Meet the Infinite Masters: Part 2

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Last week we started our celebration of all things Infinite by introducing you to some of our Infinite Masters authors. This week we’re continuing the spotlight!

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Infinite Masters is an invitation-only cadre of the most active and influential members of the Pathfinder Infinite and Starfinder Infinite community, those whose work consistently sets the standard for quality and professionalism and who receive early access to official Paizo releases in order to support them with Infinite content as close to release date as possible.

Starfinder Fly Free or Die Adventure Path: Professional Courtesy Pathfinder Infinite: Kitsune Of Golarion by Alezander Augunas, Joan Hong, Dustin Knight, Ruvaid Virk, and Sky Mahpiya Wall Pathfinder Infinite Spell Tricksters of Lastwall by Dustin Knigth Pathfinder Infinite Novel Options: Magic by Dylan Wokeck Novel Enigma

Get to know the newest Infinite Masters:

Jessica Ross
Jess (they/them) is an editor, writer, podcaster, occasional streamer, and recovering procrastinator. They’ve worked on TTRPG titles like Journeys through the Radiant Citadel, Uncaged Volume I, Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, and more, and they’ve also written for TTRPGs like Scarred Lands and Starfinder. Jess also podcasts and streams TTRPGs with the d20 Dames, a family-friendly actual play podcast; these episodes and updates can be found on Jess sometimes writes short fiction, and their writing can be found in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Sunspot Literary Journal. Keep up with everything Jess gets up to on their website and Twitter @writejessr.

Alexander Augunas
Alexander “Alex” Augunas is an ace/birom TTRPG author and publisher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who has produced fan-favorite products and supplements for the likes of Paizo, Radiant House, Raging Swan Press, Legendary Games, and others. He is the Know Direction Network’s “Everyman Gamer,” and currently acts as the Master of Ceremonies for the Network’s Starfinder podcast, Know Direction: Beyond. He owns and operates Everybody Games, a Third-Party Publisher, and is a self-proclaimed fox aficionado.

Dustin Knight
Dustin Knight has been playing and improving on RPGs since AD&D in 1999. After years of hosting games at conventions around the United States, he began writing with Everybody Games, Paizo, Rogue Genius Games, and on Pathfinder Infinite. He's the host of Infiknight Reviews, the Pathfinder Infinite twitch stream, and Know Direction: Beyond. His dream and goal is to collaborate with other creatives to make more people smile with fun and quality content!
Twitch link:
Infinite Possibilities Discord:

Dylan Wokeck
Dylan loves helping others as a children's librarian, but when he’s not at work, he tries to spend as much time as possible with his wife, whether that’s going for walks or playing games together. She loves to take Dylan on real-life adventures to different states and countries. Outside of that, Dylan has been playing Pathfinder since about 2015, and he still can't decide if monk or bard is his favorite class. Dylan thanks his wife for helping with the layout template for Google Docs and Dustin Knight for doing his review show to keep Dylan motivated enough to write more Pathfinder content.

Kevin Glusing
While having heard of them, Kevin didn't actually play any TTRPGs until college in 2002, but he's always been a world builder and problem solver. After being introduced to D&D 3e by some new friends, he took up the mantle of GM and never looked back. Almost 20 years later, he works with Hal Greenberg, Doug Herring, and Ken Shannon of Samurai Sheepdog ( as Lead RPG Designer with over 80 published credits to his name and over 120 overall in which he's had some significant part. Kevin also hosts a successful Patreon ( with 4 years of successful releases and requests.

Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson lives in the wildlands of Los Angeles. An eternal GM, he has played a wide variety of roleplaying games hailing back to the 1970s. As an amateur content creator, he has written materials for Paizo, Monte Cook Games, and Schwalb Entertainment, available on DriveThruRPG and Pathfinder Infinite. Tom is a theatrical director and acting teacher and works with the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Utah Shakespeare Festival. He is a proud member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. He is "staff" to a precocious and adorable smooth fox terrier named Abigail Pippington.

W. Brian Lane
W. Brian Lane is a physics educator by day and a Pathfinder GM and content creator by night. He first played Pathfinder in 2015 and has been running and creating adventures ever since. He has self-published a novel about his first multi-year campaign. Publishing Pathfinder content under Lion's Brain Media, he loves creating archetypes and writing multi-level adventures. His Inkfinder has been ranked copper on Pathfinder Infinite, and he has been a finalist in RPG SuperStar for two years. You can also find his physics and coding content at

Arkon is a college student with just enough time to run and create for Pathfinder. When he finds some extra between the couch cushions, Arkon explores different interests, editions, and media to pull from for inspiration. Most of what he makes are player options, such as classes, archetypes, spells, subclasses, etc. But as a Forever GM, Arkon also finds himself making things he finds missing. Certified oracle main and unashamed homebrew setting enthusiast.
Arkon’s Infinite portfolio:

Calder William CaDavid
Calder CaDavid is an LA-based challenge producer and avid game master. Calder's writing credits include work for Paizo and Dungeon in the Box, in addition to his own content.

Pathfinder Infinite: To Study Egos in Golarion by Kevin Glusing Pathfinder Infinite: The Caverns of Anguish by Ton Robinson Pathfinder Infinite: Inkfinder, over 100 tattoos for Pathfinder Second Edition by W. Brian Lane Pathfinder Infinite: Arkon's Arkive: The Salvaged Scrap of Sir Sigmund Sturm's Spellbook, written by Arkon Pathfinder Infinite: Merrybears, A pathfinder Anvestry by Calder CaDavid

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Some awesome writers there! Congratulations on Master status!

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Woot woot! Look at these dope people :)

Awesome, thank you so much! It's already been a whirlwind of excitement working with everybody to get some great content put together that I'm sure we all look forward to putting out as new books release :D

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Congrats all of you!

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Huh just realized that early access to books would be nice reward for the effort :'D I dunno if I can ever be super fast and do high quality on my own though, don't think I have editing or graphic skillz yet

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Thank you everyone!

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PS: I wrote my bio before Dark Archive came out. Thaumaturge is my favorite class hands down now.

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