Investigator Playtest

The Game is Afoot!

What does the Investigator use Intelligence for?

Methodology - Stream Feedback

Investigator suffers from a significant problem in Pathfinder 2E

Take the Case and Player Expectations

[PEACH] Alternate mechanic for Study Suspect

Investigator Combat Options

Investigator Feedback

Why are we repeating the Rogue's weapons restrictions?

Investigators And Panache

Combat Clue only once / 10 minutes?

Investigator Thoughts

Alchemical Sciences Subclass. Why?

Analyzing the Investigator's combat on paper

Why 8 skills?

Forensic Medicine Investigator

Should the investigator be a rogue racket instead?

Take the Case and Study

Investigator combat options feel lacking

On Investigators and Wisdom

Why Does Study Suspect Involve A Perception Check?

Keen Recollection

Why only elixirs?

Making investigator more unique.

Why is investigator its own class?

Investigator Thoughts and Confusion

Making an investigator, 1-20

Any chance I can talk about the Ranger here?

On-Scene Investigator Vaguery

The Case of the Missing Sword... Cane

Investigators are neat! Investigator-Alchemist

Study Subject "duration"

Does Underworld Investigator do anything?

1st impressions for Investigator (general and specific)

Investigative field errata

On going request / observations

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