements, p. 36 - Easier access to prestige classes?

[Ask the Designers] Cleave / Great Cleave and 5-foot step

Should combat feats be feats?

[Ask the Designers] Appraise and the value of magic items

DracoDruids Skill (and Skill-Feat) Thread

About Improved Trip...

Thank you for getting rid of the x4 skill points at level 1!

Do not want skill ranks. Please come up with a better compromise.

Idea for new Feat: Active Defense

Vital Strike (p.57) and Improved Vital Strike (p. 55)

If you could make ONE change to the skills list, what would it be?

One feat per level!

Healing thru Turning Smite Feat?

Will Weapon Proficiency change in the way of a fighter's Weapon Training?

Weapon Swap [p57]

A Humble Plea for the Concentration Skill

More than one combat feat a turn

Power Attack & Overhand Chop

Combat Feats - Opinions After Some Playtesting

Weapon Finesse. Combat Feat?

Intimidate: Crippled Skill, Role-Playing Killer, Feat Not the Answer

Dwarven Appraisal Bonus

Combat Feat: Manyshot

Arcane Armor Training bad wording (p.34)

Acrobats to move through threatened squares needs to be an opposed check

Skill Combinations.

New feat: "Outstanding in Your Field" - class skills bonus = +5

Combined Skills, "Skill Trick" Variants, etc.

Current Skill System Potential Issue

Suggestion: Feats that *matter* at higher levels, too!

Perform (Sort of); Pg 38

A Fix for the Heal SKill and Healing Rules

Spellcraft: Learn a spell from a scroll or spellbook question--pg 47

Bring back Alchemy for everyone.

Alpha 2 Skill System: Nicked!

Please kill 2 skills per level

Playtesting - Jump skill comments

Please Stop Condensing Skills

Healing: I'm so good at it that I hurt you.

Feat: Dodge (Pg 55)

Assuming a 4 / 6 / 8 Skill Point System, what Skill List would you like to see?

Racial class skills

Dazzling Display [p54]

Please remove Endurance and Run as Feats.

Combat Feats - Page 52-57 - Are they necessary?

Concentration while casting spells in threatened area

Table 5-4: Recommended Clean-up

Arcane Strike (pg52) and elemental touch (pg30)

Intention of fly skill revealed

Spellcraft (p. 47)

Class Skills Bonus for Untrained Skills?

Some skills work better as FEATS?

Condensing Skills

Channel Energy (p. 59) and Ability Focus (MM)


The Solution to Skills: Paizo, Please Read!

Gather Info

Survival skill (pg 49) -- PBEM Playtest

Solution to Skills (Round 2, condensed version, lol)

Arcane Armor Training & Mastery

Clarifications on Acquiring Skills, please! (pages 36-37)

Turn Elemental & Outsider Feats Lacking

Combat Feats-Bittersweet

Prestige Skills for Feats (p36)

Class Skills and Bards / Rogues (page 37)

Power Attack

Perception overcomplicated (p45)

Combat Feats, more of them! For Fighters! - Page 52

Skill "Points" for Classes

Solution for Too Few Skill Points: Racial Skills

Converting issues

Kill alpha B skill point system.

Skill point "tweaks" summary thread [discussion]

Skill bonuses at every other level

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